Dad Discovers Secret 16-Year-Old Daughter, Drama Erupts Over Family Time 😱

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Imagine finding out you have a secret teenage daughter! 😱 That's exactly what happened to our protagonist, a 36-year-old married father of three. After reconnecting with an old college flame, Margot, he discovers he has a 16-year-old daughter named Paige. As he tries to build a relationship with her, he struggles to balance time with his other kids, leading to conflict and heartache. 💔 Can he navigate this delicate situation and keep everyone happy? 🤔

College Romance and a Surprise 🎓💔

PersimmonOk1678 | PersimmonOk1678

Fast Forward: Married Life 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

PersimmonOk1678 | PersimmonOk1678

Three Kids and a Facebook Request 📱

PersimmonOk1678 | PersimmonOk1678

A Shocking Revelation 😱

PersimmonOk1678 | PersimmonOk1678

The Secret Daughter 🤯

PersimmonOk1678 | PersimmonOk1678

DNA Test: The Truth Comes Out 🧬

PersimmonOk1678 | PersimmonOk1678

The Reason Behind the Secret 🤷‍♀️

PersimmonOk1678 | PersimmonOk1678

Building a Relationship 👨‍👧

PersimmonOk1678 | PersimmonOk1678

Paige's Desire for Quality Time ⏳

PersimmonOk1678 | PersimmonOk1678

Balancing Time with All Kids ⚖️

PersimmonOk1678 | PersimmonOk1678

Paige's Struggle to Understand 🤔

PersimmonOk1678 | PersimmonOk1678

The Basketball Game Incident 🏀

PersimmonOk1678 | PersimmonOk1678

Paige's Ultimatum 😠

PersimmonOk1678 | PersimmonOk1678

The Argument Escalates 🗣️

PersimmonOk1678 | PersimmonOk1678

Standing Up for Siblings 🛑

PersimmonOk1678 | PersimmonOk1678

Setting Boundaries and Offering Help 🚧

PersimmonOk1678 | PersimmonOk1678

Paige's Unwillingness to Share 😔

PersimmonOk1678 | PersimmonOk1678

The Fallout 💔

PersimmonOk1678 | PersimmonOk1678

Therapy and Stubbornness 🤷‍♂️

PersimmonOk1678 | PersimmonOk1678

Secret Daughter Drama: Balancing Family Time 🕰️

Our protagonist is doing his best to balance time with his newfound daughter, Paige, while also being there for his wife and other children. But Paige isn't making it easy. She's been turning down invitations to family events and even asking her dad to cancel plans with his other kids to spend time with her. 😕 The tension reached a boiling point when Paige demanded he skip his son's basketball game to hang out with her. 🏀 He stood his ground, explaining that he loves her but also has other kids to consider. Paige remains upset and refuses therapy, insisting she doesn't want to share her dad. 😔 Let's see what the internet thinks of this complicated family situation...

Offer therapy together for one-on-one time and family event invites ❤️

Swimming-Fix-2637 | Swimming-Fix-2637

16yo daughter reconnects with dad, commenter supports her. NTA.

wren_boy1313 | wren_boy1313

Encouraging response to dad dealing with secret daughter and family drama 👏

ProlificMystic33 | ProlificMystic33

Daughter feels left out, therapy could help bridge the gap 👨🏻📚👤

fallingintopolkadots | fallingintopolkadots

NTA OP, but Margot is a little bit for not telling you about your daughter sooner. 🤔

Equivalent_Mode5378 | Equivalent_Mode5378

Balancing family time with a newfound daughter. NTA 👍

Ok_Register3005 | Ok_Register3005

Offering therapy and patience to daughter adjusting to new family ❤️

-phocus- | -phocus-

🤔 Could Margot's reveal be motivated by college funds?

Lilac-Roses-Sunsets | Lilac-Roses-Sunsets

OP is NTA for trying to be a good father 👍

Key_Plastic_3372 | Key_Plastic_3372

NTA. Despite the drama, OP has been fair and supportive. 👏

SunshineShoulders87 | SunshineShoulders87

Make sure to keep those boundaries locked 🚪

LogicalTexts | LogicalTexts

Cheers to the accepting dad who made time for his daughter 👏

bromylife | bromylife

Eldest daughter starved for attention, family therapy recommended. NAH 🙏

AndSoItGoes24 | AndSoItGoes24

Balancing a surprise daughter and established family 🙏

Gypsyheartwanderer | Gypsyheartwanderer

Setting boundaries with teenage daughter. NTA 🙌

OtherRepresentative2 | OtherRepresentative2

Dad not at fault, daughter's secret caused family drama 😕

Both-Ad1586 | Both-Ad1586

Accepting a secret daughter is hard, but OP is NAH 🙌

RidesafeKc | RidesafeKc

Family therapy can help Paige. You're NTA for setting boundaries.

itammya | itammya

Daughter kept secret for 16 yrs, counseling & family involvement needed 💔

lovrbelow34 | lovrbelow34

NTA, but daughter needs counseling. Watch her around younger kids 🙅

Lilac-Roses-Sunsets | Lilac-Roses-Sunsets

NTA. Daughter wants a 'happy family' fantasy, needs therapy. 😱

Creative_Energy533 | Creative_Energy533

Engaging advice for a complex family situation. 👍

jrm1102 | jrm1102

Daughter's entitlement and possessiveness requires therapy. NTA.

angryomlette | angryomlette

Father offers therapy to reconnect with estranged daughter 💔

JojiBot | JojiBot

Be patient and keep inviting her to family events 🙏

TheVue221 | TheVue221

Encouraging comment suggesting therapy and compromise for family drama.

Rare-Parsnip5838 | Rare-Parsnip5838

Navigating family time with a secret daughter 🤷‍♂️

Loose-Fold6570 | Loose-Fold6570

Teen daughter struggles to accept blended family after mother's betrayal 😢, therapy recommended

waaasupla | waaasupla

16-year-old daughter found: NTA, but patience required 😜

goldenfingernails | goldenfingernails

16-year-old daughter seeks family bond, drama ensues 😢

Bitter_Animator2514 | Bitter_Animator2514

Offering therapy for the daughter, NTA suggests ways to cope.

Plastic-Shallot8535 | Plastic-Shallot8535

Supportive comment suggests therapy for dad and daughter 👍

corgihuntress | corgihuntress

Ex-girlfriend wants dad to prioritize secret 16-year-old daughter over his current family 🤔

Patient_Gas_5245 | Patient_Gas_5245

NTA. Margot is the a**hole for hiding Paige for 16 years.

CupertinoHouse | CupertinoHouse

Prioritizing family time with other kids over secret daughter. NTA ❤

Vandreeson | Vandreeson

Balancing relationships can be tough 😬 but holding boundaries is key

Mundane-Substance215 | Mundane-Substance215

Growing pains of a new family dynamic 😢

elainegeorge | elainegeorge

Father refuses to abandon his younger children for newly discovered daughter 👍

perfectpomelo3 | perfectpomelo3

Acknowledging her feelings is key to resolving family drama 👍

WondrousBabyTurtle | WondrousBabyTurtle

Abandoned daughter has right to ask for lost time. You're doing great! 👍

GenitalFurbies | GenitalFurbies

A sympathetic comment to a dad's dilemma with his daughter 😢

zaritza8789 | zaritza8789

NTA. It's a tough situation, but you're handling it well 👍

SubstantialMaize6747 | SubstantialMaize6747

Setting boundaries with family can be tough 😢 Just say no.

Future-Crazy7845 | Future-Crazy7845

A reasonable dad and a typical teenager in a family drama

BalloonShip | BalloonShip

Parenting counseling recommended for 16-year-old daughter situation 👨🏻‍👩🏻

Cappa_Cail | Cappa_Cail

Navigating a complex family dynamic. NTA, but tough situation.

Fabulous-Meal-5694 | Fabulous-Meal-5694

Mom's mistake causes drama over family time, NTA explained 👍

mrsr1s1ng | mrsr1s1ng

Therapy can help, make it a requirement for family healing! 🙌

Live-Ad2998 | Live-Ad2998

NTA. Straightforward and bold opinion on family harmony and peace.

Bugdafug | Bugdafug

Newly discovered daughter causes family drama, therapist recommended 🤔

evilcj925 | evilcj925

Navigating teenage drama 🤯

wavewalker59- | wavewalker59-

Encouraging response to a struggling dad, therapy is recommended 🙏

RealMrsFelicityFox | RealMrsFelicityFox

Single dad discovers secret daughter, faces unreasonable expectations. NTA 👍

TheLadyIsabelle | TheLadyIsabelle

Father discovers daughter, calls out mother for hiding her. NTA 👍

Default_Munchkin | Default_Munchkin

16-year-old daughter jealous of younger siblings for dad's time 😕

No-College4662 | No-College4662

Grieving and acting out, give her space and therapy 😢

Elsbethe | Elsbethe

Encouraging comment advises setting boundaries and seeking counseling ❤️

VampyAnji | VampyAnji

NTA, daughter needs therapy to understand you're not at fault 🙏

Seaside2000 | Seaside2000

NTA. You had no idea she existed, Margot kept her from you. You have gone above and beyond to try and have a relationship with her.

Sorry-Spite9634 | Sorry-Spite9634

Daughter's mother is TA, dad is NTA for wanting involvement.

alelia | alelia

NTA dad tries to be fair, daughter's anger misplaced 😊

Principle-Slight | Principle-Slight

Encourage therapy for Paige to work through unresolved feelings 👍

WinEquivalent4069 | WinEquivalent4069

NTA dad makes time for secret daughter, but emotions run high 😢

samsg1 | samsg1

Daughter wants family time, but OP not to blame. NTA 👍

smallblueangel | smallblueangel

NTA but daughter needs therapy for abandonment issues 😞

PeaStreet6542 | PeaStreet6542

Possessive daughter, NTA suggests emotional issues. Drama ahead 🤨

jockstrappy | jockstrappy

16yo daughter expects too much from siblings, NTA dad 👍

wrekked_train | wrekked_train

Daughter blames dad for mother's choices, needs therapy. NTA.

SatisfactionDue1649 | SatisfactionDue1649

Supportive comment. Concerns about daughter's mother's behavior 😊

OkMark6180 | OkMark6180

Parental responsibility ending soon, NTA for setting boundaries 👍

Performance_Lanky | Performance_Lanky

Advice for dealing with self-centered teenagers. 🤔

lululobster11 | lululobster11

Encouraging comment about parenting a newly discovered daughter ❤️

Accomplished_Buy8681 | Accomplished_Buy8681

16-year-old daughter seeks attention after being an only child. NTA.

Time-Tie-231 | Time-Tie-231

Encouragement for a dad with a secret teenager 🙌

wearehereorarewe | wearehereorarewe

Supportive comment to dad dealing with difficult daughter, NTA 👏

megamawax | megamawax

Encouraging therapy for troubled daughter. NTA wins parenting points 👏

Immediate_Finger_889 | Immediate_Finger_889

Supportive comment advocating for compromise and therapy, wishing luck to all 👍

Rare-Parsnip5838 | Rare-Parsnip5838

Support for dad's efforts to make up for mom's mistake 👏

swalsh21 | swalsh21

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