Girlfriend's Hurtful Words Leave Boyfriend Feeling Insecure 😖

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Picture this: you're in a relationship, and things are going well. You finally take the next step and hook up with your partner, thinking everything is fine. But then, you start noticing some strange behavior from your partner and her friends. They're making jokes and smirking, and you can't help but feel paranoid. 😰 What's going on? Are they talking about you? In today's story, our protagonist discovers that his girlfriend has been sharing some very intimate details about him with her friends, and it's causing him a lot of embarrassment and self-esteem issues. 😔 Let's dive into the story and see what happened...

The Hookup 🛏️

BatFuzzy2529 | BatFuzzy2529

Size Matters? 🍆

BatFuzzy2529 | BatFuzzy2529

Embarrassing Throwaway 🙈

BatFuzzy2529 | BatFuzzy2529

Average Joe 🤷

BatFuzzy2529 | BatFuzzy2529

Post-Hookup Drinks 🍻

BatFuzzy2529 | BatFuzzy2529

Indirect Jokes 😒

BatFuzzy2529 | BatFuzzy2529

Confronting Her 🗣️

BatFuzzy2529 | BatFuzzy2529

Snooping Through Her Phone 📱

BatFuzzy2529 | BatFuzzy2529

Emasculated 😔

BatFuzzy2529 | BatFuzzy2529

Aaron, the Ruiner 🤬

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Self-Esteem Hit 💔

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Questions ❓

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Privacy Breach 😠

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Size Details 📏

BatFuzzy2529 | BatFuzzy2529

Average is Small? 🤔

BatFuzzy2529 | BatFuzzy2529

Betrayed by His Girlfriend 😱

Our protagonist thought everything was fine after hooking up with his girlfriend, but he soon noticed her friends making indirect jokes about his manhood. 🍆 Feeling paranoid, he confronted her, but she denied sharing any intimate details. However, unable to shake the feeling, he snooped through her phone and found a group chat where she had been roasting him about his size, comparing him unfavorably to a past partner. 💔 This revelation has left him feeling emasculated and unsure of what to do next. Should he confront her? Forgive her? Is this a common experience for others? 🤔 Let's see what the internet thinks of this situation...

Encouraging response to NTA comment, advising to move on 👍

GodIsAGas | GodIsAGas

Girlfriend's hurtful words deemed inappropriate by commenter, supported by replies.

Trailsya | Trailsya

Stand up for yourself and let her go. You deserve better 👏

honeyv1nes | honeyv1nes

Don't tolerate disrespect and keep your integrity intact 💪

Leather-Lab8120 | Leather-Lab8120

Bodyshaming is never okay, NTA.

ApprehensiveGood6096 | ApprehensiveGood6096

🤔 Is avoiding confrontation the best option in this situation?

Intelnational | Intelnational

Dump her 🚮. NTA for ghosting a liar and immature person.

CheapOrphan | CheapOrphan

Supportive comment encourages healthy relationship and finding better partner 👏

DancingDrammer | DancingDrammer

Size doesn't matter, respect does. NTA, block her 👋

peachinthemango | peachinthemango

Size doesn't matter, but respect does. NTA x 1000 👏

TheSnarkling | TheSnarkling

NTA stands up to sexist insult and shares personal experience.

Tom_A_F | Tom_A_F

Girl suggests ending things due to hurtful words, offers ghosting or mature text options

[deleted] | [deleted]

Empathetic reply to insecure boyfriend, advocating for self-respect 💪

Jest_Aquiki | Jest_Aquiki

Dating someone who insults you? NTA, dump her! 👋

Valuable-Eagle-7503 | Valuable-Eagle-7503

Dump the disrespectful girlfriend. NTA. 👍

JoJoTheDogFace | JoJoTheDogFace

NTA calls out body shaming and advises moving on 💯

TheBerethian | TheBerethian

NTA insecure about size, she lied, and has a huge dildo 🤪

Gideon9900 | Gideon9900

Supportive comment reminds OP not to worry about size 🙌

beetlebumm | beetlebumm

Dump her and find someone who respects you 👍

alfoulhamsyer | alfoulhamsyer

Advice to OP: Run from this immature brat 💪

tazdevil64 | tazdevil64

Empathetic user suggests breakup with a fitting wake-up call 👏

Emergency_Resolve748 | Emergency_Resolve748

Privacy matters. Good riddance to bad rubbish. 💯

judgingA-holes | judgingA-holes

Dodging a bullet 💥 - Commenter suggests blocking toxic ex-girlfriend 🚫

srslyfancy | srslyfancy

Dump her. Your dick is fine. Stop comparing yourself to pornstars 👌

TreyRyan3 | TreyRyan3

Encouraging reply supports OP and reassures about size insecurity 👍


Body shaming is never okay! 👍 Size doesn't matter with communication & fun sex life 👯

West-Act-8460 | West-Act-8460

Forgive and remember, it's the fastest way to move on 🙏

doubtingthomas51i | doubtingthomas51i

Don't be cruel, it's not rocket science 🚀

Oellaatje | Oellaatje

NTA - Cruelty is never a joke. You deserve better 👏

SpiritedStable5182 | SpiritedStable5182

NTA. Finding out your girlfriend is mocking you is hurtful 😔

Croissantal | Croissantal

Body shaming is never okay, NTA comment shuts it down 💪

Frozefoots | Frozefoots

Move on and work on yourself 👍

Long_Start_3142 | Long_Start_3142

Savage revenge story with an uplifting message about self-worth 💪

hmuserfriendly | hmuserfriendly

Size doesn't matter and being thoughtful is more important 👍

Celestia_May | Celestia_May

NTA commenter makes crude joke about girlfriend's size, lacks empathy.

WolfieTooting | WolfieTooting

NTA, girlfriend betrayed trust and humiliated him. Relationship is over. 😡

funguy2211711 | funguy2211711

NTA. Breakup advice with a humorous twist 😁

Lazuli_Rose | Lazuli_Rose

NTA. Respectful comment on private intimacy and penis size.

SnooTomatoes2805 | SnooTomatoes2805

Mocking partner to friends is not okay 🙅🏼

ImKiliW | ImKiliW

Supportive comment suggests ghosting after girlfriend's hurtful words.


Maturely ending a hurtful relationship can prevent future pain 👍

Yinspiration | Yinspiration

Doubts arise about the girlfriend's authenticity 🤔

SuperMommy37 | SuperMommy37

NTA. Commenter points out the double standard and calls out OP's girlfriend's cruelty.

Agrimny | Agrimny

Sneaky revenge plan against a toxic friend group 😎

Proof-Artist-1057 | Proof-Artist-1057

Encouraging response to toxic relationship. 🙌

Rld7669 | Rld7669

Supportive comment from a woman empathizing with the boyfriend.

Famous-Composer3112 | Famous-Composer3112

Empowering advice to move on from toxic relationship. 💪

EbbIndependent5368 | EbbIndependent5368

Empathetic commenter advises to leave lying girlfriend and find better.

QQSolomonn | QQSolomonn

Body shaming is never okay. Find someone who appreciates you. 👏

cub0ne11 | cub0ne11

Deserve better. Don't forgive her. NTA 👏

RiverWild1972 | RiverWild1972

Don't let disrespect slide. 🙅🏼

Upper_Specific3043 | Upper_Specific3043

Red flag alert 🚩 Trust issues and invasion of privacy

Lemon_Sugar | Lemon_Sugar

Supportive comment for boyfriend's hurtful situation. 👍

Got_Terpz | Got_Terpz

You're better off without her! 👍

Super_Ad_7135 | Super_Ad_7135

Craft a heartfelt explanation, then block and move on 🙌


NTA. Confidence is key, don't waste your time on her 🤷‍♂️

GrumpsMcWhooty | GrumpsMcWhooty

Break up with her and find someone who appreciates you 👍

Lex_pert | Lex_pert

Harsh but honest advice for a betrayed boyfriend 😞

fsocietyfr | fsocietyfr

Privacy violations lead to no winner in this relationship 🤷‍♂️

CapitalBeauty | CapitalBeauty

NTA. Commenter empathizes and criticizes girlfriend's behavior.

Electrical-Okra3644 | Electrical-Okra3644

Empathetic commenter encourages breakup with disrespectful girlfriend 💔

Fingercult | Fingercult

Body shaming is never okay, NTA for feeling hurt 🙅

Just-some-peep | Just-some-peep

Cut her off. She's not worth your time 👋🏼

Shakenotstired | Shakenotstired

Confronting hurtful behavior: 🤬 vs 🚪 for finding better relationships.

darsvedder | darsvedder

One commenter suggests ghosting an immature ex-girlfriend. 💔


Supportive comment encourages moving on from rude girlfriend. 👍

YOLO_626 | YOLO_626

NTA stands up against body shaming with fiery comment 🔥

Old_Chemical_7786 | Old_Chemical_7786

Dump the disrespectful ex and find someone who appreciates you 👍

SkipBlaster75 | SkipBlaster75

Revenge is a dish best served petty 😏

lliIiiiliiIII | lliIiiiliiIII

Trust is broken, respect lost. Relationship dead. 💔

Sofiwyn | Sofiwyn

Break up with her - she disrespects and lies to you 😤

Reaper8669 | Reaper8669

Walk away from the lying girlfriend, NTA 📳

HealthyCry2604 | HealthyCry2604

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