MIL Demands to Babysit, Mom Uncovers Disturbing Past 😯

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Picture this: you just gave birth to a beautiful baby girl a week ago, and you're absolutely obsessed with her (as is your husband). You're both over the moon, and as a new mom, you're already super protective of your little one. 🥰 But here's the catch - your mother-in-law has a history of being a less-than-stellar mom, and now she wants to babysit your precious baby. 😳 Would you trust her? This new mom is facing this exact dilemma and needs your help to figure out if she's in the wrong for not trusting her MIL with her baby. 💔

👶 New Baby Obsession 💕

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🛡️ Protective Mama Bear 🐻

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🤔 Valid Feelings?

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🏠 Home Alone Kids 😱

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✈️ Abandonment Issues

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🚸 Foster Care Nightmare

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🏚️ Fending for Themselves

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👩‍👦 Too Little, Too Late?

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🙅‍♀️ No Trust, No Babysitting

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🕰️ Time Passed, But...

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🚓 Brother Behind Bars

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👵 MIL's Babysitting Expectations

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🚫 No Need for a Crib

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💥 Brutal Honesty

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😠 Family Drama

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🤷‍♂️ Husband's Stance

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🍬 Sugarcoating vs. Honesty

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🤰 New Mom vs. MIL: The Babysitting Battle 🍼

Our new mom is faced with a tough decision: should she trust her mother-in-law to babysit her baby girl, despite her MIL's history of being a terrible mom to her own children? 😨 From leaving her kids home alone at a young age to abandoning them for years, this MIL has a lot to answer for. But now, she wants to make up for her past mistakes by being there for her granddaughter. 👵 The new mom, however, isn't having it, and she's not afraid to tell her MIL exactly how she feels. 💣 This has caused some major family drama, with everyone taking sides. Even her husband, who doesn't trust his mom either, thinks she should have sugarcoated her response. 🍬 So, what do you think? Is our new mom in the wrong for not trusting her MIL with her baby, or is she just being a protective mama bear? 🐻 Let's see what the internet has to say about this sticky situation... 🕵️‍♀️

Mother refuses MIL's request to babysit after uncovering disturbing past.

TarzanKitty | TarzanKitty

Negligent babysitting history uncovered, NTA for saying no 😯

TheRealMeetMountain | TheRealMeetMountain

Passionate comment calling out neglectful MIL, with no replies

Broad-Discipline2360 | Broad-Discipline2360

Debating responsible parenting in different eras 🤔

TarzanKitty | TarzanKitty

NTA. MIL unfit to babysit, husband needs counseling to protect family. 😯

imothro | imothro

Husband's forgiveness of MIL's past puts baby at risk. NTA

MamaPagan | MamaPagan

Mom stands firm against MIL's demand to babysit 😏

Kattymcnugget | Kattymcnugget

Spouse needs a reality check on MIL's past. NTA. 👍

tomatofrogfan | tomatofrogfan

Family's sugarcoating won't change MIL's past behavior. NTA for protecting child.

Live_Western_1389 | Live_Western_1389

Protecting your child from toxic family members is crucial 🚫

GreenTravelBadger | GreenTravelBadger

User calls out MIL's bad judgment and advises caution.

GonnaBeOverIt | GonnaBeOverIt

Standing up to a demanding MIL who doesn't deserve trust 👊

Concord2018 | Concord2018

Beware of MIL's past. Just say no to babysitting! 😱

Ok-Technology-8908 | Ok-Technology-8908

Protective mom stands her ground against MIL's disturbing past 😯

Realistic_Head4279 | Realistic_Head4279

Supportive comment encourages therapy and standing up to toxic family 👍

Square-Swan2800 | Square-Swan2800

Mom's not alone! Others wouldn't leave baby with similar MIL 🙏

strongopinion4life | strongopinion4life

Breaking the cycle of abuse and protecting your child 🙌

soberdragonfly | soberdragonfly

NTA. Firmly shutting down MIL for baby's safety. Husband needs counseling.

dchplt | dchplt

Mom stands her ground against toxic MIL's babysitting demand 🙅

nosaneoneleft | nosaneoneleft

Protecting your child comes first, don't be afraid to say no 😬

SnooHobbies7109 | SnooHobbies7109

MIL wasn't a good parent, why should she babysit grandkids? 💁‍♀️

Panaccolade | Panaccolade

NTA stands firm against MIL's disturbing past. 🔥

Familiar_Macaroon178 | Familiar_Macaroon178

Sarcastic NTA comment on MIL wanting to babysit. 🤦‍♀️

Successful_Moment_91 | Successful_Moment_91

No sugarcoating: MIL was a bad mom, no claim to grandparenting. NTA 👍

Adorable-Reaction887 | Adorable-Reaction887

Setting boundaries with in-laws, honesty is the best policy 👍

BlossomingPosy17 | BlossomingPosy17

Setting boundaries with in-laws is important. NTA.

freckledreddishbrown | freckledreddishbrown

Parental discretion over babysitters, NTA for setting boundaries.

caillou001 | caillou001

Discussion of the father's role in child services incident.

newprairiegirl | newprairiegirl

Setting boundaries with toxic family members is important for mental health 🙌

bruhidk55 | bruhidk55

Husband needs to set boundaries with MIL, not put it on wife 😒

barrel_of_seamonkeys | barrel_of_seamonkeys

Standing firm against a garbage mom. NTA 😱

raine8515 | raine8515

NTA defends self against MIL's babysitting demands, husband shames her

serenelydone | serenelydone

Heartbreaking story of a mother protecting her child from abusive MIL. 💔

amash50 | amash50

MIL demands to babysit, but Mom uncovers disturbing past. NTA.

General-Visual4301 | General-Visual4301

Setting boundaries with in-laws, breaking the cycle of abuse 👏

VTHome203 | VTHome203

Straightforward response to entitled MIL with a disturbing past. 😯

Eyes_Snakes_Art | Eyes_Snakes_Art

Spouse should handle lying to MIL, commenter says NTA 😊

charlienotahorse | charlienotahorse

Spineless hubby and entitled MIL? No babysitting on Mars either 😑

bienie2019 | bienie2019

Protect the child from severe neglect and endangerment, not MIL's feelings 😯

Tams_G | Tams_G

Blunt honesty was necessary. MIL screwed up too many times. 🤷

Knittingfairy09113 | Knittingfairy09113

Bravo! Honesty is the best policy 👏

Prairie_Crab | Prairie_Crab

Supportive response suggests seeking advice from online community.

Ravenkelly | Ravenkelly

Set boundaries with MIL to protect your child from untrusted characters 🙏

No_Nonsense_sombrero | No_Nonsense_sombrero

Protecting MIL's feelings won't help. NTA for supervised visits. 😊

thethingis82 | thethingis82

Grandma's dangerous delusion of raising the baby with you. NTA 👍

Cardabella | Cardabella

Husband's unresolved issues put wife and child at risk. 🤯

kikivee612 | kikivee612

Stand your ground and protect your children. NTA 👏

No_Pepper_3676 | No_Pepper_3676

Set boundaries early to avoid future conflicts with MIL 🙌

angelicak92 | angelicak92

Trustworthiness is key, even for grandparents. 🙌

Crafty-Mix236 | Crafty-Mix236

Protecting kids from family 😯 NTA comment.

OttersAreCute215 | OttersAreCute215

Blunt response shuts down MIL's babysitting demands 🙌

Mermaidtoo | Mermaidtoo

Spineless husband needs to stand up to his overbearing mother 😤

StarlightM4 | StarlightM4

New mom protecting baby from MIL's demands, NTA 🚼

LukesBaseballCap | LukesBaseballCap

NTA commenter shows empathy and concern for husband's past trauma.

Chemical-Divide5734 | Chemical-Divide5734

NTA advises seeking therapy to avoid mother's toxic behavior 🙏

Plenty_Map_515 | Plenty_Map_515

NTA. No coddling. MIL abandoned her kids for YEARS.

SatelliteBeach123 | SatelliteBeach123

Trusts dog more than MIL to babysit. Family drama ensues 🤷‍♀️

Unlucky-Ticket-873 | Unlucky-Ticket-873

Husband wants wife to lie to MIL about babysitting. NTA

cycophuk | cycophuk

Mother uncovers disturbing past, trusts gut feeling. #NTA 😱

Emotional_Flow_1190 | Emotional_Flow_1190

Mother-in-law refuses to babysit, commenter avoids asking. NTA 😊

OffToParis | OffToParis

Honesty is key! Protecting abusers is not acceptable 😡

CalligraphyMaster | CalligraphyMaster

Trust broken forever. MIL should never babysit again. 😯

soullessginger93 | soullessginger93

No sugarcoating: condemning a mother's unforgivable child abuse.

MNConcerto | MNConcerto

Honesty is the best policy. NTA made the right decision. 👍

Cursd818 | Cursd818

Grandparents aren't entitled to babysitting. NTA, disturbing past uncovered.

Super-Effort4307 | Super-Effort4307

Suggest confronting MIL with tough question to promote self-realization 👍

EvenFinding9165 | EvenFinding9165

Grandma's past catches up, commenter says NTA for declining babysitting.

Dry-Elephant-7525 | Dry-Elephant-7525

Setting boundaries with a difficult MIL can be a never-ending battle 😯

makeeverythng | makeeverythng

NTA stands up to MIL's demand to babysit, uncovers disturbing past 😯

tiredoldmama | tiredoldmama

Protecting your children from a toxic grandparent. 🚫👵🏼

NotSorry2019 | NotSorry2019

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