Dad Chooses Video Games Over Daughter's Art Fair 💔🎮

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Hey there, Facebook fam! 💕 Have you ever felt like your partner just isn't pulling their weight when it comes to parenting? 😔 Well, one mom is feeling the pain as her husband becomes more and more distant, choosing video games over spending time with their kids. 🎮 Can you imagine how heartbreaking it must be to see your child's disappointment when their dad doesn't show up for important events? 💔 Let's dive into this emotional rollercoaster of a story... 🎢

A Decade Together and Two Kids 🏡

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Dad's Lack of Involvement 😔

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Parade Plans Gone Wrong 🎉

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Last-Minute Change of Heart 💔

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Dad Stays Home 😞

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Kids Didn't Mind 🤷

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Money Matters 💰

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Borrowing Money Behind My Back 😡

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Communication Breakdown 📞

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Valentine's Day Disappointment 💔

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Moving On 🚶‍♀️

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Excited for the Art Fair 🎨

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Sleeping In 😴

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Daughter's Heartbreaking Comment 💔

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Proud Mom Moment 🌟

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Dad's Absence Noticed 😢

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Celebrating Without Dad 🍩

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Confronting Dad 💔

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Telling It Like It Is 😠

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Dad's Reaction 😒

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Dad Chooses Video Games Over Family Time 🎮💔

This mom of two is at her wit's end! 😩 Her husband has been spending more and more time playing video games, even skipping out on family events like parades and their daughter's art fair. 🎨👧 The kids seem to be taking it in stride, but mom's heart is breaking. 💔 To make matters worse, he borrowed money from his mom (with whom our protagonist has a strained relationship) without discussing it first! 😠 When confronted about his lack of involvement, hubby just laughed it off and went back to gaming. 🎮😒 Can you believe it? Let's see what the internet thinks of this situation... 🤔💬

Teaching kids to not tolerate disrespectful partners. YTA 👎

miyuki_m | miyuki_m

Harsh truth, but valuable advice for a failing marriage. 🙏

ValleygirlNorCal | ValleygirlNorCal

Leave toxic relationships and thrive 👌

BlackSea5 | BlackSea5

Supportive comment about absent father's potential consequences. 👍

RJack151 | RJack151

Father's selfishness hurts daughter, time to work on relationship. NTA.

Muscle-Cars-1970 | Muscle-Cars-1970

Don't let him take you for granted 💥. Show him you mean business 💪.

ghostoftommyknocker | ghostoftommyknocker

Stern advice for a struggling parent in a tough situation 👊

WinterFront1431 | WinterFront1431

Empathetic comment offers support to struggling parent, encourages change. 👏

forsythiaforsaken | forsythiaforsaken

Angry commenter calls out absent father for prioritizing video games.

JohnExcrement | JohnExcrement

Neglectful dad causes daughter pain, mom supports art and love. NTA.

MadamnedMary | MadamnedMary

NTA but parenting crisis, talk to husband about counseling 👩🏻‍💻

trilliumsummer | trilliumsummer

Daughter's happiness matters. Leave before she loses respect for you 😔

Awesomekidsmom | Awesomekidsmom

Invite his mother to notice the neglect pattern 👀 hopefully.

she_who_knits | she_who_knits

Sarcastic reply suggests drastic solution, asserts NTA judgement. 🤪

FlyoverHangover | FlyoverHangover

Neglectful dad laughs off criticism, damaging daughter's self-esteem 😡

TheArmchairLegion | TheArmchairLegion

Advice on dealing with deadbeat partner, no filter 👌

SerentityM3ow | SerentityM3ow

Empathy for struggling parent receiving harsh judgement 😔

ruthtrick | ruthtrick

Don't pay back MIL for son's debt. NTA 👌

TarzanKitty | TarzanKitty

Advice on how to move on without husband's involvement 👍

drtennis13 | drtennis13

Supportive comment, encouraging mother to move on. 👏

Doggo0729 | Doggo0729

Father's absence may be for the best, prioritize daughter's wishes 👍

Expensive-Wish799 | Expensive-Wish799

Ignoring him and spending time with kids might change him 🤷🏻‍♀️

susanbarron33 | susanbarron33

Gamer dad neglects daughter's art fair. Commenters call him a**hole.

ceokc13 | ceokc13

A harsh but honest reality check for a neglectful father 💔

catsmodslickpitballs | catsmodslickpitballs

Heartbreaking advice for a daughter with a distant father 😢

UnlikelyUnknown | UnlikelyUnknown

Gaming addiction is real and it's tearing families apart. NTA.

senditloud | senditloud

Supportive comment for a daughter neglected by her father ♥️

AuthorArianaAugust | AuthorArianaAugust

Heartbreaking experience for a child with an absent father 😢

flindersandtrim | flindersandtrim

Empowering comment encourages leaving toxic relationships for a better life ✌🏻

suncirca | suncirca

Teaching kids to be a**holes by example? YTA 🤢

CakeZealousideal1820 | CakeZealousideal1820

Heartbreaking situation for an 8-year-old girl and her mother 💔

TheLastWord63 | TheLastWord63

A heartbreaking truth about a father's neglect 💔

bayshorevgllc | bayshorevgllc

A heartfelt message urging the OP to leave the uncaring partner ❤️

Usual_Bumblebee_8274 | Usual_Bumblebee_8274

Heartbreaking story of a dad who chose video games over daughter

darkpoetTJF | darkpoetTJF

Supportive comment advises to leave negligent partner. 👍

KeyBadger513 | KeyBadger513

Dad chooses video games over daughter's art fair - checked out?

IslandChill_420-024 | IslandChill_420-024

Be a hero for your kids, set good examples 👏

tazdevil64 | tazdevil64

Spouse prioritizes video games over family, why not divorce him? 💔🎮

BooksAndStarsLover | BooksAndStarsLover

Advice on leaving a selfish partner. 👍

GardenDivaESQ | GardenDivaESQ

Gaming addiction affecting family: focus on self and escape plan 👍

RedFoxRedBird | RedFoxRedBird

A heartwarming reminiscence of present parents. 🥰

Express_Revolution52 | Express_Revolution52

Father consistently flakes on daughter, better off without him 💔

Glass-Hedgehog3940 | Glass-Hedgehog3940

Document his absence and stay calm in texts to him 👍

AuthorArianaAugust | AuthorArianaAugust

Listen to behavior, not just words. Invest in yourself. 💪

Shdfx1 | Shdfx1

Harsh, but divorce may be necessary for a better life 💔

Asleep-Tank3228 | Asleep-Tank3228

Leave him, prioritize your happiness and family. 👏

JayRco | JayRco

A personal story on how divorce could have been beneficial 💔

alienfrogman | alienfrogman

Protect your children and seek a better life. You deserve it. 👏

NessusANDChmeee | NessusANDChmeee

Empower your relationship with The Empowered Wife ❤️

Numerous-Dot-1530 | Numerous-Dot-1530

NTA, but communicate, get MC, or reevaluate relationship with dad 👍

No_Association9968 | No_Association9968

Supportive comment encourages leaving toxic spouse for child's well-being ♥️

Maleficent_Virus_556 | Maleficent_Virus_556

One commenter shares their own experience and encourages leaving toxic relationships ✌🏻

Fallout4Addict | Fallout4Addict

Gaming as a coping mechanism for depression - insightful comment.

TippyHadronCollider | TippyHadronCollider

Empowerment advice for a parent in a toxic relationship 💪

murphy2345678 | murphy2345678

Divorce the man-child or face child support 🤑💔

hauntedghostlights77 | hauntedghostlights77

Advice on ending a marriage with a checked-out partner 👍

CyberJayhawk | CyberJayhawk

Supportive comment, tell him to go back to mommy 👍

UpDoc69 | UpDoc69

NTA, but take this as a wake-up call ⚠️ Your children deserve better.

WhyAmIStillHere86 | WhyAmIStillHere86

Harsh but fair comment on a deadbeat dad situation.

Arlaneutique | Arlaneutique

Put you and your kids as priority 👍🏻. Create your own account 💳 and make a plan 📝.

bitterherpes | bitterherpes

Choose a father, not a donor. NTA for prioritizing kids 👏

YepIamAmiM | YepIamAmiM

Gaming has taken over his life, leaving his family behind 💔

AnyDecision470 | AnyDecision470

Focus on what's important. He made his choice 👍

YourFriendsWOULDhit | YourFriendsWOULDhit

Empathetic comment offers hope for single mom's future 💕

Impossible-Ad-5710 | Impossible-Ad-5710

A former partner confirms he's a bad father and husband 🙄

Western-Stress-9719 | Western-Stress-9719

Get an attorney and secure your finances 💰

nomo900 | nomo900

A supportive comment on prioritizing stability for the family ❤

Key-Permission-317 | Key-Permission-317

Daughter's art fair loses to dad's video games. Commenter suggests moving on.

ZeroZipZilchNadaNone | ZeroZipZilchNadaNone

Putting yourself and your kids first. 👌 NTA

nerdgirl71 | nerdgirl71

Leave him and live your best life! NTA 👏

kiwikween80 | kiwikween80

A comment that predicts the future of a failing marriage. 👀

olemiss2021L | olemiss2021L

Heartbreaking - Kids happier without dad who chooses gaming over them 😢

Carolinamama2015 | Carolinamama2015

Stand up for yourself and your kids. You deserve better! 👏

ChairHaunting6951 | ChairHaunting6951

Heartbreaking story of absent father and the lasting impact on children 💔

SupaDiogenes | SupaDiogenes

NTA. His attachment to games is like an addiction 👍

knowsaboutit | knowsaboutit

Supportive comment advises divorce for neglectful father 👏

9smalltowngirl | 9smalltowngirl

Concerned commenter hopes for a better life for OP 🙏

littlekitten137 | littlekitten137

Advice for a neglected wife with a gaming husband 🤔

unstopablystoopid | unstopablystoopid

Ex-wife shares how divorce brought happiness and ease 😁

Visual_Lingonberry53 | Visual_Lingonberry53

Spouse is checked out, evaluate priorities for your family. 👍

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