Dating Disaster: Man Eats Before Date Arrives, Sparks Outrage 😱

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We've all been there, right? You're starving, but you have a date planned, and you don't want to be that person who's hangry during the whole thing. 😩 So, what do you do? Our protagonist here decided to eat before his date arrived at the restaurant, thinking he'd be able to focus on getting to know her better without the distraction of hunger. 🌮 But, as it turns out, his date didn't quite see it the same way... 🤔

Not a Foodie, Just Hungry 🍽️

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Eating Before Outings 🏠

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Busy Day, Starving 😩

Potential-Trash-7890 | Potential-Trash-7890

Arriving Early ⏰

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Eating Before She Arrives 🌮

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Instant Connection 💕

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Flirty Touches 😏

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Not Hungry, Thanks 🍸

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Don't Worry, Eat! 🍴

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Confusion and Fury 😠

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Explaining Myself 🗣️

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A Quick Meal and Exit 🚪

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The Taco Date Debacle 🌮💔

Our hungry friend met a girl online and planned a dinner date at a restaurant. He had a busy day, didn't get to eat lunch, and arrived 45 minutes early to the date, starving. 😩 He decided to eat before she arrived, thinking it would help him focus on getting to know her without being hangry. The date started off great, with instant chemistry and flirty touches. 😍 But when she found out he had eaten before she arrived, she became furious and accused him of being rude. Despite his explanation, the mood soured, she ate quickly, and made an excuse to leave. 💔 Let's see what the internet thinks of this situation...

Arriving early for a date? Don't eat alone! 🤔

Wongon32 | Wongon32

Arrives early to check vibe, watches date eat alone. YTA 😱

7fishslaps | 7fishslaps

Don't be a solo eater on a dinner date. YTA 😱

Austen-aficionado | Austen-aficionado

YTA. You ate before your date arrived? That's clueless 😱

Karma_1969 | Karma_1969

Man eats before date, deems ordering a whole meal disrespectful. YTA 😱

familiarutopia | familiarutopia

First date faux-pas. Eating before date arrives is a big no-no 🤭

Salt-Lavishness-7560 | Salt-Lavishness-7560

Skipping dinner before a dinner date? YTA 🤪

Particular-Try5584 | Particular-Try5584

Man eats before date, sparks outrage with YTA judgement 😱

Trailsya | Trailsya

Eating before a dinner date? YTA. Be considerate and plan better 😑

SadWispMother | SadWispMother

Sharing food is part of the dinner date experience 🤷

SilentCicada1213 | SilentCicada1213

When asking for advice, don't argue with every response 🤷‍♂️

Terrace_Birch | Terrace_Birch

YTA for eating before date and not wanting to share experience 🤨

MuttFett | MuttFett

User calls out inconsiderate behavior in a witty analogy.

Danube_Kitty | Danube_Kitty

Snack at home, not on date. YTA 🤷‍♂️

Nyroughrider | Nyroughrider

User called out for seeking validation instead of opinions. 🤔

call-me-kitkat | call-me-kitkat

Impatient date ruins dinner, labeled YTA for bad manners 😡

EnthusiasmLow3388 | EnthusiasmLow3388

A woman shares her experience with dating and how low the quality of men can be, ending with YTA.

mcoopzz | mcoopzz

Criticism towards man who ate before date, deemed rude 🤢

Real_Pianist6598 | Real_Pianist6598

Suggesting autism? Delicate approach needed 😕

Sirhugs | Sirhugs

Eating before a date? YTA big time 🤯

JanetInSpain | JanetInSpain

Don't let your anxiety ruin the first date 😊

s_nav2023 | s_nav2023

Sharing a meal is implied on a date 🍕 YTAH missed out 😢

DramaticAerie | DramaticAerie

Eating before a date? YTA! Watching her eat? Awkward! 🤭

Confident-Baker5286 | Confident-Baker5286

Eating alone on a date? YTA. Food is part of bonding 🍟

Frozefoots | Frozefoots

YTA and clueless about it 😩

herbtarleksblazer | herbtarleksblazer

Eating before date arrives is a big no-no 😱 YTA

Future-Nebula74656 | Future-Nebula74656

Importance of dining etiquette and bonding moments during dates 😊

randomlyjoy | randomlyjoy

Clueless OP sparks outrage with pre-date meal faux pas 🤯

lawgirlamy | lawgirlamy

User suggests therapy for OP's behavior, acknowledges autism. 🙏

Empty_Ambition_9050 | Empty_Ambition_9050

Bad date deja vu 😒

millerlite585 | millerlite585

Redeem yourself! Message her, apologize, ask for a do-over 💖

Tm_GfWait4It | Tm_GfWait4It

Eating before your date arrives? YTA and weird 🤮

FruitParfait | FruitParfait

Missed social cue or on the autism spectrum? 🤔

SaffronSugar7 | SaffronSugar7

A missed opportunity for a romantic dinner. 🤦‍♂️

RevolutionaryComb433 | RevolutionaryComb433

Skeptical commenter calls out article's clickbait nature 😑

JohnExcrement | JohnExcrement

Eating before a date? YTA according to social etiquette 🤭

CrabbiestAsp | CrabbiestAsp

Don't be a dining disaster! 🍽️ YTA strikes out.

Poinsettia917 | Poinsettia917

Is this real or just AI-generated outrage bait? 🤔

Cinnamon_Wilson777 | Cinnamon_Wilson777

Hangry date gets roasted for eating before arrival 😂

United-Plum1671 | United-Plum1671

User questions if article is satire, calls out double standards.

BlueCollarGuru | BlueCollarGuru

Eating before a date is rude, glad she dodged that bullet 😱

Aggravating_Yak_1006 | Aggravating_Yak_1006

Waiter shaming: Commenter calls out selfish diner for hogging table 😡

ArreniaQ | ArreniaQ

Understanding and empathy for possible social cluelessness 🤔

Willing_Recording222 | Willing_Recording222

Is it rude to eat before a date arrives? 🤔

Kayliee73 | Kayliee73

Respectful response to YTA's dining faux pas 🙏

TheSaitamaProject | TheSaitamaProject

Hangry or not, skipping dinner before a date? YTA confirmed

Curious_Opposite_917 | Curious_Opposite_917

Man sparks outrage by eating before dinner date arrives 😱

bigredrottenrobots | bigredrottenrobots

Criticism for the man who ate before his date arrives 🤢

BeachinLife1 | BeachinLife1

Man eats before date, leaves her to eat alone. YTA 😠

Patrickosplayhouse | Patrickosplayhouse

When you're baffled by someone's lack of self-awareness 🤷‍♂️

Pippi-Sky1648 | Pippi-Sky1648

Don't be a foodie jerk, wait for your date 😒

Super_Soapy_Soup | Super_Soapy_Soup

Misunderstanding or ableism? The debate continues in the comments.

PrincessPrunella69 | PrincessPrunella69

Early arrival eats up waiter's time, earns YTA label 😑

BodyRepresentative65 | BodyRepresentative65

YTA invites dates to meals then watches them eat 😒

dropaheartbeat | dropaheartbeat

Man eats before date, gets called out for bad manners 😬

Tech2kill | Tech2kill

Rejected validation and snubbed date, walking red flag 😱

Specialist-Tree1874 | Specialist-Tree1874

Poor etiquette or monster? YTA or dumbass? The verdict.

nemainev | nemainev

Pro tip: Avoid dinner dates if not planning to eat together 😉

AlternativeSort7253 | AlternativeSort7253

Red flags everywhere! Brutal but honest comment.

effervescenthoopla | effervescenthoopla

Eating before date arrives? Not the brightest move 😳

CnslrNachos | CnslrNachos

A sensitive comment raises questions about the man's behavior 🔍

Fischgopf | Fischgopf

Arriving too early for a date? Bring a Snickers! 😋

gntlbastard | gntlbastard

Empathetic comment suggests undiagnosed social anxiety may be the cause 🙏

buster_rhino | buster_rhino

Choosing a restaurant implies eating; breaking social code is YTA 😕

Bibliophile_w_coffee | Bibliophile_w_coffee

Consider your date's comfort too 😊

[deleted] | [deleted]

Don't eat a full meal before your date arrives 😬

madsz57 | madsz57

User calls out OP for not accepting judgement, suggests trolling. 😱

TishOConnor | TishOConnor

Proper dining etiquette: wait for your date to arrive before eating 🍕

Great_Huckleberry709 | Great_Huckleberry709

Awkward date confession leads to creepy behavior accusation 😳

chickencordonbleu | chickencordonbleu

Man eats before date arrives, labeled YTA for being rude 😑

rosegoldblonde | rosegoldblonde

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