Cousin's Fiancé Orders Own Dish at Family Banquet, Sparks Controversy 🍽️😱

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Picture this: you're at a fancy family dinner, celebrating a long-awaited reunion, and one guest decides to order an extra dish just for themselves. Sounds like a recipe for drama, right? 😱 That's exactly what happened when our protagonist's cousin brought her fiancé, Todd, to a Michelin Star restaurant for a family-style Chinese banquet. With plenty of food to go around, Todd decided to order an additional Peking duck dish just for himself, without discussing it with anyone or offering to pay for it. Our protagonist confronted Todd, but he refused to acknowledge any wrongdoing. Was Todd being rude or just enjoying the culinary delights? 🤔

The Family Dinner Dilemma 🍽️

AggressivNapkin | AggressivNapkin

A Long-Awaited Reunion 🌏

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The Grand Banquet Plan 🥢

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No Harm, No Foul? 🤷

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Peking Duck Delight 🦆

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Todd's Tasty Temptation 😲

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Surprise and Disgruntlement 😒

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Communication Breakdown 🗣️

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The Hefty Bill 💸

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Todd's Great Escape 🚬

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The Carpool Confrontation 🚗

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Money Matters and Manners 💰

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Missing the Point 🎯

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Rude or Ungracious? 🤔

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Todd's Defiance 😤

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Cultural Clash? 🌍

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No Apologies Here 😠

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Sensitive or Traditional? 🏮

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Duck, Drama, and Dinner Debates 🦆🍽️

At a lavish family reunion dinner, Todd, the uninvited fiancé, stirs up some drama by ordering an extra Peking duck dish just for himself, without discussing it with anyone or offering to pay for it. Our protagonist confronts Todd, but he doubles down, claiming he did nothing wrong and that the family is being too sensitive and traditional. With opinions divided, the family is left to wonder if Todd's actions were truly out of line or if they're overreacting. Let's dive into the internet's thoughts on this dinnertime debacle... 🍜

Respect boundaries and don't use other people's money. NTA 👍

UnusuallyScented | UnusuallyScented

Standing up for family values. NTA 👏

tammy94903 | tammy94903

NTA commenter suggests drastic action against rude fiancé.

Whatevergrowup | Whatevergrowup

Uninvited guest orders own dish at family dinner 😱 NTA

ahopskip_andajump | ahopskip_andajump

Cousin's fiancé orders own dish at family banquet, NTA calls it rude and entitled. 😒

ieatthatwithaspoon | ieatthatwithaspoon

Picky eater wouldn't add an extra order without paying, but $9000 dinner bill is obscene. Todd is the AH.

Ok_Expression7723 | Ok_Expression7723

Canadian's bad manners spark outrage at family banquet 😱

AdGreedy8386 | AdGreedy8386

Guest orders extra dish at family banquet, sparks controversy. NTA.

BringBackRoundhouse | BringBackRoundhouse

Canadian Red Flag: Cousin's fiance manipulates event for $$$ 👋

smthngelseindustries | smthngelseindustries

User sympathizes with Monica and disapproves of Todd's behavior. 😔

bubblechog | bubblechog

Fiancé's *faux pas* at family banquet sparks controversy, NTA

BunnySlayer64 | BunnySlayer64

Guest's entitlement at family banquet sparks controversy. NTA verdict.

fckthisfckthatx | fckthisfckthatx

Redditor argues it's rude to order on someone else's dime.

lilolememe | lilolememe

Canadian commenter calls out Todd's BS response at banquet 🤢

WhizzoButterBoy | WhizzoButterBoy

Cousin's fiancé orders $300 duck dish at family banquet, gets called out. 💸

Noinipo12 | Noinipo12

Hilarious reaction to ordering own dish at family banquet 😂

KaiXan1 | KaiXan1

Fiancé orders own dish at family banquet, called an a**hole

Crafty_Meeting2657 | Crafty_Meeting2657

Absolute greed and entitlement on display at family banquet 😱

GrantTheFixer | GrantTheFixer

CBC commenter criticizes Monica for exploiting Chinese traditions for personal gain.

UncleNedisDead | UncleNedisDead

Ordering own dish at family banquet sparks generational controversy 🤔

Icy_Sky_7521 | Icy_Sky_7521

Expensive dish on someone else's dime sparks controversy 😱

allyearswift | allyearswift

Suggests treating everyone to dinner to save face. #NTA

MRandomRedditAccount | MRandomRedditAccount

Cousin's fiancé orders own dish at family banquet, sparks NTA outrage 😤

alexds1 | alexds1

Canadian commenter calls Todd a rude a** mouch for ordering separate dish. NTA

Moon_Ray_77 | Moon_Ray_77

Canadian commenter condemns fiancé's behavior at family banquet 😱

cab2013 | cab2013

Canadian Redditor calls out rudeness of fiancé's dish order 🇨🇦

emptysthemepark | emptysthemepark

Don't order a $300 dish on someone else's dime 👍

EmiliusReturns | EmiliusReturns

White girl horrified by entitled fiancé's behavior at family banquet 😱

1moreKnife2theheart | 1moreKnife2theheart

Cousin's fiancé's behavior raises red flags for family member. 😱

Whatever-and-breathe | Whatever-and-breathe

Canadian commenter finds extra food order at banquet rude 😑

GalianoGirl | GalianoGirl

NTA comment calls out rude behavior and suggests a break-up 💔

DogDisguisedAsPeople | DogDisguisedAsPeople

American commenter criticizes Todd, hopes he pays for actions 😱

laneykaye65 | laneykaye65

Cutting ties with inconsiderate guests 👋🏻

External-Hamster-991 | External-Hamster-991

A commenter calls out Todd's selfish behavior at a family banquet 😒

hskrfoos | hskrfoos

Cousin's fiance orders own dish at banquet, labeled rude and selfish

Comfortable-Focus123 | Comfortable-Focus123

NTA. Polite communication could have avoided the controversy. 🙌

MelodyJ20 | MelodyJ20

NTA calls out rude cousin's fiancé for ordering own dish 😱

justintime107 | justintime107

Cousin's fiancé orders own dish at family banquet, doesn't pay. Commenter calls out the rudeness and jealousy. NTA and suggests gossiping to family.

CuriousLope | CuriousLope

Canadian baffled by controversial banquet behavior 🤔

bigal55 | bigal55

Todd's gluttony at family banquet deemed rude by commenter.

noccie | noccie

Don't let Todd ruin your family dinners 🤮 You're NTA

mynameisnotsparta | mynameisnotsparta

CBC commentor calls out Todd and Monica for their entitlement 😱

Kayt1784 | Kayt1784

NTA calls out entitled guest who ordered expensive dish at family dinner 😱

Dramatic_Attempt4318 | Dramatic_Attempt4318

Todd's entitlement and disrespect sparks outrage. NTA.

magsy3 | magsy3

Todd is a mooch 🤐 and an entitled boy raised in a barn 😱

SunMoonTruth | SunMoonTruth

Respect cultural etiquette at family banquets 🍽️

SukiyakiP | SukiyakiP

Ordering own dish is fine but not paying for it? NTA/ESH 👀

FlyingGoatling | FlyingGoatling

Canadian disagrees with cultural insensitivity, supports NTA judgment.

Mirewen15 | Mirewen15

Fiancé orders own dish at family banquet, sparks controversy 😱💰

Felaguin | Felaguin

Red flags and cheapskates: the verdict on Todd's behavior. 🙉

Ravenhill-2171 | Ravenhill-2171

Respect your elders at family banquets, don't order your own dish. NTA.

SparklesIB | SparklesIB

Disrespectful fiancé orders own dish at family banquet, called out.

anonymoose5544 | anonymoose5544

NTA commenter says ordering own dish is fine with permission/payment.

Random5483 | Random5483

A humorous accusation that Todd is actually Scott from Canada.

-K_P- | -K_P-

Vegetarian struggles to order at family style banquets 🤷🏻‍♀️

Dolly1232 | Dolly1232

Guest defies Chinese etiquette, is TA; OP NTA, hope Monica leaves 🙏

Unusual_Reaction_971 | Unusual_Reaction_971

NTA, but Todd's behavior was rude and embarrassing 😑

PrancingPudu | PrancingPudu

Insulting hosts by ordering more food and not sharing 💯

mars_teac23 | mars_teac23

Calling out entitlement and disrespect at family banquets 😱

Adventurous-Bee4823 | Adventurous-Bee4823

Cutting ties with greedy couple after $280 controversy. NTA.

Southern_Screen_5579 | Southern_Screen_5579

Cousin's fiancé sparks controversy at family banquet. NTA's verdict.

lumpthefoff | lumpthefoff

Ordering own dish on someone else's dime is rude 🙅‍♂️

EastMedium9408 | EastMedium9408

Canadian commenter calls out Todd's unacceptable behavior and predicts trouble for Monica 💔

sleepydaimyo | sleepydaimyo

Cousin's fiancé's lack of manners embarrasses family. NTA for concern.

PossibilityJazzlike4 | PossibilityJazzlike4

NTA calls out rude cousin's fiancé at family banquet 😱

Lazyassbummer | Lazyassbummer

Todd's audacity and lack of class sparks controversy 🤯

MisssChris126 | MisssChris126

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