Best Friend's Sex Work Secret Tears Couple Apart 😱

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Hey there, drama lovers! 🍿 Get ready for a spicy story that's bound to leave you questioning everything. Our protagonist's girlfriend has a best friend who's in a long-term relationship with a guy who's become a good friend of his. Sounds pretty normal, right? Well, buckle up, because things are about to get wild. The best friend is a sex worker with an OF page, and our main man had no idea what kind of content she was creating... until recently. 🌶️ Now, he's caught in the middle of a relationship crisis, and everyone's pointing fingers at him. Let's dive into this rollercoaster of emotions and see what's really going on!

A Spicy Friendship 🌶️

BedMysterious7061 | BedMysterious7061

Unconventional Love 💔

BedMysterious7061 | BedMysterious7061

Supportive Boyfriend 📈

BedMysterious7061 | BedMysterious7061

Monogamous Assumptions 🤔

BedMysterious7061 | BedMysterious7061

Shocking Revelation 😲

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New Subscribers, New Problems 📊

BedMysterious7061 | BedMysterious7061

Insecure Feelings 😟

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Camera Shy 🎥

BedMysterious7061 | BedMysterious7061

Jealousy Strikes ⚡

BedMysterious7061 | BedMysterious7061

Fantasy Frustration 😤

BedMysterious7061 | BedMysterious7061

The Fight 💥

BedMysterious7061 | BedMysterious7061

Blame Game 😠

BedMysterious7061 | BedMysterious7061

Relationship on the Rocks 🌊

BedMysterious7061 | BedMysterious7061

Silence is Golden? 🤐

BedMysterious7061 | BedMysterious7061

Caught in a Spicy Situation 🌶️🔥

So, our protagonist discovered that his girlfriend's best friend has been filming content with other guys and even had a threesome – all without her long-term boyfriend's participation. 😲 He brought it up to the boyfriend, who admitted that he's been feeling insecure about the whole situation, especially since the threesome was one of his fantasies. Our protagonist agreed that it's reasonable to be upset, but little did he know that his words would spark a massive fight between the couple, leaving them on the brink of breaking up. 💔 Now, both the girlfriend and her best friend think our main man is responsible for the potential end of their relationship. The question is, should he apologize, or should he have kept his mouth shut from the beginning? 🤔 Let's see what the internet thinks of this spicy situation...

Bold move, excluding your partner from a shared fantasy. NTA.

Big-Football-2147 | Big-Football-2147

Don't apologize, it's not on you. Her lifestyle caused issues 😒

winterworld561 | winterworld561

NTA commenter advises to stand firm and avoid drama 💪

Trailsya | Trailsya

NTA. Friend's BF's feelings are valid. She enjoyed it and was sharing it in an exciting manner. The guy is right to be pissed. 😡

-KristalG- | -KristalG-

Sex work secret causes couple's downfall, exposing hypocrisy and infidelity.

future_extinction | future_extinction

Red flag alert! Is your partner open to fulfilling fantasies?

Tame_Iguana1 | Tame_Iguana1

User calls out partner's sex work as prostitution, advises breakup 💔

richardsworldagain | richardsworldagain

Sex work or not, friend's partner is crossing boundaries. NTA 🙌

amaizing_hamster | amaizing_hamster

Support for NTA calling out strange behavior in sex work secret

Existing_Card_44 | Existing_Card_44

Couple's OnlyFans account boosted their sex life, unlike this disaster.

heartbh | heartbh

NTA. Girlfriend's friend won't take responsibility for her actions.

Remarkable_Brief_368 | Remarkable_Brief_368

Validation for a reasonable feeling. Insecurity and hypocrisy suspected. 🤔

waxonwaxoff87 | waxonwaxoff87

Fair suggestion for friend's fantasy without involving sex worker friend. 👍

Libertarian-dissent | Libertarian-dissent

Taking responsibility for one's choices and not blame-shifting. 👍

mr-louzhu | mr-louzhu

Judgmental comment on sex work and relationships with no replies.

Ok_Werewolf_198 | Ok_Werewolf_198

Friend's secret causes tension and curiosity, but NTA.

Slow-Phone6234 | Slow-Phone6234

GF's friend's double standards for sex work lead to relationship sabotage 🤔

Individual-Phone88 | Individual-Phone88

NTA calls out friend's sex work for causing relationship issues 😱

SirRabbott | SirRabbott

Double standards? Commenter thinks NTA in sex work dispute. 😐

PersianRugOnMyFloor | PersianRugOnMyFloor

Supportive friend stands up to blame-shifting girlfriend. NTA 👏

Alternative-Number34 | Alternative-Number34

Validation leads to realization of toxic relationship. 😱

nandopadilla | nandopadilla

Friend's sex work causing relationship issues. NTA recommends break-up.

Unfilteredthoughtz | Unfilteredthoughtz

When your best friend's sex work fantasy hurts your relationship 😞

StrainExternal7301 | StrainExternal7301

Harsh criticism of commenters towards friend's bad life choices.

pixelovrr | pixelovrr

Open communication is key in navigating boundaries in sex work 👩🏻‍💻

sweetpeacheslane | sweetpeacheslane

Strong language in response to sex work secret.

Rams11A | Rams11A

OF GF not willing to be GGG, NTA for breaking up

PeakBasic1426 | PeakBasic1426

Don't date women with OnlyFans or anyone that sells themselves 💰🚫

Plumbandlift | Plumbandlift

Dodged a bullet with no OnlyFans in my 20s 😱

hauntedyew | hauntedyew

Opinionated comment shames sex worker, receives no support.

Lopsided-Income-4742 | Lopsided-Income-4742

Conflicted commenter questions couple's boundaries in sex work scandal 🤔


Money over love? 🤔 Red flag or just a misunderstanding?

RandomSupDevGuy | RandomSupDevGuy

Protect your GF from toxic friends. You did the right thing 👍

Bluebpy | Bluebpy

Validating your friend's feelings: always a good deed. NTA 👍

Azitromicin | Azitromicin

Honesty is key 🗝️💔

Black_Death_12 | Black_Death_12

NTA for helping friend, but GF may not have your back 🤔

Chucknorris55 | Chucknorris55

Red flag alert! Why is girlfriend hanging with sex workers? 🚨

Krafty747 | Krafty747

Prioritization issue? Comment suggests revealing threesome to gf.

rocketmn69_ | rocketmn69_

Support for NTA's decision to respect BF's feelings.

Lehmann108 | Lehmann108

Controversial comment advocating for a 3-way, with a smirk.

M4-68-M9 | M4-68-M9

Girls tease guys for not talking about feelings, then reject honesty

Attention_Bear_Fuckr | Attention_Bear_Fuckr

Supportive comment shuts down blame game. NTA prevails 👏

Prestigious-Hippo-35 | Prestigious-Hippo-35

User questions girlfriend's friendship with sex worker and friends. 🤔

New-Tank-6447 | New-Tank-6447

Clearing the air with GF's friend to avoid awkwardness 🤷‍♂️

RedditOO77 | RedditOO77

You're NTA, friend needs to take accountability 😊

tytyoreo | tytyoreo

Being a good friend doesn't make you responsible for their relationship. NTA 👍

RooMoFos | RooMoFos

Friend helps guy see reality of relationship with sex worker 😊

test_test_1_2_3 | test_test_1_2_3

NTA's girlfriend's actions lead to a tearful breakup. OF-GF is TA 😒

Competitive_Key_2981 | Competitive_Key_2981

OF worker won't engage in 3-ways with BF, guy leaves.

Fart-City | Fart-City

User suggests sabotaging relationship due to friend's sex work.

JoeyGrease | JoeyGrease

A commenter calls out the hypocrisy and advises the person to leave. 😱

Mythologick | Mythologick

Judgmental comment on sex work and infidelity. No empathy shown.

GrapefruitTop7021 | GrapefruitTop7021

NTA advises to reconsider relationship with different values 😕

nycthrow5555 | nycthrow5555

Cam work and cuckolding cause relationship breakdown according to commenter

Zeccede | Zeccede

Skeptical commenter calls out inconsistencies and fake story 🤔


Man asks about gf's OF, causes blame game breakup 🤷‍♂️

forgotten_sperm | forgotten_sperm

Validating your friend's feelings can go a long way 👍

Underpaid23 | Underpaid23

You helped your friend realize a boundary was crossed 👍

StinkieSloth | StinkieSloth

NTA: GF not listening to BF's concerns, blaming you instead 🙄

evilcj925 | evilcj925

You're not responsible. Communication is key for them. 👍

SirViciousMalBad | SirViciousMalBad

Supporting OF but cheating on partner is a no-no 🙄

-Nightopian- | -Nightopian-

Empathetic commenter thanks friend for supporting person in need 👍

executingsalesdaily | executingsalesdaily

Predicting the inevitable breakup due to differences in values 🤷‍♂️

BossMan215718 | BossMan215718

Support for NTA for breaking up with sex worker girlfriend.

WickedJoker420 | WickedJoker420

Honesty isn't always easy, but it's the right thing. 🙌

Fair_Cap_8336 | Fair_Cap_8336

User suggests revenge plan against girlfriend for sex work reveal

Stealthychicken85 | Stealthychicken85

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