Man Wins $11,000 at Casino, Refuses to Cover Wife's Cousins' Losses 🎰💸

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Picture this: you're at the casino, having a great day, and you win a whopping $11,000! 🤑 But then, your wife's cousins and their boyfriends approach you, asking you to cover their losses. What would you do? Well, our protagonist (29M) faced this exact situation, and let's just say, things got a little heated! 🔥 Read on to find out how this casino drama unfolded! 😲

A Lucky Day at the Casino 🎰

TheGgooaatt | TheGgooaatt

Surprise Encounter with Wife's Cousins 😲

TheGgooaatt | TheGgooaatt

The Big Reveal 💰

TheGgooaatt | TheGgooaatt

Their Losses Revealed 😬

TheGgooaatt | TheGgooaatt

Unsolicited Advice 🗣️

TheGgooaatt | TheGgooaatt

Cashing Out Big Time! 💸

TheGgooaatt | TheGgooaatt

The Winning Strategy 📈

TheGgooaatt | TheGgooaatt

Roulette Success 🎲

TheGgooaatt | TheGgooaatt

A Firm 'No' 🚫

TheGgooaatt | TheGgooaatt

A Deal is Made 🤝

TheGgooaatt | TheGgooaatt

Last-Minute Change 🔄

TheGgooaatt | TheGgooaatt

Blowing Kisses and Leaving 💋

TheGgooaatt | TheGgooaatt

Wife's Reaction 😐

TheGgooaatt | TheGgooaatt

Family Drama Ensues 🌪️

TheGgooaatt | TheGgooaatt

Casino Drama: Family Feud over Winnings 🎰💥

So, our protagonist won an impressive $11,000 at the casino, but when his wife's cousins, Jess and Chloe, and their boyfriends asked him to cover their $500 losses, he firmly said no. 😤 He even made a deal with them, betting $500 on roulette, and when he won, he blew them kisses and left with his winnings! 💋💸 His wife wasn't thrilled about the kisses but agreed it wasn't his fault they lost their money. Now, Jess, Chloe, their boyfriends, and their mom are all upset he didn't cover their losses. 😠 Let's see what the internet thinks of this casino drama! 🍿

NTA: Gambling losses are not your responsibility. 🎰

mdthomas | mdthomas

Standing up to entitled relatives. NTA 👏

SleepDangerous1074 | SleepDangerous1074

Man wins big at casino, refuses to cover relatives' losses. NTA.


Winning big at the casino doesn't mean covering others' losses 🎰💸

flightlessburd9 | flightlessburd9

Winning big at the casino doesn't mean you owe anyone 💰

-ghostCollector | -ghostCollector

Doubts on the story's authenticity spark in the comment section 🤔

BigComfyCouch4 | BigComfyCouch4

Setting boundaries with in-laws after winning big at casino. 🎰💰

Ultralusk | Ultralusk

NTA comment receives humorous response about Hollywood writer's strike.

Top_Satisfaction6709 | Top_Satisfaction6709

Gloating winner called out for lack of empathy and class 👍

HungerMadra | HungerMadra

Winning at the casino and not covering losses, but was it necessary to be an a**hole?

nBrainwashed | nBrainwashed

NTA for not covering losses, but petty move at blackjack 👍

jacksonlove3 | jacksonlove3

Man refuses to cover wife's cousins' losses, rubbing his winnings in their faces. ESH.

Kuildeous | Kuildeous

Winning big at the casino, but refusing to cover losses 😎

MainEgg320 | MainEgg320

Enjoy your winnings, but don't rub it in their face 🎰

amedyth | amedyth

Redditor in NTA camp until man purposefully gambled and kept winnings 🎰💸

TomCatInTheHouse | TomCatInTheHouse

Gambling lesson learned: NTA for not covering their losses 💰

Samoyedfun | Samoyedfun

Being a showoff and a**hole ruins logical reasoning. ESH.

Rude_Entrance_3039 | Rude_Entrance_3039

Man wins big at casino, refuses to cover wife's cousins' losses 💰💔

HeCalledWithQTHunny | HeCalledWithQTHunny

Winning big at the casino doesn't make you a**hole, blowing kisses does 💋

Evapoman97 | Evapoman97

Winning $11,000 at casino and refusing to cover losses. NTA.

Impossible_Cover_232 | Impossible_Cover_232

Man taunts wife's cousins after refusing to cover their losses. YTA 👎

druglawyer | druglawyer

Winning big and not covering family's losses - NTA attitude.

PompousAssistant | PompousAssistant

No sympathy for entitled relatives at the casino 🎰💸

[deleted] | [deleted]

Man wins big at casino, trolls wife's cousins with $500 bet 🎰

starfirex | starfirex

Entitled family expects gambler to cover their losses 💸

Sapphire0143 | Sapphire0143

Red flags: flaunting wealth, refusing to help family. YTA.

ARoundForEveryone | ARoundForEveryone

Not his responsibility to cover their losses. NTA 👍

Infinity9999x | Infinity9999x

Betting within your means is NTA, but being rude is YTA 👎

lisalef | lisalef

Proud to be an a**hole? Commenter defends refusing to pay.

BluejayLatter | BluejayLatter

NTA for refusing to cover wife's cousin's casino losses 🎰

TheRealLifePotato | TheRealLifePotato

Winning at the casino doesn't make you responsible for others' losses 🎰💸

Arghallad | Arghallad

Sassy NTA refuses to pay wife's cousins' casino losses 🎰

MrPuddinJones | MrPuddinJones

Congrats on the win! NTA for not covering losses.

Cappa_Cail | Cappa_Cail

Winning at the casino doesn't mean you owe anyone money. NTA 👍

churchin222999111 | churchin222999111

Man refuses to cover wife's cousin's losses. Not the a**hole 😎

AKhayoticPenguin | AKhayoticPenguin

Winning big at the casino doesn't mean you owe anyone 💰

MarkVII88 | MarkVII88

NTA, but a bit of a dick. Shameless of them to ask for money.

Small-Explorer7025 | Small-Explorer7025

Gambling losses not your responsibility. NTA 🎰

paintlulus | paintlulus

Empathetic comment about fairness of covering losses. 🤔

deeper-diver | deeper-diver

NTA for not covering losses. Watch out for 'borrowing' requests 👀

Hao_end | Hao_end

Not his responsibility to cover someone else's losses 💸

passthebluberries | passthebluberries

Man refuses to cover family's casino losses, comment supports decision. 🏆

BeBa420 | BeBa420

Redditor calls out OP for being a YTA at the casino 🎰

Stalkerfiveo | Stalkerfiveo

Kisses and losses: Commenter calls out OP's bad behavior.


Cousins ask for money after losing at casino, get blown kisses 💋

Sad_Bathroom1448 | Sad_Bathroom1448

NTA: Wife's cousins expected too much, telling on you is ridiculous 😑

[deleted] | [deleted]

Winning big and not sharing? NTA, congrats on the win! 🎉

booper | booper

User questions 'deal' and calls OP an 'ass in general'.

-Vault_Dweller- | -Vault_Dweller-

Gambling rule: never bet money you can't afford to lose 🤷🏻‍♀️

[deleted] | [deleted]

Man refuses to cover wife's cousins' losses, comes off as pretentious 🤷🏻‍♂️

stealthkoopa | stealthkoopa

Winning at the casino comes with a price 🎰💸

manderifffic | manderifffic

Refusing to cover losses after winning $11K, NTA comment.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Red flags everywhere! OP is definitely TA in most aspects.

uhohspgto | uhohspgto

Keep your casino winnings a secret. NTA for not covering losses.

Starz3452 | Starz3452

Gambling advice and personal experience shared, NTA judgement supported.

winter_laurel | winter_laurel

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