Fiancé's Bedroom Skills Put on Blast: Is He in the Wrong? 😳

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Picture this: You're laying in bed with your significant other, and they suddenly bring up the fact that you barely have sex anymore. What would you say? Well, one man decided to be brutally honest with his fiancée, and it led to a heated discussion. He called her out for not doing anything during their intimate moments, comparing her to a 'sex doll.' But is he in the wrong for saying this? Let's dive into the story and find out! 😬

The Bedroom Confrontation 🛌

Informal-Routine4518 | Informal-Routine4518

The Harsh Truth 😳

Informal-Routine4518 | Informal-Routine4518

The Sex Doll Comparison 😨

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His Efforts and Her Excuses 🤔

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Always Down to Please Her 🥰

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Edit 1: Defending His Point 🛡️

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Edit 2: Clarifying His Efforts 💪

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Not a Two-Way Street? 🚧

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Edit 3: Addressing Attraction Comments 💔

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Her Begging for More 🙏

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Not a Sign of Disinterest? 🤷

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The Great Bedroom Debate: Who's Right? 🤔

So, our protagonist finds himself in a pickle – his fiancée complains about their lack of sex, but he feels she doesn't put in any effort during their intimate moments. He's tried to encourage her to be more active, but she claims it's too embarrassing or too much work. Despite his willingness to please her, he's left feeling unsatisfied and questioning the situation. With the internet divided on who's in the wrong, let's take a look at some of the top responses to this steamy predicament. 🍿

Spicing things up in the bedroom is a two-way street 😉

Disastrous-Panda5530 | Disastrous-Panda5530

Setting standards is okay, but is marriage the right move? 🤔

Silver-Fun-8295 | Silver-Fun-8295

Communication and baby steps can improve sexual engagement in relationships. 😏

Iffybiz | Iffybiz

🤔 Questioning the compatibility of the couple's sex life.

extrememisery | extrememisery

Think twice before marrying someone you're not sexually compatible with 😳

LtColShinySides | LtColShinySides

One-sided sex is a two-way street. 🚶‍♂️🚶‍♀️

michaeltward | michaeltward

Delivery was tactless, but NTA for reason. Prepare for consequences. 🤨

Vollen595 | Vollen595

🚩 Red flag alert: Sexual incompatibility can ruin marriages 💔

[deleted] | [deleted]

Wedding warning: Is the fiancé's behavior a dealbreaker? 😓

chobeco_it | chobeco_it

Sexual compatibility issue discussed with empathy and understanding. 👍

slothmother47 | slothmother47

Suggesting S&M to improve sex life? Not the best advice. 😳

metsjets86 | metsjets86

Navigating the complexities of body image and sexual shame 🤔

moon_soil | moon_soil

Address bedroom issues with compassion and maturity, not insults. 🚫

Ok_Copy_8869 | Ok_Copy_8869

Discovering sexual submissiveness improved their sex life and communication 😍

OldBuzz21 | OldBuzz21

Engaging in bed is important for a healthy relationship 😏

CarpetDisastrous1963 | CarpetDisastrous1963

NTA commenter shares personal experience with therapy and communication.

ResponsibilityNo6467 | ResponsibilityNo6467

Fiancé criticized for bedroom skills, but communication is key. 😊

[deleted] | [deleted]

Communication is key to great sex. Discuss fantasies and desires. 😍

[deleted] | [deleted]

Empowered women can discover pleasure with gentle exploration, not over-the-top performance 😍

Midnight-writer-B | Midnight-writer-B

Age matters: Does it change the verdict? 🤔

FeelingBlue3 | FeelingBlue3

Engage in your partner's desires and pleasure, not just your own. 😍

spinepath | spinepath

Is she a pillow princess? 🤔 Ex-fiancé alert! 💔

MenstrualAphrodite | MenstrualAphrodite

Communication is key in sex, but delivery matters too. 👍

letmescrolll | letmescrolll

Wedding bells or red flags? Incompatible, young couple needs advice 🤔

Awake-Now | Awake-Now

Curious commenter asks for more info on lackluster coitus.

kwinabananas | kwinabananas

Blunt advice: consider sex counseling or end the relationship 😳

Solverbolt | Solverbolt

Valid critique, but could have been more polite. 🙂

Odd_Welcome7940 | Odd_Welcome7940

User calls out OP for bad delivery and unfair request. 😐

LittleMissFestivus | LittleMissFestivus

Teach, don't criticize. Ladies first. YTA 😳

Bergenia1 | Bergenia1

Sex is a mutual effort. Partners' pleasure isn't extra work. 👍

New_Sprinkles_4073 | New_Sprinkles_4073

Sexual compatibility is key, don't ignore it. 😏

Fallstorms10 | Fallstorms10

Suggests therapy to improve sex life, don't back out 💑

Big_Albatross_3050 | Big_Albatross_3050

Reconsider the engagement if already preferring hand over fiance 😳

pecileci | pecileci

Prioritizing porn level theatrics over natural reactions? 🤔 Foreplay every time.

Dinky_Doge_Whisperer | Dinky_Doge_Whisperer

Engaging in sex doesn't mean faking moans and slapping. 😳

LivingGift9917 | LivingGift9917

Communication is key, don't be a hurtful a**hole. 🚫

Beakha | Beakha

OP accused of seeking validation, not advice. 🤔

babipirate | babipirate

Mismatched kinks lead to bedroom issues. NTA and YTA.

Educational-Kuso | Educational-Kuso

Sexual incompatibility causing issues in relationship, counseling may help. 😳

fallspector | fallspector

Body image issues could be the root of the problem 👀

SadVeterinarian7084 | SadVeterinarian7084

Tips for being dominant and building partner's confidence in bed 😏

[deleted] | [deleted]

Curious commenter seeks clarification on kinks and boundaries.

coupl4nd | coupl4nd

ESH commenter suggests better communication for bedroom issues. 👨‍❤️👩‍👩 Let's talk it out!

Smackulater | Smackulater

Communication is key in a relationship, especially in the bedroom. 😏

I-Really-Hate-Fish | I-Really-Hate-Fish

Communication is key! NTA for expecting equal effort in bed. 😏

Blueballmaestro | Blueballmaestro

Constructive criticism and positive reinforcement are key to a healthy relationship 👍

Acrobatic_Elk4783 | Acrobatic_Elk4783

User suggests fiancé's partner is only using him for security 😕

Bewitchingt | Bewitchingt

User suggests OP's fiancé isn't satisfying her sexually. 😳

bad_aspirin | bad_aspirin

When bedroom issues persist, is it time to call it quits? 🤷‍♀️

dingiebingie1 | dingiebingie1

Ex-gf's lack of intimacy was a red flag 😳

replikatumbleweed | replikatumbleweed

Mismatched libidos can hurt a relationship. Honest communication is key. 👍

Bozobozo111 | Bozobozo111

Partner's lazy sex skills criticized, commenter prefers more effort. 😳

Anxious_Ad8053 | Anxious_Ad8053

Period pain and contraception pressure, NTA for not complying. 😳

IcedTman | IcedTman

Spouse's lack of participation in bedroom activities - NTA

twanthesav87 | twanthesav87

Woman shares her opinion on being lifeless in bed 😳

[deleted] | [deleted]

Sexual self-awareness is key for a fulfilling relationship 😏

OvationBreadwinner | OvationBreadwinner

Sexual compatibility is important in a relationship. Think twice before marrying.

MissAnono | MissAnono

Size doesn't matter: a confident lover can satisfy their partner 😏

Badlifechoices90 | Badlifechoices90

Insecurities and hang-ups can ruin a marriage 😔

CholulaHot | CholulaHot

User suggests both parties are at fault in bedroom issues 🙄

Amber5983 | Amber5983

Communication is key, especially in a young relationship 👍

jedsgurl | jedsgurl

Compatibility issues in the bedroom lead to engagement doubts. 😞

Primary_Stretch2024 | Primary_Stretch2024

Suggesting therapy for bedroom issues? NTA for sure! 😊

Big_lt | Big_lt

Gender bias on Reddit annoys even female users 😑

Rivsmama | Rivsmama

Engagement is key! 🤝 One-sided sex is never fun.

pessimistoptimist | pessimistoptimist

Constructive criticism could have been intimacy building. YTA. 😔

Great_Cranberry6065 | Great_Cranberry6065

YTA for approach, NTA for wanting needs met 😒

hippiedancevibess | hippiedancevibess

Communication is key even in the bedroom 😉

RoosterGlad1894 | RoosterGlad1894

Communication is key! 🗣️ Guide, don't criticize. 🤝

Charcuterie_Bored2 | Charcuterie_Bored2

Making sex conversations fun and safe can lead to better experiences 😏

kaboliravioli | kaboliravioli

NTA calls out 'star fishing' and the impact of duty sex 🤪

Commercial_Education | Commercial_Education

Active participation is key for a good sexual relationship 😏

superstarrr99 | superstarrr99

Constructive communication is key, don't put your partner down 👍

MrJigglyBrown | MrJigglyBrown

Communication is key in a healthy sex life 👌

Death_Urthrese | Death_Urthrese

Sex is a two-way street, not just about pounding away 😏

pinkambition | pinkambition

Some people can be coached up, but some are just bad 😳

DoctorMoebius | DoctorMoebius

NTA. Communication is key, but don't take on her issues.

Better_Cauliflower84 | Better_Cauliflower84

Partner's insecurities may require couples therapy for healthy relationship. 🙌

somebullshitorother | somebullshitorother

Sexual compatibility is crucial for a successful marriage. 👯🏼

kaustic10 | kaustic10

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