New Mom Calls in Reinforcements for a Shower Break 🚿😱

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Being a new mom is tough, especially when you're breastfeeding and your baby just wants to be close to you 24/7. One mom found herself in this exact situation, and all she wanted was a little time to herself to take a relaxing shower. But with her husband's inability to soothe their baby, she had to call in backup - her own mom! Little did she know, this would lead to some unexpected drama between her and her husband. 😬🚿

Newborn Baby, No Shower Time 🍼

Remarkable_Story_130 | Remarkable_Story_130

Craving a Relaxing Shower 🚿

Remarkable_Story_130 | Remarkable_Story_130

Husband's Uninterrupted Showers 😒

Remarkable_Story_130 | Remarkable_Story_130

The Shower Struggle 😩

Remarkable_Story_130 | Remarkable_Story_130

Desperate for a Break 🙏

Remarkable_Story_130 | Remarkable_Story_130

Husband's Cop-Out? 🤔

Remarkable_Story_130 | Remarkable_Story_130

Calling in Mom for Backup 📞

Remarkable_Story_130 | Remarkable_Story_130

The Need for Self-Care 💆‍♀️

Remarkable_Story_130 | Remarkable_Story_130

Surprise Visit from Grandma 👵

Remarkable_Story_130 | Remarkable_Story_130

Husband's Reaction 😠

Remarkable_Story_130 | Remarkable_Story_130

The Accusation 💥

Remarkable_Story_130 | Remarkable_Story_130

Making Him Look Bad? 🤷‍♀️

Remarkable_Story_130 | Remarkable_Story_130

Mom vs. Hubby: The Shower Showdown 🥊

This new mom was desperate for a relaxing shower, but her husband just couldn't seem to handle their baby without bringing her into the bathroom. Frustrated and in need of some self-care, she called her own mom to come watch the baby so she could finally have a moment to herself. But when her husband found out, he accused her of making him look bad in front of her mom and being an a**hole for not telling him to keep the baby out of the shower. 🤯 Let's see what the internet thinks of this situation...

New mom struggles to shower in peace with husband and baby

QuietCelery7850 | QuietCelery7850

New mom gets reassurance and advice on self-care and bonding.

katie-kaboom | katie-kaboom

New mom receives support for calling out selfish husband behavior 👏

solo_throwaway254247 | solo_throwaway254247

Step up, Dad! 🧑‍👧‍👦 NTA

angel9_writes | angel9_writes

Encouraging comment from a father, advocating for shared parenting responsibilities.

SushiGuacDNA | SushiGuacDNA

New mom struggles with husband's incompetence in parenting 😱

Mehitabel9 | Mehitabel9

New mom gets support for clueless dad. 👨👧👶

MercifulOtter | MercifulOtter

New mom deserves better: partner criticized for lack of support. 😔

RareBeautyEtsy | RareBeautyEtsy

Husband needs to get a grip on baby crying 😱

[deleted] | [deleted]

Supportive comment calling out husband's lack of help with baby 👍

Ok_Yesterday_2884 | Ok_Yesterday_2884

Husband needs to bond with baby for peace 👨‍👦👶

Fun-Yellow-6576 | Fun-Yellow-6576

Husband accused of gaslighting and being a man-baby. NTA.

BecGeoMom | BecGeoMom

Supportive comment defends husband's parenting. NTA.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Mom gets helpful advice on soothing baby during shower 😊

Marzipan_Unicorn | Marzipan_Unicorn

Supportive comment encourages husband to step up and help out 💪

peckpackpoe | peckpackpoe

New mom deserves a break! 🙌🏻👶

Quinn_Smith | Quinn_Smith

Honest comment calls out bad husband/dad for fear of judgment 👏

rem_1984 | rem_1984

Mom receives support to hold husband accountable for baby care 👏

tareebee | tareebee

Husband called out for bad behavior. NTA wins.

imothro | imothro

Partner's hour-long shower causes parenting dispute. Commenter calls out behavior.

Red_Littlefoot | Red_Littlefoot

New mom struggles with husband's lack of initiative during shower. NTAH 😱

CJCreggsGoldfish | CJCreggsGoldfish

Mom seeks help with husband's parenting, threatens shower revenge.

Specific-Frosting730 | Specific-Frosting730

Mom's savior called a saint for not blasting lazy husband 😱

TurquoiseNostalgia | TurquoiseNostalgia

User suggests new mom stand up to husband for parenting help.

songofassandfiar | songofassandfiar

Supportive comment calls out husband's lack of parenting responsibilities. 👍

MNConcerto | MNConcerto

New mom receives support after partner refuses to watch baby. NTA

ItsTheSus | ItsTheSus

Experiences shared and advice given on handling a lazy partner.

HanaMashida | HanaMashida

New mom suggests revenge tactics on clueless partner. 😂

dchplt | dchplt

Experienced mom calls out husband for not helping new mom 😠

GrammyBirdie | GrammyBirdie

New mom sets boundaries for shower time with baby 👶

Physical_Ad5135 | Physical_Ad5135

Mom's husband criticized for lack of initiative. Yikes 🤯

Critical-Visual-6768 | Critical-Visual-6768

Single mom receives support after partner fails to help with child.

oldcreaker | oldcreaker

New mom seeks advice on husband's attitude towards parenting 🤷🏻‍♀️

VeraLumina | VeraLumina

Locking the bathroom door won't harm your baby's development. NTA 👍

[deleted] | [deleted]

Encouraging comment about self-care during newborn stage 🙌

mmjs3589 | mmjs3589

Dad's gotta step up 💪🏻

willdesignfortacos | willdesignfortacos

Set shower time limits for fairness 🙌

jimmyb1982 | jimmyb1982

Empathetic comment supporting new mom's need for self-care. 😊

Successful_Wish3510 | Successful_Wish3510

Mom calls in reinforcements for shower break, hubby butthurt. NTA.

SnooWords4839 | SnooWords4839

Husband's lack of initiative for self-care is concerning 😔

Snowybird60 | Snowybird60

Supportive comment encourages communication and growth in relationship 👏

StayRevolutionary429 | StayRevolutionary429

Take a break, accept grandma's help, and don't feel guilty! 🙌

Little_Storm_9938 | Little_Storm_9938

Husband needs to man up and stop pawning baby duties. 🙌

Who_Your_Mommy | Who_Your_Mommy

Husband needs to step up and learn to calm baby 👌

LenoreNevermore86 | LenoreNevermore86

Dad's parenting skills questioned after long showers. NTA.

SnooTigers7701 | SnooTigers7701

Husband pulls classic move, mom saves the day. NTA 👍

Low_Monitor5455 | Low_Monitor5455

Breaking gender roles in parenting. NTA for needing help 👏

JunoCalliope | JunoCalliope

New mom receives advice on dealing with husband's parenting anxiety 🙏

noncomposmentis_123 | noncomposmentis_123

Doctor reminds new mom it's okay to shower and cry.

Boogersnsnot | Boogersnsnot

New mom gets support for basic hygiene needs. Husband needs perspective.

anyone0977 | anyone0977

New mom's husband takes long showers and needs to help more 🤷‍♀️

LuLouProper | LuLouProper

New mom asserts husband's responsibility in comforting their crying baby. 🙏

3Heathens_Mom | 3Heathens_Mom

New mom seeks advice on showering without baby, NTA.

Odd_Knowledge_2146 | Odd_Knowledge_2146

New mom gets support for taking a shower break 😱

Illustrious-Shirt569 | Illustrious-Shirt569

Husband needs to step up and figure out how to soothe baby. NTA.

Yarn_Whore | Yarn_Whore

Self-care is important, don't apologize for it 🙌

OddMode4526 | OddMode4526

Encouraging comment for equal parenting, with a touch of humor 😄

Jentamenta | Jentamenta

Mom's comment is aggressive and suggests a lack of support. 🤯

oom65536 | oom65536

Supportive comment shows solidarity with new moms and self-care struggles 🙌

Chemical_Pop_2841 | Chemical_Pop_2841

Mom finds shower solution, husband interrupts. NTA. 😱

ThatGirlFawkes | ThatGirlFawkes

Prioritizing self-care as a new mom and setting clear expectations. 🙌

egrf6880 | egrf6880

Husband needs a reality check and a parenting class 🤦‍♂️👶

RogueInsanity90 | RogueInsanity90

New mom shares experience of husband taking care of cranky baby 😍

[deleted] | [deleted]

Dad calls out inconsiderate husband for not helping with baby 🙄

Ramathus | Ramathus

Navigating new parenthood and communication with empathy and understanding 👨🏻‍👩🏻👶🏻

cupcakegiraffe | cupcakegiraffe

New mom advised to take breaks from husband's baby duties

freedinthe90s | freedinthe90s

Supportive comment validates new mom's need for self-care 🙌

evetrapeze | evetrapeze

New dad shares his experience of learning to be responsible parent 👨🏻👶🐱

JTD177 | JTD177

Mom enlists help for shower, husband learns lesson. #NTA 👏

peanutandbaileysmama | peanutandbaileysmama

Husband needs to step up as a father 💪 and partner. NTA 👍

ZealousidealGold5909 | ZealousidealGold5909

Husband won't learn to parent, calls in reinforcements. Internet agrees NTA.

Kitchen_Victory_7964 | Kitchen_Victory_7964

Hilarious comment shuts down excuses for not being considerate 😂

Shortkitcat | Shortkitcat

Parenting advice sparks fiery response from commenter. 🔥

TarzanKitty | TarzanKitty

Supportive comment validates new mom's need for hygiene break 💪

NuggyBeans | NuggyBeans

Letting a baby cry for a few minutes is okay 🙏

MinuteScientist7254 | MinuteScientist7254

Husband needs to step up and can't dump parenting on you. Lock the door. NTA 👍

roseofjuly | roseofjuly

Supportive comment defends new mom against unsupportive husband.

Viperbunny | Viperbunny

New mom sets shower expectations for partner, NTA 👏

Dark54g | Dark54g

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