Wife Refuses Hubby's No-Condom Request 😳: Is She in the Wrong?

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A wife finds herself in a sticky situation with her husband after experiencing pain from her IUD. She decides to have it removed and asks her husband to use condoms until she gets a new one. However, he's not too thrilled about it and even tries to push the boundaries during their intimate moments. Is she wrong for standing her ground? Let's dive into this couple's dilemma. 😬

IUD Pain and Removal 💉

Ok_Needleworker2795 | Ok_Needleworker2795

The Pain Gets Worse 😣

Ok_Needleworker2795 | Ok_Needleworker2795

No Insurance, No Diagnosis 💸

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IUD Out, Condoms In 🚫

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Husband's Annoyance 😒

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No Pregnancy Risk Wanted 🤰

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High Stress Job 📉

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Frisky Weekend Denied 🙅‍♀️

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Boundary Pushing 😠

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Pain and Condom Compromise 🤕

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Rough First Time 😓

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He Couldn't Help It? 🤷‍♂️

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Condom Complaints 🚫

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Standing Her Ground 💪

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Relationship Questioned 🤨

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Is She the A**hole for Protecting Herself? 🤔

So, this wife is going through a tough time with her IUD and decides to remove it. She asks her husband to use condoms until she gets a new one, but he's not happy about it. He even tries to push her boundaries during their intimate moments. She stands her ground, but now he's questioning their relationship. Is she wrong for wanting to protect herself? Let's see what the internet has to say about this situation... 🍿

Helpful advice on getting a full STD/STI panel 🩺

SnooDingos8502 | SnooDingos8502

NTA. This is sexual abuse. Pulling out is unsafe. 😱

AndreasKre | AndreasKre

NTA commenter warns of abusive and dangerous relationship 🚨

Sweet_Sheepherder_41 | Sweet_Sheepherder_41

Husband's abusive behavior towards wife's contraceptive choices. NTA

DaniCapsFan | DaniCapsFan

Empathetic commenter supports woman's decision to leave disrespectful partner ❤️

Sleepwalker0304 | Sleepwalker0304

Consent is important. NTAH. Consider leaving this alarming relationship. 😳

lululusingit | lululusingit

NTA comment highlights consent and rape culture.

JoySkullyRH | JoySkullyRH

Important resources for victims of sexual assault and domestic violence.

aj0457 | aj0457

Setting boundaries is important. Listen to your gut feeling. 👍

Raspbers | Raspbers

NTA commenter advises leaving abusive partner. 👏

CardiologistAny9157 | CardiologistAny9157

Partner's refusal to wear a condom is a red flag 🚨

leeleez09 | leeleez09

NTA commenter calls out husband's abusive behavior in sex.

GrimmTrixX | GrimmTrixX

Condoms are important, pulling out is not a reliable method 😬

MaryAnne0601 | MaryAnne0601

Supportive reply to victim of sexual abuse. Encourage leaving safely.

sfrancisch5842 | sfrancisch5842

Supportive comment calls out toxic behavior of OP's partner. 👏

LissaBryan | LissaBryan

Respect and boundaries matter, even with small requests like condoms. #NTA 👍

Jefc141 | Jefc141

Husband ignores wife's consent, blames her, and refuses condoms 😡

Single_Vacation427 | Single_Vacation427

Condoms don't affect drive, safe sex is hotter 👌

PegMePlz00 | PegMePlz00

Wife stands up for herself against selfish and rough husband. NTA

SamiHami24 | SamiHami24

Partner's disregard for health and consent is concerning. NTA.

inconvenientplatypus | inconvenientplatypus

Wife refuses husband's no-condom request, commenters side with her. NTA

Kampfzwerg0 | Kampfzwerg0

Partner's lack of concern for health and consent is abusive 😳

TwoBionicknees | TwoBionicknees

A helpful suggestion for birth control amidst a risky situation 😊

thrunabulax | thrunabulax

Condoms or not, someone's gotta do the dirty work 🍼💩

StreetTailor7596 | StreetTailor7596

Supportive comment calling out abusive behavior and encouraging OP to leave. 👏

AstroCat824 | AstroCat824

Serious warning about partner's behavior, consider leaving. 🚨

FeelingBlue3 | FeelingBlue3

NTA for insisting on condom use, relationship may need rethinking 🤔

[deleted] | [deleted]

Dump him for a cordless, rechargeable sex toy. NTA.

voidtreemc | voidtreemc

Setting boundaries is important, especially when it comes to consent 👍

QueenYeen | QueenYeen

NTA but abusive partner doesn't understand consent or birth control 😳

a-_rose | a-_rose

Defending the wife's decision to prioritize her health 🙌

Icy-Satisfaction-372 | Icy-Satisfaction-372

Wife stands her ground against abusive husband's no-condom request 🙌

MrHyde_Is_Awake | MrHyde_Is_Awake

Husband's selfishness puts wife's health at risk. NTA.

sevenumbrellas | sevenumbrellas

Woman advises reconsidering husband after refusing no-condom request. NTA 🙏

thathousehoe | thathousehoe

Couple agrees on condom use to avoid unwanted pregnancy. 👍

Hopelessly_romantic2 | Hopelessly_romantic2

Partner's understanding and gentle behavior is praised. NTA.

Melodysong13 | Melodysong13

NTA commenter calls out abusive behavior in sex life 😱

mychellium1 | mychellium1

Husband lacks empathy and responsibility, wife not in the wrong. 😳

kikivee612 | kikivee612

NTA. Husband prioritizing his needs over wife's boundaries 🙄

branbrunbren | branbrunbren

Educating your partner on birth control is important 👍

joehart2 | joehart2

Red flag alert! 🚩 Commenter advises leaving selfish partner.

MiissMunster | MiissMunster

Wife stands up for her health against husband's selfish request. 👏

ReleaseTheDogs07 | ReleaseTheDogs07

NTA for refusing husband's no-condom request, he's abusive and selfish 😳

AdorableBG | AdorableBG

Empathetic reply to selfish partner earns NTA judgement.

littlescreechyowl | littlescreechyowl

NTA, run! 🏃‍♀️ You deserve to be treated with respect.

No-K-Reddit | No-K-Reddit

Supportive comment suggests alternatives to condom, advises against bullying.

Own-Leg-5426 | Own-Leg-5426

Alarming sexual abuse accusation in a troubled relationship 😱


Woman criticizes man's aversion to condoms, suggests quitting sex altogether.

rizzo1717 | rizzo1717

NTA: Prioritizing physical well-being over partner's pleasure 👍

Money_Membership3580 | Money_Membership3580

Woman shares her experience with birth control and boundaries.

Westsidepipeway | Westsidepipeway

Consent is key, even in marriage. Exploring other options is important.

Ok-Hat-4920 | Ok-Hat-4920

Supportive comment condemns selfish partner's bullying behavior 👍

Acer018 | Acer018

Man empathizes with wife, suggests separation from abusive husband. NTA

Jerstopholes | Jerstopholes

Partner's refusal to use condoms is abusive and disrespectful. NTA.

MedusaEyes20 | MedusaEyes20

Protective and informative comment about reproductive health 🙌

Pristine_Regret7751 | Pristine_Regret7751

Woman defends wife against abusive partner accusations. 💪

VegaBruja81 | VegaBruja81

Alternative condom options suggested for pushy husband 🐑👀

missannthrope1 | missannthrope1

Spouse disregards partner's pain, puts own desires first. YTA.

Commercial_Bend9203 | Commercial_Bend9203

NTA calls out selfish husband in no-condom dispute. 😳

CodenameZoya | CodenameZoya

Supportive commenters encourage OP to leave sexually assaulting husband. 🙏

ulyssesintothepast | ulyssesintothepast

Wife refuses no-condom request. Husband violent during sex. Divorce lawyer.

ThisReport877 | ThisReport877

Red-flag factory alert! NTA comment warns of dangerous behavior.

LostInTheBackwoods | LostInTheBackwoods

Gaslighting accusation sparks discussion on abuse in relationships.

FancyBrain9648 | FancyBrain9648

Partner disregards medical needs, NTA for ending relationship. 👏

[deleted] | [deleted]

Partner's disregard for wife's pain and safety is abusive. NTA.

Suchafatfatcat | Suchafatfatcat

NTA! Husband's behavior is abusive and coercive. Stand up for yourself! 🙌

intolerablefem | intolerablefem

Partner prioritizes pleasure over safety, commenter concerned for OP's wellbeing. 😱

Signal_Historian_456 | Signal_Historian_456

Spouse's no-condom request leads to NTA comment and sympathy

Anonimityville | Anonimityville

Reminder to prioritize sexual health and trust in relationships. NTA.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Husband supports wife's no hormonal birth control decision. Recommends SKYN.

CDaarnl1 | CDaarnl1

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