Waitress Gets a Taste of Her Own Medicine: No Tip! 😲

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Picture this: you're a hardworking Uber Eats driver who's noticed a significant drop in tips since the implementation of a new law. You're out for dinner with your girlfriend, and your waitress happens to be a customer who didn't tip you on a previous delivery. What do you do? Well, one driver decided to give this waitress a taste of her own medicine by not tipping her either! 🙅‍♂️ Let's dive into this juicy story of karma and tipping etiquette.

New Law, New Tipping Troubles 🚗💸

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The Aftermath: Tips Take a Dive 😨

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A Day of Deliveries 📦

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The Non-Tipping Customer 😒

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Six Minutes of Silence... 🕐

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A Surprising Encounter at Dinner 🍽️

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Plotting the Perfect Payback 😈

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The Dinner Goes Smoothly 🍲

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Confrontation Time! 😬

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The Big Reveal 🤯

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Bewilderment and a Swift Exit 🚪

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Karma Served Cold: A Tipless Tale 😏

So, our Uber Eats driver had quite the experience when he encountered a non-tipping customer as his waitress during a dinner date. After making him wait six minutes without any communication and leaving no tip for his delivery, she was in for a surprise when he decided to return the favor. Despite her bewildered reaction, our driver stood his ground, pointing out the minimum wage laws in Washington State. Let's see what the internet has to say about this tipless tale of karma... 🍿

Respect tipping for others as much as you want it. 👍

PeachyySuccubus | PeachyySuccubus

Uber driver shares insights on waitstaff tipping habits 👍

DennisLC1955 | DennisLC1955

Customer defends not tipping waitress, sparks debate. 🚩

ThisEnvironment6627 | ThisEnvironment6627

Tipping exhaustion could lead to a waiter crisis 🤔

ChemicalAd2047 | ChemicalAd2047

NTA commenter defends not being nice to rude people 😏

OnlyIGetToFartInHere | OnlyIGetToFartInHere

Tipping fatigue: Should we reset the whole tipping scheme? 🤔

racefapery | racefapery

Golden rule and creepy behavior in parking lot 🤷🏼‍♀️

enchantedmelodies | enchantedmelodies

Debating the necessity of tipping in the US restaurant industry 🤔

Stage_Party | Stage_Party

Australian commenter argues against tipping culture with logical reasoning 🇦🇺

TheUggBootInvestor | TheUggBootInvestor

Tipping debate: Is it okay to skip the tip?

KindNewt8033 | KindNewt8033

Confusion on tipping culture in Australia and its purpose. 🤔

Fun_Shell1708 | Fun_Shell1708

No tip for the waitress, but is the system to blame?

HausmastaMC | HausmastaMC

Debate over tipping practices sparks controversy and opinions. 🤔

stegopotamus | stegopotamus

Waitress asks for tip and gets served a slice of justice 🥑

JaguarZealousideal55 | JaguarZealousideal55

Career server defends tipping culture and calls out clueless waitress.

[deleted] | [deleted]

UE's app change may have caused unintentional tip oversight. 🤔

stingrays_ds | stingrays_ds

Tipping culture debated, NAH. Tips should be extra, not expected. 😍

This_Reference_3024 | This_Reference_3024

Curious commenter asks about minimum wage for delivery drivers.

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Blank tipping line backfires: no tip and bad service? 🤔

NefariousnessSweet70 | NefariousnessSweet70

Customer defends not tipping, sparks debate on service industry exploitation 🤔

Handyman858 | Handyman858

Tit for tat in the service industry 😏

santtu_ | santtu_

Tipping culture shocks European, prefers fair paycheck 😏

Helpful_Smoke_4134 | Helpful_Smoke_4134

Doubting the story's credibility? You're not alone 😕

MarialeegRVT | MarialeegRVT

No tipping needed when making $17.25/hr. Fair point made.

LookingatOtherStuff | LookingatOtherStuff

Former food delivery worker shares mutual respect with bartender regular.

BarelyHangingOn | BarelyHangingOn

Uber and company pit workers against each other 😤

AandWKyle | AandWKyle

Tipping debate: commenter supports NTA's stance on equal rules.

grilled_pc | grilled_pc

Karma strikes back! No tip for waitress, no tip for customer.

sir1974 | sir1974

Former server agrees it's tacky to ask for a tip. NTA wins.

PoisonedSmoke420 | PoisonedSmoke420

Tip advice for not tipping, avoid scammers altering receipts. 👍

UncleNedisDead | UncleNedisDead

Lesson learned: don't expect what you don't give. 😊

30ninjazinmybag | 30ninjazinmybag

No tip, no problem? Waitress confronts customer about tip etiquette 😕

1Throwaway198409 | 1Throwaway198409

Bartender tips Uber eats driver, understands importance of tipping.

millerlite585 | millerlite585

A call to ban tipping and hold employers accountable for salaries. 💪

Relevant-Poetry8479 | Relevant-Poetry8479

Tipping culture is a hot mess. All-inclusive pricing is easier 👍

Individual-Table6786 | Individual-Table6786

A call for mutual respect and fair wages. NAH.

LiamNeesns | LiamNeesns

NTA comment defends servers' minimum wage misconception. 🤔

Maleficent-Most-2984 | Maleficent-Most-2984

NTA for not tipping due to unfair wage laws.

Extra-Visit-8385 | Extra-Visit-8385

Debate on tipping culture and fair wages in America 🚨

Ashamed-Director-428 | Ashamed-Director-428

No tipping needed in Seattle, but waitress deserves it more 👍

Wizzenator | Wizzenator

Washington resident defends not tipping due to higher minimum wage.

klezart | klezart

Tip field should never be left blank 🙅️. Snap a photo as CYA 📺.

UnfeignedShip | UnfeignedShip

Server's behavior was unprofessional, commenter is NTA. 👍

jenny_mac17 | jenny_mac17

Kind gesture of tipping and offering a drink appreciated. 👍

Euphoric_Egg_4198 | Euphoric_Egg_4198

Fairness in tipping debated: NTA for not tipping.

knikkifire | knikkifire

The debate on tipping culture continues in the comments. 🤔

Melmunst | Melmunst

User doubts authenticity of story, defends tipping based on service 🤔

bluescluus | bluescluus

Karma at its finest! NTAH gets the last laugh 😂

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