Birthday Boy Stuck with the Bill: Friends or Foes? 😲

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We all love a good birthday celebration, right? 🎉 Well, imagine being excited for a night out with your friends, only to end up with a hefty bill and a whole lot of drama. That's exactly what happened to our birthday boy, who was left questioning his friendships after a night filled with chaos and confusion. Let's dive into this wild story and see what went down! 😲

Birthday Plans with Friends 🥳

Throwawayguy980421 | Throwawayguy980421

Choosing the Venue 🍽️

Throwawayguy980421 | Throwawayguy980421

Appetizers and Drinks 🍹

Throwawayguy980421 | Throwawayguy980421

Main Course and Champagne 🥩🍾

Throwawayguy980421 | Throwawayguy980421

"Lighten up, Birthday Boy" 🎂

Throwawayguy980421 | Throwawayguy980421

French Fry Fiasco 🍟

Throwawayguy980421 | Throwawayguy980421

Escalating Conflict 😠

Throwawayguy980421 | Throwawayguy980421

Trying to Calm Mike Down 😓

Throwawayguy980421 | Throwawayguy980421

Adam Joins the Argument 😤

Throwawayguy980421 | Throwawayguy980421

Offering to Help Pay 💸

Throwawayguy980421 | Throwawayguy980421

A Shocking Revelation 😲

Throwawayguy980421 | Throwawayguy980421

Abandoned with the Bill 😨

Throwawayguy980421 | Throwawayguy980421

Confronting Adam 🤬

Throwawayguy980421 | Throwawayguy980421

Left to Pay the Bill 😔

Throwawayguy980421 | Throwawayguy980421

Forced to Pay Up 💔

Throwawayguy980421 | Throwawayguy980421

Confronting Friends Post-Drama 📱

Throwawayguy980421 | Throwawayguy980421

Ignoring Their Messages 😒

Throwawayguy980421 | Throwawayguy980421

A Birthday Celebration Gone Wrong 🎉💔

So, our birthday boy was left in a whirlwind of confusion and betrayal after his friends not only caused a scene at the restaurant, but also abandoned him with the bill. 😱 He tried to confront them about their actions, but they just brushed it off and even taunted him. 💔 Now he's left wondering if he was wrong to assume they'd pay for his birthday meal. Let's see what the internet thinks of this situation... 🤔

One commenter's solution to birthday bill drama: ditch and provide contacts. 😏

Karate-Wizard | Karate-Wizard

Lesson learned: Find new friends, these ones aren't it. 😒

My_friends_are_toys | My_friends_are_toys

Terrible friends force birthday boy to pay for their meals 😒

anonymom135 | anonymom135

Birthday boy left with the bill by fake friends 😢

punnymama | punnymama

Birthday betrayal: NTA suggests revenge in small claims court. 👍

Starscream4prez2024 | Starscream4prez2024

Birthday boy tries to be modest, friends take advantage. NTA 👍

nodontdothat99 | nodontdothat99

Don't be a chump! Stand up against bullies. YTA to yourself 😠

downvot2blivion | downvot2blivion

Freeloaders disguised as friends. Block them and move on. 🙄

Humble_Scarcity1195 | Humble_Scarcity1195

When 'friends' show their true colors 😑 NTA takes action 💪

tictactoss | tictactoss

User dismisses post as another 'OP pays' story. No replies.

Valid_Username_56 | Valid_Username_56

Treating the birthday person is customary, NTA for not paying.

No_Kangaroo_5883 | No_Kangaroo_5883

Friends or foes? NTA refuses to pay for friends' meals.

PicklesAndCoorslight | PicklesAndCoorslight

Stand up for yourself! Don't let your friends take advantage. 🙌

billymtnboy | billymtnboy

Birthday boy stuck with bill, friends act nasty, NTA 👏

badger-ball-champion | badger-ball-champion

Friends invite for birthday, expect birthday boy to pay. NTA 😱

Active-Anteater1884 | Active-Anteater1884

Friends or foes? Commenter says NTA, friends should've paid own meals. 😍

MarieOfShadows | MarieOfShadows

User sympathizes with OP and advises to find new friends. 👏

Moonydog55 | Moonydog55

Friend's birthday dinner gone wrong, NTA for ending friendships 😕

BluePopple | BluePopple

Toxic friends? Self-reflect and find new ones 😕

NotKatieKatester | NotKatieKatester

No friends, just free meal seekers. Happy belated birthday! 🎂

Lena9701 | Lena9701

Stand up for yourself! NTA. Don't let them bully you. 💪

Mr_Pink_Gold | Mr_Pink_Gold

Friends leave birthday boy with entire bill and start fight 😡

HereForBloodyRevenge | HereForBloodyRevenge

Cut toxic friends loose 👋🏼 and move on to better ones 👍🏼

SnailsInYourAnus | SnailsInYourAnus

Dump the users! Find new friends who treat you better. 👍

Initial_Potato5023 | Initial_Potato5023

NTA for assuming friends would pay for birthday dinner. 🎂

Competitive_Key_2981 | Competitive_Key_2981

Expensive lesson in friendship: cut off toxic people 🚫

Heraonolympia123 | Heraonolympia123

NTA stands up to fake friends, karma will bite back 😠

Jesterace77 | Jesterace77

Cutting out toxic friends: a necessary step 👍

Davinaaa28 | Davinaaa28

Man-child picks fight with toddler, commenter calls him out 👶🥊

DustyMango1415 | DustyMango1415

Friends order champagne on birthday, refuse to pay. NTA response.

N00b80085 | N00b80085

Birthday boy left with the bill. Not the a-hole here. 😊

i_am_Kenough | i_am_Kenough

Assuming friends would pay for meal: NTA. Paying for rowdy table: NTA.

fuzzy_mic | fuzzy_mic

Cut them off and find new better friends 👍

pianomasian | pianomasian

Toxic friends? Cut them off and move on. 👋

KitFan2020 | KitFan2020

Birthday boy left with the bill by friends. Find new friends. 😔

Ok-Guidance-2112 | Ok-Guidance-2112

Betrayed on his birthday 🎂, friends or foes? 🤔

Ginboy32 | Ginboy32

Birthday boy learns hard truth: not friends, just bill collectors 😕🎂

orangeupurple1 | orangeupurple1

Birthday boy not at fault for friends' dinner expectations. NTA 👍

mimic-man77 | mimic-man77

Dump those trash level friends and don't pay their bills! 💯

Aggravating_Meat2101 | Aggravating_Meat2101

Friends ditch birthday boy with huge bill. NTA or ESH?

the_greek_italian | the_greek_italian

Cutting off toxic friends: NTA, TATAs, and DIAF 😲

Possible_Guitar_4988 | Possible_Guitar_4988

Scammed by friends on birthday bill. Get new friends 😒

CarrotofInsanity | CarrotofInsanity

True friends don't embarrass you in public or mock you 💔

Claque-2 | Claque-2

Cut your losses and move on. 👋‍♀️

miss_ippi77 | miss_ippi77

Friends left birthday boy with entire bill, NTA to cut ties. 👍

Osidestarfish | Osidestarfish

Friends or foes? Birthday boy stuck with the bill 😲

jillyjill86 | jillyjill86

Cut your losses and block them. Not your real friends. 🙅

BitchNowBabyLater | BitchNowBabyLater

Birthday boy paid for entire thing, needs new friends. NTA 😱

cbostwick94 | cbostwick94

True friends foot the bill, not leave you with it. 🙌

tripodity22 | tripodity22

Navigating friendships can be tough, especially for those with autism 🤔

Wasabi | Wasabi

Toxic friends? Unfriend them and find better ones. 👍

Snackgirl_Currywurst | Snackgirl_Currywurst

Petty revenge: public shaming on social media for birthday betrayal 😒

Street_Ice6604 | Street_Ice6604

NTA stands their ground against selfish friends 💪

klmoran | klmoran

Betrayed by friends: NTA but naive. Cut them off 👋

nancylyn | nancylyn

Friendship or facade? Gaslighting leaves birthday boy footing the bill 😕

QueenBeeKitty85 | QueenBeeKitty85

Birthday boy pays for friends' meals, called NTA but friends AHs 😑

myblackandwhitecat | myblackandwhitecat

Passive-aggressive revenge plan against friends for birthday bill.

LacaBoma | LacaBoma

Cultural differences can cause misunderstandings. Clarification is key. 😊

FindingOk151 | FindingOk151

Friend group doesn't split birthday bill, called 'trash' and 'garbage'.

morbid_n_creepifying | morbid_n_creepifying

OP not at fault, friends not supportive. Consider new friends. 😕

Spiritual_Corner_977 | Spiritual_Corner_977

George needs to learn to say no to Biff! 😠

Comfortable-Brick168 | Comfortable-Brick168

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