Fiancé Chooses Ex-Wife & Daughter Over Bride-to-Be for Christmas 🎄💔

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Imagine being engaged to the love of your life, only to find out that he plans to spend every Christmas with his ex-wife and daughter, leaving you out in the cold. That's the dilemma faced by our heartbroken bride-to-be (29), who has been in a relationship with her fiancé (35) for five years. She's now wondering if she should end the relationship, as she feels like she's not a priority in her fiancé's life. 😢💔 Let's dive into this emotionally charged story...

A Picture-Perfect Co-Parenting Setup 🌟

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Christmas Arrangements 🎄

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Yearly Tradition 🔄

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A Sudden Realization 😲

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"We Always Celebrate Together" 🗣️

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Alternate Christmases? ❌

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Feeling Sick 😔

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Ending the Relationship? 💔

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Update: Ex-Wife's Harsh Response 😠

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Accusations & Promises 🤬

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Feeling More Conflicted 😖

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Feeling Like Nothing 😢

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A Heartbreaking Decision Awaits 💔🎄

Our bride-to-be is left feeling like she's not a priority in her fiancé's life, as he insists on spending every Christmas with his ex-wife and daughter. Despite being engaged, she's still excluded from their holiday celebrations. After a harsh response from the ex-wife, the fiancé promises that next year will be different, but the heartbroken woman is left wondering if she should stay and hope for change or cut her losses and move on. 😢💔 Let's see what the internet thinks of this emotional situation...

Serious advice for a complicated situation 🤔

kimmysharma | kimmysharma

Fiancé chooses ex-wife and daughter over Christmas bride-to-be. NTA raises valid concern about future.

Mishy162 | Mishy162

Fiancé's ex-wife is manipulating him with their daughter. NTAH.

The_Crown_And_Anchor | The_Crown_And_Anchor

Co-parenting conflict at Christmas, deal breaker for commenter. 😔

Broad-Discipline2360 | Broad-Discipline2360

Concerns raised about the impact on child and future relationships.

Ok_Bodybuilder_6936 | Ok_Bodybuilder_6936

Frustrated bride-to-be suggests solution to fiancé's Christmas dilemma. NTA

Aggravating-Plum8147 | Aggravating-Plum8147

Prioritizing ex-wife over future spouse is a red flag. NTA.

Dragon_Bidness | Dragon_Bidness

Gaslighting fiancé chooses ex-wife and daughter over bride-to-be 💔

JustMyThoughtNow | JustMyThoughtNow

Insightful comment on a similar experience with an ex-wife.

FoxtrotUnicorn | FoxtrotUnicorn

Concerned commenter questions fiancé's loyalty and parenting priorities.

BunnyBuns6969 | BunnyBuns6969

Fiancé prioritizes ex-wife and daughter over bride-to-be for Christmas 🎄. Commenter questions his insensitivity and lack of respect. #NTA

Some_Pineapple1557 | Some_Pineapple1557

Fiancé's loyalty to ex and daughter may cause future problems. 💔

Accordingtowho2021 | Accordingtowho2021

Is it really worth being with someone who prioritizes his ex?

Not_Good_HappyQuinn | Not_Good_HappyQuinn

Furious commenter advises pregnant OP to give ultimatum to fiancé.

humble-meercat | humble-meercat

Fiancé prioritizes ex-wife and daughter for Christmas, commenter advises against it.

Choice-Intention-926 | Choice-Intention-926

Wedding bells but not Christmas bells for the bride-to-be 🎊❌

l3ex_G | l3ex_G

Curious comment about pregnancy, no replies.

Particular-Cheek5102 | Particular-Cheek5102

Don't be second best. Move on and find happiness 👍

Mcgj8689 | Mcgj8689

User questions fiancé's loyalty over Christmas plans. 🤔

17Miles2 | 17Miles2

Navigating the past with an ex can be tricky. 💔

[deleted] | [deleted]

Curious commenter raises suspicions about fiancé's loyalty and honesty.

RvrTam | RvrTam

Fiancé prioritizes ex-wife and daughter over Christmas with bride-to-be 🎄💔

[deleted] | [deleted]

Red flag alert! Is he really over his ex-wife?

Curious_Cheek9128 | Curious_Cheek9128

Playing house with the ex? Time to end it 👋

KurosakiOnepiece | KurosakiOnepiece

NTA should leave him, major red flag. Be strong 💪

5DewDrop5 | 5DewDrop5

Choose yourself, build your own life. 👍

Low_Monitor5455 | Low_Monitor5455

Divorced man's Christmas decision raises questions about his priorities. 🤔

coffeetreatrepeat | coffeetreatrepeat

Divorced dad shares experience of co-parenting during Christmas 🎄

[deleted] | [deleted]

Blended families require compromise, but passive-aggressive jokes won't help 🤔

AggravatingPatient18 | AggravatingPatient18

Suggest sending post to fiancé for outside perspectives 👍

bitofagrump | bitofagrump

NTA commenter advises not to marry fiancé who prioritizes ex-wife and daughter. 👆

GaHistProf | GaHistProf

NTA. Excluding you from Christmas with divorced parents is abnormal 🎄

ncslazar7 | ncslazar7

NTA commenter calls out selfish fiancé for lack of compromise 👏

ValkyrieSword | ValkyrieSword

Communication is key in avoiding major problems in relationships. NTA.

Cytwytever | Cytwytever

🚩 Pre-marriage red flag alert. Time to say bye-bye.

seroquel600mg | seroquel600mg

Exclusion from Christmas is ridiculous, what about future children?

Ash-b13 | Ash-b13

Future spouse prioritizes ex-wife & daughter over holidays. NTA.

tonidh69 | tonidh69

Valid concern. Will he prioritize your future child too? 🤔

RevolutionaryDiet686 | RevolutionaryDiet686

Blended family struggles. Don't settle for being family #2. 👍

tehjoz | tehjoz

NTA comment predicts relationship failure due to children involvement.

El_Zapp | El_Zapp

Curious about the divorce and custody arrangement. Is he justified?

Raccoonborn | Raccoonborn

NTA commenter questions ex-wife's motives for excluding bride-to-be. 🤔

iBeFloe | iBeFloe

Is he really ready for a life with you? 🤔

Grand_Leader_8821 | Grand_Leader_8821

NTA. Commenter thinks fiancé's choice is a deal breaker 💔

ogo7 | ogo7

Dump him 💔 If he prioritizes ex-wife over you now.

Kewchiecrusader | Kewchiecrusader

User questions fiancé's decision to exclude her from Christmas plans.

DoubleT_TechGuy | DoubleT_TechGuy

Fiancé prioritizes ex-wife and daughter over bride-to-be during Christmas 🎄. Commenter thinks fiancé is the a**hole, not OP.

LutherXXX | LutherXXX

Run away girl, his controlling ex will never accept you 👋

thelilpessimist | thelilpessimist

Fiancé's loyalty to ex-wife and daughter raises red flags 🚩

ProtectTheFridgeNCat | ProtectTheFridgeNCat

Dump him! Excluding you for 5 years is incredibly rude 💯

MarsupialAbject5460 | MarsupialAbject5460

Ex-wife accused of manipulation and control over fiancé 🤯

OoSallyPauseThatGirl | OoSallyPauseThatGirl

Reconsider the relationship before another holiday disappointment. 😔

Laceyand | Laceyand

Fiancé chooses ex-wife and daughter over bride-to-be for Christmas. NTA.

melmcclone | melmcclone

Red flags everywhere. Run away from this weak and uncertain guy 👋

btodoroff | btodoroff

Engaged woman receives advice on how to handle fiancé's ex-wife and daughter 🤝

ElizaNite_ | ElizaNite_

Dump him and give an ultimatum or relationship is over 💔

zeiaxar | zeiaxar

Fiancé chooses ex-wife and daughter over bride-to-be for Christmas. Commenter advises to leave.

Stepdynamite | Stepdynamite

Prioritize yourself and leave him behind. 👋

shenanigansco34 | shenanigansco34

Divorced couple's fake Christmas facade will get complicated with baby #2 😕

hollyofcwcville | hollyofcwcville

Navigating blended family dynamics during the holidays 🎄

DoubleGreat007 | DoubleGreat007

Divorced parents during holidays, NTA suggests practical solution 👍

Typical_Nebula3227 | Typical_Nebula3227

Fiancé prioritizes daughter, but expects new wife to comply. NTA.

throwawaypillbox | throwawaypillbox

Dump him and run: Christmas is for family, not ex-wives 🎄

Andalucia1039 | Andalucia1039

Blended family requires communication and compromise 👍

edc7 | edc7

Fiancé chooses ex-wife and daughter over bride-to-be for Christmas. Commenter thinks he doesn't understand committed relationships.

RoyalZeal | RoyalZeal

Fiancé chooses ex-wife and daughter over Christmas with bride-to-be. Commenter suggests rethinking engagement. NTA.

Overall-Scholar-4676 | Overall-Scholar-4676

Think twice before marrying someone who prioritizes ex-wife over you 👍

ACM915 | ACM915

A pointed question about future children and Christmas traditions.

Conwaydawg | Conwaydawg

A heartwarming suggestion for a blended family Christmas ❤️

Strangr_E | Strangr_E

Fiancé prioritizes ex-wife and daughter, is he still in love?

Beach_bum8 | Beach_bum8

Break it off. Don't wait. Give him 30 days notice. 👍

biteme717 | biteme717

Engaged woman learns hard lesson about discussing holiday plans beforehand. 💍

Kerrypurple | Kerrypurple

Advice to move on and avoid being labeled a selfish b***h.

Holiday_Horse3100 | Holiday_Horse3100

NTA, but harsh truth about being second to fiancé's ex-wife.

newlife201764 | newlife201764

Fiancé prioritizes ex-wife and child, commenter suggests future issues. NTA.

NaturesVividPictures | NaturesVividPictures

Sensible advice for building a good relationship with ex-partner. 👍

therealstabitha | therealstabitha

Prioritizing ex and child is a dealbreaker. Find someone better 💔

CatsRock25 | CatsRock25

OP's self-esteem is being questioned due to fiancé's behavior.

CocoCajun | CocoCajun

Prioritizing ex-wife and child over fiance, commenter advises leaving.

Knittingfairy09113 | Knittingfairy09113

User questions fiancé's decision to prioritize ex-wife and daughter.

brikard24 | brikard24

Co-parenting issues arise as fiancé chooses ex-wife and daughter.

SnooPeanuts666 | SnooPeanuts666

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