Dad Refuses to Cook for Picky Daughter: Is He in the Wrong? 🍽️😲

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We all know someone who's a picky eater, but how far would you go to accommodate their ever-changing demands? One dad, who loves cooking for his family, finds himself at his wit's end when his adult stepdaughter's pickiness becomes too much to handle. He finally snaps and refuses to cook for her anymore. But is he being too harsh, or is it time for her to learn to cook for herself? Let's dive into this family drama and find out! 😮🍽️

Dad Loves Cooking for His Family 🍳

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The Family's Food Preferences 🍽️

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Liz's Picky Eating Habits 🥦

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Ever-Changing Food Restrictions 🚫

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Endless Debates on Dinner Choices 🗣️

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The Breaking Point: A Peanutty Problem 🥜

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Dad's Had Enough! 😡

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Liz's Tearful Response 😢

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Wife Takes Liz's Side 😕

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Is Dad Being Too Harsh or Justified? 🤔

This dad, who loves cooking for his family, finds himself at a breaking point when his adult stepdaughter's pickiness spirals out of control. After endless debates and catering to her ever-changing demands, he finally snaps and refuses to cook for her anymore. But is he being too harsh, or is it time for her to learn to cook for herself? The family seems divided, with his wife taking Liz's side, accusing him of favoritism. What do you think? Let's see what the internet has to say about this heated family drama... 🔥🍽️

Concerned commenter suggests possible underlying issues with daughter's behavior 🤔

iamokokokokokokok | iamokokokokokokok

Daughter's entitled behavior causes conflict over food preferences. NTA.

Frankensteins_Kid | Frankensteins_Kid

Former psych ward worker warns about picky eating and eating disorders.

peachandpeony | peachandpeony

Daughter's picky eating habits are unreasonable, dad is NTA 👍

ironchef8000 | ironchef8000

Stepdad stands up to entitled stepdaughter, mom owes apology. 👏

KronkLaSworda | KronkLaSworda

Dad stands his ground against picky eater daughter and wife 💪

SickDelirium | SickDelirium

NTA dad faces wife's nuclear reaction. Is there more context?

SoImaRedditUserNow | SoImaRedditUserNow

NTA dad draws the line on picky eaters 🤷🏻‍♂️

T_G_A_H | T_G_A_H

Teach her to fish and she'll never go hungry 🎣👩‍🍳

IamIrene | IamIrene

Parent refuses to cook for picky eater, suggests alternatives. NTA.

thisgreenwitch | thisgreenwitch

Daughter expects too much? Dad says no. 👨‍🍳

LeamhAish | LeamhAish

Daughter may have eating disorder, needs therapy. NTA for dad.

ShrugsHerShoulders | ShrugsHerShoulders

Concerned commenter suggests picky eater may have eating disorder 🚡

Necessary_Dark_6720 | Necessary_Dark_6720

Encouraging response to dad's refusal to cook for picky daughter.

Ok-Penalty7568 | Ok-Penalty7568

Parenting skills compared in picky eater debate 🤔

[deleted] | [deleted]

Teaching responsibility: NTA, dietary needs vs. food preferences 👍

DelicateDaisyxx | DelicateDaisyxx

Daughter's picky eating may be a sign of disordered eating 😕

manonaca | manonaca

Concerned commenter suggests reading up on disordered eating signs. 🙏

Specialist-Fox-5777 | Specialist-Fox-5777

Encouraging daughter's eating disorder is not 'picky eating' behavior. NTA 👍

CakePhool | CakePhool

NTA dad suggests getting picky daughter to cook once a week.


Parent sympathizes with dad's picky eater struggle. NTA 🙏

amyb10045 | amyb10045

Dad stands his ground against picky eater daughter. NTA 👍

Gattina1 | Gattina1

Suggesting a nutritionist for picky eater's healthy meal plan 👨‍🍳

noname_2024 | noname_2024

Being picky is an individual's problem, not everyone else's 🙅

PoolAlligatorr | PoolAlligatorr

Parent refuses to cater to entitled adult picky eater. NTA 👍

BurritoBowlw_guac | BurritoBowlw_guac

Empathetic response to picky daughter comment with mental health concern 😔

Humble_Pen_7216 | Humble_Pen_7216

Parenting done right. Daughter needs to learn to eat everything 👍

BearyRexy | BearyRexy

Concerned commenter suggests daughter may have an eating disorder. 🚡

itammya | itammya

Mom promised to make daughter her own meal. NTA 😂

IllTemperedOldWoman | IllTemperedOldWoman

Cooking for picky eaters: NTA sets boundaries with daughter. 🍝

VineViniVici | VineViniVici

Picky eater drives dad bonkers. NTA for not catering.

TheFilthyDIL | TheFilthyDIL

Picky daughter's dad is NTA, she should make her own food 😍

Jerseygirl2468 | Jerseygirl2468

Supportive yet firm NTA comment with insight into daughter's behavior.

Novel-Sector-8589 | Novel-Sector-8589

NTA for refusing to cater to her, but considerate without catering 🍴

tiredofwaiting2468 | tiredofwaiting2468

Daughter is picky, but OP isn't obliged to cook for her 🍴

Fuzzy-Ad1993 | Fuzzy-Ad1993

Possible deeper issues behind picky eating behavior. 🤔

jemrilTheBard | jemrilTheBard

Encourage daughter to cook for herself to take control 👩‍🍳

iloveswimminglaps | iloveswimminglaps

Stepchild defends dad, calls daughter unreasonable for being ungrateful. NTA 😊

MyDogsAreRealCute | MyDogsAreRealCute

Suggests teaching daughter to cook to understand cooking difficulties. 👨🏻‍🍳

No-Print6095 | No-Print6095

Eating disorder survivor shares insight on picky eating as a coping mechanism 🙏

SatisfactionDue1649 | SatisfactionDue1649

Daughter's picky eating habits get roasted by commenter. 🤣

michelinaRae | michelinaRae

NTA. Encourage open communication with daughter about food choices 👍

Anon_Strike_292 | Anon_Strike_292

Concerns raised about daughter's unhealthy relationship with food. 😔

cryssylee90 | cryssylee90

Concerned comment suggests daughter developing eating disorder. 😕

Meremadesings | Meremadesings

Daughter's picky eating may be a symptom of a bigger issue 😩

Zealousideal-Key2925 | Zealousideal-Key2925

User suggests daughter may have neurological disorder, but supports dad's decision.

kassiormson124 | kassiormson124

Not the a-hole, but daughter may have disordered eating 😕

jessikawithak | jessikawithak

NTA suggests therapy for picky eater, could get worse. 🙏

facemesouth | facemesouth

Daughter's picky eating may be a sign of deeper issues 😨

Pinkgurila | Pinkgurila

A picky eater shares how her dad accommodated her needs ❤️

Unfair_Finger5531 | Unfair_Finger5531

Cooking together as a family could help picky eaters 🍴👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

Own_Dragonfruit4904 | Own_Dragonfruit4904

Father stands up for fairness in feeding picky eaters. NTA.

rightwist | rightwist

Orthorexia may be a red flag for picky eaters. 👍

DoinItWrong96 | DoinItWrong96

NTA for not cooking, but concern for daughter's mental health 🚥

ImaginationAshamed72 | ImaginationAshamed72

NTA, but concern for possible eating disorder. Seek help 💛

caityjay25 | caityjay25

Suggestion for creating a safe food list for Liz 🍝🍞

rak1882 | rak1882

Possible underlying issues with picky eating behavior 🤔

altdultosaurs | altdultosaurs

Setting boundaries and showing love can coexist. 💖

marf_town | marf_town

Concerned commenter suggests daughter may have eating disorder. 🚡

BedroomImpossible124 | BedroomImpossible124

Teach your kids to cook. NTA for not catering.

Mohawk602 | Mohawk602

Suggests mom and Liz share cooking responsibility. Fair solution. 👍

dncrmom | dncrmom

Empowering Liz to cook her own food, NTA dad wins.

Clean-Fisherman-4601 | Clean-Fisherman-4601

Brutal comment calling out favoritism and entitlement. 🤯

pyx299299 | pyx299299

Cooking for a picky eater? NTA, says this commenter 👍

Yay4Amanda | Yay4Amanda

Daughter said it was okay, dad's not her personal chef. 😊

Ornery-Wasabi-473 | Ornery-Wasabi-473

Daughter's inconsistent food preferences lead to dad's frustration. NTA.

SockMaster9273 | SockMaster9273

NTA dad refuses to cook for picky daughter, tells her to cook or eat what he makes. 😍

Hapnhopeless | Hapnhopeless

Dad stops cooking for picky daughter, calls out her inconsistency. 😍

SatelliteBeach123 | SatelliteBeach123

Picky daughter causing control issues? NTA for dad's decision. 😐

Scared-Accountant288 | Scared-Accountant288

Cooking for picky eaters - NTA, accommodations can be made. 🍝

Unable_Tumbleweed364 | Unable_Tumbleweed364

NTA. Liz's pickiness is a choice, not an allergy. Dad's right.

the_greek_italian | the_greek_italian

Daughter's picky eating may be a sign of eating disorder 😕

kinkakinka | kinkakinka

Sensitive insight on addressing picky eating habits in children. 👍

paladindansemacabre | paladindansemacabre

Picky eating may be a symptom of an underlying mental health issue 😕

Imaginary_Maybe_6898 | Imaginary_Maybe_6898

Supportive comment on daughter's eating habits and independence.

Embarrassed-Peak3105 | Embarrassed-Peak3105

Daughter's drop out and mental health concerns addressed with empathy.

pugapooh | pugapooh

Daughter's picky eating may be a cry for help 🚢😩

PurpleStar1965 | PurpleStar1965

Daughter's picky eating may need therapy, not catering. NTA.

Cirdon_MSP | Cirdon_MSP

NTA but daughter may have disordered eating habits. Therapy recommended. 💬

Impressive-Sea3367 | Impressive-Sea3367

Being picky is one's own responsibility. NTA 👍

green_ubitqitea | green_ubitqitea

No sympathy for picky, entitled daughter. Tough love approach justified.

Karate-Wizard | Karate-Wizard

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