Wife Gives Green Light for Extramarital Affairs, Then Demands Divorce 😲

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Imagine being in a 15-year marriage with its fair share of ups and downs, and then one day, your spouse suddenly gives you permission to sleep with other people. Sounds like a recipe for disaster, right? 😅 Well, that's exactly what happened to one husband who was left baffled when his wife not only suggested it once, but twice! And when he finally considered the idea, she was outraged and demanded a divorce. Let's dive into this rollercoaster of a story. 🎢

The Struggling Marriage 🥀

vanguard247 | vanguard247

Tepid Love Life 😐

vanguard247 | vanguard247

The Unexpected Offer 😳

vanguard247 | vanguard247

Wife Insists 🤔

vanguard247 | vanguard247

A Second Offer 🚩

vanguard247 | vanguard247

Unlocking Desires 🗝️

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Enter Ann 👩

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Friendship or More? 🤷

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Ann's Interest 🥰

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Honesty with Ann 🗣️

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The Confrontation 😠

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Wife's Reaction 💔

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Testing the Waters? 🌊

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Offer Revoked? ❌

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Divorce on the Horizon? 💔

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Wife's Final Verdict 😢

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From Green Light to Divorce Papers 🚦💔

So, our husband here was given the go-ahead to sleep with other people by his wife not once, but twice. Yet, when he finally considered the idea and discussed it with her, she became furious and accused him of betrayal. 😱 She even revealed that her initial offer was a test to see if she could sleep with someone else! Now, she's demanding a divorce, leaving our protagonist in a whirlwind of confusion and heartbreak. 💔 Let's see what the internet thinks of this tangled web of emotions and decisions...

When an open relationship goes wrong 🤷‍♀️

Federico69420 | Federico69420

Projection or manipulation? NTA for not wanting extramarital affairs 🙅

Talkingmice | Talkingmice

Wife's green light for affairs was a trap, NTA but suspicious 🤔

OGTomatoCultivator | OGTomatoCultivator

Expert advice suggests seeking a divorce attorney immediately. 😲

ElonDiddlesKids | ElonDiddlesKids

Spouse cheats, manipulates, and gaslights. Seek legal counsel ASAP. 😲

toranomon87 | toranomon87

Wife suggests open marriage, gets mad when husband explores options 😂

Saechan89 | Saechan89

When you give permission to cheat but still get mad 😒

surelytheresmore | surelytheresmore

Wife's 'open marriage' offer was a trap to play victim. 😱

Traditional_Crew6617 | Traditional_Crew6617

Opening up marriage cool for her, not for him. NTA. 😂

Not_Musician | Not_Musician

Investigate the affair and confront her about the double standard. 🤔

Planochubbyboy | Planochubbyboy

Betrayed husband confronts wife's hypocrisy and moves on. 👏

Psychological-Sir226 | Psychological-Sir226

Navigating a delicate situation with red flags and kids involved 🤔

Ih8umods | Ih8umods

User sympathizes with OP and advises to move on. NTA.

R33DY89 | R33DY89

Drawing a line between emotional connection and physical intimacy 🤔

alyssamfrey | alyssamfrey

Navigating emotional boundaries in open relationships 🤔

texastica | texastica

Open marriage as a stepping stone to divorce? Counseling recommended 🙏


NTA, but communication was poor. Honest conversation needed for reconciliation 👍

kittygoespew | kittygoespew

NTA, but marriage may be over. Talk to her ASAP 😔

JessBx05 | JessBx05

Communication is key in opening up a relationship 📢💋

anotherbabydaddy | anotherbabydaddy

Navigating open relationships can be tricky 🤔

Kerrypurple | Kerrypurple

Red flags and advice for a troubled marriage 💔

tbscotty68 | tbscotty68

Friend's confession threatens marriage, couple needs to prioritize each other 💔

CandThonestpartners | CandThonestpartners

A possible scenario where the wife's offer was genuine 🤔

Pretend_Grab_9191 | Pretend_Grab_9191

Wife tests husband's loyalty, demands divorce. NTA advises lawyer.

NatashOverWorld | NatashOverWorld

User supports OP's actions and speculates infidelity. 🤔

Eikichi134 | Eikichi134

User jokes about women's perspective on relationships and hookups 😂

vrykolakes | vrykolakes

ESH. Wife suggested open marriage, but communication and trust failed.

LuvTriangleApologist | LuvTriangleApologist

Navigating a wife's mixed signals and pre-menopausal emotions 🤔

mooter23 | mooter23

Navigating high school drama in a 15-year marriage. Good luck 🙏

Qanonymous_ | Qanonymous_

NTAH - Wife wanted open marriage, now regrets it. Stay faithful.

What-tha-fck_Elon | What-tha-fck_Elon

User analyzes wife's perspective on husband's affair with Ann 🤔

ingridsuperstarr | ingridsuperstarr

Offering an open relationship requires communication and boundaries. NAH.

Masterpiece_Terrible | Masterpiece_Terrible

Boundaries blurred: When 'sex' and 'relationship' mean different things. 🤔

oblivia17 | oblivia17

Marriage falling apart, building relationship with another woman, marriage over. 😔

Pure_Twist3747 | Pure_Twist3747

Get a lawyer ASAP, both parties are in the wrong 😠

rad_avenger | rad_avenger

A blunt comment on open marriages and a demand for updates 🤔

HospitalAutomatic | HospitalAutomatic

NTA. Six weeks can't change 15 years of marriage. 👍

Sufficient-Jicama-15 | Sufficient-Jicama-15

Gaslit by wife's hypocrisy: green light for affairs, demands divorce 🤷

Hawkes75 | Hawkes75

Speculation that wife planned divorce and used green light as excuse 🤔

bmack500 | bmack500

Divorce is tough, but staying with a cheater is worse. 😔

HeresyBaby | HeresyBaby

Wife grants affair permission but demands divorce over open conversation 🤔

byfar82 | byfar82

Wife manipulates husband into cheating, then demands divorce. 🤷‍♂️

Istarien | Istarien

A commenter suggests therapy for the couple's sex life issues.

MadMuppetJanice | MadMuppetJanice

Betrayal and dishonesty in a failed open marriage. 🤷‍♂️

exclusivebees | exclusivebees

Divorce seems like the best option. Less stress, more happiness. 🙏

Space_N_Pace | Space_N_Pace

Accusation of wife's infidelity and advice for divorce. 😕

Bob_A_Feets | Bob_A_Feets

Red flags raised by wife's sudden change in behavior. 🚩

Yeponri | Yeponri

Skeptical comment questions wife's sudden change of heart 🤔

DerthOFdata | DerthOFdata

Miscommunication leads to divorce after open relationship misunderstanding 🙄

Unable_Yak3113 | Unable_Yak3113

Hall pass gone wrong? Commenter suspects wife's infidelity. 🤔

ShawtySayWhaaat | ShawtySayWhaaat

Possible setup for divorce or projection of infidelity? 🤔

Thegnome2223 | Thegnome2223

Red flag alert! Divorce seems like the right decision here.

AngryMillenialGuy | AngryMillenialGuy

Did his wife use him as an excuse to cheat? 🤔

ColonelStraker | ColonelStraker

Protect yourself and let her go. NTA 👍

Kkman4evah | Kkman4evah

NTA. Wife gave green light, then guilted husband for affair.

kram1973 | kram1973

Wife's offer to open relationship was just a cover-up for cheating 😒

Inevitable-Seaweed58 | Inevitable-Seaweed58

Possible manipulation and hidden motives behind wife's actions 🤔

sausageslinger11 | sausageslinger11

Redditor suggests seeking legal advice instead of Reddit validation.

HeadFullaZombie87 | HeadFullaZombie87

When your partner suggests an open relationship but denies it later 😑

CoolWorldliness4664 | CoolWorldliness4664

Relationship over, cut your losses. 👍

Significant_Hat2993 | Significant_Hat2993

🚨 Beware of toxic relationships disguised as open relationships. 🚨

DGJellyfish | DGJellyfish

NTA offers honest communication and shares his experience with polyamory.

gniwlE | gniwlE

Sage advice: Get a relationship counselor involved. NTA.

picklesandmustard | picklesandmustard

Spouse wants open marriage, demands divorce when declined. NTA 👍

Still-Astronomer-386 | Still-Astronomer-386

Wife suggests extramarital affairs, demands divorce when husband agrees. NTA.

likeasuitof | likeasuitof

Opening up a marriage usually leads to infidelity and divorce 😭

Satori2155 | Satori2155

Redditor advises divorce, promises it's worth it in the end 😊

RedIcarus1 | RedIcarus1

Wife suggests open marriage, then demands divorce. You're NTA.

Old_Size9060 | Old_Size9060

Plot twist: Wife wanted to sleep with others 😂

alexmellis | alexmellis

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