Pregnant Wife Refuses to Cook Christmas Dinner 🎄🍽️: Was She Wrong?

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We all know the holidays can be stressful, but for this pregnant wife, Christmas dinner turned into a heated debate with her husband. After attending her parents' Christmas Eve celebration, she was exhausted from a long day of festivities and taking care of their two young children. But when her husband asked her to cook dinner for him after they got home, she couldn't believe her ears. Let's dive into this drama-filled holiday story! 🎄🍽️😅

Christmas Eve at the In-Laws 🎄

Upper_Ebb_9936 | Upper_Ebb_9936

Husband's Appetite MIA 🍽️❌

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Busy Mama's Duties 🤰👶

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Post-Party Cleanup 🧹

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Heading Home 🚗

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Husband's Dinner Request 🍽️😲

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Wife's Shock 😳

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Husband's Hunger 🍽️🤨

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Leftovers Drama 🍲🗑️

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Quick Dinner Solution ❄️🍕

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Husband's Disappointment 😒

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Pizza Pockets and Silence 🍕🤐

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Wife's Lingering Anger 😠

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A Pregnant Wife's Christmas Dinner Dilemma 🎄🍽️🤰

So, our exhausted mama-to-be had a long day of celebrating Christmas with her family, taking care of her young children, and even dealing with Braxton Hicks contractions. But when her husband, who barely touched his dinner at her parents' house, asked her to cook him dinner after they got home, she couldn't believe it. She suggested he microwave some pizza pockets, but he was disappointed that she wouldn't cook for him on Christmas. Now, she's left wondering why she's still angry about the situation the next morning. Let's see what the internet has to say about this holiday dinner drama... 🎄🍽️🤔

Sarcastic response to entitled husband's request for quick meal. NTA.

JustUgh2323 | JustUgh2323

Pregnant wife refuses to cook, husband asks for dinner. NTA.

CrystalQueen3000 | CrystalQueen3000

Parenting struggles: dealing with a childish husband 👨🏻‍🍳

MizzyvonMuffling | MizzyvonMuffling

Concerned commenter questions husband's behavior and family dynamic 🤔

ceaselesslyastounded | ceaselesslyastounded

Fierce comment defends OP and calls out entitled husband 👏🏼💪🏼

TheFoxRuntOfficial | TheFoxRuntOfficial

NTAH: Commenter calls out lazy husband, advises pregnant wife to put her foot down.

lovinglifeatmyage | lovinglifeatmyage

Fiery comment calls out selfish husband and offers support.

HoshiJones | HoshiJones

Sassy response to husband's entitlement. 👏

sezit | sezit

Overwhelmed pregnant mom asked to cook Christmas dinner at 10pm 😱

Sylassae | Sylassae

Spouse called out for treating wife like a servant 👏

WavesnMountains | WavesnMountains

NTA claps back at entitled husband with a spicy retort 🔥

peppermintmeow | peppermintmeow

Pregnant wife shuts down ridiculous request with perfect response.

Jackisntasquirrel | Jackisntasquirrel

Man makes pregnant wife load car: internet calls him 'asshat' 😡

Mallrat1973 | Mallrat1973

NTA shuts down entitled husband's Christmas dinner request 💯

Away_Poetry3297 | Away_Poetry3297

Wife stands her ground, calls husband out on incompetence. 😊

UnihornWhale | UnihornWhale

Skeptical commenter questions the husband's contribution to household chores. 🫥

ParkNika97 | ParkNika97

NTA commenter threatens violence towards lazy husband. 😠👊

Efficient-Fee-5135 | Efficient-Fee-5135

Empathetic commenter supports pregnant wife's decision not to cook. 🙏

Certain_Mobile1088 | Certain_Mobile1088

Pregnant wife refuses to cook, husband asks her to cook? NTA

42Sarah1981 | 42Sarah1981

User calls out OP for enabling husband's entitled behavior 🤔

Successful-Doubt5478 | Successful-Doubt5478

Pregnant wife not wrong for refusing to cook Christmas dinner 🤰🏻🍗

Madame_Kitsune98 | Madame_Kitsune98

NTA comment calls out sexist expectations, sparks agreement.

jatcher_ | jatcher_

Pregnant wife claps back at lazy husband. 💯

grey-canary | grey-canary

NTA commenter jokes about postpartum sex, shuts it down quickly.

JuliaX1984 | JuliaX1984

NTA comment: Husband can suck a yuletide log, get walking papers.

sassybsassy | sassybsassy

Pregnant wife serves husband but he can't serve her? 🤔

Fit_Fly_418 | Fit_Fly_418

User points out unequal partnership and unnecessary meal for husband.

Rikutopas | Rikutopas

A scathing comment on a husband's lack of contribution.

TashiaNicole1 | TashiaNicole1

Sassy reply to husband's inability to put leftovers away. NTA.

Inevitable-Slice-263 | Inevitable-Slice-263

User suggests treating husband like a grown-up on Christmas 🎄

IamtheHarpy | IamtheHarpy

A sassy reply to a husband's entitlement 😍

Aposematicpebble | Aposematicpebble

Confused commenter questions possibility of pregnancy mathematically 😳

PoppinBubbles578 | PoppinBubbles578

User calls out entitled husband for expecting wife to cook.

Consistent-Ad3191 | Consistent-Ad3191

Entitled husband gets called out for expecting too much 🤦‍♂️

Bruv023 | Bruv023

Pregnant wife stands up for herself against entitled husband. NTA.

eckokittenbliss | eckokittenbliss

A supportive husband is a must during pregnancy 💚

Lmfabkiser | Lmfabkiser

NTA refuses to cook Christmas dinner, suggests returning presents. 😬

Initial-Respond7967 | Initial-Respond7967

Husband's unreasonable expectations for pregnant wife. NTA. 😡

PeaStreet6542 | PeaStreet6542

Pregnant woman vents about being the only cook in household 🤷🏻‍♀️

Original_Archer5984 | Original_Archer5984

Spouse expects pregnant wife to cook Christmas dinner? 🤯 A**hole move.

Zebbadee1 | Zebbadee1

Encouraging comment for equal division of household chores 👍

Previous_Reality2643 | Previous_Reality2643

Pregnant woman shares her experience with an unsympathetic husband 🤢

wuzzittoya | wuzzittoya

Supportive comment on the need for a full partner.

desirerich | desirerich

Harsh but honest advice for a toxic relationship. 💔

Bergenia1 | Bergenia1

Pregnant woman refuses to cook, NTA. Partner needs to step up 👏

bogo0814 | bogo0814

A scathing comment on entitled spouses and their behavior.

PresentationLimp890 | PresentationLimp890

Pregnant wife refuses to cook Christmas dinner, husband pulls a stunt 😠

honeybaby2019 | honeybaby2019

Pregnant wife refuses to cook, husband throws a fit. NTA.

kkfluff | kkfluff

Defending her decision not to cook, commenter questions husband's entitlement.

Jollydancer | Jollydancer

NTA commenter calls out husband's 'weaponized incompetence' 👀👏

CommonSide1851 | CommonSide1851

Pregnant wife deserves help, not criticism. 👏

perscoot | perscoot

A blunt but honest comment about dealing with a bad spouse 🤷🏼‍♀️

SlabBeefpunch | SlabBeefpunch

Husband's Christmas dinner entitlement sparks justified anger 💯

kboc923 | kboc923

NTA: Commenter calls out man-child husband, sparks no replies.

KimvdLinde | KimvdLinde

Pregnant wife claps back at husband's Christmas dinner request 🎄

liveandloveandlearn5 | liveandloveandlearn5

Pregnant woman claps back at entitled husband. 👏

Agnesperdita | Agnesperdita

Concerned comment about pregnancy timeline and consent.

oceanduciel | oceanduciel

Pregnant woman claps back at husband for being useless 👏

StoicWeasle | StoicWeasle

User calls out husband's immature behavior and lack of respect 🤦‍♂️

Usual_Bumblebee_8274 | Usual_Bumblebee_8274

Empathetic comment acknowledges OP's difficult situation. 😢

Shady_Scientist | Shady_Scientist

Husband criticized for not helping while wife is 8 months pregnant 😠

LCJ75 | LCJ75

Husband needs to grow up. NTA for not cooking dinner 😠

Competitive_Cat_8468 | Competitive_Cat_8468

Redditor's humorous comment on a relatable situation.

SometimesIDoCare | SometimesIDoCare

A blunt ESH comment calls out both parties' faults.

KobilD | KobilD

One commenter suggests divorce or murder over cooking expectations. 💀

TrishTime50 | TrishTime50

Pregnant wife refuses to cook, husband orders her around. NTA.

nowhere_near_Berlin | nowhere_near_Berlin

Husband called unreasonable, internet agrees. NTA wins the round! 👏

Adventurous-Term5062 | Adventurous-Term5062

Supportive comment: Husband needs to grow up. NTA 👏

JuneGemCancerCusp | JuneGemCancerCusp

NTA calls out man-child husband's lack of contribution at home.

Shichimi88 | Shichimi88

Confused commenter questions man-child's behavior and parenting abilities 🤔

twistedchristian | twistedchristian

Partner called out for being a 'manbaby' in the kitchen 👨‍🍳

WaitingitOut000 | WaitingitOut000

Don't let anyone guilt-trip you into cooking. You're NTA 👏

oldcreaker | oldcreaker

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