Ex-Wife Calls Newborn Her 'First Child' 😲 Ignoring 7-Year-Old Daughter!

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Imagine having a child with someone, only for them to completely disregard that child when they have another baby with someone else. That's exactly what happened to one dad, who was left fuming when his ex-wife referred to her newborn son as her 'first child,' completely ignoring their 7-year-old daughter. What unfolds is a dramatic confrontation that leaves everyone questioning who's in the right. 😱💔

The Co-Parenting Setup 🤝

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A New 'Mom' Emerges 💕

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Dad Stands His Ground 🛑

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Anna Remarries 💍

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A New Baby on the Way 🤰

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Baby Boy Arrives 👶

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The Unthinkable Statement 😡

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Dad's Outburst 🗣️

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The Heartbreaking Aftermath 💔

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Dad's Fury Over Ex-Wife's Disregard for Daughter 😤

This dad couldn't believe his ears when his ex-wife, Anna, referred to her newborn son as her 'first child,' completely ignoring their 7-year-old daughter, Talia. He couldn't help but confront her, leading to a heated exchange with Anna's new husband, Carl. Now, with Anna blocking him and becoming even more distant, Talia is left heartbroken. 💔 Was the dad in the wrong for yelling at Anna, or is she the one who should be held accountable for her shocking statement? Let's see what the internet thinks of this situation...

User questions context of ex-wife's 'first child' comment.

OneTwoWee000 | OneTwoWee000

NTA commenter empathizes with father's dilemma and suggests custody change.

Willing-Rip-8761 | Willing-Rip-8761

Clarification on ex-wife's statement and ESH judgement explained.

Extreme-Pair9318 | Extreme-Pair9318

Parental conflict and hypocrisy. ESH. 😒

BrianAneurysm | BrianAneurysm

Engaging response to YTA comment defending ex-wife's actions. 💪

Subtlenova | Subtlenova

A commenter expresses concern over the father's behavior and motives.

Desperate-Face-6594 | Desperate-Face-6594

User suggests counseling for family after ex-wife's harsh actions. YTA.

Expensive_Pain_5987 | Expensive_Pain_5987

The impact of parental alienation on a child's feelings explained 🤔

mspooh321 | mspooh321

Parental alienation and neglect harms children. ESH needs to change.

Whistleblower793 | Whistleblower793

Stop nitpicking and move on. 🙄

Accomplished_Cup900 | Accomplished_Cup900

Defending against unfair parenting stereotypes with a software analogy 🤔

Sorrynotsorry11111 | Sorrynotsorry11111

User suggests parental alienation and questions narrative accuracy.

Tasty_Doughnut_9226 | Tasty_Doughnut_9226

User calls out OP for not setting boundaries with ex-wife.

Lucky_Log2212 | Lucky_Log2212

Mother accused of neglecting daughter receives YTA judgement.

BillyShears991 | BillyShears991

Encouraging daughter to call stepmom 'mommy' then angry at ex-wife? YTA 🤪

KesterFay | KesterFay

Divorced couple argues over who is the 'real' mom 😑

Available_Doctor_974 | Available_Doctor_974

Co-parenting fail: Ex-wife ignores daughter, both called out for behavior.

InnerCamel5729 | InnerCamel5729

A commenter calls out a father for hypocrisy and disrespect. 😑

CanaryFluffy6318 | CanaryFluffy6318

Calm down and communicate. Yelling is not the solution. 🙏

Realistic_Head4279 | Realistic_Head4279

Protecting your child from a toxic parent is crucial 💪

Bonnm42 | Bonnm42

Respect co-parenting boundaries to avoid parental alienation 🙏

Foreign_Fall_8266 | Foreign_Fall_8266

Parental alienation is abusive. Seek help and stop victimizing yourself.

themediumchunk | themediumchunk

New mom accidentally misspoke, YTA for overreacting and attacking her.

nylonvest | nylonvest

Encouraging daughter to call new wife mom is wrong. YTA.

New-Yellow5289 | New-Yellow5289

Ignoring red flags for new relationship hurt your child. 😢

ThisReport877 | ThisReport877

Co-parenting gone wrong. Both parents need to step up 👊

BendPresent1437 | BendPresent1437

Parenting advice dismissed as bitter and petty 😒

[deleted] | [deleted]

Don't yell, talk it out. Disliking each other won't help anyone. ESH

InterestSufficient73 | InterestSufficient73

Parental conflict over new baby causing emotional harm to child 😔

cryptokitty010 | cryptokitty010

Father sympathizes with daughter in similar situation, calls YTA out.

Officially-Willy | Officially-Willy

User calls out OP for manipulating daughter's relationship with mother 🤷🏼‍♀️

themediumchunk | themediumchunk

Parental alienation suspected. Commenter prefers being a single parent. 😓

scemes | scemes

Acknowledging past mistakes is important for growth 👍

CelebrationNext3003 | CelebrationNext3003

Father criticized for not helping daughter maintain relationship with ex-wife.

shaynawill | shaynawill

User calls out OP for screaming at ex-wife, worsening situation 🤬

daphreak1 | daphreak1

Questioning if ex-wife referred to son as 'first born' 🤔

Just4TheSpamAndEggs | Just4TheSpamAndEggs

Divorced couple's feud over child's motherly figure gets heated 😠

Raven_Maleficent | Raven_Maleficent

Poster suggests ex-wife is TA for ignoring her daughter.

wlfwrtr | wlfwrtr

Co-parenting gone wrong, calling wife 'mum' causes issues 🤷

NaughtyDred | NaughtyDred

Encouraging toddler to call new wife 'mom' is problematic. 🤔

Longjumping_Tart_899 | Longjumping_Tart_899

Accusations of intentional cruelty and manipulation in co-parenting.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Concerned commenter suggests custody battle for neglectful ex-couple 🤔

WorldlinessHefty918 | WorldlinessHefty918

User calls out OP for alienating daughter and shaming ex-wife 😒

MrsMurphysCow | MrsMurphysCow

Ex-husband criticized for not acknowledging daughter's feelings about new baby.

WellWellWellthennow | WellWellWellthennow

User calls out dad for not setting boundaries with ex-wife's new partner

ChloeBee95 | ChloeBee95

New wife crosses boundaries, ex-husband is hypocrite, YTA.

Blc578 | Blc578

Father advised to seek full custody and child support. 👍

RapcityNetwork | RapcityNetwork

ESH. Wife encouraging daughter to call her Mom was inappropriate.

AdAccomplished6870 | AdAccomplished6870

Parenting priorities lost in favoritism and bad communication 🙄

TinyCaterpillar3217 | TinyCaterpillar3217

A commenter calls out the mischaracterizations and vilification in the post.

Peskypoints | Peskypoints

User calls out commenter for being a massive YTA 😱

onixma | onixma

User calls out parent for enabling alienation and being YTA.

throbbbbbbbbbbbb | throbbbbbbbbbbbb

User calls out OP for alienating daughter and ignoring her feelings.

zbornakingthestone | zbornakingthestone

Ex-husband's decision to replace ex-wife as daughter's mom backfires. YTA.

Judgemental_Ass | Judgemental_Ass

Blended family drama: stepmom vs. biomom in name calling. 🤯

Civil_Confidence5844 | Civil_Confidence5844

Co-parenting advice: Limit interactions, prioritize therapy for daughter 👨🏻👩🏻

Practical_Ride_8344 | Practical_Ride_8344

Reader questions authenticity of fictional character development.

Just_to_rebut | Just_to_rebut

NTA comment calls out insecure ex-wife for neglecting daughter. 👏

cheekiemunky13 | cheekiemunky13

Suggests keeping a record of ex-wife's behavior for custody battle 📝

rainbowbunnyofoz | rainbowbunnyofoz

YTA comment defends ex-wife's right to call newborn 'first child'

InternationalFox9436 | InternationalFox9436

YTA for alienating daughter and ignoring her feelings. 😔

Quizzy1313 | Quizzy1313

Doubting the story, but acknowledging the stepmother's role 🤔

mauve55 | mauve55

Ex-wife accused of hypocrisy over 'first child' comment 🤔

Adventurous-travel1 | Adventurous-travel1

Encouraging child to call someone else mom is too much 😑

QuietMovie4944 | QuietMovie4944

Defending stepmom doesn't make bio-dad an a**hole. 😒

gianpo | gianpo

Mom's denial of daughter's existence will hurt their relationship forever 😢

Classic-Guy-202 | Classic-Guy-202

Suggestion to seek full custody for neglected daughter 👍

themcp | themcp

Stepmother's love doesn't diminish love for biological mother ❤

Playing_Tennis_now | Playing_Tennis_now

Ex-wife neglects daughter for new child, OP should have guided daughter.

dzmeyer | dzmeyer

Choosing a new mother has consequences. YTA for ignoring daughter.

mrcrocswatch | mrcrocswatch

Stepmom called 'mom': did ex-wife push it on daughter? 🤔

happycows11 | happycows11

Parenting advice given with empathy and understanding 👏

Mental-Pitch5995 | Mental-Pitch5995

Parent chooses love over estranged adult child's bad choices 🙏

Trivia_Junkie69 | Trivia_Junkie69

Protective mother defends daughter against neglectful ex-wife. NTA 💪

Fitzcarraldo8 | Fitzcarraldo8

Stepmom referred to as 'mom', biological mom's reaction criticized. NTA.

Sensei_Ochiba | Sensei_Ochiba

Ex-husband criticized for confronting ex-wife's parenting amidst newborn chaos 😕

Salty-Travel-2868 | Salty-Travel-2868

Father seeks custody and therapy for daughter, praises wife's love 🙌

Wondeful_Guidance_6 | Wondeful_Guidance_6

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