Ex-Husband's Divorce Lie Exposed! 😱 Mother's Reaction is Priceless!

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Picture this: you're sitting around with your ex-husband, your brother, and your ex-mother-in-law, chatting and relaxing before a holiday gathering. The conversation turns to your divorce, and your ex starts spinning a tale that's far from the truth. What do you do? One woman found herself in this exact situation, and she couldn't help but set the record straight. But was it the right thing to do? Let's dive into the story and find out. 🤔🍿

The Divorce Backstory 📖

Justthrowaway100 | Justthrowaway100

The Real Reason Behind the Split 💔

Justthrowaway100 | Justthrowaway100

Counseling and Co-Parenting 🤝

Justthrowaway100 | Justthrowaway100

Holiday Gatherings 🦃

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The Conversation Takes a Turn 🔄

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Ex's Version of Events 🤥

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The Lie Unravels 😳

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The 'Peaceful' Divorce Discussion? 🙄

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Setting the Record Straight 💣

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Mother's Reaction 😡

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Ex's Defense 🛡️

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Brother's Opinion 🤷‍♂️

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Was She Right to Expose the Lie? 🤔

So, there you have it – a holiday gathering turned into a dramatic revelation. While some might argue that it was a bit harsh to expose the ex-husband's lie during a family event, others might say it was only fair to set the record straight. After all, the truth always has a way of coming out, doesn't it? 😏 Let's see what the internet thinks of this situation…

NTA. No sympathy needed for abusive ex-husband's actions. 😱

pragya1002 | pragya1002

Ex-husband lied during divorce, deserved to be called out. 😱

PrestigiousTrouble48 | PrestigiousTrouble48

NTA shuts down gaslighting ex-husband. Therapy failed 😱

FairyPenguinStKilda | FairyPenguinStKilda

Honesty is key 👍 Ex-MIL judged unfairly without context

CarpeCyprinidae | CarpeCyprinidae

Mother's forgiveness is admirable, but ex-husband needs therapy 😕

Listen_2learn | Listen_2learn

Don't mess with a woman who knows her worth! 💪🏻

Serge-Rodnunsky | Serge-Rodnunsky

Ex-husband's lies exposed! NTA tells them to put on IronMan undies 🤣

PatchEnd | PatchEnd

Taking responsibility in therapy is hard. Ex-husband in denial. NTA 👍

[deleted] | [deleted]

Ex-husband lies about divorce, gets exposed. Mother's reaction priceless! 😍

United_Fig_6519 | United_Fig_6519

Reader applauds OP for forgiving ex-husband, calls out his family. 💯

itsminimes | itsminimes

Ex-husband's lie backfires, commenter says NTA for exposing him 😎

snazzy_soul | snazzy_soul

Ex-husband lies about divorce? NTA's reaction is priceless 😍

sdbinnl | sdbinnl

Empathetic commenter supports OP's decision and suggests therapy change. 👍

santtu_ | santtu_

Grandmother manipulated by entitled narcissist ex-husband, heartbreaking NTA story 😢

MothSeason | MothSeason

Ex-husband should have stuck to safe topics like football or pets 😂

Alert-Cranberry-5972 | Alert-Cranberry-5972

Sunlight disinfects! NTA stands up for herself and wins. 🙌

hamljnga | hamljnga

Fiery response to cheating accusation with NTAH judgment.

lovinglifeatmyage | lovinglifeatmyage

Divorce, attempted murder, and pumpkin pie? Thanksgiving got awkward 🤯

highoncatnipbrownies | highoncatnipbrownies

Divorce denial? NTA calls out ex-husband's assault lie. 🤔

Stomach_Junior | Stomach_Junior

Ex-husband lied, gaslit, and got publicly corrected. NTA 👏

kn0tkn0wn | kn0tkn0wn

NTAH. Ex-husband lied about abuse, brother didn't defend. Therapy not working.

Maleficent_Draft_564 | Maleficent_Draft_564

Ex-husband hasn't changed, NTA warns to be careful. 😱

Kazvicious | Kazvicious

Stand up for yourself! Mother defends daughter's divorce actions. NTA

CarCrashRhetoric | CarCrashRhetoric

Honesty and accountability are key. NTA wins the day! 👏

Unhappy_Wishbone_551 | Unhappy_Wishbone_551

Honesty is the best policy, or you'll f**k around and find out. 😬

Bonnm42 | Bonnm42

Ex-husband can't handle truth, hasn't changed. NTA 😊

Jokester_316 | Jokester_316

No lies, no secrets. Honesty is the best policy! 👍

69chevy396 | 69chevy396

Accountability in the light of day 🌞

DaisySam3130 | DaisySam3130

Ex-husband tries to silence ex-wife, but she won't back down 💪

Draigdwi | Draigdwi

Hold him accountable! NTA commenter advocates for therapy accountability.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Ex-husband tried to rewrite history, got exposed. NTA 👏

JenAnt80 | JenAnt80

Divorce lie exposed, ex-husband gets called out. NTA wins!

mofa90277 | mofa90277

Ex-husband lied about assault, NTA for exposing the truth 💯

evilcj925 | evilcj925

Standing up against domestic violence. 💪🏻

Gamer_GreenEyes | Gamer_GreenEyes

Empathetic comment encourages moving on from manipulative ex-husband. ❤️

Personal_Regular_569 | Personal_Regular_569

Ex-husband's audacity is unbelievable. NTA's response is priceless 😂

Blue-Phoenix23 | Blue-Phoenix23

Ex-husband cheated, tried to kill, lied, and not taking responsibility. NTA.

Kittytigris | Kittytigris

Ex-husband's lies exposed, but he's still trying to play the victim.

goddessofspite | goddessofspite

Mom's reaction to son's lie is priceless 😍

SuluSpeaks | SuluSpeaks

"Made your bed, now lay in it". Ex-husband's lie exposed. NTA

PhatBallllzAtHotmail | PhatBallllzAtHotmail

Ex-husband's lies exposed, but still surprised by consequences. NTA.

2_old_for_this_spit | 2_old_for_this_spit

No sympathy for the cheating ex-husband. You go, girl! 💪

slendermanismydad | slendermanismydad

Ex-husband ashamed but can't deny truth. NTA, he's the AH. 😱

VirtualPanda89 | VirtualPanda89

Encouraging comment about therapy and self-reflection. 👍

Recent_Data_305 | Recent_Data_305

Exposing a lying, cheating ex-husband. NTA for setting things straight 👏

Puddlingon | Puddlingon

Ex-husband's karma catches up to him. Accountability is key. 👏

JollyForce9237 | JollyForce9237

Don't blame me for your abusive behavior, NTA 👏

SuspiciousZombie788 | SuspiciousZombie788

Ex-husband's lie backfires, mother's reaction is priceless. NTA wins.

rattitude23 | rattitude23

Ex-husband's lie exposed, mother finds out the truth. NTA wins!

EstherVCA | EstherVCA

Ex-husband's victim blaming exposed, mother's reaction is priceless 😱

ilovefireengines | ilovefireengines

Divorce lie exposed! OP stands up to ex-husband's manipulation. 💪

Mapilean | Mapilean

NTA for refusing to be complicit in ex-husband's lies. 👏

FerrousFellow | FerrousFellow

Honesty is key to true improvement. Accountability matters. 👍

TerrorAlpaca | TerrorAlpaca

Owning up to your mistakes is the price of divorce. 💔

pattyG80 | pattyG80

Ex-husband's deceitful plan backfires, mother-in-law sees through the lies. NTA 😎

Agoraphobe961 | Agoraphobe961

Ex-husband lied about divorce, painted himself as peacemaker. NTA.

HugeNefariousness222 | HugeNefariousness222

When your ex-husband lies during divorce proceedings 😑

Fluffy_North8934 | Fluffy_North8934

Ex-husband lied about cheating and assault. She's gracious but NTA.

princessofperky | princessofperky

Ex-husband lied in divorce, but got caught. NTA response.

Adorable-Reaction887 | Adorable-Reaction887

Ex-husband's anger misplaced. NTA for calling out his lie 👏

gruntbuggly | gruntbuggly

Ex-husband lied about divorce reason, NTA for telling truth 👍

michelecw | michelecw

Ex-husband gaslighted his mother too! NTAH wonders what else he hides 🤔

ritlingit | ritlingit

"Play stupid games, win stupid prizes". Ex-husband exposed, NTA wins.

MyLalaRocky | MyLalaRocky

Ex-husband exposed as abuser, NTA's reaction is satisfying 😊

X-Himy | X-Himy

Honesty is the best policy. 👍 Kids deserve the truth.

jjj68548 | jjj68548

Facing the truth is key to atonement 👍

yggdrasillx | yggdrasillx

Ex-husband lied in divorce, commenter supports mother's reaction. NTA 👍

verminiusrex | verminiusrex

Ex-husband's lie exposed, commenter calls for accountability and justice. 👊

Nodak1954 | Nodak1954

Ex-husband's lie exposed, but he played the hero to mommy? NTA

red3biggs | red3biggs

Truth prevails! NTA's revelation at the right time. 👏

No-Anteater1688 | No-Anteater1688

When lies unravel, who's to blame? Share your thoughts 🤔

CakePhool | CakePhool

Ex-husband lied, got called out, MIL is ally. NTA 👏

Ebonyrosepatt | Ebonyrosepatt

Don't be a part of his lies! NTA 🙌

camikita | camikita

NTA commenter calls out ex-husband's lies and lack of growth 🔥

Nervous-Tea-7074 | Nervous-Tea-7074

Ex-husband caught in lie during divorce, commenter says NTA 👏

calaan | calaan

Accountability is key. 👏 NTA stands up for honesty.

Past-Motor-4654 | Past-Motor-4654

Recognizing one's actions is key to true change. 👍

AdGroundbreaking4397 | AdGroundbreaking4397

Ex-husband gets called out for lying during divorce. NTA wins.

Mehitabel9 | Mehitabel9

Ex-husband's lies exposed, mother and commenter agree: NTA! 😊

MahoganyBlue21 | MahoganyBlue21

Ex-wife receives support for exposing ex-husband's abusive behavior. NTA.

Poppypie77 | Poppypie77

Ex-husband gets what he deserves, Mom's reaction is priceless! 😂

oldmercdriver | oldmercdriver

Standing up for yourself is never a dick move! 🙌

Why_Teach | Why_Teach

Supportive commenter stands up against abusive ex-husband. 💪

catlettuce | catlettuce

Ex-husband's lies exposed to his mom! 🤯 Karma strikes back.

H_Quinlan_190402 | H_Quinlan_190402

Ex-husband lied and got caught! Mother-in-law holds him accountable. NTA!

pandora840 | pandora840

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