Flower Shop Chaos: Wife Considers Firing Husband's Boss's Daughter 😱💐

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We all know that doing favors for others can sometimes lead to tricky situations, but what happens when that favor involves your husband's boss's daughter and your own business? One woman is facing this dilemma as she runs a flower shop inherited from her family. Her husband, eager to secure a promotion, offers his boss's 17-year-old daughter, Jessica, a summer job at the shop. But things quickly go south... 🌸💔

The Promotion Chase 🏃‍♂️💼

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The Boss's Daughter Enters the Scene 🌟

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An Offer Made Without Consultation 😮

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The Disaster Begins 😵

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Unreliable and Careless 🤦‍♀️

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Inappropriate Attire and Slow Pace 😒

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Manager's Disapproval 🙅‍♀️

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Husband's Plea 🙏

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Daddy's Girl 😇

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Attempts to Talk Fail 🗣️

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Desperate Measures 🆘

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The Dilemma: To Fire or Not to Fire? 🤷‍♀️

Caught between her husband's career ambitions and the well-being of her flower shop, our protagonist is left with a tough call to make. Jessica, the boss's daughter, has proven to be unreliable, careless, and unprofessional. Despite attempts to talk to her, nothing changes. Even the shop's manager urges her to fire Jessica. But with her husband insisting she stay employed through the summer, what's a wife to do? Let's see what the internet has to say about this sticky situation... 🕵️‍♀️💬

Enact a no cell phone policy and document her tardiness 📞

apearlmae | apearlmae

NTA considers options for boss's daughter's employment 🤔

lovemykittiez | lovemykittiez

Sneaky solution to flower shop dilemma 👌

ACorania | ACorania

Enforcing strict policies could solve the issue without firing her 👍

v2den | v2den

Cut her hours, keep her away from breakables, Sayonara Jessica! 🙌

ScousePete | ScousePete

Set clear expectations and communicate consequences before firing. 👍

insertunique | insertunique

Firing boss's daughter not smart, hire another employee instead 😕

RagdollSeeker | RagdollSeeker

Suggests an escalating disciplinary action for husband's boss's daughter 👍

katie-didnot | katie-didnot

Husband's boss's daughter causing chaos at flower shop, NTA for firing? 😱

majesticjewnicorn | majesticjewnicorn

Fair treatment for all employees, even the boss's daughter 👍

badb-crow | badb-crow

Cut her hours or wait for her to leave 🤔

fsbbem | fsbbem

Hiring boss's daughter was a mistake, but firing her now YWBTA 😬

CyberneticPanda | CyberneticPanda

NTA but put her on a performance plan 👍. Don't tie business with husband's job.

coyoterose5 | coyoterose5

Consider the cost before firing boss's daughter for husband's sake 💐

EffectOk5328 | EffectOk5328

Consider the consequences before taking action. NTA, but...

dont_fuckin_die | dont_fuckin_die

Fairness in the workplace: Should the boss's daughter be fired? 🤔

lkvwfurry | lkvwfurry

Take control of your business, NTA! 💪

iMESSupCOMMONphrases | iMESSupCOMMONphrases

Boss's daughter gets a job, wife gets a headache 🤨

Side-Eye-Sorceress | Side-Eye-Sorceress

Enforce a 'no phones' rule with consequences to avoid conflict 📞

[deleted] | [deleted]

Set boundaries and prioritize business over personal relationships 👍

Pony_Express1974 | Pony_Express1974

Take charge of your business, NTA for firing her.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Boss's daughter gets special treatment, NTA for considering firing her 👏

FannyctalopeTV | FannyctalopeTV

Compromise suggested to avoid firing boss's daughter 👍

bobjones-1234 | bobjones-1234

Consider training her instead of firing. NTA, but think ahead 🙌

HRHtheDuckyofCandS | HRHtheDuckyofCandS

Document everything to protect husband from boss's daughter's behavior. 👍

pnutbuttercups56 | pnutbuttercups56

Scheming husband's incompetent colleague causing chaos at flower shop 🌿

Bookish4269 | Bookish4269

Suggests giving the boss's daughter filler work and a corner. 👍

MeAndMonty | MeAndMonty

Firing boss's daughter may not secure promotion, consider alternatives. NTA.

fuzzyfuzzyfungus | fuzzyfuzzyfungus

An employee's bad behavior puts business owner in a bind 😣

CoffeeChaosNCussing | CoffeeChaosNCussing

Consider potential fallout before firing boss's daughter over dress code 🤔

Anon_819 | Anon_819

Husband's boss's daughter is a terrible employee, but husband wants promotion 😱

No_Proposal7628 | No_Proposal7628

Reduce her hours, enforce dress code, and give grunt work tasks. 👍

sydneyunderfoot | sydneyunderfoot

Firing boss's daughter? Here's how to do it right 👍

louloutre75 | louloutre75

Blatant nepotism at flower shop, wife considers firing husband's boss's daughter 😱

Somebodycalled911 | Somebodycalled911

Engage with your employee and set clear expectations 👍

ibagbagi | ibagbagi

Navigating family politics at work: NTA, but tread carefully 🤓

Successful_Good1636 | Successful_Good1636

Suggests husband pays for help needed to cover issues 💰

[deleted] | [deleted]

NTA, but consider other ways to handle boss's daughter.

obamaschopsticks | obamaschopsticks

Keeping the boss's daughter for the summer? 🤔

annedroiid | annedroiid

Firing boss's daughter may cost husband's job. Negotiate pay instead 👍

Warriormuffinhed | Warriormuffinhed

NTA. Suggests husband pays for boss's daughter's salary to avoid repercussions.

son-of-a-mother | son-of-a-mother

Suggests cutting hours for low-performing employee to avoid confrontation 👍

JustAGal27 | JustAGal27

Reduce her hours and give her boring tasks to avoid conflict 😐

Kittenn1412 | Kittenn1412

Stick it out for the team, cut her hours ✔️

kittynoodlesoap | kittynoodlesoap

A diplomatic approach to firing the boss's daughter 🤔

utterly_baffledly | utterly_baffledly

Keeping a bad employee could risk losing good ones. NTA.

Nalpona_Freesun | Nalpona_Freesun

Be patient, reducing her hours may minimize annoyance 🙏

HungNerd78 | HungNerd78

ESH. Confusing ruling, but moral and realistic perspectives clash.

littlefiddle05 | littlefiddle05

Suggests avoiding drama by giving meaningless tasks to boss's daughter 😜

lucimme | lucimme

Suggests passive-aggressive way to get boss's daughter to quit 😒

ProfMG | ProfMG

Managing difficult employees is a valuable skill 💪

SubtleCow | SubtleCow

Take charge and fire her, establish boundaries with husband. NTA 👍

Forteanforever | Forteanforever

Document all issues and fire her with evidence. NTA.

deeme5-4 | deeme5-4

Firing boss's daughter? NTA, but can flower shop afford it? 🤔

Apple-pie_best-pie | Apple-pie_best-pie

Opportunity to teach a new employee about the working world 👨‍🏫

apricot_jaguar | apricot_jaguar

Setting boundaries with boss's daughter for better work ethics 👍

ObsecureAccount | ObsecureAccount

Savage suggestion to deal with husband's boss's daughter 🤭

clutzycook | clutzycook

Navigating family business drama: keep her or fire her? 🤔

claudiarabbit123 | claudiarabbit123

Husband's favoritism backfires, wife left to handle bad employee 🤷

omgwtfbbq_powerade | omgwtfbbq_powerade

Give constructive feedback to Boss's daughter before firing her. 👍

[deleted] | [deleted]

Implementing an employee handbook can solve work behavior issues 👍

Beautiful_mistakes | Beautiful_mistakes

Employee's personal phone use at work causes conflict. NTA suggests solution.

lumpthefoff | lumpthefoff

Take charge! NTA, fire whoever you need to 💪

rammsterboy97 | rammsterboy97

Boss's daughter causing chaos at flower shop, NTA seeks advice. 🤔

ginsengtea3 | ginsengtea3

Partner uses your business to kiss up? NTA, fire away! 👏

Common-Crow-7132 | Common-Crow-7132

Engage lazy employee with incentives and ugly aprons 😉

scabbytoe | scabbytoe

Husband's bad decision leads to consequences for flower shop chaos 😬

PyrexPizazz217 | PyrexPizazz217

NTA has the right to fire, but can offer a teaching moment 💪

killer_orange_2 | killer_orange_2

Cutting down work for husband's boss's daughter? NTA, but tricky situation! 🤔

lovebeinganasshole | lovebeinganasshole

Hiring reliable employees is crucial for a successful business 👍

Radiant_Cat618 | Radiant_Cat618

Boss's daughter slacks off, NTA for considering firing her 👍

snorglehorf | snorglehorf

Suggests having a conversation and finding common ground 👍

samcoffeeman | samcoffeeman

Proactive communication can prevent awkward situations. 👨‍👩‍👧

RaederX | RaederX

Spouse prioritizing promotion over partner's comfort and wishes 😑

CrazyCatLover_ | CrazyCatLover_

Spouse hired boss's daughter without permission, NTA for firing her 👏

veritaserum9 | veritaserum9

Wife suggests a fair solution to husband's entitled behavior 👏

Outrageous-Program30 | Outrageous-Program30

Husband's favor to boss backfires, wife considers firing his hire 😱

SonorousBlack | SonorousBlack

NTA suggests a sneaky solution to keep boss's daughter employed. 🤔

chikkadee | chikkadee

Inappropriate work attire and giggling hazards? This girl's gotta go. 😱

MommaLokiLovesYou | MommaLokiLovesYou

Navigating office politics: Is it worth firing boss's daughter? 🤔

madforthis | madforthis

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