Ultimatum Over Dinner: Baby or Boyfriend's Mom? 😱🍽️

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Imagine meeting your partner's mom for the first time with joyous news, only to have the evening spiral into a nightmare. 😬 That's exactly what happened to a 23-year-old woman, excited to share she's expecting, but instead faced with a jaw-droppingly racist comment from her boyfriend's mother. 🤯 The night took an even more dramatic turn when our heroine issued an ultimatum that could change everything. Dive into this rollercoaster of emotions, love, and tough decisions. 🎢❤️💔

A Joyous Announcement Turns Sour 😔

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First Meeting with Future MIL Goes Downhill Fast 😨

[deleted] | [deleted]

An Unexpected Cold Welcome 🥶

[deleted] | [deleted]

A Look That Said a Thousand Words 😳

[deleted] | [deleted]

Dinner Drama Unfolds 🍽️😡

[deleted] | [deleted]

A Racist Remark Shatters the Evening 💔

[deleted] | [deleted]

A Secret Language Skill Reveals the Ugly Truth 🕵️‍♀️

[deleted] | [deleted]

An Attempt to Salvage the Night 🤷‍♀️

[deleted] | [deleted]

A Bathroom Heart-to-Heart Turns Heated 🚽💔

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A Boyfriend's Weak Defense 🛡️😒

[deleted] | [deleted]

An Ultimatum is Issued 🚨

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A Decision Made in Solitude 🤯

[deleted] | [deleted]

A Final Choice: Standing Her Ground ✊

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A Firm Stand Against Pressure 🛑

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A Message to the Critics 📢

[deleted] | [deleted]

A Bold Declaration of Independence 💪

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A Call for Respect and Understanding 🌈

[deleted] | [deleted]

A Final Word to the Haters 💬

[deleted] | [deleted]

A Plea for Empathy and Action ❤️

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A Strong Message of Choice and Freedom 🕊️

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A Dinner Disaster Sparks a Defiant Stand 🍴💥

From a hopeful dinner to a heart-wrenching ultimatum, our protagonist's story is a rollercoaster of emotions, decisions, and standing up for what's right. 🎢💔 Faced with racism and a lack of support, she makes a bold choice about her future and the well-being of her unborn child. 🚼💪 Amidst criticism and pressure, her message is clear: respect, understanding, and the right to choose are non-negotiable. 🌟 Let's dive into the wave of support and opinions that followed her brave stance. 🌊❤️

NTA. Tough decision to make. Consider cutting ties with MIL.

Ok_Design_705 | Ok_Design_705

Boyfriend's racist mom ruins dinner, sympathy for commenter.

PolarStar89 | PolarStar89

Don't have a baby with him, he's condoning his mother's racism. 😱

FatBloke4 | FatBloke4

Cut ties with man child. Baby decision yours. Good luck! 👍

mags7683 | mags7683

Think twice before having a baby with an unsupportive partner 🤔

Sweaty_Chart_6963 | Sweaty_Chart_6963

NTA commenter advises to not have baby with spineless partner. 😱

gayghostboy69 | gayghostboy69

Stand up to his mom or raise the baby alone? 🤔

CarbonS0ul | CarbonS0ul

Mixed race commenter shares personal experience with racism in family.

Careless_League_9494 | Careless_League_9494

No a-hole here. Choosing what's best for you and your baby 👶

Targa85 | Targa85

Don't have a baby with him, bringing a child into a racist family is not worth it. 🚫

[deleted] | [deleted]

NTA. Commenter advises to value yourself more and get an abortion.

WilsIrish | WilsIrish

User advises against using abortion as a weapon and suggests waiting.

Smoke__Frog | Smoke__Frog

Racism is never okay, NTA for standing up for yourself.

Effective-Ad7517 | Effective-Ad7517

Mexican culture's matriarchy makes it hard to win over boyfriend's mom 😞

AnonymousWiff | AnonymousWiff

Toxic in-laws can destroy your soul. Don't start a family. 😔

sinwon475 | sinwon475

Pro-choice commenter argues for justified breakup over ultimatum. 👍

mdillard2006 | mdillard2006

NTA. Threatening abortion is serious. He needs to recognize that.

scienceandpuppies | scienceandpuppies

Controversial advice on abortion and race in tough situation. 🤔

Responsible_Fig_8325 | Responsible_Fig_8325

Heartfelt empathy for a difficult situation. 🤍

ComplexResource999 | ComplexResource999

Think twice before ultimatums. Kids can't be undone. 😕

JupiterSkyFalls | JupiterSkyFalls

Controversial comment suggests abortion over racist grandmother ultimatum. 😱

morbidnerd | morbidnerd

Break up and get an abortion. Don't subject yourself. NTA. 😱

SylphofBlood | SylphofBlood

Insensitive boyfriend faces tough reality check about fatherhood. 😔

Hot_Ad892 | Hot_Ad892

Empathetic comment supporting personal choice. 👍

VTHome203 | VTHome203

Avoid a momma's boy partner or risk a difficult life. 😔

Equal_Push_565 | Equal_Push_565

Reconsider having a kid with this guy 🤔

Informal_Ad2658 | Informal_Ad2658

Abortion as a weapon? Grateful for it instead. 😱

TauntaBeanie | TauntaBeanie

👍 NTA for not tolerating racism. Consider his and his mother's attitude towards a mixed-race child before having one with him.

Cappa_Cail | Cappa_Cail

Empowering response to toxic relationship. Take care of yourself 👍

Less_Jello_2489 | Less_Jello_2489

Strongly opinionated comment advocating for abortion and leaving partner.

femfem237 | femfem237

Powerful response to racist boyfriend, don't have a baby.

JennieGee | JennieGee

Supportive comment, recommends abortion, calls out the boyfriend's behavior. 👏

Voidfishie | Voidfishie

Dump the racist boyfriend or deal with his mom's racism? 🤔

Hopeless_Ramentic | Hopeless_Ramentic

Mixed commenter shares personal experience with family prejudice and supports OP. 👏

SimpleNo2324 | SimpleNo2324

Empathetic comment offering support and advice. 👍

Boujie_Assassin | Boujie_Assassin

NTA, saved child from toxic situation. Ex not mature enough.

Charming-Problem-478 | Charming-Problem-478

Think twice before sacrificing for a relationship at 8 months 😔

Training_Package6761 | Training_Package6761

Choosing between baby and boyfriend's mom, commenter made right choice 👍

VeronaMoreau | VeronaMoreau

Empathetic response to NTA girl's ultimatum, encouraging her future.

SpaceMom-LawnToLawn | SpaceMom-LawnToLawn

Intense comment suggests drastic action, no replies.

drehenup | drehenup

Cutting ties with toxic family? NTA wins the day 👏

TheLadyIsabelle | TheLadyIsabelle

Controversial comment suggests extreme solution to family conflict 🤯

aftercloudia | aftercloudia

Choosing between a baby and a boyfriend's mom. NTA.

Safren | Safren

NTA suggests abortion, prioritizes self-respect over toxic relationship. 👏

Weird_Highlight_3195 | Weird_Highlight_3195

NTA, but risky decision making. Recipe for disaster. 🤨

AmettOmega | AmettOmega

Dump the racist boyfriend, he put you in a bad situation 💯

Binx812 | Binx812

Supportive comment, urging OP to prioritize herself and offering hugs 🤗

Material-Double3268 | Material-Double3268

Standing up for pro-choice with fiery language 💥

CoolCrow206 | CoolCrow206

NTA. Using abortion as a bargaining chip is not okay 🚫

ScissorMeDaddiAss | ScissorMeDaddiAss

NTA. Leave that man-child and his mommy issues behind. 👋🏻

Vegetable_String7911 | Vegetable_String7911

User supports not having a baby in a toxic family.

Eatshitmoderatorz | Eatshitmoderatorz

Supportive comment from an internet mom, ignore the haters. 👍🏼

realistSLBwithRBF | realistSLBwithRBF

Spying in Spanish? Brilliant! Boyfriend's mom deserves censored words 🤬

quirknebula | quirknebula

A cautionary tale: think twice before settling with a bad partner. 🚫

[deleted] | [deleted]

Protecting your child from racism is top priority. NTA 👏

Ok-Ratio3343 | Ok-Ratio3343

Choosing between a baby and a racist boyfriend's family 🤔

Lady_Lallo | Lady_Lallo

NTA suggests abortion for better future, doubts boyfriend's fatherhood abilities.

artemismoon518 | artemismoon518

NTA commenter advises to dump boyfriend and get an abortion. 😱

mangojones | mangojones

Boyfriend's failure to communicate leads to ultimatum and chaos 🤯

Sea_Tank_9448 | Sea_Tank_9448

Dump the boyfriend, he accepts racism and won't stand with you. 💯

marblefree | marblefree

Using a potential abortion as a tactic is not okay 😔

AnthemWhite | AnthemWhite

Surprise pregnancy announcement leads to racist ultimatum. 🤔

Toucangenocide | Toucangenocide

Supportive comment encourages OP to prioritize her own needs and growth. 👍

3Heathens_Mom | 3Heathens_Mom

Dump him! 🚮 You deserve someone who defends you.

Medievalmoomin | Medievalmoomin

NTA drops boyfriend for defending his mother. Support for OP.

GlitterKitty456 | GlitterKitty456

Supportive comment on abortion decision. 👍

HellyOHaint | HellyOHaint

Traumatized by racist grandmother, commenter supports ultimatum over dinner. 😢

Lovelywaffle1 | Lovelywaffle1

Empathetic comment supports abortion and trusting one's own decision. 👍

no_one_you_know1 | no_one_you_know1

Interracial relationship worries, supportive stranger reminds sole choice is personal.

DntMindMeImNtRlyHere | DntMindMeImNtRlyHere

User supports OP's decision to prioritize her and her child's well-being.

Plot_Twist_208 | Plot_Twist_208

NTA. If he won't stick up for you, he won't for child. 👍

endersgame69 | endersgame69

Supportive comment about standing up against racist boyfriend's family 👏

Independent-Gas7119 | Independent-Gas7119

Supportive comment, haters gonna hate. Good luck! 👍

adlittle | adlittle

Delaying having a child to avoid hate. Wise decision. 👍

Jenna2k | Jenna2k

Harsh criticism for a man threatening to harm his own baby.

RareDub | RareDub

Choosing to prioritize the well-being of your future child ❤️


Choose what's best for you, don't let others influence you. 👍

TheGloriousEdweena | TheGloriousEdweena

Abortion is not a weapon. Respect his decision. 👍

Librekrieger | Librekrieger

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