Desperate Tenant Sniffs Out Stinky Mystery 🕵️‍♀️👃

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Imagine living in an apartment that constantly smells like pungent cooked Brussels sprouts. 😖 That's the reality for one tenant who's been on a mission to find the source of the stench for months. After cleaning every nook and cranny of their apartment, they finally discovered the smell was coming from their downstairs neighbor's apartment. Now they're left with a dilemma: confront the neighbor or call the landlord? Let's dive into this stinky situation. 🤔

The Mysterious Funk 🕵️‍♀️

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A Persistent Problem 😩

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The Search Continues 🔍

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Door-to-Door Detective 🚪

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The Culprit Found 🎯

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To Confront or Not to Confront? 🤷

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Signs of Life 🕵️‍♀️

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Dead or Just Bad Cooking? 💀🍳

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A Wild Theory 🤯

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The Stinky Dilemma: Confrontation or Landlord? 🤔

After months of dealing with a mysterious smell resembling pungent cooked Brussels sprouts, one tenant has finally tracked down the source - their downstairs neighbor's apartment. 😱 Now they're left with a tough decision: confront the neighbor about the stench or call the landlord to handle it. They've even considered the possibility of a hidden dead body! 😨 Let's see what the internet thinks about this smelly situation... 🧐

Get the landlord involved to solve the stinky mystery 👃

SaucinCats | SaucinCats

Reader suggests reading 'A Rose for Emily' before confronting landlord

kittykate19 | kittykate19

Tenant has the right to enjoy own space without funky smells 👃

ohheyitsme5 | ohheyitsme5

Tenant shares experience dealing with smelly neighbors, advises action. 👃

marissagnwalker | marissagnwalker

Anonymous complaint to landlord might be better than confronting tenant. 👨‍🎓

Twallot | Twallot

Tenant compares stinky smell to overcooked brussel sprouts 🤪

SevereAmount | SevereAmount

Urgent warning to call authorities about suspicious smell 🚨

hotdogwater-co | hotdogwater-co

Approaching the landlord may be a better option. 🤔

magpai | magpai

Neighbor confrontation leads to smelly mystery left unsolved 👃

Bind_Turtle | Bind_Turtle

Tenant suspects a dead body, urges action. 😐

BuzzyBrie | BuzzyBrie

Concerned neighbor suggests calling police for welfare check 🚨

[deleted] | [deleted]

Tenant seeks relief from stinky neighbors. Landlord, help please! 🙏

Lucky-Nebula | Lucky-Nebula

Tenant advises reporting the smell to the landlord. 🏢👃

PaganCHICK720 | PaganCHICK720

Concerned neighbor suggests reaching out to sideways neighbors for help 🙏

MyCatKnits | MyCatKnits

Concerned commenter suggests wellness check for possible deceased neighbor 😔

teena_pea18 | teena_pea18

Concerned commenter suggests calling landlord and police for welfare check 🚨

Squirrelgirl25 | Squirrelgirl25

Homemade kimchi could be the culprit 🥓

theory_until | theory_until

Possible solution to stinky mystery in apartment building 👀

lila_liechtenstein | lila_liechtenstein

NTA for wanting to report missing package, suggest wellness check.

agentpjr | agentpjr

Contact the Odour Abatement Taskforce and your landlord 👍

StealthandCunning | StealthandCunning

Curious comment begs for update on stinky mystery 🤔

NotAQuiltnB | NotAQuiltnB

Concerned commenter awaits update on neighbor's wellness check 🙏

Doodleparty | Doodleparty

Neighbor suggests calling cops for wellness check on missing neighbor.

Korrin | Korrin

Possible culprit in neighboring apartment? Let landlord investigate. 😉

lalalary | lalalary

Kimchi-making neighbors cause stinky suspicion 🤫

Guido_Sarducci1 | Guido_Sarducci1

Neighbor's shower smells like death, potential serial killer? 🤔

thatdarnkat | thatdarnkat

Curious commenter supports tenant and seeks updates on stinky mystery.

catsareweirdroomates | catsareweirdroomates

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