Pregnant Woman Questions Ex-Husband's Baby Bonding Attempts 🤰🤔

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Divorce can be a messy affair, especially when you're still living together. One woman found herself in a complicated situation when her ex-husband, V, moved back in due to unforeseen circumstances. To make matters worse, they ended up conceiving a child together. Now, she's questioning his attempts to bond with their unborn baby, and wondering if she's in the wrong for not seeing the point. Let's dive into this emotional rollercoaster of a story. 🎢😬

Divorce on Hold 🚫💔

PainInternational956 | PainInternational956

Unexpected Roommate 🏠

PainInternational956 | PainInternational956

Messy Divorce Situation 😖

PainInternational956 | PainInternational956

One Night, One Mistake 🛌

PainInternational956 | PainInternational956

Co-Parenting Uncertainty 🤷‍♀️

PainInternational956 | PainInternational956

Overthinking Ex-Husband 🤔

PainInternational956 | PainInternational956

Organic Food & Cat Litter Fears 🥦🐱

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911 Alerts for Everyone 🚨

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Bonding with the Bump 🤰

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Baby Can't Hear Yet 👂

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Questioning the Point 🤷‍♀️

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Hurt Feelings & Sulking 😞

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Edit: Bonding Clarification 📝

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Bonding for V? 🧔

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Morning Sickness & Soothing Thoughts 🤢

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To Bond or Not to Bond? 🤔👶

Caught in a messy divorce and unexpected pregnancy, our protagonist is left questioning her ex-husband's attempts to bond with their unborn baby. V's overthinking and paranoia have led to some odd behavior, including buying only organic food and fearing cat litter, despite not having a cat. She doesn't see the point in his bonding efforts, as the baby can't even hear yet. Is she wrong for questioning his intentions, or is V's bonding more for his own benefit? Let's see what the internet thinks of this complicated situation... 🌐💬

Divorcees' failed attempt at being civil 😑

Eladiun | Eladiun

Ex-husband's baby bonding attempts deemed inappropriate by pregnant OP. NTA.

mgaessler | mgaessler

A sarcastic comment about a messy divorce. 😂

Strange_Kinder | Strange_Kinder

Divorce may be necessary for custody. NTA.

Existing_Winter5679 | Existing_Winter5679

Lock down medical info and divorce ASAP to avoid clinginess 😡

jadepumpkin1984 | jadepumpkin1984

Pregnancy is hard enough, don't stress over ex's feelings. 👏

SerenityinHeresy | SerenityinHeresy

Respect her bodily autonomy. Let him bond after birth. NTA.

Sufficient-Ant6619 | Sufficient-Ant6619

Divorcing couple navigating baby bonding attempts with tension and snippiness 🤰🤔

[deleted] | [deleted]

Don't let your ex-husband take advantage of you and your kindness 😡

DataAdvanced | DataAdvanced

Setting boundaries during pregnancy, NTA for wanting alone time 👍

maxii1233 | maxii1233

Setting boundaries is important for reducing stress levels during pregnancy 🙌

whichwitch9 | whichwitch9

Pregnant woman asserts her bodily autonomy and seeks stability 👍

Internal-Student-997 | Internal-Student-997

Co-parenting struggles after divorce? NAH, but boundaries needed. 🙏

gahidus | gahidus

Red flags in partner's behavior during pregnancy, consider future implications. 🤰

aetherjunkieazem | aetherjunkieazem

Pregnant woman sets boundaries with ex-husband's baby bonding attempts 👏

Adventurous-Brain-36 | Adventurous-Brain-36

Fiery comment suggests drastic actions towards ex-husband's bonding attempts 💥

Emeraldcitychick | Emeraldcitychick

Navigating pregnancy and sickness, but acknowledging partner's involvement attempts 🤰🤔

5150AmiTyVille | 5150AmiTyVille

Pregnant woman seeks advice on divorcing ex-husband. NTA.

Historical-Goal-3786 | Historical-Goal-3786

Is he really in love with her? 🤔

WR_one18 | WR_one18

Curious commenter questions ex-husband's motives for bonding attempts 🤔

Corfiz74 | Corfiz74

Ex-husband bonding with baby is good, but respect boundaries. #NTA 👍

Biancanetta | Biancanetta

Pregnant woman suggests music for baby bonding, warns against nausea 🤢

19ShowdogTiger81 | 19ShowdogTiger81

Harsh comment calls out irresponsibility of relationship and parenting 👎

tealcosmo | tealcosmo

Divorced husband wants to bond with baby, but wife needs space 🤰🤔

curious_george123456 | curious_george123456

Bold comment questions questionable decision, no replies.

arcticalias | arcticalias

Ex-husband's guilt-driven love bombing after divorce 💔

Mountain_Monitor_262 | Mountain_Monitor_262

Harsh comment calls out both parties, suggests not having child 🤯

Ok_Hat_1422 | Ok_Hat_1422

Warning to a bitter parent about potential resentment towards child 🚨

Sing48 | Sing48

Co-parenting advice: therapy to establish boundaries 👨‍👩‍👤

herlavenderheart | herlavenderheart

Expectant mother seeks advice on bonding with unborn child ❤

alienlifeform19 | alienlifeform19

Caught in a lie? Commenter questions OP's story 🤔

Figuringitout-55 | Figuringitout-55

Ex-husband overstaying welcome? Awkward living situation 😕

HeroORDevil8 | HeroORDevil8

Pregnancy hormones + no cuddling = annoyed but NTA 🤰🏻

PhilChat420 | PhilChat420

Setting boundaries is crucial for a healthy pregnancy 👍

wearehereorarewe | wearehereorarewe

Creative separation dates for a clean divorce 👍

PoppinBubbles578 | PoppinBubbles578

Legalities of separation when sharing a home? 🤔

MissionRevolution306 | MissionRevolution306

Setting boundaries with ex-husband crucial for pregnant woman 🤰

Full-Arugula-2548 | Full-Arugula-2548

Divorce drama? NTA suggests ex-husband is high maintenance 🤰

Sea_Firefighter_4598 | Sea_Firefighter_4598

Pregnant woman questions ex-husband's bonding attempts. Commenter advises communication.

sentientbogleech | sentientbogleech

NTA commenter suggests kicking ex-husband out and using humor 😂

No-Difficulty-3768 | No-Difficulty-3768

Father-to-be shares heartwarming bonding experience with unborn babies ❤️

Traditional_Crew6617 | Traditional_Crew6617

Divorcee's strange bonding attempts raise red flags 🤔

[deleted] | [deleted]

Ex-husband's bonding attempts: NTA, baby is part of your body.

lambypie80 | lambypie80

Setting boundaries with ex-husband, NTA receives surprising backlash 🤰

golddustwitch | golddustwitch

User suggests considering the best for the kid 👨🏻‍👩🏻👦🏻👧🏻

I_am_aware_of_you | I_am_aware_of_you

Woman criticized for expecting to keep ex-husband out of child's life 🤰👮

pizzaisapie69 | pizzaisapie69

Setting boundaries while pregnant. NTA, not an incubator. 👏

Swiss_Miss_77 | Swiss_Miss_77

Opinions on pregnancy: everyone has one 🤣

krackastix | krackastix

Fiery comment suggests drastic action for separating from ex-husband. 💥

HeartAccording5241 | HeartAccording5241

Ex-husband's strange bonding requests after divorce raise red flags. NTA.

Maleficent_3608 | Maleficent_3608

Expectant mother asserts bodily autonomy, questions ex-husband's bonding attempts 🤰

SinsOfKnowing | SinsOfKnowing

Divorce on hold, but not stupidity. 🤣

puravida444 | puravida444

Pregnant woman's ex-husband avoids cat litter, comment section finds it adorable 😂

inko75 | inko75

User suggests bigger picture thinking for complicated situation. ESH.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Ex-husband's baby bonding attempts seem like a trap 🤰😑

french_revolutionist | french_revolutionist

Divorce gone wrong? Commenter questions ex-husband's baby bonding attempts 🤰🤔

mshelpman | mshelpman

Get a lawyer ASAP to protect your rights and autonomy. 💪

slytherclawmama | slytherclawmama

Parental bonding with the bump: ESH, baby's hearing irrelevant 😒

imdfantom | imdfantom

Ex-husband's baby bonding attempts causing health issues. NTA, kick him out. 👏

Angryleghairs | Angryleghairs

Divorced couple's baby bonding attempts met with criticism 😑

jamalihamid | jamalihamid

Divorce and pregnancy: a recipe for disaster 🤣

Forsaken_Age_9185 | Forsaken_Age_9185

Confusion and humor ensue in divorced couple's situation 😂

Cobey1 | Cobey1

Setting boundaries with ex-husband during pregnancy 🙌

look2thecookie | look2thecookie

Dealing with disrespectful ex-husband while having his baby 🤰

JCBashBash | JCBashBash

A comment calling out bitter divorcees, with a laughing emoji.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Ex-husband's attempts to bond with baby noticed by the baby. NAH

MotherBike | MotherBike

Father claims early bonding with daughter, commenter deemed YTA 🙄

AmountImpossible6775 | AmountImpossible6775

Encouraging comment about ex-husband's potential as a father ❤

whattheriverknows | whattheriverknows

Bonding with a baby in utero is important for fathers too 👨🏻‍🎤

slumberfist | slumberfist

Empowering response to ex-husband's entitlement over pregnant woman's body 💪

nyx926 | nyx926

Expectant father deserves empathy, not blame 👏

Due_Bass7191 | Due_Bass7191

Divorce doesn't mean he can't bond with his child. YTA.

AppropriateVictory48 | AppropriateVictory48

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