Groom-to-Be Faces Family Drama Over Service Dog at Wedding 😱🐶

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Weddings are supposed to be a celebration of love, but sometimes they can turn into a battleground for family conflicts. One groom-to-be is facing a tough decision as he tries to balance his sister's need for her service dog and his bride's severe allergy to dogs. With the wedding fast approaching, the stakes are high, and emotions are running even higher. Let's dive into this dramatic story and find out if there's a solution that can please everyone. 😬💔

A Wedding to Remember 🎉

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The Bride's Allergy 😷

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Lockdown Silver Lining 😷

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The Sister's Service Dog 🐶

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The Wedding Dilemma 💍

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Allergies vs. Service Dog 🚫🐕

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Sister's Response 😠

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A Single Request 🙏

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Family Fallout 😢

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The Ultimate Question 🤔

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A Wedding Standoff: Allergies vs. Service Dog 🥊🐶

In a whirlwind of family drama, our groom-to-be is caught between a rock and a hard place. His sister needs her service dog, Lenny, for her diabetes, but his bride-to-be, Gemma, suffers from severe dog allergies that could ruin her special day. As he tries to find a solution that works for everyone, the family is divided, with some even threatening not to attend the wedding. Can they find a way to compromise, or will this wedding be remembered for all the wrong reasons? Let's see what the internet thinks of this sticky situation... 🕵️‍♀️💬

Standing up for his wife's needs, NTA predicts future fights 💪

GemueseBeerchen | GemueseBeerchen

Allergies trump service dog for wedding day photos. NTA.

Comfortable-Sea-2454 | Comfortable-Sea-2454

Bride has right to allergy-free wedding, sister has alternatives. NTA

EvilFinch | EvilFinch

Bride shouldn't have to worry about dog on wedding day 😱

Dangerous-Emu-7924 | Dangerous-Emu-7924

NTA verdict for groom-to-be facing family drama over service dog 🐶

shiny-baby-cheetah | shiny-baby-cheetah

Bride's health should come first, sister's attendance not essential. NTA 👍

TA_totellornottotell | TA_totellornottotell

NTA. Conflict of needs, prioritize host's needs. Mom needs to chill 😎

dryadduinath | dryadduinath

Future wife's allergies should not ruin your wedding day. NTA 👍

DogsReadingBooks | DogsReadingBooks

Supportive comment receives rare praise on Reddit 👏

toffifeeandcoffee | toffifeeandcoffee

Fiancée's health > sister's service dog. NTA 🐶❌👰

Professional_Ruin953 | Professional_Ruin953

Bride's allergies matter more than convenience of service dog 🐶

Liss78 | Liss78

Balancing two disabilities at a wedding, who takes priority? 🐶👰

Nrysis | Nrysis

Bride's allergies matter more than sister's and mom's opinions 😊

backyardchick | backyardchick

Bride's comfort should come first on her special day. 🐕❌

Cristy910 | Cristy910

Stand your ground and set boundaries with family regarding service dog.

stokedd00d | stokedd00d

Groom-to-be stands up for wife's allergies, suggests uninviting sister's dog 🐕

ZookeepergameNo7151 | ZookeepergameNo7151

Wedding drama: Groom's service dog vs bride's medical needs. NTA.

CrabbiestAsp | CrabbiestAsp

Supportive comment, family drama over service dog at wedding.

Glad_Programmer9981 | Glad_Programmer9981

Service dog at wedding causing family drama. NTA prioritizes health.

ILikeLamas678 | ILikeLamas678

User defends groom-to-be for standing up for fiancée's service dog 🐶

lovinglifeatmyage | lovinglifeatmyage

Bride's comfort matters, any compromise possible? 😊

TopAd7154 | TopAd7154

Curious about the service the dog performs 🤔

ckptry | ckptry

Concerns raised about sister's service dog and wedding allergies 🤔

silvermanedwino | silvermanedwino

Put your bride's allergies first. Enjoy your day without them.

Alone-Teacher-9435 | Alone-Teacher-9435

Wedding day dilemma: sister or service dog? NTA's tough call 🐶

AncastaOfTheRiver | AncastaOfTheRiver

Bridezilla's sister wants to bring dog to wedding. NTA shuts it down.

AttorneyLarge7301 | AttorneyLarge7301

Sister's stubbornness over service dog causes family drama at wedding 😱

sherlocked27 | sherlocked27

Managing without a service animal for a few hours? 🤔

[deleted] | [deleted]

Is AI generating dog wedding drama? 🤔

NegotiationHelpful50 | NegotiationHelpful50

Allergic bride deserves a dog-free wedding day. Beware of sister's revenge 🐶

Oddish197 | Oddish197

Service dog drama may still happen despite NTA judgement.

Whooptidooh | Whooptidooh

Bridezilla or reasonable request? Stay away from the wedding 🙅‍♂️

Warm-Cartographer954 | Warm-Cartographer954

Sister has alternatives to DAD for wedding, being AH. 😒

Rose1982 | Rose1982

Doubting the severity of the allergy and calling out clickbait.

Radon_Rodan | Radon_Rodan

Sister's drama over service dog at wedding - NTA wins 🐶

flamingopickle | flamingopickle

Managing diabetes for one day is reasonable. NTA.

RoofPreader | RoofPreader

Having a backup plan is crucial for service dog handlers 👍

misfitandmadness_ | misfitandmadness_

User suggests alternatives to service dog at wedding, supports groom.

ChickenPermi55ion | ChickenPermi55ion

Stand up for your wife, ditch the sister. 💪🏼

Comfortable_Way_1261 | Comfortable_Way_1261

Wedding day, private venue, wife trumps sister. More cake! 🍰

No-Mango8923 | No-Mango8923

Opinionated comment on service dogs sparks controversy 😠

celery66 | celery66

Take control of your wedding day and set boundaries 🐶

11SkiHill | 11SkiHill

Disabled commenter argues for prioritizing allergies over service dogs at events.

majesticjewnicorn | majesticjewnicorn

NTA defends allergic fiance from entitled sister's service dog at wedding 😱🐶

Gauri108 | Gauri108

Serious allergy concerns, NTA for prioritizing wife's health 😱

It_s_just_me | It_s_just_me

NTA groom-to-be's sister's allergy is reasonable, but long-term solution needed.

catdoctor | catdoctor

Managing diabetes without a service dog. 🐶💉

AylmerIsRisen | AylmerIsRisen

Bride's sister doesn't need a service dog at the wedding. 🐕

[deleted] | [deleted]

Service dog drama debunked with a CGM and untrained dogs 🐶

CommitteeNo167 | CommitteeNo167

Bride's allergy is a good boundary. Sister can attend sans dog. 🙌

EquivalentTwo1 | EquivalentTwo1

Insensitive comment about service dog and diabetes causes backlash 🔫

Kram941_ | Kram941_

Sister's service dog causing wedding drama 😱🐶

Traditional_Air_9483 | Traditional_Air_9483

Debate over necessity of diabetes dogs for diabetics, NTA comment.

Eastern-Move549 | Eastern-Move549

Sister won't accommodate service dog at wedding, NTA takes action 👏

opinescarf | opinescarf

Sibling prioritizes sister's medical condition over groom's fiancee's. Not cool 😒

_DoogieLion | _DoogieLion

Service dog drama causes family tension, commenter suggests solution. 🙏

[deleted] | [deleted]

Bride-to-be receives support for allowing service dog at wedding 👏

[deleted] | [deleted]

Wedding without wife is not a wedding 🙄

PJ-Trader | PJ-Trader

Debate over service dog at wedding sparks heated opinions 🤪

avalisk | avalisk

User shuts down idea of bringing service dog to wedding 🐶

CubooKing | CubooKing

Service dog at wedding causes family drama 😱🐶

Galatheria | Galatheria

User thinks groom is the a**hole for asking sister to leave service dog at home

Automatic-Record7385 | Automatic-Record7385

Suggests a face-saving play to handle sister's allergy. 🙏

wendysummers | wendysummers

OP's mother and sister are AHs for insisting on bringing dog. NTA.

TalkieTina | TalkieTina

Sarcastic comment suggests a chimp that punches dogs as solution.

MissionCreeper | MissionCreeper

Service dogs can be lifesavers for diabetics with hypoglycemia unawareness. 👏

ewitsgrosse | ewitsgrosse

Fiancé's severe allergies, sister's service dog, and family drama 😬

Left-Star2240 | Left-Star2240

Rare allergy or not, NTA for not having dog at wedding.

LaraH39 | LaraH39

Service dogs for diabetes? Interesting! NTA, bride's well-being first.

Ok-Dig-8900 | Ok-Dig-8900

Debate over necessity of service dog for diabetes management.

Asleep_Garage_146 | Asleep_Garage_146

Sister's service dog at wedding causing family drama 😱

Equivalent-Pay-6438 | Equivalent-Pay-6438

Debate over service dogs at private events sparks controversy 😱

Far-You-6230 | Far-You-6230

Concerned commenter questions necessity of service dog at wedding 🤔

itsMalarky | itsMalarky

Uninviting sister over service dog at wedding? NTA, says commenter

Bamboozled8331 | Bamboozled8331

Sassy commenter calls out family drama with humor 😂

WigglePen | WigglePen

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