Bridesmaid's Wedding Date Dilemma: Is She Right to Stand Her Ground? 😱👰

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Picture this: you've been happily married for six years, and now your best friend is planning her own wedding. You've been supportive and helpful throughout the entire process, with just one simple request - any date, but your wedding anniversary. Sounds reasonable, right? Well, not to this bride-to-be! 😲 Read on to find out how this friendship is being put to the test over a wedding date. 💔

The Wedding Planning Begins 📅

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A Simple Request 🚫

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The Plot Thickens... 💍

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Assurances and Laughter 😂

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Bridesmaids Dress Shopping 🛍️

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The Forbidden Date 🚨

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The Shocking Suggestion 😳

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Taking a Stand ✋

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The Only Restriction 📌

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Other Options Available 🗓️

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More Dates, More Choices 🌟

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A History of Attention-Seeking? 🎭

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Past Incidents 😬

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Wedding Day Drama 🍷

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Birthday Hijinks 🎂

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Friendship on the Line: Will the Wedding Date Destroy It? 💔

So, our protagonist is faced with quite the predicament: her best friend, who has a history of attention-seeking behavior, wants to share her wedding anniversary date. Despite having numerous other dates available, the bride-to-be seems determined to choose the one date that's off-limits. Our protagonist has made it clear that she won't attend the wedding or remain friends if the date isn't changed. Is she right to stand her ground? Or is this just another example of wedding planning bringing out the worst in people? Let's see what the internet has to say about this dramatic situation... 🍿

Bridesmaid accused of intentionally picking same wedding date as friend. NTA.

Then_Violinist1722 | Then_Violinist1722

Suggests a clever way to avoid bridesmaid's wedding without conflict 😎

SnooWords4839 | SnooWords4839

Bridesmaid stands her ground, friend being cagey 😱

Agoraphobe961 | Agoraphobe961

Friendship on the line over wedding date clash 👰

Raspbers | Raspbers

Bridesmaid won't attend friend's wedding on her own anniversary. NTA.

MamaPagan | MamaPagan

Politely setting boundaries for wedding date conflict. 👰

buttermilkchunk | buttermilkchunk

Bridesmaid sets boundary, stands her ground and is NTA 👏

Impossible_Trainer48 | Impossible_Trainer48

Bridesmaid stands her ground, commenters side with her. 👏

ddjhfddf | ddjhfddf

Toxic wedding drama leads to end of friendship. 👎

BrunoTheCat | BrunoTheCat

Why can't the bride be happy for her friend's anniversary? 😔

MutantRedhead | MutantRedhead

User questions the importance of wedding dates and friend's behavior.

Arlaneutique | Arlaneutique

Bridesmaid's date taken, commenter calls bride the a**hole. 😱

OneMinuteSewing | OneMinuteSewing

Don't throw away a friendship over a wedding date conflict. NTA 👍

lofiAbsolver | lofiAbsolver

Bridesmaid stands her ground on wedding date, comment calls out sus behavior.

rayogata | rayogata

Communicate better with your best friend, but stand your ground. 👍

Logical_Sprinkles_21 | Logical_Sprinkles_21

Bridesmaid won't attend wedding, but is she justified? 🤔

Sussudio68 | Sussudio68

Friend's wedding date dilemma, NTA for standing ground 👍

thimojo | thimojo

ESH. Priorities misplaced. Exhausting wackadoos. 🤷🏼‍♀️

KrampyDoo | KrampyDoo

Self-centeredness ruins bridesmaid's wedding, commenters agree. 🤷🏼‍♀️

SpicyArms | SpicyArms

Bridesmaid's date request denied - NTA or ESH?

Individual_Age_6449 | Individual_Age_6449

Bridesmaid's suspicious behavior makes her friend skip her wedding 😱

Live_Western_1389 | Live_Western_1389

Choosing a wedding date over a friendship? NTA, stand firm! 👏

l3ex_G | l3ex_G

Choosing anniversary date for wedding? NTA, bad friend 😑

j_birdddd | j_birdddd

Friend chooses wedding date, drama ensues. YTA or NTA?

[deleted] | [deleted]

Wedding date drama: Commenter finds situation bizarre. No a-holes here.

coldcutcumbo | coldcutcumbo

Bridesmaid accused of being petty for standing her ground 🙄

Affectionate-Fox5283 | Affectionate-Fox5283

Mother planned wedding on my anniversary, NTA for standing ground 👏

Physical_Spinach5698 | Physical_Spinach5698

Bridesmaid's wedding date dilemma: bride's friend is NTA

Current-Duty-9098 | Current-Duty-9098

Let go of the date and celebrate the love! 💓

That_Fix_2382 | That_Fix_2382

Naming her kid after yours? 🤔 NTA for standing ground.

Afraid_Ad_2470 | Afraid_Ad_2470

Bridesmaid's comment sparks debate: YTA or NAH?

shortforbuckley | shortforbuckley

Engaging in a friendly debate: Is it worth the fight? 🤔

Responsible-Volume75 | Responsible-Volume75

Wedding date disagreement: NTA, but consider the friendship's importance 👰

ChocalateShiraz | ChocalateShiraz

Friend may be jealous and sabotaging, something to consider. 🤔

Icy-Lychee-8077 | Icy-Lychee-8077

Friend breaks promise, NTA for standing ground on wedding date 👏

MythrylFrost013 | MythrylFrost013

NTA. Harsh, but true wake-up call about toxic friend. 💯

PinkHairAnalyst | PinkHairAnalyst

Bridesmaid drama: Did she intentionally ruin her friend's wedding?

NixonsBurner | NixonsBurner

Friend ignores wedding date request, now guilt-trips. NTA.

HeadInClouds48 | HeadInClouds48

Choosing anniversary over wedding date, NTA. Valid reasons given.

Johncena166 | Johncena166

Middle school ovulation twins? Friend wants anniversary twin. NTA.

Easy_Entrepreneur_46 | Easy_Entrepreneur_46

Setting boundaries with manipulative friend over wedding date. NTA 👏

TheRealCabbageJack | TheRealCabbageJack

Bridesmaid defends her decision to miss friend's wedding for anniversary 👰🎉

ZazzyKittyn | ZazzyKittyn

Bridesmaid sets reasonable conditions for attending wedding. NTA 👍

Crazy_Cow_4736 | Crazy_Cow_4736

Friend prioritizes wedding over bridesmaid's anniversary. NTA stands ground. 👏

dgreenetf | dgreenetf

Bestie wants to share wedding date, something's wrong with her. NTA 😂

rwisdom64 | rwisdom64

Book your trip and live your life happily 😊

[deleted] | [deleted]

Bridesmaid's date conflict sparks justified NTA judgment. 👍

LushieQueen87 | LushieQueen87

Wedding date clash drama - Bridesmaid stands her ground. NTA 👏

[deleted] | [deleted]

Bridesmaid repeatedly asked for date, only refused anniversary. NTA.

TheBigGrab | TheBigGrab

When friendships become toxic 🤪

CacklesBaby | CacklesBaby

Mixed opinions on bridesmaid's wedding date dilemma 👰

beena1993 | beena1993

A cautionary tale about a friend who always one-ups others 😱

LostHeart7765 | LostHeart7765

Don't engage with immature behavior. NTA. 👍

GhostDoggoes | GhostDoggoes

Anniversary date clash: A trivial issue or a valid concern? 👉 Who cares! 😒

Rockin_belvo | Rockin_belvo

Let it go! ESH needs to grow up 😒

Pretty-controversial | Pretty-controversial

Standing your ground on a wedding date: NTA 👏

[deleted] | [deleted]

Wedding anniversary conflict could have been avoided with communication 💊

dickbutt_md | dickbutt_md

Stand your ground, NTA! You warned her and have a right.

Lacitic | Lacitic

Bridesmaid stands her ground against bridezilla's selfishness. NTA 👏

Suitable_Plum3439 | Suitable_Plum3439

Chill out, it's just a wedding date. Be a good friend 👍

IRegretBeingHereToo | IRegretBeingHereToo

Bridesmaid's wedding date clashes with anniversary trip. NTA stands ground. 😱

SplendidCuppaTea | SplendidCuppaTea

Ex-husband's creepy obsession with wedding dates and mimicking behavior 😱

jersey8894 | jersey8894

Bridesmaid stands her ground against bridezilla, gets accused of AH. NTA.

Background_Newt3594 | Background_Newt3594

Bridesmaid's deliberate wedding date choice causes hurt feelings 😢

naughtscrossstitches | naughtscrossstitches

Choosing the wedding date out of spite? NTA or ESH?

darthmushu | darthmushu

Psychological phenomenon may have caused friend's wedding date fixation 🤔

Nefnoj | Nefnoj

Stand your ground on your anniversary! NTA 👍

NotTheGreenestThumb | NotTheGreenestThumb

Friend wants wedding on anniversary, NTA stands ground 😱

lemonlimeaardvark | lemonlimeaardvark

Friend purposely picked same date as wedding anniversary, NTA.

Next_Back_9472 | Next_Back_9472

Confusion over wedding date clash with friend's anniversary 😕

count_strahd_z | count_strahd_z

Bridesmaid's ultimatum to skip wedding over date disagreement. 😬

[deleted] | [deleted]

Bridesmaid's bizarre behavior: NTA stands her ground 😱

KeniLF | KeniLF

Suggests a friend date as an alternative to the wedding date.

HotTakeThenGo | HotTakeThenGo

Support for bridesmaid dealing with manipulative friend. 🙌

hippiedancevibess | hippiedancevibess

Wedding date conflict: Bridesmaid stands her ground. NTAH. 🙏

Infamous-Ad-5262 | Infamous-Ad-5262

Prioritizing marriage leads to a successful and happy family ❤️

sayhi2sydney | sayhi2sydney

Bridesmaid accused of upstaging bride, commenters side with bride. 👰

nosaneoneleft | nosaneoneleft

Bridesmaid told she's 'beyond YTA' for wedding date demands 👰

Mooreiarty | Mooreiarty

Choosing a wedding date over a significant milestone - NTA

savagepenguin19 | savagepenguin19

Friend purposely choosing wedding date to upset you? NTA.

polari826 | polari826

Wedding date drama sparks confusion and weirdness among guests 😱

bon_quisha | bon_quisha

Missed anniversary or wedding party? YTA comment sparks debate.

Ok_Message_8802 | Ok_Message_8802

Weddings make great anniversary parties, YTA for being selfish. 😒

TigerMcPherson | TigerMcPherson

Couple celebrates shared anniversary with friends who got married same day 😍

Veganmon | Veganmon

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