Friendship on the Line: The Service Dog Dilemma 🐾💔

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Picture this: You have a service dog, a literal lifesaver, trained to alert you to potentially life-threatening episodes. Now, imagine a friend who just doesn't get the 'service' part of your service dog. This isn't just about a pet; it's about safety, respect, and ultimately, the harsh reality of ending a friendship over a furry friend who's more than just a companion. Dive into a tale that's as much about boundaries and health as it is about the bonds we share with our four-legged heroes. 🐾❤️

A Lifesaving Companion 🐾

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The Golden Rules 🚫

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Vest On, World Off 🌍

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Playtime Rules 🎉

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A No-Chicken Zone 🚫🐔

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Friends & Respect ✨

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Enter Tess: The Rule Breaker 🚫❌

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Chicken Chaos at the Table 🐔💥

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The Final Straw 🍓

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A Bad Day Gets Worse 😓

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Unexpected Encounter 😱

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Tess Strikes Again ⚡

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Distraction Leads to Danger 😨

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Waking Up to Chaos 🌀

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Taking Back Control 🛑

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The Fallout Begins 💣

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A Friendship Ends 🚪

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Tess's Unbelievable Response 😤

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The Final Word 📵

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The Aftermath 🌪

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Support from the Squad 💪

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Reflections and Regrets 🤔

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A Heartfelt Update ❤️

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Living with Disabilities 💪

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A Service Dog's Duty 🐕

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The Ultimate Test of Friendship: Service Dog Edition 🐾🔥

In a world where service dogs are heroes in furry disguises, one woman's struggle against ignorance and disrespect shines a light on the importance of understanding and empathy. From the chaos of chicken scraps to a friendship-ending confrontation, this tale isn't just about a dog; it's about boundaries, respect, and the heartbreaking decisions we're sometimes forced to make. As our heroine stands her ground, supported by her squad, we're reminded that true friends respect our needs, our health, and our heroes on four legs. Let's dive into the whirlwind of reactions this story has sparked! 🌪💬

Educate, inform, and set boundaries. NTA wins this round 👏

Mundane_Bike_912 | Mundane_Bike_912

Standing up for oneself and taking legal action. 💪

thesoupchronicles | thesoupchronicles

Friend risks life-saving assistance, losing friend justified. NTA 🙅

IanDOsmond | IanDOsmond

Educating stubborn friend about service dogs causes conflict. NTA.

wlfwrtr | wlfwrtr

Cutting out a toxic friend who harmed your service dog 🐾

dustandchaos | dustandchaos

Believe them when they mess with your life-saving device 👍

Bunny_OHara | Bunny_OHara

Cutting off toxic friends: NTA, block Tess and husband 👍

No-Anteater1688 | No-Anteater1688

Woman assaults service dog in public, commenter suggests sending bill. 👍

wantsrobotlegs | wantsrobotlegs

Service dog owner stands up for themselves against ignorant friend.

Useful_Weight_7715 | Useful_Weight_7715

Friendship ended due to disregard for service dog's safety 🐾

ToriBethATX | ToriBethATX

Guide dog user shares experience and warns against distracting service dogs.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Friend prioritizes comfort over safety, friends side with OP. 👍

butterfly-garden | butterfly-garden

Setting boundaries with a friend's spouse 🐾

fluffer_bottom_34 | fluffer_bottom_34

Friend's disregard for service dog boundaries leads to end friendship 💔

Runaway_Angel | Runaway_Angel

POTS survivor supports OP's decision to cut off dangerous friend. 👏

KiloJools | KiloJools

Standing up for yourself and your boundaries is important. 💪

julzferacia | julzferacia

Respect service dogs' space. Terminating friendship is logical. 👍

KindheartednessOk102 | KindheartednessOk102

Stand up for your rights and your service dog's safety 🐾

SnooWords4839 | SnooWords4839

Friend ends friendship with husband's entitled wife over service dog

Usual_Instruction_90 | Usual_Instruction_90

Get the security footage and file a restraining order 👍

eeyoremarie | eeyoremarie

Service dog owner faces tough decision with endangering friend. NTA.

Repulsive_Raise6728 | Repulsive_Raise6728

Concerned commenter checks on service dog's well-being ❤️

BusAlternative1827 | BusAlternative1827

User suggests standing up to husband and wife, calls self AH.

Technical_Pumpkin_65 | Technical_Pumpkin_65

Friendship ends due to lack of understanding and compassion 💔

Anxious-Routine-5526 | Anxious-Routine-5526

Respect boundaries, not worth losing friendship over service dog. 👍

MeanestGreenest | MeanestGreenest

Respect for service dogs should be taught at a young age 🐾

SnowyMuscles | SnowyMuscles

Well-trained service dog saves friend from getting bitten. NTA 🐾

Fyrefly1981 | Fyrefly1981

Respect service animals' boundaries. NTA for fainting incident.

Historical_Cat9356 | Historical_Cat9356

Teaching kids about service dogs, but a 24-year-old can't follow? 🤔

aj0457 | aj0457

User suggests psychopath poses a threat to safety. 🤔

incubuds | incubuds

NTA stands up for herself and her service dog 🐾

Live_Power_2843 | Live_Power_2843

Harsh but fair judgment on a dangerous person. 👍

Bergenia1 | Bergenia1

A thoughtful NTA comment with helpful advice 👍

LauraBeanKiller | LauraBeanKiller

NTA commenter suggests Sue is beyond help after 6 months.

katergator717 | katergator717

Respect service dogs and their boundaries. Friend group supports OP.

usergeneratedusernme | usergeneratedusernme

Cutting off a friend who mistreated a service dog 🐕

Condensed_Sarcasm | Condensed_Sarcasm

Established boundaries ignored, NTA. Safety is top priority 🙌

Anaglyphite | Anaglyphite

Dog lover recognizes importance of service dogs and calls out friend.

ru_ruler | ru_ruler

Friend's safety first! NTA stands up to selfish service dog owner.

IceQueenTigerMumma | IceQueenTigerMumma

2-year-old nephew understands service dogs better than 'friend'

[deleted] | [deleted]

Friendship and boundaries: when to draw the line 👍

shitsngiggles13 | shitsngiggles13

🐶 Prioritizing health over ableist ex-friend's main character syndrome. #NTA

CocklesTurnip | CocklesTurnip

Friend cuts off narcissistic friend who disrespected service dog 🐕

Dry-Hearing5266 | Dry-Hearing5266

Ending a toxic friendship: NTA and good riddance 💯

[deleted] | [deleted]

Friend faints in public, commenter says friend not at fault.

Mad_Props_ | Mad_Props_

Cutting toxic friends is hard but necessary. Good for you! 👏

Thick_Memory_6063 | Thick_Memory_6063

Educating for 6 months with no results? NTA 💪

RoastBeefWithMustard | RoastBeefWithMustard

Friend values dog over life. NTA, dangerous behavior should be criminal. 🐶💔

Katya117 | Katya117

Service dog interference is a misdemeanor offense. NTA.

RealCryptographer474 | RealCryptographer474

NTA commenter supports OP for ending friendship over service dog incident.

PotatoPatat2 | PotatoPatat2

NTA commenter calls out insufferable friend for dangerous behavior.

ElleGeeAitch | ElleGeeAitch

NTA. Rules are clear, service animals are expensive. Friend wasn't considerate.

No_Arugula8915 | No_Arugula8915

Tess refused education, NTA seeks recourse. Friendship over. 😢

FeistyIrishWench | FeistyIrishWench

Supportive comment applauds OP for standing up to disrespectful friend.

jojoplays5 | jojoplays5

Friend won't respect service dog, commenter says NTA. 👍

bigrottentuna | bigrottentuna

Ignorance is not bliss. NTA for enforcing service dog rules 👏

justgaygarbage | justgaygarbage

Service dog owner faints due to interference, commenter calls out culprit

jaded_angel85 | jaded_angel85

Setting boundaries with a disrespectful friend. NTA 👏

Dry_Ask5493 | Dry_Ask5493

Standing up for boundaries and self-respect. 👊

Slokoki | Slokoki

Cutting toxic friends out of your life 👌

Venomous_Heroine | Venomous_Heroine

Medical alert dog owners frustrated with people distracting their dogs 🐕

HeyJude1885 | HeyJude1885

Cutting off a dangerous friend who tried to harm you and your service dog 👊

Potential_Speech_703 | Potential_Speech_703

Service dog owner stands up to entitled friend. NTA 👏

CradleofDisturbed | CradleofDisturbed

Dumping her was the right move 👌. Ignorance is not bliss.

Broad-Discipline2360 | Broad-Discipline2360

Friend ignores service dog rules, puts lives in danger. NTA.

evilslothofdoom | evilslothofdoom

Service dog owner faints, friend continues to pet dog. NTA.

nooloothefrog | nooloothefrog

Ex-friend disrespected boundaries, NTA for screaming. Safety first 👍

[deleted] | [deleted]

Respect service dogs and ask permission before feeding or petting 🐾

Chilli2020 | Chilli2020

Friend refuses to respect medical boundaries with service dog. NTA.

PsilosirenRose | PsilosirenRose

Disrespectful friend nearly endangered OP's life. NTA. 👏

TissueOfLies | TissueOfLies

Service dogs are working dogs, people need to respect that 🐾

G8KPR_1969 | G8KPR_1969

A dangerous situation caused by a friend's disregard for safety 💯

C_beside_the_seaside | C_beside_the_seaside

Friend refuses to learn about service dog, endangers owner and dog.

kb-g | kb-g

Cutting ties with a dangerous and self-centered friend. NTA 👍

l3ex_G | l3ex_G

Cutting toxic people out of your life is life-saving 👌

Francie1966 | Francie1966

Friendship vs. safety: When to draw the line? 🤔

Cautious_Pollution10 | Cautious_Pollution10

Empathetic reply to a disturbing incident with a hopeful twist 🙏

MidiReader | MidiReader

A terrifying encounter with a dangerous friend 💥

4027777 | 4027777

Service dog distraction deemed unforgivable by commenter with cardiac issues ❤️

LargeDoubt5348 | LargeDoubt5348

Supportive comment, empathizing with frustration. No replies.

Loose-Garlic-3461 | Loose-Garlic-3461

Defending service dog against ableism leads to assault accusation.

Jamgull | Jamgull

Friend's entitlement or mental issue? Putting OP's health at risk.

KatarinaRen | KatarinaRen

Educating on service dogs: NTA blocks friend and boyfriend 👌

9smalltowngirl | 9smalltowngirl

Cut toxic ties with NTA OP's uneducated and harmful friend. 👌

Cipiorah | Cipiorah

Friend prioritizes dog over friend's safety, NTA stands up.

El_Zapp | El_Zapp

Standing up for rules and service dogs 👏

Soldwithshannon | Soldwithshannon

Friend ignores service dog rules and endangers owner. NTA.

Pippet_4 | Pippet_4

Cutting toxic people out of your life is always justified 👌

Independent_Cookie | Independent_Cookie

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