Wife Breaks Open Marriage Rules, Husband Calls Her Out 😱💔

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Open marriages can be a tricky balancing act, especially when both partners have different needs and desires. In this story, a husband and wife agreed to certain rules to keep their open marriage healthy and drama-free. But when the wife breaks one of the cardinal rules, emotions run high and the situation takes a dramatic turn. 😲🍿

The Open Marriage Agreement 🤝

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Setting the Rules 📜

throwaway298379821 | throwaway298379821

Boundaries Established 🚧

throwaway298379821 | throwaway298379821

No Strangers at Home 🏠

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Rule Broken, Feelings Hurt 💔

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Defensive Wife Strikes Back ⚔️

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Husband's Feelings Matter Too 💬

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The Argument Escalates 🌪️

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Wife Storms Out 🚪

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Divorce Threats Loom 😨

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The Fallout of Broken Boundaries 🌩️

In a whirlwind of emotions, the husband confronted his wife about breaking their open marriage rules. The wife got defensive, and the argument escalated to the point where divorce was suggested. Now, with the threat of divorce looming, the husband wonders if he crossed a line in the heat of the moment. Let's see what the internet has to say about this dramatic situation... 🍿🔥

Husband calls out wife for breaking open marriage rules 😱💔

mak_zaddy | mak_zaddy

Husband calls out wife for breaking open marriage rules. NTA.

chaingun_samurai | chaingun_samurai

Husband's wife breaks open marriage rules, he's advised to leave. 😱

Kaurblimey | Kaurblimey

Husband's open marriage rules broken, no right to complain now 😒

lanah102 | lanah102

Concerned commenter suggests therapy for one-sided relationship.

LoudManagement6634 | LoudManagement6634

NTA. Prove her wrong. Get a DNA test and file for divorce. �na💔

panachi19 | panachi19

Curious commenter questions relevance of wife's bisexuality in situation.

YuunofYork | YuunofYork

Unreasonable wife breaks rules, husband not at fault 😑

Dear_Parsnip_6802 | Dear_Parsnip_6802

Harsh reply calls out husband for being a 'cuck' 🤬

ResponsibilityLow766 | ResponsibilityLow766

Man shames husband for disturbing comments about open marriage.

Gloomy-Tumbleweed354 | Gloomy-Tumbleweed354

NTA but relationship may be over. Ethical non-monogamy requires trust.

Croquette2425 | Croquette2425

Burning sheets won't fix a broken marriage. Divorce is better.

u-patrcat | u-patrcat

A scathing comment on open marriages and self-respect. 👏

Ironside121- | Ironside121-

Boundaries broken in open marriage, wife called out 😱💔

notsopeacefulpanda | notsopeacefulpanda

NTA husband in open marriage seeks respect, warns of consequences.

RecommendationUsed31 | RecommendationUsed31

Open marriage gone wrong. NTA calls out suffocating wife. 😱💔

Trailsya | Trailsya

Poly person agrees wife cheated, suggests lack of care for husband.

hiddenthings_ | hiddenthings_

NTA for calling her out, but YTA to yourself 😔

NMB4Christmas | NMB4Christmas

Empathetic comment calls out spouse's unacceptable behavior 👏

PuffPuffPass16 | PuffPuffPass16

Husband should take a break and reevaluate the marriage 👨‍👩‍👢, wife using divorce as an excuse 🤷‍♂️

l3ex_G | l3ex_G

Bringing strangers home for flings can be dangerous 😱

Consistent_Editor_15 | Consistent_Editor_15

Boundaries broken: Commenter calls out wife for disrespecting husband's limits 😱

Ok-Advertising4028 | Ok-Advertising4028

Strong reaction to a disturbing situation. 🤯

songbird516 | songbird516

Concerned commenter suggests custody battle due to wife's infidelity.

brsox2445 | brsox2445

Redditor calls out husband for being a 'cuck' in open marriage 🤨

awoodenphone | awoodenphone

Husband discovers wife's infidelity and puts child's safety first. 🙌

WhooperSnootz | WhooperSnootz

NTA husband should lawyer up and seek counseling for narcissistic wife.

ruppshaker | ruppshaker

Husband calls out wife for breaking open marriage rules. 😳

TeamBigSnake | TeamBigSnake

A commenter calls out disrespectful wife in open relationship.

Bucky-Katt-Guitar | Bucky-Katt-Guitar

Man expresses disbelief at failed open marriage arrangement 🤷🏻‍♂️

K-Dubb-Dubber | K-Dubb-Dubber

Harsh comment calls out unhealthy relationship dynamic. 🤨

Formal-Try-2779 | Formal-Try-2779

NTA husband exposes wife's infidelity, warns others about her behavior 👍

Midwestbestguess | Midwestbestguess

Supportive reply to husband's NTA post about open marriage.

xmowx | xmowx

Open marriage gone wrong, one person does all the extra shit 😱

neeeeonbelly | neeeeonbelly

Harsh truth: Both parties are at fault in this mess. 🤷🏼‍♀️

undercovertrad | undercovertrad

User accuses husband of having no self-respect in open marriage 💔

Tias-st | Tias-st

Prioritize your child's safety over your wife's ridiculous behavior 😱

Jaded-Kitty87 | Jaded-Kitty87

Spouse disrespected and disregarded, relationship doomed 💔

applescrabbleaeiou | applescrabbleaeiou

NTA. Divorce seems like the best option for your family 🙌

GlitteringNail2584 | GlitteringNail2584

User questions the purpose of marriage in open relationship.

Smileygarden | Smileygarden

A harsh but honest comment about a failing marriage. 😱

ImpressivePraline906 | ImpressivePraline906

Divorce-worthy disrespect and boundary stomping 💔

FlipRoot | FlipRoot

Divorce seems like the best option 🙄

Mediocre-Key-4992 | Mediocre-Key-4992

NTA stands up for self-respect in a messy situation 🤣

Jinx_X_2003 | Jinx_X_2003

Protect your child and get a divorce lawyer ASAP 👊

National-Sir-5362 | National-Sir-5362

User expresses disgust and concern for husband's situation.

Lost-Leadership1767 | Lost-Leadership1767

Divorce may be for the best. Find someone who respects you 👍

tugituga | tugituga

Sleeping with someone in your marital bed? NTA.

Electrical_Fact_6379 | Electrical_Fact_6379

Heartbreaking situation, commenter advises leaving for the sake of sanity. 😢

PaoloMix09 | PaoloMix09

Open marriages don't typically work out 🙄

Glass-Hedgehog3940 | Glass-Hedgehog3940

Red flags everywhere in this unhealthy open marriage situation 😱

Real-Shirt9196 | Real-Shirt9196

Bi woman advises husband to leave wife who broke rules 🤷‍♀️

Lower_River_5647 | Lower_River_5647

Concerned commenter questions safety of wife's actions at home 🤔

ict_lrnr | ict_lrnr

Divorce her and collect evidence for custody. NTA.

Theteaishotwithmilk | Theteaishotwithmilk

Harsh comment suggests divorce for cheating wife. No replies.

GordoVzla | GordoVzla

Supportive comment encourages standing up for oneself in open marriage.

pittdaddy75 | pittdaddy75

NTA calls out wife for breaking open marriage rules and jeopardizing safety 😱💔

FelineSoLazy | FelineSoLazy

Established rules broken, NTA calls out wife for infidelity. 😱

Slim45145 | Slim45145

Husband accuses wife of adultery, suggests divorce. NTA.

dbhathcock | dbhathcock

Husband catches wife breaking open marriage rules, NTA suggests divorce 💔

Fluffy_Vacation1332 | Fluffy_Vacation1332

Husband calls wife 'trash' for breaking open marriage rules 😳

Storm_Bjorn | Storm_Bjorn

Husband calls out wife for breaking open marriage rules. NTA.

Felaguin | Felaguin

Cheating in an open marriage? Definitely NTA. 👍

Character_Tear741 | Character_Tear741

Setting boundaries in open marriage is crucial for mutual respect 👍

Guilty_Tree_8245 | Guilty_Tree_8245

Husband calls out wife for breaking open marriage rules. NTA.

dkhowamIstillalive | dkhowamIstillalive

Setting boundaries is crucial in a marriage. NTA, protect yourself.

JadieJang | JadieJang

Open relationships can be risky for marriages 😔

SirGuileSir | SirGuileSir

Redditors share wild marriage stories, question if marriage is trivialized 🤔

Beardzesty | Beardzesty

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