Woman Refuses to Invite Cousin to Birthday Party Due to Her 'Habit' 🎂😲

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We all have that one family member who's a little...eccentric, but what happens when their quirkiness crosses the line? One woman faced this dilemma when planning her birthday party. Her cousin and her boyfriend have a scandalous habit that's causing quite the stir in the family. 😲 Let's dive into the juicy details of this family drama! 🍿

The Cousin's Controversial Habit 🤫

nnneith | nnneith

Caught in the Act 🚗💏

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The Awkward Aftermath 😳

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Leaving the Party 🏃‍♀️

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Mom's Reaction 😠

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Birthday Plans at the Beach House 🏖️

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Cousin Not Invited 🚫

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The Confrontation 😤

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Setting Boundaries 🚧

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Standing Her Ground 💪

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Family Drama Intensifies 🌪️

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Grandma on Her Side 👵

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Family Pressure 😣

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Feeling Guilty? 😔

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Should She Have Invited Her Cousin? 🤔

Caught in the middle of a family drama, our birthday girl stands her ground, refusing to invite her cousin due to her scandalous habit. With her mom, aunt, and cousin all pressuring her, she's left wondering if she's made the right decision. 😣 It's her party, and she'll invite who she wants to, but is she being too harsh? Let's see what the internet thinks of this sticky situation... 🕵️‍♀️

NTA for not inviting cousin who had inappropriate public sex.

forgetregret1day | forgetregret1day

Leaving with a disgusted face is the *normal reaction* to walking in on a family member having sex. 😳

messyposting | messyposting

Setting boundaries with family is tough, but NTA. 😌

Awesomekidsmom | Awesomekidsmom

OP struggles with inviting cousin to party with significant others.

nnneith | nnneith

Cousin's behavior leads to exclusion. NTA for not inviting.

BigComfyCouch4 | BigComfyCouch4

Support for victim and condemnation of cousin's behavior. 👏

Cursd818 | Cursd818

Savage response to cousin's exclusion from birthday party. NTA.

Glad_Shop5765 | Glad_Shop5765

Kink involving non-consensual actions is sexual assault. Disgusting behavior. 😡

a_person1852 | a_person1852

Uninvited cousin causes drama, commenter advises brutal honesty with family 😱

Hangingwithoscar | Hangingwithoscar

Supportive comment, advises to stay away from toxic cousin. 👍

Overall-Word8734 | Overall-Word8734

Setting boundaries for cousin's kink, NTA. 👍

pigandpom | pigandpom

Calling out sexual predator behavior. NTA.

Ultra-Cyborg | Ultra-Cyborg

Setting boundaries and respecting consent is important. NTA 👍

Existing-Finger2665 | Existing-Finger2665

Exhibitionism is coercive and gross. NTA for not inviting.

annang | annang

Cousin enjoys public sex, OP a bit of a**hole for not calling cops 🤢

Rose_E_Rotten | Rose_E_Rotten

Invalidating feelings for family? 🤔 That's not okay, Mom.

Ok_Yesterday_2884 | Ok_Yesterday_2884

Set boundaries and keep private matters private 👍

nyoprinces | nyoprinces

Cousin can't have it both ways. NTA for not inviting.

MightyBean7 | MightyBean7

Standing up to rude cousin and boyfriend on her birthday 🎂

FickleAd4801 | FickleAd4801

Suggests throwing a separate party for the cousin's boyfriend. 🎉

Maggies_lens | Maggies_lens

Boundary-crossing cousin's kink causes discomfort and debate 🤯

Kittytigris | Kittytigris

Setting boundaries and avoiding non-consensual situations. NTA 👏

Sylassae | Sylassae

NTA: Suggests mom and aunt accompany cousin and boyfriend at all times 😎

chaingun_samurai | chaingun_samurai

Setting boundaries with difficult family members 👍

MajorYou9692 | MajorYou9692

Uninvited cousin with questionable kink complains, NTA stands firm. 🙌

Fun-Yellow-6576 | Fun-Yellow-6576

Kink is fine, but consent from all parties is crucial 👍

vanessa8172 | vanessa8172

Setting boundaries with family. Consent is important. #NTA

MelonElbows | MelonElbows

Savage suggestion to ban cousin and mom from birthday party 😂

KobilD | KobilD

Don't worry about it, enjoy your birthday with whoever you want 🎂

Tiamat_fire_and_ice | Tiamat_fire_and_ice

Block the AH cousin and enjoy your party! 🎉🙌

XenaSebastian | XenaSebastian

NTA comment suggests using dashcam to catch kinky cousin's behavior.

PomegranateReal3620 | PomegranateReal3620

Setting boundaries and standing up for yourself. 💪

Illuminate90 | Illuminate90

NTA for not inviting cousin to party over questionable behavior 😱

Boredpanda31 | Boredpanda31

Cousin's 'habit' could lead to sex offender registry, NTA

mmmmmarty | mmmmmarty

Consent is key, NTA for setting boundaries to prevent harassment 👍

Cybermagetx | Cybermagetx

Supportive comment, suggests calling police with humorous tone. 😂

Impossible_Balance11 | Impossible_Balance11

User supports OP and condemns cousin's non-consensual behavior.

TashiaNicole1 | TashiaNicole1

Logical consequences for bad behavior. NTA. 👍

GnomieOk4136 | GnomieOk4136

NTA comment suggests negative critique of exhibitionist cousin's sex life 😳

Forsaken-Bag-8780 | Forsaken-Bag-8780

Annoying conversation tip to kill the mood and shock others 🤪

Broad_Woodpecker_180 | Broad_Woodpecker_180

Kinks are okay, but forcing them on others is sexual assault 🚨

BabserellaWT | BabserellaWT

Kinky behavior could lead to legal trouble. NTA.

Snowey212 | Snowey212

Cousin's kink is like sexual assault, NTA for excluding them 😱

MNConcerto | MNConcerto

Setting boundaries with family and respecting consent. 🙌

LonelyOctopus24 | LonelyOctopus24

Setting boundaries and respecting guests' comfort is important. 🙌

Expression-Little | Expression-Little

Nonna offers unconventional advice for cousin's behavior with boyfriend.

FairyPenguinStKilda | FairyPenguinStKilda

Support for excluding cousin due to destructive 'habit' 👍

TheGirlwThePinkHair | TheGirlwThePinkHair

Responsible kinksters don't violate consent. NTA 👍

2Whom_it_May_Concern | 2Whom_it_May_Concern

A commenter threatens to call the police on the cousin. 😳

honeybaby2019 | honeybaby2019

Kink is about consent, NTA for not wanting to see it 😎

IronFistVelvetGloves | IronFistVelvetGloves

NTA suggests reporting public indecency of non-consensual kink display 😱

hailsharkbait | hailsharkbait

Redditor advises cutting off toxic family members. 👍

winchesterbitch99 | winchesterbitch99

Suggests a dramatic solution with a touch of humor. 🤣

Sfb208 | Sfb208

Language barrier? No problem. NTA for not inviting cousin.

Kineth | Kineth

Consent is key. NTA for not inviting cousin to party 👍

PaleHorseBlackDog | PaleHorseBlackDog

Sexual behavior at events? Not invited. Send kids to find her. 🤪

Ready_Competition_66 | Ready_Competition_66

Respectful NTA stands up to cousin's public kink without consent 🙌

Kirbywitch | Kirbywitch

Respect boundaries, NTA. Cousin's kink is not your problem 🙌

WinEquivalent4069 | WinEquivalent4069

Consent is key. Social consequences for not respecting it. NTA.

GoldenGoof19 | GoldenGoof19

NTA stands up to exclusionary behavior with a hint of sarcasm 😊

Range-Shoddy | Range-Shoddy

Savage suggestion to deal with cousin's 'habit' - NTA

FruitcakeAndCrumb | FruitcakeAndCrumb

Turn the 'habit' into entertainment, shock her with fun 🎉

2ndcupofcoffee | 2ndcupofcoffee

Unconventional solution to cousin's 'habit' sparks laughter and agreement.

neelvk | neelvk

Uncle's creepy behavior adds to the awkward family dynamic 🤪

Unlikely-Distance-41 | Unlikely-Distance-41

Uninvited cousin causes drama, commenter suggests a solution 🙌

DeadBear65 | DeadBear65

24-year-old can invite whoever they want to their birthday party. NTA 👍

-retaliation- | -retaliation-

Consent is key, even in public places 👍

username-generica | username-generica

Family drama unfolds as cousin gets disinvited from birthday party.

RepeatOffenderp | RepeatOffenderp

NTA calls out cousin's creepy behavior in engaging comment. 😎

Mean-Impress2103 | Mean-Impress2103

Supportive comment applauding exclusion of cousin for public sex kink.

Worldly_Breakfast407 | Worldly_Breakfast407

NTA! Exposing oneself publicly is a crime. Have a Happy Birthday!

NiaLavellan | NiaLavellan

Blocking family on social media? Security for a birthday party? 🤔

madgeystardust | madgeystardust

Mom volunteers to 'catch' cousin having sex, enabling her kink 😲

Shoddy-Ad8066 | Shoddy-Ad8066

NTA stands up to family pressure to invite cousin with sexual kink 😱

FortuneWhereThoutBe | FortuneWhereThoutBe

Passive-aggressive plan to embarrass cousin at party 😅

trevormc0125 | trevormc0125

Supportive comment calls out kink consent violation, offers good luck.

Silvermorney | Silvermorney

Exhibitionist cousin not invited to party, NTA wins 🎉

aftercloudia | aftercloudia

Public behavior has consequences. NTA for not inviting cousin 🙌

cloistered_around | cloistered_around

Consent is key in kinks, and she's not acting like an adult 😑

AffectionateMarch394 | AffectionateMarch394

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