Pregnant Woman's Fiancé Demands Nightly Intimacy 😳

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Being pregnant can be a challenging time for any woman, and it's important for couples to be understanding and supportive of each other's needs. But what happens when a pregnant woman's fiancé demands intimacy every single night? Let's dive into this story and see how this couple is navigating the rocky waters of pregnancy and intimacy. 😬🌊

Pregnancy and Nightly Demands 🤰

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Missing the Memo 📝

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The Loving Side 💕

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A Shift in Behavior 🔄

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Validation Through Intimacy 🤔

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Dealing with Independence 🙅‍♀️

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Business Owner and Mother-to-Be 💼🤰

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Ready for Solo Parenting 💪

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Intimacy Beyond Sex 🌹

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Navigating Pregnancy and Intimacy 💔

This pregnant woman is facing a dilemma as her fiancé demands intimacy every night, even when she's not in the mood. Despite being friends for years before their relationship, he now only shows affection during sex and struggles to understand her independence. As a business owner and mother-to-be, she's prepared to raise the child on her own if necessary, but wants her fiancé to understand that intimacy goes beyond just sex. Let's see what the internet has to say about this situation... 💬

Asserting boundaries during pregnancy and postpartum with clever comeback.

Ella1367 | Ella1367

Pregnant woman's partner demands intimacy; comment warns of health risks.

stonersrus19 | stonersrus19

NTA. Red flag alert! Consider leaving before it gets worse 😔

Kore624 | Kore624

Reproducing with him was a mistake. Don't marry him. 😞

Opening-Problem7093 | Opening-Problem7093

Your body is not a sexbot+incubator, he doesn't love you.

blanketstatement5 | blanketstatement5

Fiancé demanding nightly intimacy? Unrealistic views of sex. NTA

Wooden_Albatross_832 | Wooden_Albatross_832

Coercive intimacy and bad values: a recipe for disaster 🤯

DragonSeaFruit | DragonSeaFruit

Parenting goals: teaching sons about consent and respect 👨🏻‍💻

BreeandNatesmom | BreeandNatesmom

Male commenter calls out selfish behavior, labels fiancé an asshat.

haditwithyoupeople | haditwithyoupeople

Important resources for victims of sexual coercion. Seek help ❤️

ThisReport877 | ThisReport877

Male commenter sympathizes with pregnant woman, calls fiancé pathetic 😳

Rico_Suave1969 | Rico_Suave1969

Fiancé demands nightly intimacy, commenters call him 'gross' 😳

FewMarsupial7100 | FewMarsupial7100

Questioning OP's self-worth in a demanding relationship 🤔

Anonimityville | Anonimityville

Respectful husband during pregnancy, NTA for not wanting intimacy 🙌

PaNFiiSsz | PaNFiiSsz

Empathetic comment offers hope and advice for pregnant woman's situation.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Pregnant woman shares her experience with a demanding fiancé 🤷‍♀️

Appleofmyeye444 | Appleofmyeye444

Partner demanding intimacy during pregnancy - NTA suggests alternatives. 😞

MasterGas9570 | MasterGas9570

Fiancé demands nightly intimacy, commenter advises leaving before baby arrives. 😱

Missdermeanerthanyou | Missdermeanerthanyou

Partner demanding nightly intimacy during pregnancy, NTA for refusing. 👏

millerlite585 | millerlite585

Fiancé demands nightly intimacy, commenter expresses concern for relationship.

unicornnoire | unicornnoire

Red flag alert! Re-evaluate your relationship and prioritize your safety. 🚨

iSmuggleUnicorns | iSmuggleUnicorns

Demanding nightly intimacy is a red flag for abuse 🚨

TehChels | TehChels

Pregnant woman's fiancé demands nightly intimacy, commenter suggests therapy 💏

ChampionshipPast8120 | ChampionshipPast8120

Fatherly advice and humor on pregnant intimacy struggles. 😂

HurricaneBoi13 | HurricaneBoi13

Get out of the abusive relationship before it gets worse 🙏

Ornery_Pineapple72 | Ornery_Pineapple72

Demanding nightly intimacy is abusive behavior. NTA for leaving.

HelloJunebug | HelloJunebug

Pregnancy doesn't equal consent. Communicate your needs and boundaries 💍

FunEffective6347 | FunEffective6347

A supportive husband during pregnancy is a must 👨🏻‍👩🏻

BetterCallChipotle | BetterCallChipotle

Empathetic comment acknowledges difficult situation with narcissistic partner.

SunshineAllDayLong | SunshineAllDayLong

Stand your ground, he could have an addiction 😡

Gentle_Genie | Gentle_Genie

Concerned commenter warns of potential abuse in demanding fiancé.

Emmanulla70 | Emmanulla70

Selfish fiancé demands intimacy, commenter advises evaluation. NTA. 🙅

dustandchaos | dustandchaos

Setting boundaries in the bedroom to avoid infidelity 🙏

kronos0315 | kronos0315

Harsh truth: prepare to be a single mom 😢

__housewifemom | __housewifemom

Demanding nightly intimacy is selfish and controlling. NTA 👍

blondeandbuddafull | blondeandbuddafull

Demanding nightly intimacy from a pregnant woman? Definitely not okay. 👎

Fearless_Raise_1200 | Fearless_Raise_1200

Partner's nightly intimacy demand during pregnancy is manipulative and gross 😳

TransDaddy2000 | TransDaddy2000

Pregnancy doesn't equal blow-up doll 🤷‍♀️

No-Investment-2121 | No-Investment-2121

Pregnant woman's demanding fiancé raises red flags 😳

purplehippobitches | purplehippobitches

Fiancé demanding nightly intimacy? 🤔 NTA, but concerning behavior.

Lady_Caticorn | Lady_Caticorn

Fiancé pressuring pregnant partner into sex is not okay 🚩

Curious-Ad-7702 | Curious-Ad-7702

Creative solution to a demanding and potentially unfaithful partner 🤔

Bakecrazy | Bakecrazy

Pregnancy is not an excuse for entitlement to intimacy 🙅

Aggravating_Bag_5131 | Aggravating_Bag_5131

🚩 Red flag! Pregnant woman's fiancé demands nightly intimacy. Discuss now.

wonderlash | wonderlash

Fiancé demands nightly intimacy, commenter questions his parenting abilities. 🤔

Threefrogtreefrog | Threefrogtreefrog

Fiancé demands nightly intimacy. Commenters advise against marrying him.

Maximum-Ear1745 | Maximum-Ear1745

Reality check: Not every woman wants sex every night 🙏

shapedbydreams | shapedbydreams

Don't be a sex machine for his instant gratification 😡

ObsessiveReader3011 | ObsessiveReader3011

Traumatized commenter shares similar experience with unsympathetic fiancé. 💔

DogMom814 | DogMom814

Demanding intimacy is a red flag 🚨. Lack of affection breeds resentment.

Puzzleheaded-Value38 | Puzzleheaded-Value38

Pregnant woman pressured into nightly intimacy by fiancé 😳

Amorphous-Orcinus | Amorphous-Orcinus

Intimacy should go beyond sex. Red flag if not. NTA 🚩

SharpieSniffinSloth | SharpieSniffinSloth

Saying 'no' is a complete sentence. NTA. Rethink marrying him. 😡

Delicious-Jaguar-543 | Delicious-Jaguar-543

Woman stands up to demanding fiancé, demands intimacy not service 💪

jezebella47 | jezebella47

Fiancé demands nightly intimacy during pregnancy. Commenter says NTA.

Eyeamnow | Eyeamnow

Fiancé demanding nightly intimacy is a huge red flag. NTA.

HerbieC026 | HerbieC026

Pregnant woman's partner demands intimacy. Commenter suggests self-pleasure. NTA.

Crazie13 | Crazie13

New mom shares advice on fiancé's nightly intimacy demands 🙌

snaaaaackths | snaaaaackths

Partner demands nightly intimacy while pregnant, NTA for refusing. 🙌

Perfect-Limit1325 | Perfect-Limit1325

Respect and self-control are key in a healthy relationship 👭👯

ghostoftommyknocker | ghostoftommyknocker

Pregnant woman's fiancé demands intimacy. Commenter shares experience and advises. NTA

Larissanne | Larissanne

Believe him and run 👋. He'll blame you for cheating. #NTA

Cunterella68 | Cunterella68

Red flag! Commenter warns of manipulative fiancé demanding sex.

Agreeable_Ad_3517 | Agreeable_Ad_3517

Sassy response shuts down entitled fiancé's unreasonable demands. 😎

Wanda_McMimzy | Wanda_McMimzy

Empathetic comment supports leaving abusive partner. 👏

edalcol | edalcol

Choose toys over disrespectful partners. 🚫

rickard_mormont | rickard_mormont

Partner's selfish behavior in intimacy raises red flags. 🚩

Particular-Habit-219 | Particular-Habit-219

Empathy and understanding are key, especially during pregnancy 🥰

DJohnsonPhotography | DJohnsonPhotography

Partner demanding sex is a red flag. Have a discussion 💬

chingness | chingness

Coercive intimacy in relationships is never okay 🙅

violetlisa | violetlisa

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