21-Year-Old Refuses to Babysit His Baby Brother 🍼💥 Family Drama Unfolds!

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Meet our 21-year-old electrician apprentice, who's had enough of his parents' constant requests to babysit his 9-month-old baby brother. Sharing an apartment with two roommates, he's been trying to live his life independently. But his parents, both 46, are struggling to find affordable childcare and have been asking him almost every week to help them out. Finally, he snapped and let them know exactly how he feels. Let's dive into this family drama and see if he was too harsh or just standing his ground. 😬🍼

The Struggle Begins 🏠

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Parents in Need 🙏

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The Weekly Request 📞

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Childfree by Choice 🚫

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Babysitting Blues 😩

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Sibling Gap 🧒👴

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The Breaking Point 😤

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Harsh Words 🗣️

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Setting Boundaries 🚧

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The Aftermath 📵

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A Family Torn Apart by Childcare Struggles 😔

Our 21-year-old protagonist is fed up with his parents' constant requests to babysit his baby brother. He's made it clear that he's childfree and has no interest in taking care of kids. The breaking point came when he told them off, stating that he's not responsible for their childcare needs and doesn't want to be friends with someone young enough to be his son. Since then, he hasn't heard from his parents and is worried he may have been too harsh. But what do people think about this situation? Let's see the top responses from the internet! 🌐💬

Adults shouldn't be forced to babysit their siblings. NTA 💯

[deleted] | [deleted]

Setting boundaries and standing up for yourself. 💪

PhilosophySalt5766 | PhilosophySalt5766

Refusing to help family may have consequences. 🤷‍♂️

Hairy_Dirt3361 | Hairy_Dirt3361

NTA for not wanting to babysit, but deeper family issues present 🤔

Ok-Food-6996 | Ok-Food-6996

Sibling advice: Don't burn bridges, wait and see 👥

Flims29 | Flims29

A commenter shares their experience and advises OP to reconsider. YTA.

CreativeMisuse | CreativeMisuse

Setting boundaries: NTA for refusing to babysit baby brother 👌

medium_buffalo_wings | medium_buffalo_wings

NTA stands up against parents who shirk their responsibilities 👏

NinnyNoodles | NinnyNoodles

NTA, tactfully pointed out parents' responsibility, exhaustion, and choices. 👍

NegotiationExternal1 | NegotiationExternal1

Sibling relationships are important, don't let it go to waste 💔

payscottg | payscottg

Don't judge the parents for asking for help once in awhile 🙏

cant_stand | cant_stand

Suggests helping parents in other ways and building a relationship 👨🏻‍🍳

DientesDelPerro | DientesDelPerro

Setting boundaries with family can be tough 😔

OppositeSquid | OppositeSquid

User suggests fair solution for babysitting dilemma. 👍

LetsGetsThisPartyOn | LetsGetsThisPartyOn

Standing up for boundaries and responsibilities. NTA. 👏

DraculKuroHemming | DraculKuroHemming

User calls out OP for being cold and potentially damaging relationships. 😱

lilyyytheflower | lilyyytheflower

NTA but immature 😜 Possible jealousy towards baby brother 😐

literarytswift | literarytswift

Not responsible for a child. NTA if harassed. Disturbing requests.

sucksatchess666 | sucksatchess666

Responsibility for siblings' children debated. NTA wins.

PsiBlaze | PsiBlaze

Family loyalty questioned in heated comment section. YTA verdict.

CounterSensitive776 | CounterSensitive776

NTA but setting boundaries is important to avoid future conflicts 🙌

RebeccaCheeseburger | RebeccaCheeseburger

Unwillingness to help parents with baby brother makes you TA. 🙅

darkrowst | darkrowst

NTA. Commenter sympathizes with the OP's situation and suggests giving emotional leeway to the parents.

Psychological_Car849 | Psychological_Car849

NTA. Babysitting for a break every week? Pay a sitter 💵

FruitParfait | FruitParfait

Stand your ground! 💪🏼 You're not the a**hole here.

RoughPuzzleheaded375 | RoughPuzzleheaded375

User calls out OP for being cold towards family 🙄

ESur-25 | ESur-25

User defends 21-year-old's decision not to babysit baby brother. NTA.

HammerOn57 | HammerOn57

User argues parents shouldn't have had another kid. NTA.

CyclonicHavoc | CyclonicHavoc

Redditor calls out OP for being selfish for not babysitting 🙅

ManEatShark | ManEatShark

NTA has the right to refuse babysitting, but overreacted 😕

ContentedRecluse | ContentedRecluse

Mixed reactions on NTA's decision to not babysit brother 🤔

esdgf | esdgf

User calls out OP for not wanting a sibling relationship 💔

cutty2k | cutty2k

CF person stands their ground, NTA for refusing babysitting duties 👍

PipeInevitable9383 | PipeInevitable9383

NTA questions parents' financial stability and decision-making skills. 😩

WinterBourne25 | WinterBourne25

Family expects 21-year-old to babysit baby brother, he refuses. NTA.

WoolenSquid | WoolenSquid

Sibling drama: 21-year-old refuses to babysit baby brother. NTA.

majolie1970 | majolie1970

Sibling refuses to babysit baby brother due to parents' irresponsibility. #NTA

Gabbz737 | Gabbz737

Parenting is not for everyone, NTA. 👏

AssociateMany102 | AssociateMany102

NTA for not babysitting, but consider being there for your brother 👍

bobledrew | bobledrew

Don't let your parents guilt trip you into babysitting. 👍

slendermanismydad | slendermanismydad

NTA, but beware of possible coercion. Call CPS if necessary 👮📺

kazokuhouou | kazokuhouou

Choosing to have a relationship with siblings is personal 👭‍👥

pincho_de_tortilla | pincho_de_tortilla

42yo father urges OP to compromise and not be self-centered 👨‍🎓

Granny_Nooooo | Granny_Nooooo

NTA for not wanting to babysit, but family dynamics seem complicated 🤔

Solid_Breadfruit_585 | Solid_Breadfruit_585

NTA commenter argues against entitled parents demanding free labor.

Fresa22 | Fresa22

NTA. Polite but firm response to unreasonable family expectations. 🙌

Mishy162 | Mishy162

Boundaries set, family drama ensues. NTA wins with grace 👏

UsernameDeletedMe | UsernameDeletedMe

Setting boundaries as a non-babysitting aunt 👍

tarak8isgr8 | tarak8isgr8

User calls out OP for being selfish and ungrateful 😒

MelkorUngoliant | MelkorUngoliant

Setting boundaries with family 👍, but be careful of future consequences 🤔

Salty-Bad-5265 | Salty-Bad-5265

Taking responsibility for your own kids. 👏

No_Guarantee_6756 | No_Guarantee_6756

Redditor disagrees with NTA verdict, reminds OP of adulthood reality 🤔

MidwinterSun | MidwinterSun

Resentment towards a 9-month-old? 🤔 NTA but what's up?

AttackOwlFibre | AttackOwlFibre

YTA for being unwilling to compromise and not wanting to help.

RevolutionaryDust449 | RevolutionaryDust449

Childfree commenter supports OP's decision not to babysit 👍

Wolf_Prince19 | Wolf_Prince19

NTA, electricians work hard and deserve their RR. 💪

Iloveitguy | Iloveitguy

Clear NTA response, boundaries respected. Good job setting limits 💪

PunIntended1234 | PunIntended1234

User calls out OP for being selfish and immature. YTA.

Hot_Ad_8541 | Hot_Ad_8541

Electrician solidarity! Emergency rates for entitled family. NTA.

CerberusTheHunter | CerberusTheHunter

No obligation to babysit. Parents should have planned better 💼

FeralSquirrels | FeralSquirrels

Choosing NTA but suggesting tact for better communication 👍

Individual-Body9953 | Individual-Body9953

Setting boundaries is important, but consider long-term effects 🤔

abynew | abynew

Family drama over babysitting. NTA suggests alternative solutions. 👍

Icy_Eye1059 | Icy_Eye1059

User calls out OP for poor behavior and predicts karma.

onlyzenpai | onlyzenpai

Parents shouldn't expect a break if they have a baby. NTA 🙌

kipsterdude | kipsterdude

Sibling refuses to babysit baby brother, but won't have relationship either 😬

BackComprehensive279 | BackComprehensive279

NTA: Parent's poor financial planning shouldn't burden older child. 👏

Unr3p3nt4ntAH | Unr3p3nt4ntAH

User sympathizes with not wanting to give up free time, but advises against outright refusal to help family.

PettyWhite81 | PettyWhite81

User calls out OP for refusing to bond with sibling 😑

superbbfan | superbbfan

Family drama ensues as commenter calls out selfish behavior. 👆

kronicade | kronicade

Boundaries set with grace. NTA wins the babysitting battle.

IdyllwildGal | IdyllwildGal

Boundaries set. NTA for refusing to babysit. 💪

Momofpeg | Momofpeg

No obligation to babysit. Parents should have considered before having baby.

International-Fee255 | International-Fee255

NTA comment shuts down family drama with Clue Stick™.

Dear_Analysis_5116 | Dear_Analysis_5116

Sibling refuses to babysit baby brother, NTA prevails. 👏

SaikaTheCasual | SaikaTheCasual

Don't feel guilty for not babysitting. Offer help you're comfortable with. 👍

kimmiepi | kimmiepi

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