Family Feud: Suing an 82-Year-Old Grandma Over a Truck? 😱

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Family feuds can be messy, but this one takes the cake! After the passing of their father, one person found themselves in a heated dispute with their 82-year-old grandmother. The cause of the conflict? A missing truck and some questionable decisions. Let's dive into this family drama and see if we can make sense of it all. 😰🚚

The Missing Truck Mystery 🚚

the-shortnugget99 | the-shortnugget99

Aunt's Explanation 🤷‍♀️

the-shortnugget99 | the-shortnugget99

Grandma's Shocking Revelation 😲

the-shortnugget99 | the-shortnugget99

Not Her Property to Sell! 🚫

the-shortnugget99 | the-shortnugget99

Frustration Mounts 😡

the-shortnugget99 | the-shortnugget99

Family's Reaction to Legal Action 🤯

the-shortnugget99 | the-shortnugget99

Silent Treatment & Sabotage 😶

the-shortnugget99 | the-shortnugget99

Questioning Their Actions 🤔

the-shortnugget99 | the-shortnugget99

Family Torn Apart Over a Truck 🚚💔

In a whirlwind of emotions and family drama, our protagonist is left questioning their actions after suing their 82-year-old grandmother. The issue at hand? Grandma sold their late father's truck without permission, and it wasn't the first time she's sold items from the estate. Despite attempts to express their feelings, the family remains divided, with silent treatments and even sabotage attempts. As the tension continues to rise, we've gathered the top responses from the internet to see if our truckless hero is in the right or wrong. 🌐💬

Former car dealership employee advises on reclaiming stolen truck 😎

WalterTheHedgehog | WalterTheHedgehog

Reporting stolen truck is better than suing grandma. 👍

Front_Thought_9988 | Front_Thought_9988

Standing up to family for what's right. 👍

PsychoticEjaculation | PsychoticEjaculation

NTA, but be prepared for potential permanent family fallout. 😱

vladastine | vladastine

Grandma co-signed for truck, but sold it for $250?! 🤔

The-shortnugget99 | The-shortnugget99

Selling someone else's things is theft, NTA. Possible dementia concerns.

vanase | vanase

NTA stands up for their rights to retrieve stolen truck 💪

LurkingToaster66 | LurkingToaster66

Doubting grandma's story, NTA suspects truck wasn't sold 🤔

Princess-She-ra | Princess-She-ra

Grandparents feel entitled to estate, OP not in the wrong. 👍

Edcrfvh | Edcrfvh

NTA. Asserting your property rights may not be worth family drama.

ChibiSailorMercury | ChibiSailorMercury

Fight for your truck! 💪 Sue them and report it stolen.

wpel_142 | wpel_142

Grandma sold a truck she didn't own, NTA suggests police report.

naranghim | naranghim

NTA: Commenter believes grandma committed theft by selling truck cheaply.

RebeccaMCullen | RebeccaMCullen

Grandma thinks it's her property. Get a lawyer and police. 😱

RevolutionarySea15 | RevolutionarySea15

Legal consequences of selling a truck without proper title transfer. 🤔

EvanWasHere | EvanWasHere

Standing up to grandparents who take advantage. #NTA 👏

Trick_Few | Trick_Few

Compassionate advice for OP's grandmother's possible health concerns 😢

WinEquivalent4069 | WinEquivalent4069

NTA, report stolen truck to police and file complaint for harassment.

TheFoxAndTheRaven | TheFoxAndTheRaven

Savage grandma sells truck for more than $250. NTA, sue!

Drive-by-poster | Drive-by-poster

Grandma vs Grandson: NTA fights back with security camera 📷

Zealousideal_Curve73 | Zealousideal_Curve73

An 82-year-old grandma sued over a truck by her greedy granddaughter

Pissedliberalgranny | Pissedliberalgranny

NTA stands up to shady family, predicts future shenanigans. 🤩

spykethebassist | spykethebassist

Police may recover truck sold by grandma without owner's consent 😎

happygal222 | happygal222

Facebook justice might help you get your truck back! 👍

Free2Aloha | Free2Aloha

NTA reports stolen truck; doubts $250 truck sale, suggests police intervention.

Inevitable-Okra-3229 | Inevitable-Okra-3229

Standing up to family: NTA grandma crossed the line 💪

[deleted] | [deleted]

Grandma sells truck for more, gives $250, commenter NTA

hecknono | hecknono

NTA suggests reporting truck stolen to avoid suing broke grandma 🤷‍♂️

MidwestMSW | MidwestMSW

Grandma committed theft and fraud. NTA. Contact police. 👏

Equivalent_Dig_8363 | Equivalent_Dig_8363

Document everything and press charges against entitled grandma. NTA 👍

PsychologicalOwl928 | PsychologicalOwl928

Legal action against grandma for truck sale without permission. 😳

Raffles76 | Raffles76

Concerned commenter asks for more info about grandma's mental state.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Protect your property and seek advice from local police department 🙌

Kindly-Platform-2193 | Kindly-Platform-2193

NTA, but is it worth ruining family relationships over a truck? 🤔

[deleted] | [deleted]

Grandma selling your car without permission? NTA for sure 👍

MCH2804 | MCH2804

Creative solution to grandma's truck without suing her 👍

bornii3 | bornii3

Grandma's shady behavior and illegal sale of truck. NTA.

brendanl1998 | brendanl1998

Protect yourself and your property. Get a lawyer ASAP! 🙌

randomrants | randomrants

Estate lawyer could help track down truck, report as stolen 😐

Alibeee64 | Alibeee64

Confusion and suspicion over truck sale without proper documentation 🤔

Party_Teacher6901 | Party_Teacher6901

Grandma steals truck, sells stolen goods, NTA files police report 😱

Limerase | Limerase

Grandma not at fault for selling truck she didn't own 👍

Wolven_Sorcerer | Wolven_Sorcerer

Debating the legality of selling stolen property 🤔

imaginenohell | imaginenohell

Grandma's truck stolen and sold, NTA reports it as stolen.

Seliphra | Seliphra

NTA. Owner advised to file police report and track down buyer. 👍

[deleted] | [deleted]

NTA, but suing an 82-year-old grandma over a truck? 🤷‍♂️ Police intervention may suffice.

clementine_badger | clementine_badger

User suspects grandma of theft and predicts police involvement. 🤔

KnightofForestsWild | KnightofForestsWild

Protecting property from family drama 😔

pstansel | pstansel

Inheriting a truck and having it stolen? Absolutely NTA 💪

crystal-rooster | crystal-rooster

Legal complexities of inheritance laws explained in a nutshell 👍

[deleted] | [deleted]

Legal advice for rightful owner of truck sold by grandma 👍

SigSauerPower320 | SigSauerPower320

Protect yourself! NTA grandma needs car title to sell car.

BirdsRNtReel | BirdsRNtReel

Truck trouble: NTA suggests reporting stolen truck sold by grandma.

Virtual-Can-2961 | Virtual-Can-2961

Grandma accused of stealing truck, NTA declares it stolen 😱

xcheshirecatxx | xcheshirecatxx

Insensitive comment wins the a**hole prize 🏆

katCEO | katCEO

Grandma sells stolen truck, gets no mercy. 😒

FlahtheWhip | FlahtheWhip

Grandma sells truck to friend, commenter advises to involve police. NTA 😎

[deleted] | [deleted]

Supportive comment, keep moving forward and make the best of it. 👍

lunaquartzbat | lunaquartzbat

NTA, but family relationships may be permanently damaged. Secure property. 🚨

Plenty_Metal_1304 | Plenty_Metal_1304

Seek police assistance to retrieve stolen property. 🙌

knightfrog1248 | knightfrog1248

Setting boundaries with grandma - NTA takes legal action 💪

sdbinnl | sdbinnl

Grandma sells truck for $250, commenter jokes about estate sale. NTA sues.

Inner_Thought1802 | Inner_Thought1802

Legal recourse is necessary to make things right. NTA. 💪

Suelswalker | Suelswalker

Skeptical commenter questions grandma's story about truck sale 💭

altonaerjunge | altonaerjunge

Concerned commenter questions motives of grandma's lawsuit. 🤔

Lostmylogininfoagain | Lostmylogininfoagain

Regret not filing a police report? Family heirlooms lost forever 😔

justletmenapplease | justletmenapplease

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