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Helen Mirren Said It Was 'Very Flattering' To Be Mistaken For Keanu Reeves' Girlfriend

If you've been living under a literal rock, you may have missed the memo that Hollywood's boyfriend Keanu Reeves is officially off the market.

Earlier this week, Keanu and his girlfriend Alexandra Grant made their red carpet debut.

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The 46-year-old artist and the actor nearly broke the internet!!!!!!!!!!!

Everyone was totally obsessed with the duo, as they should be, tbh.


At first glance, however, a lot of people thought Alexandra Grant was.... Dame Helen Mirren.

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"Just saw a pic of Keanu Reeves and long time gf, who I legit thought was Helen Mirren for a few seconds...I was like dang Keanu! You nabbed Helen Mirren?!" tweeted one fan.

Now, this was a WILD assumption for a lot of reasons — 1) Helen Mirren is 28 years older than Alexandra Grant.

"Age-appropriate" is a phrase being thrown around a lot.

PSA: Just because a woman doesn't dye her hair doesn't mean she is now ELDERLY.

And if she is elderly? Amazing. Stunning. Iconic.

And 2) Helen has been happily married to her husband Taylor Hackford since 1997.

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But I digress.

It turns out that Helen was totally LOVING that everyone thought she was dating Keanu, though.

While speaking with Entertainment Tonight at the premiere of her new movie The Good Liar, the actress said it was a totally flattering mixup.

"That was very flattering on me, you know, because she's obviously lovely," Helen gushed.

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"I do know Keanu very well. He did a film with my husband and he is just the most adorable, lovely person," referring to the 1997 horror film The Devil's Advocate.

She concluded, "So she's a lucky girl and I'm sure that he's a lucky boy."

I mean, I have to agree!

As if we couldn't love Keanu any *more* than we already did!

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