Woman Refuses to Return Expensive Pot 🍲 to SIL After Cleaning It - But Who's in the Wrong? 😲

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Picture this: You save an expensive cooking pot from being trashed by your sister-in-law (SIL), clean it up, and now she wants it back! 😳 That's exactly what happened to one woman, who found herself in a sticky situation (pun intended) after rescuing her SIL's burnt pot from the recycling bin. With emotions running high and accusations flying, who's really in the wrong here? 🤷 Let's dive into the story!

The Burnt Pot Debacle 🍲🔥

ladycandle | ladycandle

A Rescue Mission 🚀

ladycandle | ladycandle

Cleaning Success! ✨

ladycandle | ladycandle

The Pot Plot Thickens... 🍲👀

ladycandle | ladycandle

SIL's Anger Erupts 🌋

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The Pot's Origins 🎁

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Update: Plant Holder Pot 🌱

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The Easy Clean-Up 🧼

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SIL's Annoyance 😠

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To Keep or Not to Keep the Pot? 🤔

So, our protagonist saves a pricey pot from the trash, cleans it up, and now her SIL wants it back. But is she obligated to return it? 🤷‍♀️ SIL initially agreed to let her have it, but now she's fuming and calling her an a**hole. The pot wasn't even SIL's purchase - it was a gift from a former flame. Our pot-rescuing heroine intended to use it as a plant holder, but SIL is annoyed by that too. 😒 With emotions boiling over, let's see what the internet has to say about this heated situation... 🔥

Woman refuses to return pot after cleaning, NTA wins 🏆

ponchoacademy | ponchoacademy

Toxic SIL causing trouble in marriage? 🤔

TopHatHare | TopHatHare

Both parties at fault for not communicating and being wasteful 👎

lindsi8784 | lindsi8784

Gift or not, SIL should pay for mending the pot 💰

GoddessofWind | GoddessofWind

NTA - SIL should have asked before offering the pot.

twoglassesofwine | twoglassesofwine

Done deal! NTA for keeping the pot, not the weed 🍲😂

GlitterDrunk | GlitterDrunk

YTA scheme to keep pot, refused to return it. 🤨

intervarsity | intervarsity

Cleaning lady throws pot in recycling, NTA keeps it. 😎

[deleted] | [deleted]

Don't be a selfish YTA, share the love 💖

catzrob89 | catzrob89

NTA saves expensive pot from being ruined by friend's wife 😍

TheLesserWombat | TheLesserWombat

OP salvages expensive pot, SIL gave up on, NAH.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Woman refuses to return pot after cleaning. NTA wins.

re_nonsequiturs | re_nonsequiturs

Woman defends not returning pot, suggests faking damage to avoid conflict. 🤪

arazzberry | arazzberry

Woman criticized for not returning pot to SIL after cleaning it 🙄

Deezer509 | Deezer509

NTA for keeping the pot found in recycling bin 👍

MsWolf42 | MsWolf42

Is family more important than a $200 pot? 🤔

factfarmer | factfarmer

NTA suggests returning damaged pot to SIL 🤔

Froot-Batz | Froot-Batz

NTA. Captain Hindsight suggests not sending pics to SIL.

car55tar5 | car55tar5

Keep the pot, gift her a new one to calm down 😊

Velma88 | Velma88

A moral dilemma: being right vs. being good 🤔

Brian051770 | Brian051770

Keep the pot! NTA. SIL could have googled it. 😍

NarrativeScorpion | NarrativeScorpion

One person's trash is another person's treasure. NTA wins.

LabRatzz | LabRatzz

Cleaning lady refuses to return pot to SIL. NTA.

Bladeslinger2 | Bladeslinger2

Engaging response to NTA comment with fiery emoji.

Volunddrynoch | Volunddrynoch

NTA, but a little white lie might smooth things over 😉

neytiri10 | neytiri10

Husband's mistake led to soft YTA verdict. Give pot back.

Keltik_ | Keltik_

Cleaning the pot and refusing to return it? NTA wins 👏

[deleted] | [deleted]

Both parties have faults 🤷‍♀️ but husband worsened the situation 😡

StealfDragon | StealfDragon

SIL being a snowflake, NTA for restoring and keeping pot.

Able_Consideration38 | Able_Consideration38

Petty but hilarious suggestion for invoicing SIL for cleaning fee 💰😂

MaruCloche | MaruCloche

SIL threw it away, so it's fair game. NTA 👍

annyedog | annyedog

Engaging comment calling out YTA behavior towards SIL's property.

draphramatic | draphramatic

ESH situation: SIL expects pot back, OP fixed it but gloated.

Speedraca | Speedraca

Redditor calls out OP for taking advantage of SIL's lack of knowledge 🙄

TouchMyRustySpoon | TouchMyRustySpoon

Fixed pot, SIL said OP could have it, ESH for gloating.

walkietalkie000 | walkietalkie000

Keeping the pot may be 'right', but is it worth it? 😕

SzDiverge | SzDiverge

No backsies rule applies to expensive pot cleaning too! 😎

ChuckGreenwald | ChuckGreenwald

SIL wants expensive pot back, but NTA suggests cleaning fee 💰

Independent_Floor_20 | Independent_Floor_20

Cleaning mishap leads to rightful ownership debate. NTA wins.

SkittishWombat | SkittishWombat

User calls out OP for being TA in pot situation.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Woman refuses to return pot, but who's in the wrong? 😑

Mysterious-Winter616 | Mysterious-Winter616

NTA or YTA? Commenter argues both sides, but warns of relationship damage 🚧

frozen_flame123 | frozen_flame123

NTA but consider returning the pot to avoid a grudge 🤔

MsSnarky | MsSnarky

👍 SIL gave permission to clean pot, NTA for not returning.

SpookyBlackCat | SpookyBlackCat

Don't throw out expensive cookware, clean it like a pro! 😎

Dogzillas_Mom | Dogzillas_Mom

One woman's trash is another woman's treasure 💎

reignbo678 | reignbo678

Eco-friendly commenter calls out burnt pot recycling faux pas 🤯

MysticPinecone | MysticPinecone

Etiquette of asking for gifts back debated. SIL in the wrong? 🤔

Suse- | Suse-

SIL refused to take back pot, now getting ugly about it. NTA 👍

LibraWoman1 | LibraWoman1

Woman refuses to return pot to SIL after cleaning it. NTA.

Superdickeater | Superdickeater

YTA for not returning a gifted pot to your SIL.

DrMangosteen | DrMangosteen

Woman defends keeping refurbished pot from SIL who threw it out 😲

aliskiromanov | aliskiromanov

Lesson learned: never send a good photo of broken things 😅

inimitable_girl | inimitable_girl

Woman refuses to return pot, called out for taking advantage. YTA 😬

WonderingWaffle | WonderingWaffle

Woman keeps pot after SIL throws it out. NTA 👍

ToastAbrikoos | ToastAbrikoos

Generosity or standing up to bullying? NTA in dilemma 🤔

NomadicusRex | NomadicusRex

User calls out OP for being a jerk towards family. 😑

Xena66 | Xena66

NTA, but consider returning the pot and having your husband replace it 💰

Purple__Unicorn | Purple__Unicorn

Insider trading with family heirlooms? YTA, and it's not close. 😑

jsingleton86 | jsingleton86

Defending oneself against false accusations with NTA verdict 👍

Discontinuedsoda | Discontinuedsoda

Woman criticized for not helping family member with expensive pot. YTA. 😕

Starbeets | Starbeets

Compassion overrules possession in family pot-cleaning dispute 🙏

RainInTheWoods | RainInTheWoods

Sending the picture was a mistake, YTA but not malicious 😕

Nerakus | Nerakus

SIL gave the pot, but flaunting its cleaning was wrong. ESH 😐

RNBQ4103 | RNBQ4103

Cleaning a pot doesn't make you an a**hole. NTA.

Denkyuu3 | Denkyuu3

Taking the pot without helping was wrong, YTA 🤦‍♀️

Freetopali | Freetopali

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