🧬 Friend Insists on DNA Test, But She's Not Having It! 😤

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We all have that one friend who gets obsessed with something and won't stop talking about it, right? 😅 Well, this 21-year-old woman is dealing with a friend who's become fixated on DNA tests like 23andme and ancestry.com. She's managed to get everyone in their friend group to take the test, but our protagonist isn't interested. As an adopted, racially ambiguous woman, she's never been curious about her biological background. However, her friend's constant insistence is starting to wear on her nerves. 💢 Let's dive into this dramatic tale!

Obsessed Friend Alert! 🚨

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DNA Tests: The New Craze 🧪

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Friend's DNA Test Adventure 🌍

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Everyone's Joining In... Except One 🚫

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Adopted and Ambiguous 🤷

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Curiosity Overload 🕵️‍♀️

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Not Interested in Percentages 📊

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Random Relatives? No Thanks! 🙅‍♀️

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Medical Info Isn't Persuasive 💉

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Birthday Gift Denied 🎁

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Friend's Frustration 😠

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Curiosity vs. Privacy: Who's in the Wrong? 🤔

So, our protagonist is dealing with a friend who's become obsessed with DNA tests and is determined to uncover her ancestry. Despite her friend's enthusiasm, she's not interested in taking the test and selling her DNA information to a random company. The situation escalates when her friend offers to buy her a DNA test kit for her birthday, leading to an argument. With emotions running high, it's time to see what the internet thinks of this situation. 🍿

Don't let anyone guilt you into a DNA test. NTA 👍

Expensive_Fee696 | Expensive_Fee696

Get a referral to a specialist in genetics for serious analysis! 👨‍🎓

Jazzlike_Humor3340 | Jazzlike_Humor3340

👍 Agree, friend's request for DNA test is harassment. #NTA


Respectful NTA comment shuts down nosy friend's DNA request. 👏

Ok_Smell_8260 | Ok_Smell_8260

Set your boundaries and say NO to DNA tests. NTA 👍

LuvMeLongThyme | LuvMeLongThyme

Defensive response to friend's request for DNA test. 😑

[deleted] | [deleted]

Curiosity about DNA aside, commenter supports OP's decision. 👍

ScubaCC | ScubaCC

Respect for bodily autonomy is key. NTA 🙌

kjbtetrick | kjbtetrick

Friend's fixation on DNA test is questioned, but no conflict.

Talkiesoundbox | Talkiesoundbox

Valid concerns about DNA tests' future and accuracy. Beware friend's intentions. 🙈

Swimming_Outside_563 | Swimming_Outside_563

Consider getting a health-only DNA test to improve healthcare 🚡

dfjdejulio | dfjdejulio

Respect personal choices. NTA for not wanting a DNA test.

damn_fine_coffee_224 | damn_fine_coffee_224

Respect her privacy and decision, NTA. 🙏

ClareSwinn | ClareSwinn

Adopted Redditor refuses DNA test, fears relationship fallout. NTA 👍

Squigglepig52 | Squigglepig52

Short-term obsession may be due to ADHD, NTA to refuse.

iamspyman | iamspyman

Is friend's obsession with DNA test a sign of Asperger's?

KlausAngren | KlausAngren

Friend's hyperfixation not an excuse to force DNA test. NTA 👍

Ok_July | Ok_July

Protect your privacy with customizable DNA test options 👍

DefrockedWizard1 | DefrockedWizard1

Respect her choice, shut up and stand firm 👍

ElectronicAmphibian7 | ElectronicAmphibian7

Is your friend autistic? It may explain her obsession. 🤔

Lyceumhq | Lyceumhq

Don't trust DNA tests for health and ancestry, visit a doctor. 💉

wi11forgetusername | wi11forgetusername

Adopted person explains benefits of not knowing medical history. 👨‍⚕️

doormouse9 | doormouse9

Genetic testing may lead to insurance discrimination 😱

Rose8918 | Rose8918

Don't let anyone pressure you into a DNA test! 🙌

Aggressive-Scale1157 | Aggressive-Scale1157

Respectful NTA comment supports privacy concerns over DNA testing.

[deleted] | [deleted]

NTA shuts down friend's pushy DNA test demands 👏

LocalBrilliant5564 | LocalBrilliant5564

Set boundaries and drop toxic friends. 🚫

MightyMarf | MightyMarf

OP's witty response shuts down pushy friend. 😂

AliMcGraw | AliMcGraw

Respectful NTA comment shuts down friend's DNA test request 🙌

Psistriker1 | Psistriker1

NTA. Politely set boundaries and question the friendship. 😊

friendlily | friendlily

Respectful friend declines DNA test, but friend won't let it go 🙄

lorienne22 | lorienne22

Ancestry tests are great, but it's okay to say no 🙅‍♀️

numtini | numtini

Respectful NTA sets boundaries with pushy friend 🙅‍♀️

InitialSquirrel7491 | InitialSquirrel7491

Politely declining a DNA test request. NTA, it's your privacy 🙌

Queen_Sized_Beauty | Queen_Sized_Beauty

NTA friend insists on DNA test, but OP stands their ground 🙌

missveronicaleigh | missveronicaleigh

NTA for refusing DNA test due to privacy concerns 🙌

raya__85 | raya__85

Friend's obsession with DNA test puts pressure on NTA.

Brains4Beauty | Brains4Beauty

Friend demands DNA test for ancestry, but commenter stands firm. 🧬

Ok-Cheetah-9125 | Ok-Cheetah-9125

Friend demands DNA test, but OP stands firm. NTA 👍

RogueInsanity90 | RogueInsanity90

Stand your ground and drop them if they can't respect it! 💪

crazycatleslie | crazycatleslie

Don't sell your DNA. Petty revenge idea included. 😏

rekniht01 | rekniht01

Adopted person refuses DNA test, asserts identity beyond biology. 👍

setomate | setomate

Respecting boundaries is key. NTA for not taking test. 👍


Politely declining didn't work, time to be blunt. 🤬

Kindly-Platform-2193 | Kindly-Platform-2193

NTA comment calls out a terrible birthday gift 🎁💩

No-Knowledge8325 | No-Knowledge8325

Don't let her racism push you into a DNA test! 🚫❌ NTA

[deleted] | [deleted]

Friend insists on DNA test, but commenter has zero f**ks to give 🤷‍♀️

TexasTiger70 | TexasTiger70

NTA, privacy invasion & obsession with DNA. Reconsider friendship. 😑

[deleted] | [deleted]

Respect adoptee's choice, friend's request is selfish and inappropriate 🤨

PettyHonestThrowaway | PettyHonestThrowaway

Possible explanation for friend's behavior, but boundaries still important. 😒

Physical-Energy-6982 | Physical-Energy-6982

NTA! Friend pressuring for DNA test is the real A-hole 👎

Keethkot | Keethkot

Respect boundaries: friend needs to back off and let it go 🙏

ToastAbrikoos | ToastAbrikoos

Your DNA, your choice. Friend needs to accept it. NTA 👍

Dimityblue | Dimityblue

Adoptee has the right to refuse DNA test. NTA 👍

kj_eeks | kj_eeks

Respectful NTA declines DNA test, has control over information 👍

urzu_seven | urzu_seven

Respect personal boundaries. NTA for denying friend's pushy request. 🙌

River_Song47 | River_Song47

NTA. Concerns over DNA privacy and potential misuse of data.

holisarcasm | holisarcasm

Ancestral DNA testing not worth risk of insurance premium hike 🚫

Few-Entrepreneur383 | Few-Entrepreneur383

Respectful NTA comment encourages self-determination with helpful advice. 👍

FairyFartDaydreams | FairyFartDaydreams

Adoptee shares experience, advises setting boundaries with pushy friend. 👍

ro_inspace | ro_inspace

Empowering response to DNA test pressure. You decide your privacy.

Fit-Morning-3550 | Fit-Morning-3550

Set boundaries with friends who don't respect your decisions. 🚫

TexFiend | TexFiend

Respect privacy. NTA for saying no to DNA test. 🙏

MariaInconnu | MariaInconnu

Respectful comment suggests setting boundaries with pushy friend 👍

Big_Meesh_ | Big_Meesh_

Respect boundaries and shut down pushy friends 👍

[deleted] | [deleted]

Adopted person refuses DNA test, friend insists. Commenter supports refusal. 😡

bewilde666 | bewilde666

Friend demands DNA test, commenter laughs at frivolous results. NTA.

KraftyLikeAFox | KraftyLikeAFox

Respect your boundaries, don't let anyone force you. 👍

SnooBananas7203 | SnooBananas7203

Protect your privacy and do the DNA test on your terms 💻

Thatcsibloke | Thatcsibloke

Politely declining friend's DNA test offer. NTA 👍

FilthyDaemon | FilthyDaemon

Woman defends her decision to not take a DNA test. 👏

Unlikely-Meg | Unlikely-Meg

Respect personal choice of adoption, don't hyper fixate on it. 🙏

Escape_Overlander | Escape_Overlander

Sassy response to DNA test request with a dog twist 🤣

Jellyka | Jellyka

Respect boundaries. Friend's obsession with DNA test is not okay. 🙏

Hot_Bridge_6395 | Hot_Bridge_6395

Stand your ground and set boundaries with a control freak 🙌

Mrhcat | Mrhcat

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