🕒 Student Stands Ground Against Co-workers' Demands 😤

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Imagine working at a gas station while attending university and trying to maintain a strict schedule. You've got your boss's approval, but your co-workers seem to think otherwise. That's the situation one student finds themselves in, as they face backlash from co-workers for refusing to stay later than their scheduled shift. 😠📚 Let's dive into the story and see if they're in the wrong...

The Job and Schedule 🕔

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Boss's Approval ✅

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Co-workers' Disapproval 😒

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Closing Time ⏰

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Long Lines and Leaving 🚶‍♂️

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Ethel's Demands 🗣️

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Marta's Upset 😠

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Accusations of Being an A**hole 🙄

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Locking Up 🔒

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Student vs. Co-workers: Who's Right? 🤷

So, we have a student who's trying to balance work and university life, sticking to a strict schedule approved by their boss. But their co-workers, Ethel and Marta, are not happy about it. Ethel demands the student stay longer to help with long lines, while Marta gets upset when they won't cover her shifts. The student stands their ground, knowing their boss has their back. But is the student being inconsiderate, or are the co-workers being unreasonable? Let's check out what people have to say about this situation... 🍿

Boss agrees, others mad. Responsibility to be on time.

ActiveDragon11 | ActiveDragon11

Standing up for your work hours is not being selfish. 💪

CalmStomach3 | CalmStomach3

NTA stands up for punctuality and gets validation from commenter.

Chrissyspeaks | Chrissyspeaks

Boss agrees with NTA student, co-workers need more communication 🤔

KKMcKay17 | KKMcKay17

NTA. Supportive comment and well wishes for OP's education 🙂

Legendary_Bumblebee | Legendary_Bumblebee

Standing up for yourself at work is important. 💪

AnotherAnthophile | AnotherAnthophile

Stand your ground and don't let others take advantage 💪

Tomatillo-Proof | Tomatillo-Proof

Prioritizing education over a part-time job. Boss supports decision. 💪

Azdomiel | Azdomiel

NTA stands firm against co-worker's demands, gets helpful advice. 👍

yespls64 | yespls64

Former HR worker agrees with NTA's stance on work schedules 👍

green_eyed_cat | green_eyed_cat

Handling workplace drama while in school? NTA has advice 💼📚

farrahlikefawcett | farrahlikefawcett

Coworkers shamed for student's personal time. Boss has right attitude. 👍

Excellent-Ostrich908 | Excellent-Ostrich908

Being a reliable employee has its perks 👍. Don't let co-workers boss you around.

fannubal | fannubal

Don't let coworkers take advantage of you! 🙅‍♀️

[deleted] | [deleted]

Standing up for yourself and your commitments, NTA 👏

Shruggles8 | Shruggles8

NTA. Stand your ground and hold others accountable for their actions. 💪

Sfb208 | Sfb208

NTA. Marta needs to manage her time better. Keep it up! 👍

indianajoes | indianajoes

Stand up for yourself and don't work for free! 💪

ImFinePleaseThanks | ImFinePleaseThanks

👏🏼 Education first! Student defends decision to prioritize studies. #NTA

Venetrix2 | Venetrix2

Being punctual and respectful is important. NTA for standing ground. ⏰👍

GlassGuava886 | GlassGuava886

Putting education first, not worth compromising for a gas station job. 💪

thehighwaywarrior | thehighwaywarrior

Take responsibility for yourself, not your co-workers. NTA 👍

[deleted] | [deleted]

Boss praised for holding employees accountable. NTA comment agreement 😊

SoManyWhippets | SoManyWhippets

👏 Standing up for yourself and your work ethic! #NTA

[deleted] | [deleted]

Earn money while in school, don't worry about coworkers' feelings 💰

[deleted] | [deleted]

NTA! Marta's jealousy is not your problem 👏

capt-rix | capt-rix

Standing up for yourself at work 💪. NTA!

Ate4lyf | Ate4lyf

Stand your ground and don't let co-workers boss you around 💪

ComputerTechGeek | ComputerTechGeek

Coworkers demand schedule change, but NTA stands their ground 💪

Chance-Contract-1290 | Chance-Contract-1290

Encouraging reply to a student facing workplace exploitation 👏

RankledCat | RankledCat

Retail workers deserve respect and appreciation for their hard work 💪

JTMissileTits | JTMissileTits

Be like OP, not an Ethel. Spread positivity. NTA 🙌

eferoth | eferoth

Being a reliable employee is huge. NTA for standing ground 👍

RogueDIL | RogueDIL

Respectful boundaries set by student, co-workers should follow suit 🙌

Neravariine | Neravariine

NTA - Coworkers need to be replaced. Good on you for standing up!

tidalqueen | tidalqueen

Standing up for yourself at work is important. 💪 NTA.

PsychologicalNews573 | PsychologicalNews573

Reliable employee stands up to unreliable co-workers' demands. NTA 👍

No_Proposal7628 | No_Proposal7628

Smart suggestion for finding a better job schedule 👍

recyclopath_ | recyclopath_

Standing up to lazy co-workers, NTA wins with grace 💪

BeanieBlitz | BeanieBlitz

Setting boundaries at work and saying no to unreasonable demands 🙌

FairyFartDaydreams | FairyFartDaydreams

Bosses who respect boundaries are not the norm, unfortunately 😔

fernAlly | fernAlly

NTA stands up to co-workers' demands, offers practical advice. 👍

[deleted] | [deleted]

Responsible student prioritizes class over lazy co-workers' demands 🙌

CassieBear1 | CassieBear1

Standing up for personal time and boundaries at work 💪

rissaro0o | rissaro0o

Putting school first and not being responsible for co-workers' tardiness 📚🙅‍♀️

emherrera1960 | emherrera1960

Arriving on time and not assuming shift swaps. 👍

Cultural-Garden1901 | Cultural-Garden1901

Standing up to co-workers and boss, NTA prevails! 👏

sueelleker | sueelleker

Boundaries are important, especially with entitled co-workers. You're NTA 👍

SleuthingSloth009 | SleuthingSloth009

Accountability is tough, but necessary. Good on you and boss! 💪

FlutteringFae | FlutteringFae

You're not the a**hole for not covering for late coworkers 🙌

JDubbs0098 | JDubbs0098

👍 Standing up for oneself at work is always admirable. #NotTheA**hole

solopanda3437 | solopanda3437

Standing up for yourself and your job responsibilities. 💪

Intelligent-Ad-4568 | Intelligent-Ad-4568

Co-worker harassment and JADEing. Record conversations, report to boss 🚨

[deleted] | [deleted]

Standing up for punctuality and boundaries. NTA 💯

TexasYankee212 | TexasYankee212

Prioritizing education over work, NTA comment wins support 💪

[deleted] | [deleted]

Punctuality matters! NTA for not covering for late co-workers ⏰

fragilemagnoliax | fragilemagnoliax

NTA. Boss is understanding, but keep resume current. 👍

dj777dj777bling | dj777dj777bling

Standing up for yourself and setting boundaries is important 💪

jesstall | jesstall

Boss approves, Ethel needs to text Marta about work ethic 😎

SHPD396 | SHPD396

Marta's tardiness causes trouble at work. Plan your day better! 🙌

Stella430 | Stella430

Don't let others' tardiness affect your work. #NTA 👏

seba_make | seba_make

Boss agrees, coworkers annoyed. NTA for standing your ground! 💯

thekidubullied | thekidubullied

Don't let others' values hold you back. NTA 💪

[deleted] | [deleted]

Punctuality matters, NTA for not covering co-worker's tardiness ⏰

randomnurse | randomnurse

Don't take the blame for someone else's unreliability 👍

Korrin | Korrin

Stand your ground and let the boss handle it 💪

nicgoillamhaoil | nicgoillamhaoil

Don't let lazy co-workers drag you down! 🚀

09Klr650 | 09Klr650

👍 Employee receives support for standing up to co-workers' demands

Aggressive-Sample612 | Aggressive-Sample612

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