Husband's Shocking Lie About Nanny 😱

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Imagine losing a beloved nanny and having to break the news to your 3-year-old daughter. It's a tough situation, but this mom was determined to find the best way to tell her little girl. However, her husband decided to take matters into his own hands and told their daughter a shocking lie that left the family in turmoil. 😨💔

The Heartbreaking News 🥺

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Mom's Dilemma 😕

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Husband's Shocking Lie 😱

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Defending His Actions 🤦‍♀️

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Not Telling the Truth 🤥

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The Emotional Aftermath 😢

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Husband's Response 🙄

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The Fight Continues 💥

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Taking a Break 🚪

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Husband's Reaction 😤

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A Family Torn Apart 😔

This family's world was turned upside down when the husband told a shocking lie about their daughter's nanny. The mother, who was trying to find the best way to break the news, was left devastated by her husband's actions. The couple's fight and the emotional aftermath for their daughter have left everyone questioning the husband's parenting decisions. 💔😢 Let's see what the internet thinks of this situation...

Parenting decisions criticized for heartless and cruel comment. NTA 👍

ArcanTemival | ArcanTemival

Husband's lie about nanny: commenter calls out husband's behavior

pzzaco | pzzaco

Husband's lie about nanny is a deal breaker. NTA.

One-Stranger | One-Stranger

Supportive comment calls out abusive behavior of husband. 👏

ArmNo8807 | ArmNo8807

Advice on how to handle husband's lie and help the child 👍

vyletteriot | vyletteriot

Husband's lie to 3-year-old daughter - NTA but horrible husband 😱

AdMiddle590 | AdMiddle590

Husband lies about nanny, emotionally abuses daughter. NTA.

Jhilixie | Jhilixie

Protect your child's mental health. Seek therapy ASAP. 🙏

[deleted] | [deleted]

Advice from a developmental psychology student on husband's lie.

CompetitiveYoung9 | CompetitiveYoung9

Husband lies to 3-year-old, commenter calls him an a**hole 😱

Material_Positive_76 | Material_Positive_76

Mother shares personal experience with manipulative parenting, condemns husband's lie 🔥

albert_cake | albert_cake

Husband's lie traumatized child, NTA but husband is 😱

laalaaalaaaa | laalaaalaaaa

Parent expresses disbelief at husband's approach to death and love.

Theyneverputyoufirst | Theyneverputyoufirst

Husband lied to 3yo daughter about nanny, attacked her sense of value 😡

roxannefromarkansas | roxannefromarkansas

NTA commenter advises telling truth to daughter about nanny's departure 📚

Comprehensive_Fly350 | Comprehensive_Fly350

A furious comment condemning a husband's cruel lie to his daughter.

LegitimateBastard1 | LegitimateBastard1

Parenting trauma caused by lying about death. 😱

Majestic_Grocery7015 | Majestic_Grocery7015

Husband's manipulative behavior towards daughter and nanny. NTA.

Unl0vableDarkness | Unl0vableDarkness

Husband's cruel lie traumatized daughter. NTA, document his behavior. 😱

Avebury1 | Avebury1

NTA. Comforting a child after loss is crucial. Spouse TA for lying.

OkAd4358 | OkAd4358

NTA's heartbreaking story of husband's disturbing lie about nanny.

LiLiBan05 | LiLiBan05

Husband's lie about nanny's death. NTA suggests honest communication.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Heartbreaking situation. Emotional abuse towards a 3yo is unacceptable 😢

asdfghjkml | asdfghjkml

Heartbreaking comment about the husband's lie. NTA.

No_Performance_3888 | No_Performance_3888

Heartbreaking comment about the impact of hurtful words on children 😢

anxious_squirrel_ | anxious_squirrel_

Parents' failure to communicate truthfully to daughter is unhealthy ESH

FindingNemosAnus | FindingNemosAnus

Support for NTA comment and concern for daughter's well-being 😢

spikeymist | spikeymist

Husband's nanny lie leads to therapy bill. NTA's advice.

cassidy11111111 | cassidy11111111

Questioning husband's sadistic tendencies after cruel nanny lie 🤔

OSeal29 | OSeal29

Heartbreaking comment about child abuse by husband 😢

Schnarkysquirrel | Schnarkysquirrel

Childhood trauma caused by husband's parenting. Therapy is recommended.

HealthyFeta | HealthyFeta

Warning signs of abuse towards children and partner. 🚨

GetBillDozed | GetBillDozed

Leave him or damage your daughter's psyche for life. Yikes 😱

Known-Narwhal5750 | Known-Narwhal5750

Husband's lie to 3-year-old about nanny's death. Commenter calls out insensitivity. 😱

patticakes16 | patticakes16

NTA. Commenter suspects husband is sadistic and advises intervention.

Rolix_Rubix | Rolix_Rubix

NTA calls out emotional abuse towards daughter, questions relationship 🤔

ssssssim | ssssssim

Choosing a toddler over a lying spouse 👨‍🍳

DiTrastevere | DiTrastevere

Protect your daughter, don't let him abuse her. 🚨 NTA

mannequinlolita | mannequinlolita

Father's reaction to husband's lie validates OP's anger and concern 👏

uraniumstingray | uraniumstingray

Concerned commenter calls out husband's disturbing behavior 👀

[deleted] | [deleted]

User distrusts those who say 'butthurt', finds husband's use concerning 🚩

LabZealousideal5478 | LabZealousideal5478

Spouse's shocking lie to a 3-year-old. NTA, but husband is 🤔

ComprehensivePea73 | ComprehensivePea73

Childhood trauma caused by parental emotional manipulation. 😢

SelendisSuccubus | SelendisSuccubus

Parenting classes needed! NTA for telling daughter the truth 😊

BarAlone4092 | BarAlone4092

Concerned commenter questions husband's mental health and motives 🤔

Least-Designer7976 | Least-Designer7976

Spouse lied about nanny, commenter NTA, husband TA 😱

TheDuraMaters | TheDuraMaters

Protecting daughter from sadistic father. NTA. 🙌

[deleted] | [deleted]

NTA. Trust is broken. Therapy or divorce may be necessary. 😔

ginsengtea3 | ginsengtea3

User expresses strong disapproval of husband's behavior towards child and nanny.

Gr0uchPotato | Gr0uchPotato

Parenting fail: Giving a 3-year-old a terrible reason to worry 😖

Betweentheminds | Betweentheminds

Husband's lie to child: emotionally damaging 😱

Elspetta | Elspetta

Heartbreaking situation. Commenter advises honesty and empathy for child.

Lozzah91 | Lozzah91

Husband's lie traumatized daughter. NTA commenter suggests therapy and help.

DancinginHyrule | DancinginHyrule

Husband's cruel lie to 3-year-old daughter. NTA mom devastated 😔

23andconflicted | 23andconflicted

Husband's lie reinforces nanny's guilt, causing lasting damage 😔

Miserable-Wasabi9599 | Miserable-Wasabi9599

NTA but serious consequences. Daughter needs therapy, divorce lawyer suggested.

Ocean_Spice | Ocean_Spice

NTA. Concerned comment about psychological abuse towards child by nanny.

hakeyh1956 | hakeyh1956

Father's lie about nanny may impact daughter's mental health 😢

Ginger3950 | Ginger3950

Heartbreaking testimony of emotional abuse, NTA for protecting daughter ❤️

LupusWarriorRN | LupusWarriorRN

NTA calls out husband's shocking lie about nanny 🤯

Sleipnoir | Sleipnoir

NTA calls out husband's atrocious decision-making and competitive parenting attitude 🔥

jonstoppable | jonstoppable

Husband's lie traumatized daughter. NTA for calling him out 😱

Katonine9 | Katonine9

Heartbreaking comment about the husband's potential betrayal to his daughter 😢

sweetnikki4u | sweetnikki4u

Heartbreaking situation for a child, NTA for the mother.

Amber-Rebell | Amber-Rebell

NTA. Parent should have been honest with the child. 💔

SydneyTeacake | SydneyTeacake

Husband's lie about nanny causes lifelong anxiety for daughter 😱

toxicgecko | toxicgecko

Hilarious comment calls out immature husband, supports NTA judgement.

slendermanismydad | slendermanismydad

Parenting criticism warranted after husband's inappropriate comment to child 😬

helpingaduderead | helpingaduderead

Spouse's disturbing lie to child raises red flags. NTA.

ChuiTE | ChuiTE

Husband's cruel lie about nanny - commenter calls out behavior. 😡

shemjaza | shemjaza

Husband's lie about nanny's death traumatizes daughter 😱💔

witchbrew7 | witchbrew7

Husband's terrible lie about nanny. Commenter is NTA.

Buff_azoo | Buff_azoo

User suspects husband's behavior may be a red flag 🤔

chaotic_nuclear | chaotic_nuclear

Empathetic response to shocking lie with supportive advice. 👍

maat89 | maat89

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