🤯 Disabled Niece Turned into a 'Baby Shelf' on a Bus! 😱

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Imagine taking your disabled niece on a bus ride to a convention, only to have a stranger attempt to use her as a makeshift 'baby shelf'. 😲 That's exactly what happened to our protagonist, a 21-year-old woman, who was left speechless when a fellow passenger placed her baby in her niece's lap without permission. The situation escalated quickly, leaving our protagonist questioning if she was in the wrong. Let's dive into this bizarre story and see what really went down on that bus! 🚌

Language Barrier? No Problem! 🌍

salty_strawberry392 | salty_strawberry392

A Fun Day Out 🎉

salty_strawberry392 | salty_strawberry392

Enter the Baby Lady 👶

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A Surprising Request 😳

salty_strawberry392 | salty_strawberry392

Speechless 😶

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Weird Behavior 🤨

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Tired Excuses 😴

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Angry Words 😡

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Dirty Looks 👀

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So, Was She in the Wrong? 🤔

Our protagonist found herself in a bizarre situation when a woman on the bus placed her baby in her disabled niece's lap without permission. 😳 After asking the woman to hold her baby and receiving a middle finger in response, she was left questioning if she was in the wrong. 🤷 So, what does the internet think about this strange encounter? Let's dive into some of the top responses and see if our protagonist was justified in her actions or if she crossed a line.

Empowering response to entitled behavior on public transportation! 🚍

Impressive-Amoeba-97 | Impressive-Amoeba-97

Treating someone in a wheelchair like a 'baby shelf' 😱

ericthostriga | ericthostriga

Woman hands off baby to stranger without waiting for answer. NTA.

WalthamRoast27 | WalthamRoast27

Disabled person shares perspective on treating wheelchair users as objects. NTA.

KaliTheBlaze | KaliTheBlaze

Mother dumps disabled baby on stranger's lap. Not the a-hole.

Poekienijn | Poekienijn

NTA. Woman was disrespectful & terrible parent. Other passengers ignorant. 🙄

Greenelse | Greenelse

NTA stood up for disabled niece used as 'baby shelf' 😊

[deleted] | [deleted]

Strangers on the bus refused to help, NTA for not handing over niece

Brainjacker | Brainjacker

NTA commenter finds story unbelievable and suggests other passengers help.

DarkCheezus | DarkCheezus

Fighting ableism on public transportation 💪

MaryVonDerInsel | MaryVonDerInsel

Stranger's lap turned into a 'baby shelf' on a bus? NTA

biochem-genius | biochem-genius

Wheelchair users face discrimination and assumptions on public transportation. 😡

PepperPhoenix | PepperPhoenix

Woman puts baby on disabled niece, commenter calls out entitlement 👏

Cloud_witch3879 | Cloud_witch3879

Humorous comment with no replies, referencing the article incident.

theydotcom | theydotcom

Stranger drops baby on disabled niece's lap. NTA's reaction: WTF?!

VorionLightbringer | VorionLightbringer

Stranger handed crying baby on bus, regrets not calling CPS 😱

AgitatedAd6924 | AgitatedAd6924

Wheelchair users are not objects. Thank you for standing up! 👏

PunkinPumkin | PunkinPumkin

Stranger assumes disabled niece is a 'baby shelf' on bus 😡

mslexibae | mslexibae

Demanding a stranger to hold your baby on a bus? 😱 NTA.

thc1121 | thc1121

Stranger dumps baby on child, OP not the a**hole. 😱

cobaltaureus | cobaltaureus

Stranger hands baby to disabled niece on bus. OP NTA.

PebblesFlint | PebblesFlint

Disabled niece deserves respect, not to be used as furniture. 👎

sapphicsapphires | sapphicsapphires

Defending a disabled niece from being used as a 'baby shelf' 👏

CivilSenpai69 | CivilSenpai69

Stranger tries to make disabled child hold her baby. NTA wins!

KoolJozeeKatt | KoolJozeeKatt

Woman treats disabled niece like furniture on bus. NTA response.

notthathamilton | notthathamilton

NTA stands up for disabled niece's dignity on a bus 👏

orangeupurple1 | orangeupurple1

Disabled people's bodies are not public property. 😡

Intelligent-Panda-33 | Intelligent-Panda-33

Standing up for disabled niece's rights on a bus. 💪

manonaca | manonaca

Handing a baby to a stranger? NTA, that's incredibly weird! 😱

onceler80 | onceler80

Aunt's unhygienic behavior prompts NTA judgement for taking baby.

Swedishpunsch | Swedishpunsch

Lack of accommodation for parents with young children on buses.

chlorenchyma | chlorenchyma

Mom tries to use baby as punishment against disabled kid 😱

CaramelTurtles | CaramelTurtles

Handing a baby to a stranger on a bus? NTA for refusing.

xray_anonymous | xray_anonymous

Stranger asks for help holding baby on bus, internet baffled 😆

Kareberrys | Kareberrys

Stranger tries to make disabled 11-year-old hold her baby 😱 NTA

peonypegasus | peonypegasus

Passengers refuse to give up seat for disabled niece. NTA.

usedtofall77 | usedtofall77

Mother hands baby to stranger, rude to disabled niece. NTA.

fjewel95 | fjewel95

Disabled commenter shares experience of disrespect and calls out ableism.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Woman puts disabled niece in danger to use her as a shelf 😠

Korilian | Korilian

Respect wheelchair users. They are not furniture for your convenience. 👏

melkesjokolade89 | melkesjokolade89

Parenting fail on public transit. NTA comment calls out weird behavior.

finehamsabound | finehamsabound

User criticizes OP for expecting special treatment for disabled niece.

Possible_Laugh_9139 | Possible_Laugh_9139

Humorous NTA comment about 'baby shelf' and stranger danger.

HowdyDoodyCircusPres | HowdyDoodyCircusPres

Complimenting OP's English proficiency and NTA judgement. 👏

Taran345 | Taran345

Quick thinking and assertive response to ableism on bus 🙌

AreYouKiddingMePeps | AreYouKiddingMePeps

Heartbreaking comment on ableism and concern for child's safety.

Meepster01 | Meepster01

"Thanks for the free baby" 😂 Who does this?!

QuesInTheBoos | QuesInTheBoos

Savage comeback to entitled woman on the bus 😂

Erebloth | Erebloth

NTA. Giving a baby to a stranger in a wheelchair? Ridiculous! 🤦

rajenr | rajenr

Stranger demands disabled niece to hold baby on bus. Outrage ensues.

Silent_Syd241 | Silent_Syd241

NTA commenter defends policy on public transport prioritizing wheelchairs over prams.

MochaJ95 | MochaJ95

🤔 Mother's decision to put baby on stranger's lap questioned.

clairekingthequeen | clairekingthequeen

Defending a disabled relative on a bus 👏

xavii117 | xavii117

Stranger tries to use disabled niece as a 'baby shelf' 😱

fun_mak21 | fun_mak21

Mother's strange behavior on a bus sparks NTA comment.

Revolutionary_Ad1846 | Revolutionary_Ad1846

NTA commenter defends disabled niece from entitled parent on bus 🚍

MischievousBish | MischievousBish

👍 NTA comment calls out irresponsible behavior towards disabled niece.

WesternTumbleweeds | WesternTumbleweeds

Calling authorities for child abandonment? That's some petty justice 😏

BeefyMonkeyBrains | BeefyMonkeyBrains

Quick thinking and concern for baby's safety. #NTA 🙌

bibbiddybobbidyboo | bibbiddybobbidyboo

Parenting judgement and bus etiquette discussed. 😍

[deleted] | [deleted]

Passengers should have stood up for disabled niece. NTA 💯

Mr_Ariyeh | Mr_Ariyeh

Parenting gone wrong! A stranger's baby or her disabled niece?

tmoiraflem | tmoiraflem

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