🍿 Woman Changes Netflix Password on Boyfriend's Mom – Did She Go Too Far? 🤔

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We all love our streaming services, but what happens when someone starts hogging the screen time? One woman found herself in a sticky situation when she gave her boyfriend's mom access to her Netflix account. Little did she know, this would lead to a battle for streaming supremacy and a tough decision to make. 😓🎥

Sharing Netflix with Boyfriend's Mom

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The Family's Streaming Situation

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Boyfriend's Mom Gets Too Comfortable

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The Streaming Struggle Begins

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Family Members Left Out

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A Suggestion for Boyfriend's Mom

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Her Surprising Response

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A Dismissive Attitude

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Huffing and Puffing

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Taking Matters into Her Own Hands

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The Confrontation

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Standing Her Ground

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The Final Word

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A Battle for Streaming Supremacy 🎭

Our protagonist shared her Netflix account with her boyfriend's mom, only to find her hogging the screen time and leaving her family unable to watch their shows. 😠 After a frustrating conversation where the mom laughed off the issue, our heroine took matters into her own hands and changed the password. 🕵️‍♀️ But was she too harsh? Let's see what the internet has to say about this streaming showdown... 🌐

NTA and it's her account, she can decide who uses it 👍

Lumarioigi | Lumarioigi

Borrowing etiquette: Return borrowed items when asked. NTA 👍

Poekienijn | Poekienijn

Polite and upfront approach to Netflix password drama. NTA 👍

Ricoret | Ricoret

NTA. You gave her every warning and nice hint. 👍

userxfriendly | userxfriendly

NTA for changing Netflix password on boyfriend's mom. Red flag MIL.

wyvernish | wyvernish

Cutting cable and spending on Netflix instead, NTA wins 🎉

MerlinsBeard1007a | MerlinsBeard1007a

Netflix should consider offering free trial guest passes. 🤔

ZweitenMal | ZweitenMal

NTA, boyfriend's mom was entitled. Changing password was justified. 👍

minimalminutiae | minimalminutiae

Sharing Netflix is a privilege, not a right. 🎥🔒

MadamKitsune | MadamKitsune

NTA defends changing Netflix password on boyfriend's mom.

[deleted] | [deleted]

NTA defends Netflix password change, criticizes cheapness of others. 💻

cleveraccountname13 | cleveraccountname13

NTA. Changing the password was fair, she had been asked before. 👍

mikuzgrl | mikuzgrl

Setting boundaries with limited permission. NTA 👍

ViolentPlotBunny | ViolentPlotBunny

NTA. OP's BF's mom was rude and inconsiderate. Boundaries needed. 👍

NHChiMama | NHChiMama

NTA. Netflix moocher gets the boot 🚪👋

Cyclonic2500 | Cyclonic2500

Debate over sharing Netflix subscription sparks frugality vs entitlement argument 💪

yohoob | yohoob

Sharing Netflix account? Set some boundaries! NTA 🙌

depressivedarkling | depressivedarkling

👏 Setting boundaries and standing up for yourself. NTA.

warrpony | warrpony

Fair warning given, NTA for changing Netflix password 💻

Surfer_wave_dolphin | Surfer_wave_dolphin

NTA for changing password, but commenter brings up valid point 🤔

notmemeorme | notmemeorme

NTA. You're paying for the account. She can set up her own.

Rnin85 | Rnin85

Taking control of Netflix password: NTA, she pays for it.

ratdarkness | ratdarkness

👍 NTA for changing Netflix password after asking nicely. Sometimes necessary.

crazyunclealfie | crazyunclealfie

Cutting down screen time? 🤔 Missed opportunity, but NTA.

PhilTheWeatherman | PhilTheWeatherman

Petty, but NTA. Changing password every day may be excessive. 😂

Ubernoob2012 | Ubernoob2012

Taking back control of Netflix: NTA's perfect response 👏📺

crymson7 | crymson7

Girlfriend stands up to overbearing boyfriend's mom. NTA! 💯

Bobalery | Bobalery

NTA. Boyfriend's mom broke agreement, entitled to your paid account.

DocSternau | DocSternau

NTA commenter calls out girlfriend's mom for controlling behavior 😎

SnooCrickets2772 | SnooCrickets2772

NTA for changing Netflix password after boyfriend's mom abused kindness 😒

Throwaway41790a | Throwaway41790a

Setting boundaries with in-laws can be tough 😢 NTA

LxSky90 | LxSky90

NTA for changing Netflix password on mooching boyfriend's mom 👏

[deleted] | [deleted]

NTA. Changing Netflix password is fair game. 👍

batalanah | batalanah

Taking a stand for moochers 🙅‍♀️

TofuDumplingScissors | TofuDumplingScissors

NTA. It's your account, not hers. 💁‍♀️

LilliannaWinterWolf | LilliannaWinterWolf

Lesson learnt: don't give passwords away. 👍

nyanya85 | nyanya85

Setting boundaries on streaming, NTA 👍🏼

JunkScientist | JunkScientist

NTA for changing Netflix password on selfish boyfriend's mom 😍

Proper-Atmosphere | Proper-Atmosphere

Boyfriend needs to set boundaries with his mom, not girlfriend. 👍

ohdamnitreddit | ohdamnitreddit

👏 Standing up for boundaries and agreements. NTA.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Setting boundaries with adult children is important. NTA 👍

ChattyMrsKat | ChattyMrsKat

Boyfriend's mom loses Netflix, where is he in this drama? 😕

usagicchi | usagicchi

Entitled boyfriend's mom gets what she deserves with Netflix revenge 👌

th3w4nn4be | th3w4nn4be

NTA: When streaming services are life, sharing is not caring. 📺

s14sher | s14sher

NTA, and BF's mom is acting entitled. 🙄

livlivesforbrains | livlivesforbrains

Sharing Netflix? NTA. Unlimited downloads can save the day 👍

WearyConversation0 | WearyConversation0

NTA. Setting boundaries and basic manners are important in relationships. 👍

MeGustaMiSFW | MeGustaMiSFW

Taking control of her account, NTA. 🙅‍♀️

masquerade_wolf | masquerade_wolf

NTA. Changing the password was justified for privacy and fairness.

peppermintpatri | peppermintpatri

👏 Taking a stand against moochers and no regrets! #NTA

blaziken2708 | blaziken2708

Cutting her screen time? 😂 NTA, she had it coming.

JustOneDay_At_A_Time | JustOneDay_At_A_Time

Protecting your Netflix account at all costs 💪

[deleted] | [deleted]

NTA called out boyfriend's mom's hypocrisy and gaslighting tactics. 💯

PerPuroCaso | PerPuroCaso

Boyfriend's absence raises questions. 🤔 NTA, but BF is.

zerocoolforschool | zerocoolforschool

Woman changes Netflix password on boyfriend's mom, NTA explained.

Allonsydr1 | Allonsydr1

NTA. Creating her own account takes mere moments. No harm done 👍

Kranon7 | Kranon7

NTA. Setting boundaries with boyfriend's mom and protecting your account 🚫👩‍👦

fibonacci_veritas | fibonacci_veritas

Setting boundaries on Netflix account access. NTA 🎥

conuly | conuly

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