🎓 College Student Faces Dilemma: Should She Report Slacking Classmate? 😱

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Imagine being in your last semester of college, working hard to maintain good grades, and suddenly finding yourself stuck in a group project with a slacker who's more interested in partying than contributing. 😩 That's the dilemma faced by a 21-year-old first-generation college student who's tired of carrying the weight of her group. With a major project deadline looming, she's considering reporting her non-contributing classmate to their professor. But is it the right thing to do? 🤔 Read on to find out the details of this college drama! 👇

The Final Semester Struggle 🎓

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The High-Stakes Group Project 📚

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Understanding but Tired 😓

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Taking Charge 💪

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Two Out of Three Ain't Bad 🌟

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Party Over Project 🍹

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Missed Deadlines 😤

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Snappy Response 😠

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Professor's Offer 📩

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The Big Decision 🤔

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To Report or Not to Report: A College Conundrum 🤷

Our hardworking protagonist finds herself torn between reporting her party-loving classmate to their professor or just waiting it out, hoping the slacker will eventually contribute to their group project. With a major deadline fast approaching, she's understandably frustrated and worried about the impact on her grade. 😬 She has evidence of the lack of contribution and the professor's offer to give individual grades if needed. But is it worth potentially causing her classmate to fail the project? 🤔 Let's see what the internet has to say about this sticky situation... 💬

Report her to the prof! 🚨 NTA, she's slacking off.

heywhatsupitsme1 | heywhatsupitsme1

Report slacking classmate to professor to salvage your grade. NTA 👏

Gamer-Skier | Gamer-Skier

Standing up for yourself and others in college 🎓👏

CirclePhantasm | CirclePhantasm

College student debates reporting slacking classmate. NTA suggests consequences.

iamthegreenestfield | iamthegreenestfield

Screenshots expose slacker in group project. NTA for reporting.

LowBattery | LowBattery

Honesty is the best policy. 🤥 Report the slacker.

PompeyLulu | PompeyLulu

Report the slacker, don't risk your grade for their irresponsibility. 📝

Alyssa_Hargreaves | Alyssa_Hargreaves

NTA points out the irresponsibility of slacking during the pandemic.

strictparents_ | strictparents_

NTA student deals with slacking classmate. Group work woes 😩

[deleted] | [deleted]

Reporting slacking classmate: NTA, consequences for groupmates are unfair. 🙏

DaisyInc | DaisyInc

Don't let one slacker ruin your grades! Speak up! 💪

BernieHighKeyThiccc | BernieHighKeyThiccc

Don't stress about your slacking partner, focus on your work 💪

87_north | 87_north

Report the slacker. Don't let her hold you back. 👍

Curiouspandorabox | Curiouspandorabox

Don't feel guilty, NTA! You're just helping the professor out. 😊

drthplagueis | drthplagueis

College is not all fun and games 😱 NTA for reporting.

adenine_guanine | adenine_guanine

Report slacking classmate after deadline, not to fail her. NTA 👍

holisarcasm | holisarcasm

You're NTA for reporting a slacking classmate. 📣

[deleted] | [deleted]

Encourage communication and trust the professor's discretion. NTA 👍

RoamingAmber | RoamingAmber

Asking for individual grades is okay, but screenshots are excessive 😕

kimbybimby | kimbybimby

Group project dilemma: slacking classmate. Divide work or report?

_Bisclavert | _Bisclavert

Give slacker a chance, but don't let group suffer. 👍

asconner325 | asconner325

Helpful commenter offers to send report anonymously with humor 😂

OneBall23 | OneBall23

Report the slacker. It's not your fault she's irresponsible. 👍

GoGo880 | GoGo880

Report slacking classmate to the professor. NTA, you've tried enough 👏

Lostmindbackin5 | Lostmindbackin5

Report the slacker to the professor, NTA for doing so 👏

fallenangel17xX | fallenangel17xX

NTA. It's not an a**hole move to report slacking classmates. 💪

Reina753 | Reina753

Take responsibility for your own grades. NTA, let it go. 👍

RoseTyler38 | RoseTyler38

Don't let a slacking classmate ruin your grades! Report them! 💪

JustNeedAName154 | JustNeedAName154

Speak up now or sink later! 💬🚢 Don't let slacking teammates ruin your work.

chamangus | chamangus

Report slacking classmate? NTA says it all 👍

yellowchaitea | yellowchaitea

Report the slacker and don't feel bad about it! 👍

cpcfax1 | cpcfax1

Rating system in group projects helps teach critique and fairness.

RexJacobus | RexJacobus

Let her face the music 🎶, NTA for not reporting.

threateningbreakfast | threateningbreakfast

Group projects aren't realistic, NTA for not wanting to report.

Lucia37 | Lucia37

Report the slacker! NTA. Unfair group assessments are frustrating. 🙌

Tellebelle79 | Tellebelle79

Don't be afraid to report slacking classmates. NTA. 👍

PuzzledPoet9313 | PuzzledPoet9313

Don't let her drag you down, you're NTA 👍

raindragon92 | raindragon92

Protect your GPA and your grade. Don't let them drag you down. 💪

norentalvan | norentalvan

Group work can be frustrating, but is reporting necessary? 🤔

New_to_Informatica | New_to_Informatica

Report the slacker! 📣 NTA, professor asked for it.

pbc85 | pbc85

Encouraging honesty and quality work with a NTA response 👍

DabblingForDollars | DabblingForDollars

Report slacking classmate to professor: NTA, she's not earning grade 👏

[deleted] | [deleted]

Report slacking classmate to professor to avoid doing her work. NTA 👍

Mynxkat | Mynxkat

Reporting slacking classmates is tough, but necessary for fairness. NTA 👍

windexandducttape | windexandducttape

Let her fail 🤷‍♀️ You're not responsible for her laziness.

nepheleb | nepheleb

Group projects are horrible, but reporting slacking classmates isn't cool 😒

ScreamingSicada | ScreamingSicada

Report slacking classmates to the professor. Plagiarism is unacceptable. 👍

[deleted] | [deleted]

Don't let one slacker ruin everyone's grades 👍

TruthRelativism | TruthRelativism

Report slacking classmates? NTA says talk to professor 👍

Quicksilver1964 | Quicksilver1964

Protecting your grade 👍 is important, even if it means reporting a slacker.

gringaellie | gringaellie

Report the slacker 🚨📝 Protect your grade and future 🎓

FirebirdWriter | FirebirdWriter

NTA. Wait until tomorrow, then pull the plug if necessary. 😊

shaikhsohel52 | shaikhsohel52

Don't let a slacking classmate ruin your last semester! 🙌

i_am_nobody_who_ru | i_am_nobody_who_ru

TA assures student it's okay to report slacking classmate 📝

crock_pot | crock_pot

Professor approves of not giving credit. NTA 👍

srbr33 | srbr33

Report slacking classmate? You're NTA for wanting fairness. 👍

bluthphile | bluthphile

Collaboration and communication skills are important in group projects. NTA.

heyitsanneo | heyitsanneo

Classmate's clubbing puts lives at risk. NTA for reporting.

frustratedartstudent | frustratedartstudent

Encouraging response to student's dilemma, promoting personal responsibility 👍

[deleted] | [deleted]

Don't do the work, don't get the grade. NTA 👍

chubbywhiteboy420 | chubbywhiteboy420

Report the slacker to the professor. NTA 👍

[deleted] | [deleted]

Report the slacking classmate to the professor. NTA. 👍

DarkSanto | DarkSanto

Hold her accountable! 👏 It's not fair to the group.

Scribe625 | Scribe625

Responsibilities still exist, NTA for reporting slacking classmate. 👍

fragilemagnoliax | fragilemagnoliax

Report the slacker before it gets worse! 😱

Your_Sick1057 | Your_Sick1057

Report slacking classmates to the professor 📝👩‍🏫 #NTA

candles_0904 | candles_0904

Do your part and let her do hers. 👍

Polyfuckery | Polyfuckery

Put yourself first 👍. Don't let a slacker drag you down 😱

Unsolicitedadvice13 | Unsolicitedadvice13

Compassionate response to slacking classmate 🤝

Handbag_Lady | Handbag_Lady

Report the slacker? NTA says yes, benefitting from hard work unfair 🙌

Nightshaddow1 | Nightshaddow1

Stand up for yourself and your hardworking groupmates! 💪🏻

jmc259 | jmc259

Give a chance to slacking classmate, but don't take hit. 👍

Endless-Stars | Endless-Stars

Friendly warning could have been better, but NTA overall. 😊

Florae128 | Florae128

Support for not reporting slacking classmate, citing professor's request. 👍

[deleted] | [deleted]

Don't feel bad for reporting a slacking classmate. NTA 👍

get-creative | get-creative

Don't report, take individual grading. NTA for feeling frustrated. 😒

bad-attidude | bad-attidude

Report her! Don't let someone else's laziness affect your grades! 💪

DemonaDrache | DemonaDrache

Report the slacking classmate to the professor! 👍

njx6 | njx6

You did the work and tried to help, NTA! 💪

zoecandle | zoecandle

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