Sister's Mysterious Request: Leave the House or Not? 😲

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Siblings often have their fair share of disagreements, but when a 16-year-old girl's older sister insists that she leave their home during their mom's upcoming business trip, she's left feeling confused and frustrated. With school starting soon and her beloved pets to care for, the girl doesn't want to impose on friends or family. But her sister's mysterious reasons for wanting her out of the house have her questioning if she's in the wrong. Let's dive into this family drama and see what unfolds. 😕🐾

The Unusual Request 🤨

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Anxiety and Imposition 😟

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Staying with Family Friends? 🏠

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Sibling Fight 💥

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The Four Pets 🐾

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Mysterious Motives 🕵️‍♀️

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Offering Compromises 🤝

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I Can Take Care of Myself! 💪

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The Shocking Reason 😲

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Sister's Big Secret 🤫

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Hiking Trip Plans 🥾

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Autism and ADHD 🧠

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Mum's Preference 👩‍👧

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A Family Trip! 🚗

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A Surprising Resolution 🎉

After much confusion and frustration, the truth finally comes out: the older sister didn't want her younger sibling in the house because she wouldn't be there. She's in her first relationship with a girl, and they're planning a hiking trip together. The younger sister, who has autism and ADHD, is now set to stay with her aunt and enjoy a family trip to Victoria. With the mystery solved, both sisters can move forward with their plans, and the younger sister can rest assured that she's not in the wrong.

Sister wants privacy, but it's your house. You're NTA 👍

Turbulent-Army2631 | Turbulent-Army2631

Sister wants alone time? NTA suggests hotel or move out.

MyShoulderHatesMe | MyShoulderHatesMe

Sister wants you out? NTA, demand an explanation 🤔👀

Mammoth-Neat-5930 | Mammoth-Neat-5930

Mom needs to know sister's true intentions before making decisions. 🤔

DragonFireLettuce | DragonFireLettuce

Sister's romantic getaway without the 'away' part 😍

ColdSeason2019 | ColdSeason2019

🤔 Suspicious sister or just a harmless assumption? 🤔

mltrout715 | mltrout715

Sister wants alone time, but demands you leave your home? NTA 👏


Stand your ground and seek help if needed. 💪

nugget | nugget

Stay put! NTA. Your sister's request seems suspicious. 🤔

bamf1701 | bamf1701

Sister wants you out, but why? NTA. Engage with mom.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Stand your ground! NTA. 💪🏻

kdkincaid | kdkincaid

Sister needs alone time? Tell her to get a hotel! 💁‍♀️

Impossible-Adagio-27 | Impossible-Adagio-27

Sister wants to party, but you're NTA for staying home 😊

dheffe01 | dheffe01

Heartwarming support for sister's new romance and upcoming trip. ❤️👍

Available-Bison-9222 | Available-Bison-9222

Straightforward NTA comment, no need to overthink it 👍

nickfarr | nickfarr

20-year-old sister can't force 16-year-old to leave home. NTA.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Keep quiet and let your sister do her mysterious thing 🤷‍♀️

morristv | morristv

Sister's suspicious request to leave home. NTA stands up.

Limerase | Limerase

Sister wants to party, NTA for not wanting to join 🍻🍕

No_Secret8533 | No_Secret8533

Stand your ground and assert your right to live there. NTA 👍

Netflickingthebean | Netflickingthebean

Sister wants private time in the house with someone else 😳

SigSauerPower320 | SigSauerPower320

Sister's suspicious request for alone time at home 🤔

[deleted] | [deleted]

Heartwarming resolution to sister's mysterious request. NTA. 😊

A-Mess-Always | A-Mess-Always

Don't be a doormat for your sister's party or fling 😜

Jumika- | Jumika-

Sister wants to kick you out for some 'fun'? NTA, stand up!

Aturkey4thxgving | Aturkey4thxgving

Sister wants 16yo out of their own home? NTA stands firm 💪

Accomplished-Dog3715 | Accomplished-Dog3715

Heartwarming comment, wishing happiness to all involved! ❤️

likerainydays | likerainydays

Sister's request for alone time raises suspicion. NTA's clever response.

TheAuntMingy | TheAuntMingy

Sassy response shuts down sister's mysterious request 😎

Massive_Wealth42069 | Massive_Wealth42069

Sister's request for alone time raises suspicion. NTA's advice wins.

Niburu-Illyria | Niburu-Illyria

Sister wants you out to have fun, tell mom if uncomfortable. 😊

AffectionateCable793 | AffectionateCable793

Sibling drama: 20-year-old sister wants 16-year-old out? NTA

Flaky_Tip | Flaky_Tip

Sister wants a sleepover with someone else. NTA, just tell mom.

mozzamo | mozzamo

Speak to mom privately about sister's harassment and party plans.

janenejan | janenejan

Sister's request to leave the house might be party-related 🎉

debpurpletiger | debpurpletiger

Suggests testing sister's intentions, deems OP not the a-hole. 😊

causeyourefatboy | causeyourefatboy

Sibling conflict: Is sister's request reasonable? NTA seeking advice.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Sister wants private time? 🤫 Tell her to get a hotel.

Wysteria569 | Wysteria569

Sibling solidarity: offer not to snitch but NTA for sister's disrespect 😏

anxncdn | anxncdn

Sister wants you out for a party. Tell your mom.

MariaInconnu | MariaInconnu

Sister's request to leave the house has a suspicious motive 🤔

Evening_Produce1070 | Evening_Produce1070

Stand your ground and keep your pets. NTA 👍

Oceanside9987 | Oceanside9987

Stand your ground and don't let your sister walk over you 💪

juiceboxfriend95 | juiceboxfriend95

Sister needs to move out for privacy, NTA. 😊

0ld-S0ul | 0ld-S0ul

Stand your ground! Don't let entitled sister kick you out 🙌

Somewhere_in_Canada1 | Somewhere_in_Canada1

Sister wants alone time, but kicking minor out? NTA's verdict.

Postingatthismoment | Postingatthismoment

Let her learn the hard way 😉 NTA wins!

guntonom | guntonom

Possible safety concerns for sister's mysterious request 😓

Madrua | Madrua

Sister wants an empty house to bring a guy over 😏 NTA

Equivalent-Ad5449 | Equivalent-Ad5449

Sister wants me gone, but why? NTA suspects partying 🎉

Solgatiger | Solgatiger

Sassy response to sister's request for party and eviction. 😎

teresajs | teresajs

Setting boundaries with a sister's request to use your home 🚫🏨

blablamcbla | blablamcbla

Is the sister up to something? 🤔 NTA for not leaving.

aredxx | aredxx

Sister's request to leave house is strange. INFO needed. 🤔

Repulsive-Nerve5127 | Repulsive-Nerve5127

Sibling dynamics and parental authority questioned. NTA wins.

River_star | River_star

Is sister hiding something? 🤔 NTA, but suspicious situation.

Scarletzoe | Scarletzoe

Sister's mysterious request? Don't leave, NTA. 😊

DynkoFromTheNorth | DynkoFromTheNorth

Sister wants her to leave for a few days, but why? 🤔

[deleted] | [deleted]

Wholesome reasons for sister's request to leave the house 😂

Temporary_Deer_4238 | Temporary_Deer_4238

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