Man Tells Girlfriend Her Hair Looks Gross 😱💇‍♀️: Justified or Out of Line?

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We've all had our fair share of relationship disagreements, but this one takes the cake! A man recently expressed his displeasure with his girlfriend's hair-washing routine, calling it 'gross'. The girlfriend, who has long, curly hair, only washes it once a week, while still showering daily. The boyfriend, however, finds her oily scalp uncomfortable and thinks she should wash it more often. But is he being reasonable or just plain ignorant? Let's dive into the story and find out! 🕵️‍♀️💔

The Girlfriend's Hair Routine 🚿

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The Boyfriend's Discomfort 😣

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The Hair Issue at Home 🏠

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The Boyfriend's Request 🗣️

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The Confrontation 😡

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The Girlfriend's Response 🤬

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The Boyfriend's Question 🤔

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A Bit of Ignorance? 🙈

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The Learning Curve 📚

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Not Trying to Be Mean 😟

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The Apology 🙏

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Understanding Her Hair Care 🧖‍♀️

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The Time-Consuming Routine ⏰

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Dry Shampoo? ❌

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The Hair Type & Living Situation 🏡

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The Verdict: Was He Out of Line? 🤷‍♀️

After realizing his ignorance about curly hair care, the boyfriend apologized to his girlfriend for his comments. She explained her hair care process and why she chooses to wash her hair once a week, emphasizing the importance of a protective layer of oils. With a better understanding of her routine, the boyfriend seems to have learned a valuable lesson about respecting his girlfriend's choices and the complexities of curly hair care. Now, let's see what the internet thinks of this hairy situation... 🌐💬

Don't mess with her curls! YTA, let her be 👏

lilEve77 | lilEve77

Washing hair less frequently can be healthy for some hair types 👍

CodiMill | CodiMill

YTA for double standards on hygiene and baldness.

General_Relative2838 | General_Relative2838

YTA for criticizing curly hair care. Apologize with flowers 🌹

deadlyhausfrau | deadlyhausfrau

YTA called out for commenting on girlfriend's hair and insecurity.

Fun-Tourist-7395 | Fun-Tourist-7395

YTA called her gross and got what he deserved 👊

shzan1 | shzan1

YTA for telling her she looks gross. Support her choices 👍

denada24 | denada24

Don't mess with curly hair! YTA for criticizing her.

michelecw | michelecw

Don't mess with her hair routine! YTA called out 👏

thirdtryisthecharm | thirdtryisthecharm

YTA for criticizing girlfriend's hair washing routine. 🙅

PurpleMarsAlien | PurpleMarsAlien

Insensitive comment on girlfriend's hair. YTA, improve delivery.

Alienne8r | Alienne8r

Don't mess with her hair care routine. YTA 😱

reginageorgeeee | reginageorgeeee

Man criticized girlfriend's hair, called out for hypocrisy. YTA.

Yui_Ma | Yui_Ma

Don't mess with a woman's hair routine 💇‍♀️ YTA.

no-cars-go | no-cars-go

Assuming instead of asking: YTA for calling her gross 😑

DebDestroyerTX | DebDestroyerTX

YTA comment: Don't judge, be curious 🤔

MeanestGoose | MeanestGoose

Managing long curly hair is tough. YTA, leave her alone.

Able-Midnight483 | Able-Midnight483

Man learns not to give unsolicited hair advice, internet reacts 😂

Bizarre_Protuberance | Bizarre_Protuberance

User calls out OP for being TA and advises to learn from thread.

dancing_chinese_kid | dancing_chinese_kid

YTA called out for criticizing girlfriend's hair washing habits 👏

Mama_Bee21 | Mama_Bee21

Don't mess with her hair, YTA. Apologize and move on.

caterpillarsnever | caterpillarsnever

Encouragement is key. YTA for insulting your girlfriend's appearance.

Deuteranonymous | Deuteranonymous

Repost alert! Check the original post for your judgement 👀

online_anomie | online_anomie

Tactless comment leads to YTA verdict 🤷‍♀️

[deleted] | [deleted]

Don't mess with her hair routine! YTA called out 👏

aspievenice | aspievenice

Healthy hair vs. hygiene: a discussion on hair types 🤔

[deleted] | [deleted]

Curly hair care ignorance leads to a justified YTA verdict 😱

tyedie_420 | tyedie_420

Husband's hair care routine criticized. How often should he wash?

solstice105 | solstice105

Don't be a dick, proper care for curly hair 💇‍♀️

DysmorphiaBarbie | DysmorphiaBarbie

Curly hair care is different, washing once a week is valid 👍

Weird_Biscuits9668 | Weird_Biscuits9668

Let her be. YTA for criticizing her natural hair oils. 🚫

Keziah_70 | Keziah_70

Curly hair needs special care. YTA but learn and apologize 👍

[deleted] | [deleted]

Don't comment on something you don't understand 🙅🏼

BreathingCorpse252 | BreathingCorpse252

Caring for curly hair is tough, YTA for criticizing.

ButterscotchSuper393 | ButterscotchSuper393

Hairdresser calls out commenter's ignorance, delivers satisfying burn 🔥

Dramatic_Shoe1111 | Dramatic_Shoe1111

Insulting her hair and calling her gross? Definitely YTA.

AlienGoddess91 | AlienGoddess91

Showing compassion is key, YTA needs to learn that. 👍

Awkward_Question7511 | Awkward_Question7511

YTA for not understanding curly hair & being germaphobic 😒

Issyswe | Issyswe

A scathing comment on the ignorance of the boyfriend 😱

According-Tomato3504 | According-Tomato3504

Hair shaming? YTA should educate themselves on curly hair care.

Hollogram_Janeway | Hollogram_Janeway

Boyfriend criticized girlfriend's curly hair. Commenter calls him out.

patrickseastarslegs | patrickseastarslegs

YTA comment defends girlfriend's hair care routine with sass.

Emiliodash88 | Emiliodash88

YTA for insulting her hair. Apologize and show support.

Armobob75 | Armobob75

Don't mess with the curls! 🚫 YTA got schooled.

WeekFrequent4012 | WeekFrequent4012

YTA for not understanding curly hair care 🤷‍♀️

PinkPomegranate93 | PinkPomegranate93

Defending her hair care routine with a clapback. 👏

smeghead9916 | smeghead9916

User calls out rude commenter. YTA gets what he deserves.

Monkeyguy959 | Monkeyguy959

Is infrequent hair washing normal? YTA but not intentional.

siloquis | siloquis

Don't be a hair bully, YTA. Let people live.

MadamnedMary | MadamnedMary

User calls out OP's controlling behavior and gives YTA verdict. 👎

[deleted] | [deleted]

YTA for calling her nasty, offer dry shampoo instead 👍

Ruckus_Riot | Ruckus_Riot

Apologize and learn: ask about her hair care routine 👍

likecommentsurvive | likecommentsurvive

Missed opportunity to learn about girlfriend's hair routine. YTA.

Blabitybla2021 | Blabitybla2021

Insulting comment receives clever hair product recommendation. 🤭

ApprehensiveHalf8613 | ApprehensiveHalf8613

Curly hair care tips shared in response to insensitive comment 👏

Fairerpompano | Fairerpompano

YTA but learned something new about hair care 💇‍♀️

CrowSilver7424 | CrowSilver7424

Insulting girlfriend's hair routine makes him the a**hole. YTA.

young_coastie | young_coastie

Washing hair daily is not necessary, YTA for criticizing.

I-am-the-trashcan | I-am-the-trashcan

Insulting her hair? YTA. Dry shampoo is a thing 👍

[deleted] | [deleted]

Partner shames girlfriend for hair hygiene, called out for immaturity. 👏

BigBoofy94 | BigBoofy94

Engaging with curly hair care tips and calling out YTA.

Sunnymood_Today | Sunnymood_Today

YTA- Learn to appreciate your girlfriend's efforts. 🙅🏼

[deleted] | [deleted]

Haircare routine solidarity 🤝

menglefield1 | menglefield1

Hair shaming? YTA according to this 3b hair owner 💇‍♀️

AnxiousTempest | AnxiousTempest

User calls out OP's lack of knowledge on curly hair care

Alex_Spier1 | Alex_Spier1

Insulting your partner's appearance? YTA and risking the relationship.

ConsistentCheesecake | ConsistentCheesecake

Long hair doesn't always need daily washing. YTA called out.

Flynn_Kevin | Flynn_Kevin

Man criticized girlfriend's hair, called gross. Commenter calls him YTA.

sevendem0ns | sevendem0ns

YTA gets zero gold stars for being rude and presumptuous 👎

Darwin_Kevorkian | Darwin_Kevorkian

User calls out commenter for being bald and ignorant. 😂

rachrid | rachrid

Don't mess with the natural oils of curly hair 👌

kokihi_55 | kokihi_55

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