Grilled Chicken Drama: Kid Learns a Painful Lesson 😲🍗

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We've all been taught the importance of saying 'please' and 'thank you', but for one little boy, forgetting his manners led to a painful lesson. At a family gathering, our protagonist, let's call him The Griller, was in charge of grilling meat for everyone. As kids approached him, he gently reminded them to use the magic word when asking for food. However, one stubborn child decided to defy The Griller's rule, and things took an unexpected turn. 😬🍗

The Griller's Rule 🍖

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Manners Matter 🧐

amiherena | amiherena

Magic Word Reminder ✨

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The Stubborn Kid 😒

amiherena | amiherena

A Defiant Move 😠

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The Griller's Response 🗣️

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No 'Please', No Chicken 🚫🍗

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A Painful Consequence 😢

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Angry Parents Incoming 🤬

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Father's Fury 😡

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The Griller's Explanation 📣

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Not My Kid, Not My Problem? 🤷

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Taking Responsibility? 🧐

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The Griller's Defense 💪

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Brother Steps In 🙌

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The Aftermath 🤔

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The Griller's Dilemma: Who's to Blame? 🤔

In this heated situation, The Griller stood his ground, insisting that the boy's parents should have been supervising him and teaching him proper manners. Despite the parents' anger, our protagonist's brother stepped in to handle the situation, leaving The Griller to wonder if he was in the wrong. The aftermath remains a mystery, but one thing is for sure: this unforgettable incident will likely remind everyone about the importance of saying 'please' and 'thank you'. 😅🍗 Let's dive into some of the top reactions to this sizzling story...

Demanding respect: NTA comment shuts down bad parenting 💪

[deleted] | [deleted]

Kid gets burned, but commenters agree it's not OP's fault 😱

RayCow | RayCow

Kid grabs hot plate, parents blame stranger, stranger is annoying.

HyacinthFT | HyacinthFT

Kid gets hurt at BBQ, debate over manners and parenting ensues 😬

redbenoit | redbenoit

Debate over making kids say please for food at a party 😒

NamasteTheFuckAwayy | NamasteTheFuckAwayy

Teaching kids manners: Should it be the norm? 🤔

[deleted] | [deleted]

Grill master receives backlash for power-tripping on little kid 😠

Ruusa-Iitu | Ruusa-Iitu

Grill master faces backlash for not helping injured child 😲

tangnapalm | tangnapalm

User calls out OP for being controlling and childish 😑

reelmein123 | reelmein123

Parenting advice sparks debate, ends in ESH judgement 🤔

eyeball_chamberss | eyeball_chamberss

Debate on parenting etiquette and empathy. YTA vs. possible disorders.

Some_Respect3634 | Some_Respect3634

Teaching kindness: Responding to YTA comment with empathy 💜

[deleted] | [deleted]

Modeling good manners is key. YTA for demanding it.

BerylSucculence | BerylSucculence

Basic manners and parenting are important, NTA in this situation 👍

mydoghiskid | mydoghiskid

Redditors call out commenter for bad behavior towards kid 🤭

Sepehr_Rz | Sepehr_Rz

Parenting someone else's kid? YTA according to commenters 👎

annoyedpotatolady | annoyedpotatolady

Grilling meat or teaching etiquette? YTA power tripping.

Something_morepoetic | Something_morepoetic

A reminder to not judge others without knowing their story 👍

bizianka | bizianka

Forcing manners from a child is a**hole behaviour 😡

mamaearthdumpling | mamaearthdumpling

Empathy wins: Commenter argues for kindness towards shy kid 🙏

GodzillaSuit | GodzillaSuit

Teaching manners is important, but forcing it can backfire. ESH.

Blue-Poppy | Blue-Poppy

Setting boundaries with kids can be tough 😔

wsbd | wsbd

Debating manners and parenting, but what about non-verbal children? 🤔

BigStinkyNipples | BigStinkyNipples

Teaching manners or power trip? ESH in hot chicken incident.

sweadle | sweadle

Jumping to conclusions: YTA or NAH? Commenters debate.

fearthecowboy | fearthecowboy

Grill master gets called out for denying kid food. YTA 😠

dexterr96 | dexterr96

Kid didn't say please, but YTA for power-tripping. 😑

noirpun | noirpun

Politeness matters, and parents should supervise their children around grills. 😊

towerofcheeeeza | towerofcheeeeza

Teachable moment missed: YTA (softly). Modeling politeness is better.

Velma88 | Velma88

Lesson learned: Natural consequences teach manners better than scolding. 👍

morosebae | morosebae

Assuming things about kids is condescending. YTA 😑

JojoCruz206 | JojoCruz206

User calls out OP for harassing kids at cookout, YTA.

Miijaaa | Miijaaa

Indignant commenter calls out irresponsible parents. 🤬

DontDisrespectDaBing | DontDisrespectDaBing

Gentle reminder to use 'please' with a soft YTA rating 🙏

[deleted] | [deleted]

Kid grabs chicken with bare hands, parent blames OP. NTA 👍

SimonSpooner | SimonSpooner

Don't be the hangry 2nd grade teacher, YTA.

Trsnowman | Trsnowman

User thinks OP is the a**hole for being condescending to kids 😒

3747 | 3747

Polite parenting wins: teaching manners without overstepping boundaries. 👍

valerian_spiel | valerian_spiel

Parent feels guilty for expecting basic manners from child 🤷🏻‍♂️

shannon3807 | shannon3807

Teaching manners is annoyingly part of my job now too 🤦‍♀️

lham97 | lham97

Chicken drama unfolds as impatience and overreaction collide. 🤷🏻‍♂️🐔

cityofangels98 | cityofangels98

Kid learns painful lesson grabbing hot grilled chicken. NTA.

FairyFlossJelly | FairyFlossJelly

Angry customer calls out employee for overstepping boundaries. 😠

AdeptHumor9203 | AdeptHumor9203

Respect others' boundaries and abilities. Don't be an a**hole. 🚫

usernamesforusername | usernamesforusername

Manners matter, folks! Always say please and thank you 😊

Sleppy_Dragon | Sleppy_Dragon

Learning from others can help raise well-rounded kids 👨🏻‍🍳

yboony | yboony

Redditor calls out commenter for condescending behavior towards children 😒

Majestic-Koral | Majestic-Koral

Dad called out for condescending behavior towards kid's food choice 😒

StainlessHinge | StainlessHinge

Teaching moment turns into uncomfortable situation for all involved. 🤨

timeforknowledge | timeforknowledge

Kid learns painful lesson while grilling chicken. NTA.

Magicbean96 | Magicbean96

OP is called out for being rude and on a power trip 😒

RedQueen283 | RedQueen283

Demanding respect when helping others: NTA wins the argument.

Joewhite411 | Joewhite411

Politeness is key to being a proper member of society 👍

jredone75 | jredone75

Don't underestimate the power of trauma and special needs kids. 🧒💔

AmandCheese | AmandCheese

Teaching manners and consequences to an 8-year-old 👍

Kuragewa | Kuragewa

Navigating parenting boundaries with grace and tact 👍

[deleted] | [deleted]

Teaching manners and safety, NTA handled the situation well 👍

staffsargent | staffsargent

8-year-old puts plate on grill, NTA parent blames OP. 🤷🏻‍\♂️

JessVaping | JessVaping

Kid learns a lesson: Follow the rules or face consequences 😇


Parent criticized for using fear to instill manners in child 😬

[deleted] | [deleted]

Defensive parents defend out-of-control son, OP not at fault. NTA 👍

lauowolf | lauowolf

Politeness is key, NTA reminds us to use our manners 👍

MummaLoz | MummaLoz

Lesson learned: don't be a sanctimonious manner police. YTA 😬

reddituser009911 | reddituser009911

Teaching manners to kids: NTA, boy's fault for getting hurt 👍

4zero4error31 | 4zero4error31

Setting boundaries at a BBQ 🍖👍


Teaching manners is important, NTA for withholding food 👍

Lady-Zafira | Lady-Zafira

Politeness lesson for an entitled kid. NTA wins.

littlepinkpwnie | littlepinkpwnie

Polite manners are important, NTA for expecting them. 😊

3v3ryman | 3v3ryman

Polite request met with temper flare, NTA for response 🙌

murdershethrew | murdershethrew

User called out for being a 'pompous a**', ESH verdict.

horcruxbuster | horcruxbuster

Debate over parental responsibility in teaching respect and safety.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Fiery response to YTA comment defending kid's behavior. 🔥

lizmeista | lizmeista

Is it about politeness or power? Soft YTA verdict.

armorine | armorine

Etiquette dilemma: Kid ruins meal, dad and stranger clash. ESH.

SirNobOff | SirNobOff

Parent defends child's behavior, suggests serving the kid food 🍗

rebeccamb | rebeccamb

A contentious comment: YTA for not giving the kid chicken 🐔

lisat_pdx | lisat_pdx

NTA. Commenter shares similar experience and disapproves of child's behavior.

endearinglysarcastic | endearinglysarcastic

Grilled Chicken Party turns into a Manners Police Drama 🍗

dooygoo | dooygoo

Lesson learned: Don't let kids intimidate you. NTA 👍

Splitsurround | Splitsurround

Kid learns painful lesson after grabbing hot chicken. NTA comment.

shades-of-gray312 | shades-of-gray312

Respect boundaries and don't make assumptions about children's abilities. 🙏

emfred999 | emfred999

Defending the child's behavior and questioning the judgment of others.

N0_Soliciting | N0_Soliciting

Teaching manners? Not your job. ESH in chicken drama 😲🍗

almightypariah_16 | almightypariah_16

Kid disrespects host, brother defends, drama resolved 👍

Ohcrumbcakes | Ohcrumbcakes

NTA teaches kid a lesson in manners, parents overreact 🤦‍♂️

Deepdishultra | Deepdishultra

Teaching kids grill safety: NTA parent gets criticized.

Traveller-Folly | Traveller-Folly

Don't withhold food from a child over manners. YTA 😑

wizardbeasty | wizardbeasty

In a world of helicopter parenting, this NTA comment soars.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Grilled chicken drama: commenter accuses OP of causing unnecessary conflict 🤨

[deleted] | [deleted]

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