Man Defends Mom Against Family's Unforgiving Grudge 😲

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Divorces can be messy, and sometimes the fallout lasts for years. In this story, a 25-year-old man finds himself caught in the middle of a decade-old conflict between his divorced parents and his dad's side of the family. When his mom is accused of being evil and soulless at a family BBQ, he decides to stand up for her. But was he in the right, or did he just add fuel to the fire? Let's dive into the story and find out. 😮🍿

The Divorce and New Family

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Dad's New Life

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A Family Emergency

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Grandma's Collapse

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Foster Care and Family Drama

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The Unforgiving Grudge

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BBQ Brings up Old Wounds

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"The Devil is Alive"

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Standing Up for Mom

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Family's Angry Response

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No Obligation

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Hurt Feelings and Accusations

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A Decade-Old Grudge: Who's Right?

Caught in the middle of a decade-old grudge, our protagonist defends his mom against accusations of being evil and soulless at a family BBQ. His dad's side of the family still blames her for not taking in their kids when his grandma had a medical emergency, resulting in a brief stint in foster care. He argues that it was never her responsibility and that the family should have made better arrangements. The family is furious, claiming he's hurting his step and half siblings' feelings by defending his mom. Who's right in this emotionally charged situation? Let's see what the internet thinks... 😬🔥

Defending mom against family's grudge, NTA wins the day 👏

Jaidiee | Jaidiee

NTA defends mom against family's unforgiving grudge. 😲

[deleted] | [deleted]

Defending mom from unforgiving family. NTA. 😊

Adorable_Accident440 | Adorable_Accident440

Defending mom against cheating dad and insulting stepmom. NTA 👏

slappydeeslapslap | slappydeeslapslap

Mom not at fault for family's lack of emergency plan 🙏

bendytoepilot | bendytoepilot

Defending mom against cheaters, NTA lays down the law 💪

LouisV25 | LouisV25

Defending mom against family's grudge earns standing ovation. NTA 👏

stilljenni | stilljenni

Defending mom against family's grudge, commenter suggests other caregivers. #NTA 😊

mintpink11 | mintpink11

Defending mom against unfaithful dad, NTA wins the day 👏

Katja1236 | Katja1236

Defending mom against unforgiving family grudge, NTA 👏

many_hobbies_gal | many_hobbies_gal

NTA defends mom, suggests 'devil' in adulterous affair children's parents 👀

[deleted] | [deleted]

Divorce and affairs don't make exes responsible for children 😍

Tangledreeds | Tangledreeds

Divorce drama turns kids against parents. NTA for defending mom.

AvatarJack | AvatarJack

NTA - Expecting ex-wife to take in mistresses' children is unacceptable 😱

peithecelt | peithecelt

Revenge is sweet, and sometimes justified. NTA.

oieusouobixo | oieusouobixo

Defending mom against entitled family holding grudges. 😲

[deleted] | [deleted]

Defending mom against dad's new wife. NTA 👏

jazzla | jazzla

User expresses disbelief and calls out hypocrisy. NTA!

akasomeonetoyou | akasomeonetoyou

Defending mom against family's grudge after dad's infidelity. NTA 👍

Beck2010 | Beck2010

Defending mom against affair accusations, rightfully so. 👍

Knittingfairy09113 | Knittingfairy09113

Defending mom from family's grudge, NTA prevails 👏

J3lloNation | J3lloNation

Reddit user questions recurring theme of cheating spouses and blame.

mimi6778 | mimi6778

NTA! The dad's wife is a hypocrite 😒

izzy_bizzy_15 | izzy_bizzy_15

Defending mom against unforgiving family grudge. NTA 🙌

Squinky75 | Squinky75

NTA for defending mom against dad's unforgiving actions 👏

CeelaChathArrna | CeelaChathArrna

Defending mother against unforgiving family, commenter advocates for honesty. 👏

Big__Bang | Big__Bang

Defending mom against family's grudge. NTA, relatives are AHs 😠

BadBandit1970 | BadBandit1970

Legal concerns raised about leaving kids with OP's mom 🤔

bienie2019 | bienie2019

Defending mom's actions, commenter advises letting go of grudges. 👍

JanetInSpain | JanetInSpain

Defending mom against entitled ex-husband and his mistress/wife. NTA 👏

WinEquivalent4069 | WinEquivalent4069

Defending mom against family's grudge after cheating scandal. 😊

Jaded-Carpet-8829 | Jaded-Carpet-8829

Defending mom from cheating ex-husband's family. NTA 👍

Mehitabel9 | Mehitabel9

Defending mom against family grudge, acknowledging dad's infidelity. NTA 👍

PA_Archer | PA_Archer

NTA defends mom against unforgiving family, calls out hypocrisy 👏

saurellia | saurellia

Defending mom against hypocritical family. Not the a**hole. 😎

Soft-Mousse-1000 | Soft-Mousse-1000

Defending cheating is never a good look 😑

Daffy666 | Daffy666

Defending mom against hypocritical family, OP takes the high road. 👏

moew4974 | moew4974

Contentious comment calls out family's double standards. 🤔

Delicious_Cut_5457 | Delicious_Cut_5457

Son defends mom against family's grudge, praised for actions. NTA 👍

[deleted] | [deleted]

Defending mom against family's grudge makes OP NTA 👍

daloman | daloman

Defending mom against affair baby grudge. NTA.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Defending mom's decision to not take care of non-biological kids. NTA 👍

[deleted] | [deleted]

Defending mom's decision to not take in estranged family's kids. 🙏

EllyStar | EllyStar

Defending mom against entitled family, NTA wins the day 👏

xavii117 | xavii117

Defending mom against family grudge. NTA, terrible dad behavior. 😲

oc1526 | oc1526

Defender stands up for mom against family's unforgiving grudge 🙌

RickOnPC | RickOnPC

Defender calls out family's grudge and neglect, declares YNTA 👏

harleyevo | harleyevo

Defending mom against family's grudge, NTA. Cut contact if necessary.

Particular_Force6591 | Particular_Force6591

Defending his mom against unforgiving family. NTA 👍

Kettlewise | Kettlewise

User suggests calling out family members for not helping. NTA

excel_pager_420 | excel_pager_420

Defending a woman against unfair family grudges. NTA 👍

Classic_Phrase4345 | Classic_Phrase4345

A scathing comment on entitled parents and double standards 🤬

AngryTangu | AngryTangu

Defender calls out family's guilt-tripping and advises calling mom ❤️

shclapstik | shclapstik

Defending mom's decision to not pretend a happy family 👏

melissa3670 | melissa3670

Defending mom against unfair family grudge. NTA 👏

TwinGemini_1908 | TwinGemini_1908

Defending mom against affair accusations. Not the a**hole.

BaseballGoblinGlass3 | BaseballGoblinGlass3

Stand up for family, even against unforgiving grudges 👊

classy-chaos | classy-chaos

Defending mom against family's grudge, NTA suggests standing firm 💪

anniearrow | anniearrow

Defender calls out father and step-mother for cheating and neglect 🤯

Krozay420 | Krozay420

Defending mom against entitled family members. NTA 👏

GladysKravitz21 | GladysKravitz21

Defending mom against family grudge. No apologies. 💪

Korrin | Korrin

Defending one's mother is always the right thing to do. 💪

INFJPersonality-52 | INFJPersonality-52

Defending mom against unforgiving family who cheated. NTA 👍

PanamaViejo | PanamaViejo

Defending mom against affair fallout, NTA receives harsh criticism.

Flashy-Experience-25 | Flashy-Experience-25

Defending mom's decision to say no to family, NTA wins.

OkEast445 | OkEast445

Defending mom against family's disrespect 😠

RefrigeratorRich9007 | RefrigeratorRich9007

Defending mom against entitled family, NTA prevails 💪

BedisBest411 | BedisBest411

Defending mom against unforgiving family. NTA wins.

BurritoBowlw_guac | BurritoBowlw_guac

Defending mom against unforgiving family grudge. NTA, but complicated.

No_Pepper_3676 | No_Pepper_3676

Defending mom's actions and questioning absent family support 🙏

No-Locksmith-8590 | No-Locksmith-8590

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