Shower Shenanigans: Flatmate's Boyfriend's Unbelievable Habit 🚿💩

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Picture this: you're lying in bed, trying to get some rest, and suddenly you hear a familiar sound coming from the bathroom. It's your flatmate's boyfriend, and he's doing something that's not only weird but downright unhygienic! 😳 This brave soul decided to confront her flatmate about her boyfriend's bizarre shower habits, but now she's wondering if she's overreacting. Let's dive into this wild story and see what's really going on! 🚿💩

The Unsettling Discovery 🕵️‍♀️

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A Half-Joking Warning 😅

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The Evidence Piles Up 🚿🔊

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The Unmistakable Sounds 🎶💩

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Enough is Enough! 😤

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Confronting the Flatmate 🗣️

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The Message 📱

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Flatmate's Response 🤔

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A Meme, Really? 🙄

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Boyfriend's Reaction 🤷‍♂️

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Second Guessing Herself 😕

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Important Details 📝

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The Shower Hog 🚿⏰

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Is This Normal? 🤔

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The Final Question 🧐

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Shower-Sh*tter Showdown: The Aftermath 🚿💩

After confronting her flatmate about the boyfriend's gross shower habits, our protagonist is left feeling unsure of her actions. Her boyfriend supports her, but the situation is undeniably awkward. With a fully functioning toilet in the bathroom and the shower hog draining all the hot water, it's hard to see how this can be considered normal behavior. 😖 So, what does the internet think of this wild situation? Let's check out the top responses and find out! 🍿

No need to read further, flatmate's boyfriend is disgusting. NTA!

mrsdontpointatface | mrsdontpointatface

Shower shenanigans: flatmate's boyfriend's disgusting habit. NTA takes action.

sunflowersandyou | sunflowersandyou

Disrespectful and disgusting habit. NTA. Get him a potty? 😒

muiyanyan | muiyanyan

Shower sh*tting is gross and weird, NTA for being disgusted 😷

GraceDotNez | GraceDotNez

NTA. Commenter is disgusted by flatmate's boyfriend's shower habit.

circe_elena | circe_elena

Taking revenge on a shower shitter's mother? NTA wins!

MadameBurner | MadameBurner

Flatmate's boyfriend's shower habit is gross and unsanitary. NTA.

charryberry998 | charryberry998

💩 Not normal. Who wants to clean poo out of the tub after they’ve just bathed?

Moonshae295 | Moonshae295

Roommate's boyfriend showers in shared bathroom, doesn't pay rent. NTA.

possiblycrazy79 | possiblycrazy79

No one shits in the shower! NTA for being disgusted 😑

jkos95 | jkos95

Ultimatum time! Kick out roommate if boyfriend showers at place 😡

lady0rthetiger | lady0rthetiger

The logistics of shower shitting and possible explanations discussed.

Visualize_ | Visualize_

Hold a plumbing intervention with the boyfriend 🚿💩

DavenportChronicles | DavenportChronicles

A shower pooper? 🤔 The mysteries of flatmate's boyfriend's habit

[deleted] | [deleted]

Flatmate's boyfriend pooping in shower and wasting hot water. NTA suggests confronting him.

zarza_mora | zarza_mora

Respectful flatmate says no to unsanitary shower behavior 🚫

moonbeamcrazyeyes | moonbeamcrazyeyes

No functioning toilet, no problem for this disgusting boyfriend 😷

Pie_collector | Pie_collector

Flatmate's boyfriend is a vile pig, wasting hot water and denying use. NTA.

Laquila | Laquila

Respectful NTA asks flatmate's boyfriend to stop shower pooping 😓

hiefrei | hiefrei

Unhygienic shower habit of flatmate's boyfriend. Get him out! 😑

Beetlejuicenewton | Beetlejuicenewton

🤢🚿 Commenter expresses disgust at flatmate's boyfriend's bathroom behavior.

monkeyeatinggrapes | monkeyeatinggrapes

Dumping in the shower? 🤢 Get out ASAP. NTA, good luck.

CozyCosey | CozyCosey

Shower sh*t is not normal, NTA for wanting it to stop 😷

TigerUSF | TigerUSF

The debate over whether the boyfriend is shitting in the shower.

lord_rahl777 | lord_rahl777

Redditor expresses disgust at shower-shitters. 💩

Much_Difference | Much_Difference

🤢 Confront flatmate's boyfriend about his disgusting habit. NTA.

mistlestea | mistlestea

🤢 Gross shower habit leads to eviction warning. Drain damage possible.

niamhk13 | niamhk13

Flatmate's boyfriend has a gross habit. NTA for being disgusted.

turlough_82 | turlough_82

Flatmate's boyfriend poops in shower, commenter says NTA

jayowa | jayowa

Squatty Potty or sink? The debate on bathroom etiquette continues.

pinkcherry99 | pinkcherry99

Unusual shower habit sparks hilarious confusion and questions 🤣

Neyneysatan | Neyneysatan

💩💦 Unforgivably disgusting and plain weird. NTA.

AlunWH | AlunWH

Shower shenanigans: Biohazard boyfriend's gross violation of shared space. 💩

theexitisontheleft | theexitisontheleft

Standing in a smelly shower instead of using the toilet? 🤯 NTA

ShaquilleOatmeal03 | ShaquilleOatmeal03

Report roommate's boyfriend's shower habit to landlord immediately 🚨

generalburnsthighs | generalburnsthighs

Unwanted shower guest: NTA roommate should kick him out 🚫🚿

morganraymo | morganraymo

🚿💩 Why would anyone shit in the shower? NTA

emp9th | emp9th

Hygienic shower habits or TMI? NTA verdict.

SpiritOfFire013 | SpiritOfFire013

A poop fiend on your hands? Ban him and call police! 💩🚫

[deleted] | [deleted]

Unsanitary shower habit raises questions about normalcy. NTA.

adoptedlithuanian | adoptedlithuanian

Flatmate's boyfriend banned from shower, NTA takes charge 💪

KitchenCellist | KitchenCellist

Flatmate's boyfriend's shower habit is unbelievable and wasteful. NTA!

StevieB85 | StevieB85

Reader agrees with post, still nauseous from reading description.

EuphoricRealist | EuphoricRealist

Is he really sh*tting in the shower? 🤔😳

gingergale312 | gingergale312

Unusual shower habit or clever poop-masking technique? 🤔😅

gaps9 | gaps9

Enforce a ban on shower-shitting boyfriend. NTA. 😒

GiggleGoosey | GiggleGoosey

Shower shenanigans: Roommate's boyfriend's disgusting habit. NTA takes action. 😷

jolovesmustard | jolovesmustard

Paranoid showering with guests? 🚿😳

nileod | nileod

Roommate's boyfriend poops in shower, commenter is disgusted. NTA.


No excuses for gross shower habit, NTA comment asserts.

ColorsOfTheCurrents | ColorsOfTheCurrents

Gym employee shares horror story of shower-shitting patrons 😷

grumbledorp | grumbledorp

A baffled commenter questions the logic behind intentional shower defecation 🤔

emy_paige | emy_paige

Sarcastic reply shuts down entitled comment. 😂

PCWeekjeff | PCWeekjeff

Could the flatmate's boyfriend be secretly pooping in the shower? 🤔

billebop96 | billebop96

Don't feel bad for calling out disgusting shower habit 😷

FctFndr | FctFndr

Flatmate's boyfriend's shower habit raises eyebrows 🤔

RawrIhavePi | RawrIhavePi

Set some boundaries and show them the door 👋👋

Theresajanehall | Theresajanehall

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