Woman Locks Away Her Pads, In-Laws Furious 😱

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Imagine living with your in-laws and constantly finding your stash of menstrual pads gone when you need them most. That's exactly what happened to a 23-year-old woman who moved in with her husband's family. Tired of being taken advantage of, she decided to lock her pads away, causing a major uproar in the household. 😲 Let's dive into this dramatic tale and see if she was in the right or not. 🍿

Living with In-Laws 🏠

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Taboo Topic 😶

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The Pad Predicament 🤔

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Irregular Cycles 📆

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Mysterious Disappearances 🕵️‍♀️

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A Polite Request 🗣️

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The Cycle Continues 🔄

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Lock and Key 🔒

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Tattletale 🗣️

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Standing Her Ground 🙅‍♀️

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Husband's Support 💪

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Tension Rises 🌡️

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Health Update 💊

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The Great Pad Lockdown 🔒

After months of her menstrual pads mysteriously disappearing, our protagonist decided enough was enough. She locked her pads away, causing a family uproar. Her MIL accused her of being self-centered, but she stood her ground, stating she was tired of being taken advantage of. With her husband's support, they faced the tension and silent treatment from the in-laws. So, was she right to lock away her pads? Let's see what the internet thinks of this situation... 🤔

NTA. MIL shames pads but throws fit over husband buying them? 🤔


In-laws shamelessly use pads, OP not the a**hole for hiding them.

liabilityalt | liabilityalt

Breaking the cycle: Woman stands up to in-laws' period stigma 👏

BeJustImmortal | BeJustImmortal

Teaching shame and dependence? Not the a-hole, obviously 👏

gfdoctor | gfdoctor

Period shaming vs. theft? NTA's in-laws need perspective 🤔

[deleted] | [deleted]

Menstrual ignorance leads to abusive behavior, NTA stands up.

Fatt3stAveng3r | Fatt3stAveng3r

Creative solution to pad storage, MIL may prefer cork board.

RGeronimoH | RGeronimoH

Not the a-hole and concerning health issue. Watch Mama Doctor Jones.

CindyLouW | CindyLouW

Concerned commenter advises seeking medical help for heavy flow.

nach3 | nach3

NTA. Teaching a healthy attitude about menstruation would be kind 😊

EmpressJainaSolo | EmpressJainaSolo

Locking away pads from in-laws sparks NTA comment.

Kitsumekat | Kitsumekat

Assertive NTA comment stands up against inconsiderate in-laws 💪

LadyyHALFrican | LadyyHALFrican

Husband's duty to buy menstrual products, keep in-laws out 👍

mdkroma | mdkroma

Husband's hilarious solution to in-laws' pad-locking anger. 😂 NTA

EighteenRabbit | EighteenRabbit

Compassionate commenter suggests helping 14-year-old sister-in-law with pads. 😢

WeirdoBardo | WeirdoBardo

Empower young girls to advocate for their needs during puberty! 💪

chubby-wench | chubby-wench

Setting boundaries and standing up to hypocritical in-laws. 👏

Purple-Bat811 | Purple-Bat811

Woman locks away pads to prevent theft, in-laws cause drama 😱

Chocolatefix | Chocolatefix

Period products are not communal property, NTA for setting boundaries 👏

TinyRascalSaurus | TinyRascalSaurus

Setting boundaries with in-laws over pads, but potential underlying issues? 🤔

tinny36 | tinny36

In-laws angry over locked pads, commenter defends NTA stance 🙌

zbattlev | zbattlev

NTA for not providing pads. Helpful advice for heavy periods 👍

[deleted] | [deleted]

Male friends bring pads to in-laws, hilarious noncompliance revenge 😂

fubo | fubo

Expensive pads and tampons, shortage in some areas. NTA.

Life-Alternative1365 | Life-Alternative1365

Woman locks away pads from in-laws, comment supports decision.

SoFunkyMonkey | SoFunkyMonkey

Protecting personal items from in-laws. NTA 👍

Eight_is_enuf | Eight_is_enuf

Sharing menstrual products is frustrating. NTA for locking them away.

ConsciousExcitement9 | ConsciousExcitement9

Bold commenter suggests embarrassing in-laws over pad dispute 😳

Smooth_Turnip_8731 | Smooth_Turnip_8731

Supportive comment, encourages standing up to manipulative in-laws. 👏

[deleted] | [deleted]

Kind suggestion to offer support to 13-yo SIL about periods 👍

skysong5921 | skysong5921

NTA. In-laws went through your stuff, didn't restock, kid suffered. 👏

TinyTurtle42 | TinyTurtle42

Concerned commenter questions excessive pad usage, suggests medical attention.

ThinkCow83 | ThinkCow83

Supportive husband praised for having his wife's back. 👏

ronearc | ronearc

MIL thinks menstrual products are a secret, commenter calls out ignorance 😱

PracticeSubject6695 | PracticeSubject6695

In-laws invade privacy, woman called NTA for standing up

wormybabybabu | wormybabybabu

MIL takes tampons without asking during shortage, internet outraged 😱

[deleted] | [deleted]

Woman stands up to in-laws, husband supports. NTA 👏

101037633 | 101037633

Woman hides pads from in-laws, receives support. 👍

RandomNick42 | RandomNick42

Setting boundaries with in-laws over personal belongings. NTA 😊

allieadventurer | allieadventurer

Suggest a solution for in-laws' period product embarrassment 🙏

Bright-Coconut-6920 | Bright-Coconut-6920

Empathetic NTA suggests helping SIL with period management 🩸

The_Death_Flower | The_Death_Flower

NTA stands up for herself against in-laws' unreasonable demands 💪

amandaggogo | amandaggogo

Sassy suggestion for gift-giving to in-laws 😏🎁

HappyMerry11 | HappyMerry11

NTA but concern over heavy flow. Have you consulted gynecologist? 🤔

princesskittykat | princesskittykat

Breaking the taboo: Helping women speak up for their hygiene needs 👏

MariaInconnu | MariaInconnu

Sneaky and satisfying solution to in-laws' pad problem 😎

FloridaLantana | FloridaLantana

Supportive comment acknowledges cultural pressure in South Asian families. 🙏

SnooRegrets2264 | SnooRegrets2264

Don't let anyone shame you for taking care of yourself 💪🩸 NTA

Weird-Roll6265 | Weird-Roll6265

Clever solution to keep pads safe from nosy in-laws 😎

Wookieerage66 | Wookieerage66

Expensive sanitary items, NTA for locking them away.

IAmYour-Dentist | IAmYour-Dentist

Helping out your SIL with menstrual products: a kind gesture 😊

decosunshine | decosunshine

Offering to help sister-in-law with pads, NTA but empathetic 😊


Woman stands up to in-laws over stolen pads. NTA 👏

Evading_Suffocation | Evading_Suffocation

Men can be dragged into fights about feminine products but not buy them? NTA 🙄

heatherjasper | heatherjasper

Offering support to a teen in need. 🙌❤️

lneerland | lneerland

NTA for securing belongings, but is it worth damaging relationships?

Selphis | Selphis

Normalize periods and set boundaries with entitled in-laws. NTA.

CamilotheHero | CamilotheHero

Eco-friendly period alternatives suggested, in-laws beware 🌱

jazzzhandzz | jazzzhandzz

Breaking the taboo: Woman stands up against period shame. NTA.

Dogmother123 | Dogmother123

MIL expects DIL to provide her daughter with pads? NTA wins! 👏

Calm-Bus7555 | Calm-Bus7555

Mother-in-law shames woman for menstruation, husband supports wife ❤️

Character-Gear-6075 | Character-Gear-6075

Woman suggests a bold move to assert her boundaries. 💪

sethra007 | sethra007

Hiding hygiene products from family, relatable struggle 😂

killakan64 | killakan64

Setting boundaries with family - NTA comment receives support 👍

Jolly_Pair3380 | Jolly_Pair3380

Creative solution or unfair burden? 🤔💰

Bratannn | Bratannn

Breaking the cycle of period shame. NTA for protecting yourself.

LuotianX | LuotianX

Empathetic comment offers advice on in-law situation and period woes.

amylou_sky | amylou_sky

Depends are the solution to period pad thieves 😂

Pjade1 | Pjade1

Husband stands up for wife, in-laws commit "conversion". NTA 💯

denali42 | denali42

Woman defends locking away pads, suggests menstrual cup as alternative. 👍

pancakepegasus | pancakepegasus

Concerned commenter urges woman to see gynecologist for excessive bleeding 🚡

[deleted] | [deleted]

Period products aren't free! NTA for protecting your supply 👏

MotherofPuppos | MotherofPuppos

MIL shames man buying pads but ok with daughter stealing them. NTA.

Lost_Deer4221 | Lost_Deer4221

IUD a godsend for wife's heavy flows, when will they move out?

aroundincircles | aroundincircles

Endometrial ablation suggestion, NTA judgement. Helpful and supportive.

Krankhaus1221 | Krankhaus1221

Period drama with inconsiderate in-laws. NTA takes charge 👏

bjorkenstocks | bjorkenstocks

Period struggles shared, empathy given, and treatment discussed. 👏

hateeveryonebutmydog | hateeveryonebutmydog

Empathetic response to woman's in-laws' unreasonable expectations. 🩸

Sweet_tea_vet | Sweet_tea_vet

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