ICU Nurse Kicks Out Husband for Treating Her Like a Maid 😱

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Imagine being an ICU nurse during a pandemic, working 12-18 hour shifts, and coming home to a husband who expects you to do all the housework. 😩 That's the life of a 33-year-old nurse in London who's been married to her 36-year-old husband for 7 years. Their marriage was great until her workload increased due to the pandemic, and she asked her husband to help with chores. 😔 But instead of being supportive, he started treating her like a maid and making snide comments. Let's dive into the story and see what happened. 🍿

Life as an ICU Nurse 🏥

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Pandemic Workload 😷

[deleted] | [deleted]

Exhaustion and Mental Health 🥺

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Asking for Help 🙏

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Husband's Digs 😒

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"Hard Day" Excuse 🙄

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Weeks of Laziness 😤

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The Breaking Point 💔

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Texts and Accusations 📱

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Reflection and Decisions 💭

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Locks Changed 🔒

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A Marriage on the Rocks? 💔

So, our exhausted ICU nurse finally snapped at her husband for treating her like a maid and kicked him out. Now, she's been receiving texts accusing her of not helping out and being too harsh. Even her mother-in-law thinks she should've talked to him first. 🤔 But she's decided to change the locks and focus on her work for now. Let's see what the internet has to say about this situation... 🗣️

Selfish husband gets kicked out by ICU nurse. No apologies given 🚩

jamieraye | jamieraye

NTA nurse kicks out husband, gets support from commenters 👏

lightwoodorchestra | lightwoodorchestra

NTA. He's telling you who he is. He's an a**hole. 😱

teresajs | teresajs

Supportive comment encourages nurse to stand up for herself. 👏

crissyb65 | crissyb65

Nurse stands up to husband treating her like a maid 💪

[deleted] | [deleted]

NTA. Husband should step up and apologize. Very telling behavior.

JackNotName | JackNotName

NTA. Spouse should support healthcare worker during pandemic. 😱

loloannd | loloannd

NTA. The husband should pitch in more. Marriage counseling recommended.

Purple_IsA_Flavor | Purple_IsA_Flavor

NTA! Supportive comment applauds nurse for kicking out lazy husband 👏

[deleted] | [deleted]

NTA for kicking out husband who treated you like a maid 😱

glom4ever | glom4ever

Supportive comment, calling out the husband's disgusting behavior. 👏

Ree_Oofboi | Ree_Oofboi

User asks for more context on husband's behavior towards chores.

Always_be_awesome | Always_be_awesome

Nurse's husband doesn't understand the toll of her job 😕

NotZombieJustGinger | NotZombieJustGinger

Husband shirks chores, wife kicks him out. NTA wins.

cricket73646 | cricket73646

Supportive comment encourages leaving disrespectful husband with humorous insult.

lucidturnip | lucidturnip

Saving lives isn't productive? 🤔 NTA for sure.

ShimmeringNothing | ShimmeringNothing

Partner treating nurse like a maid? NTA for kicking out.

OneTrueMercyMain | OneTrueMercyMain

NTA gets support for kicking out immature and lazy husband 👏

i4got1 | i4got1

Roommate supports ER nurse, questions unsupportive spouse's worth. 😔

[deleted] | [deleted]

Equal household responsibilities, but kicking out not ideal 😔

[deleted] | [deleted]

Husband gets bad advice from mom, NTA kicks him out 😱

zoltarpanaflex | zoltarpanaflex

17-year-old daughter gives sound advice to ICU nurse. NTA 👍

IrishClover29 | IrishClover29

NTA ICU nurse's husband kicked out for treating her like a maid 😱

dorydorydorydory | dorydorydorydory

ICU nurse deserves rest after 12-hour shift. Woman's happiness matters.

vipassana-newbie | vipassana-newbie

Supportive comment from fellow nurse, emphasizing importance of equal partnership.

green4clover | green4clover

Supportive comment acknowledges nurse's hard work and criticizes husband's behavior 👏

aPenguinGirl | aPenguinGirl

Establishing boundaries with spouse while busy with work 🙌

strawsinburger | strawsinburger

NTA ICU nurse's husband expects her to be mommy and maid. 😒

UnicornSerenity | UnicornSerenity

ICU nurse stands up to husband treating her like a maid. NTA.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Partner's lack of support for ICU nurse leads to separation 😢

kaldaka16 | kaldaka16

NTA. Husband should support emotionally, not worry about chores 😱

NOPECaptain | NOPECaptain

NTA insists counseling before husband moves back. Protect joint money.

averagebearymcbear | averagebearymcbear

Working mom defends herself against sexist husband and mother-in-law 💪

lnln8 | lnln8

NTA ICU nurse deserves a break from babyman. 😱

ViolentPlotBunny | ViolentPlotBunny

NTA: Marriage is about equal partnership, not subordination. 👍

existcrisis123 | existcrisis123

Nurse called NTA and husband needs to take a guilt trip 😱

Fey_fox | Fey_fox

ICU nurse stands up to husband treating her like a maid 😱 #NotTheAsshole

[deleted] | [deleted]

Nurse's husband belittles her work, gets rightfully kicked out 🙌

taserbear | taserbear

Doctor advises ICU nurse to prioritize work and ignore immature husband 👌

raftsa | raftsa

NTA stands up to sexist husband, commenters outraged at behavior 😠

PuffyPinkCow1 | PuffyPinkCow1

Redditor praises nurse's decision and thanks healthcare workers 🙏

Bitter-Position | Bitter-Position

Nurse mom handles unsupportive husband with grace and advice 🙌

[deleted] | [deleted]

Partner should be supportive during tough times. NTA! 👏

Whitegreen060 | Whitegreen060

Empathetic comment supports nurse who kicked out disrespectful husband. 🙌

[deleted] | [deleted]

NTA! Nurse deserves appreciation, not housework. Pandemic or not 🙏

bsquared77 | bsquared77

NTA! Husband's behavior is unacceptable, even without being an essential worker 😱

nianp | nianp

Ex's true colors revealed in stressful situation. Weird mom relationship 😬

ScalyDestiny | ScalyDestiny

Nurse claps back at husband's unrealistic expectations, biggest NTA ever 💯

Qforz | Qforz

NTA: Working long shifts leaves little time for chores 😱

tandoori_taco_cat | tandoori_taco_cat

NTA. Supportive comment for nurse's decision to kick out husband.

medschoolmonkey | medschoolmonkey

Partner expects maid service, heartless AH. 1000% NTA 😱

[deleted] | [deleted]

NTA ICU nurse's husband treated her like a maid 😱

[deleted] | [deleted]

Supportive comment acknowledges nurse's struggles and encourages self-care 👍

muhmuhneedsrum | muhmuhneedsrum

NTA: Spouse acts like a child, glad no kids involved 🙌

AQualityKoalaTeacher | AQualityKoalaTeacher

ICU nurse's husband expects housework while she works 12-18 hour shifts. NTA.

Agirlisarya01 | Agirlisarya01

Husband treating ICU nurse wife like a maid. NTA for kicking out.

Wistastic | Wistastic

Supportive comment encourages nurse to prioritize self-care during pandemic 🙏

janfhyr | janfhyr

Supportive comment applauds nurse for standing up to husband's behavior.

everylastlight | everylastlight

NTA ICU nurse faces husband's disrespect during pandemic 😱

ColdAndGrumpy | ColdAndGrumpy

Heartwarming support from a fellow husband to an exhausted nurse ❤

over61guy | over61guy

Nurse stands up to husband treating her like a maid 😱

j027 | j027

Mommy's boy won't apologize, expects wife to be a maid 🤭

frustratedwithwork10 | frustratedwithwork10

NTA nurse receives support for kicking out husband who treated her like a maid 😱

perpetuallypolite | perpetuallypolite

Husband's lack of chores lands him in hot water 😱

ItsPowee | ItsPowee

ICU nurse's husband calls her lazy, gets kicked out 😱 NTA

LittleMissBossy2295 | LittleMissBossy2295

NTA ICU nurse deserves better treatment from her husband 😱

[deleted] | [deleted]

Empowering response to a toxic relationship. NTA 👏

[deleted] | [deleted]

NTA nurse stands up to husband's unfair expectations 👏

Celeste1616 | Celeste1616

NTA comment calls out typical male behavior with humorous analogy 😂

Ipride362 | Ipride362

Supportive comment from fellow healthcare worker, suggests apology and boundaries.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Supportive comment and appreciation for healthcare worker ❤️

weirdycork | weirdycork

NTA ICU nurse kicks out husband for not understanding her work 😱

Exciting-Ruin | Exciting-Ruin

Supportive comment, acknowledging hard work and unfair treatment. 👏

FlandersJoy | FlandersJoy

Nurse kicks out husband for treating her like a maid. NTA

pricklysalamanders | pricklysalamanders

NTA, husband's entitled attitude towards housework leads to separation 🙌

infamousconspiracy77 | infamousconspiracy77

Realizing a spouse's true colors can be a blessing 😊

Diggingcanyons | Diggingcanyons

NTA. Being a good partner means being supportive and respectful 👭

NoThisIsPatrick57 | NoThisIsPatrick57

NTA ICU nurse stands up to husband treating her like maid 😍

Apollocat101 | Apollocat101

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