Wife Takes Rug for $5 Instead of Agreed $40 😲 Hubby Calls it Stealing!

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Picture this: You find an area rug on Craigslist that you love, and it's close to where you live. You arrange to meet the seller, but when you arrive, they're not home. You inspect the rug and decide it's not worth the asking price. So, you leave a few bucks and take it anyway. Is it stealing or justifiable? One husband and wife are at odds over this very situation. 🤔💥

The Craigslist Rug Hunt 🕵️‍♀️

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Arranging the Meetup 📞

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Seller's Mysterious Absence 🤷‍♂️

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Wife's Expert Opinion 🧐

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The $5 Rug Heist 💸

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Hubby's Disapproval 😠

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The Theft Debate 🚔

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Wife's Justification 🤨

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Rug Returned, Drama Continues 😤

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A Lesson for the Kids? 🙈

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Stealing or Justifiable? The Great Rug Debate! 🤔🔥

In a heated disagreement, a husband calls out his interior designer wife for taking a rug she found on Craigslist for just $5 instead of the agreed $40. The wife claims the seller's absence and false claims about the rug's condition justified her actions. The husband, however, insists it's theft. She eventually returns the rug, but not without giving her husband the cold shoulder for over a week. To make matters worse, their teenaged daughters witnessed the entire debacle! 😱💔 Let's dive into the internet's thoughts on this rug-tug-of-war! 🍿

🚫 NTA - Wife's rug purchase turns into theft. Good on you for standing your ground!

RagaMuffinSun | RagaMuffinSun

Spelling mistake sparks heated debate on wife's actions 😲

loser_rat | loser_rat

NTA. Wife's revenge: Taking an empty home for $10 😂

Tot-Beats | Tot-Beats

NTA. Don't like the price? Don't steal. 😲 Did she call?

RayofFnSunlight | RayofFnSunlight

NTA. Wife stole rug, upset you disagree. Can't underpay for items!

sjhunt27 | sjhunt27

NTA. Theft? What if she got caught on camera? 📷

Rastavaray | Rastavaray

👏 Standing up to a thieving spouse. NTA, you rock!

AshesB77 | AshesB77

NTA: Wife's mental gymnastics deserve an Olympic gold medal! 🏅

[deleted] | [deleted]

NTA: Wife's justification for taking rug sparks debate and day drinking 🍻

pennylanethepuggle | pennylanethepuggle

Nta. Confirming new price is key. Theft is never okay! 😲

Gwendolynftw | Gwendolynftw

Engaging comment: NTA - Wife trespassed and committed theft. 🚫🏠💰

valenaann68 | valenaann68

NTA - Wife's rug price negotiation turns into childish theft 😲

CharmainKB | CharmainKB

Trust betrayed! Seller's loss becomes NTA's gain 😔

Timmetie | Timmetie

NTA...but woah. Red flags 🚨 Red flags everywhere 🚨

coffeesparklez | coffeesparklez

👍 NTA: Wife tries to shift blame and punishes for no reason.

CapricornRedeemer | CapricornRedeemer

"NTA. Arbitrary price reduction sets a bad precedent for haggling."

DumbBitchJoos | DumbBitchJoos

"NTA. Classic sign of an abusive partner. Therapy or reconsider."

TryUsingScience | TryUsingScience

🚫 NTA - Wife's rug grab sparks debate on entitlement and theft

KratosKittyOfWar | KratosKittyOfWar

Returning the rug: setting a good example for the kids 👍

[deleted] | [deleted]

NTA. No question, it's not stealing 👏

bethfromHR | bethfromHR

Hubby accuses wife of stealing rug over price disagreement 😲

[deleted] | [deleted]

Standing up for what's right in a tough situation 👏

Jiggleepoff | Jiggleepoff

Hubby calls wife a thief for taking rug at $5

MzzMolly | MzzMolly

Hubby calls wife's action stealing, compares it to taking a child's bike. NTA.

brainpain152 | brainpain152

NTA calls out theft and defends seller's rights. 😲

Squiggy226 | Squiggy226

Is she a thief or just a savvy shopper? 🤔

FrankensteinMuenster | FrankensteinMuenster

Huge NTA! Most people agree with your definition of stealing 👏

ninawolverina | ninawolverina

Stealing a rug for $5? NTA's conscience is concerned 😲

myohmymiketyson | myohmymiketyson

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