Teen's Bold Move in School Project Sparks Controversy: Hero or Villain?

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We've all been there, right? Stuck with a group project and a partner who's more of a ghost than a contributor. But what happens when one teen decides to take matters into his own hands? He finishes the project all by himself and then...wait for it...only credits himself! 😲 This bold move has led to his partner, let's call her 'Jenna', failing the subject entirely. Now, Jenna's future hangs in the balance, and she's not too happy about it. Let's dive into this drama-filled saga. 🍿

The Project That Started It All

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The Stakes Were High

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The Ghost Partner

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Taking the Reins

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The Confrontation

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Jenna's Response

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The Bold Move

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The Teacher Interrogation

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The Proof

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The Fallout

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Jenna's Accusations

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The Aftermath

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The Blame Game

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A High School Drama With No Easy Answers

In a tale as old as time, one teen finds himself carrying the weight of a crucial school project while his partner, 'Jenna', seemingly disappears. With the deadline looming, he takes the bold step of completing the project alone and credits only himself. The result? Jenna fails the subject, her academic future now uncertain. She's furious, blaming him for her predicament. But did she really deserve any credit? Was our lone ranger justified in his actions? Let's see what the world thinks of this high school drama. 🎭

NTA. No work, no credit. Simple as that. 👌

Fayeliure | Fayeliure

NTA. Teacher asked for proof, Jenna failed to provide evidence.

Maddie215 | Maddie215

OP stands up for themselves in unfair school project situation! 👏

Unlucky-Profession41 | Unlucky-Profession41

NTA: Taking charge of your own success 🙌


NTA - Not crediting her for not contributing? Fair or unfair?

accadacca80 | accadacca80

NTA: Trying to include her multiple times, her fault she failed 😎

hadkins0617 | hadkins0617

NTA. Who cares? You deserve credit for your work! 🙌

Head_jace | Head_jace

NTA. Bold move sparks controversy. Did she deserve it? 🤔

Melancholicvegetable | Melancholicvegetable

NTA: She didn't do her part, stop complaining and blaming.

a1218b69 | a1218b69

NTA - Learning accountability early: no work, no credit. 📚

HappyFriar | HappyFriar

Stand up for yourself in group projects. Congrats on your good grade! 🎉

AnneListersBottom | AnneListersBottom

NTA: Don't let her poor planning drag you down! 🚀

divestedlegacy | divestedlegacy

🤔 Did she explain why she didn't help? 🤷‍♀️

PhotoKada | PhotoKada

Taking credit for someone else's work? Not cool! #Responsibility

Hufflepunk36 | Hufflepunk36

NTA: Zero effort, zero credit. Google docs don't lie, folks.

Scribb74 | Scribb74

"AITA for causing consequences?" The answer is always NTA! 👏

[deleted] | [deleted]

NTA. Partner slacks off, OP saves the day and wins.

Antlanta1 | Antlanta1

NTA. Standing up for yourself and your hard work! 👏

pixiedusted- | pixiedusted-

NTA: High school vs. college group projects, ruthless software engineer

[deleted] | [deleted]

NTA: You did all the work, you deserve the credit! 💪

Hikaru2000 | Hikaru2000

Giving credit to someone who hasn't put in the work? NTA! 🙌

[deleted] | [deleted]

🔍 Google docs history: the truth is in the details

rythmicbread | rythmicbread

NTA: Partner bailed, but I aced it with Google's help! 💪

bazjack | bazjack

NTA: She expected you to do it all for her 😒

[deleted] | [deleted]

"There's a way to see if she even opened the doc!" 😮

CryptographerAgile98 | CryptographerAgile98

NTA - Teacher supports student's bold move, lazy adults exposed. 💪

Terrible_Scheme_2883 | Terrible_Scheme_2883

NTA: Tough love teaches lazy classmate a valuable lesson 😈

socksfilledwithrocks | socksfilledwithrocks

Claiming credit for reading? Definitely not the a**hole! 😂

Narrovv | Narrovv

NTA, you deserve 100% credit for hard work! 💪

KurokawaAoi | KurokawaAoi

Defending against accusations, commenter claims innocence in school project.

Urgash54 | Urgash54

NTA. She brought it upon herself by not contributing. 🤣

miasabine | miasabine

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