Man's Ex-Girlfriend Gifts Him a Husky Instead of a Cat: A Tale of Betrayal and Drama 🐾

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Imagine this: It's your birthday, and you're expecting a gift from your significant other. You've both agreed on a sweet cat from a local shelter. But instead, you're handed a 10-week-old Siberian husky! 🐕 This is precisely what happened to a 27-year-old man, who found himself in a whirlwind of drama when his then-girlfriend decided to change their pet plans, leading to a series of events that you won't believe! Let's dive into this intriguing story...

The Unexpected Birthday Gift 🎁

throwaway56181 | throwaway56181

The Surprise Unveiled! 🐾

throwaway56181 | throwaway56181

The Unwanted Dog and the Broken Agreement 😲

throwaway56181 | throwaway56181

The Breakup and the Left-Behind Husky 🐕💔

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The Search for the Breeder 🕵️‍♂️

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The Break-in and the Discovery 🕵️‍♂️💻

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The Return of the Husky 🐕🔙

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The Aftermath and Accusations 💔💸

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A Twist of Fate: The Tale of the Unwanted Husky and the Breakup 💔

In a surprising turn of events, a man's birthday gift - a Siberian husky instead of an agreed-upon cat - leads to a dramatic breakup, accusations, and a whirlwind of chaos! 🌪️ After his girlfriend left the husky with him, he took it upon himself to return the pup to its breeder. His ex-girlfriend, on discovering this, accused him of stealing the dog and scamming her out of two grand! 💔💸 But was he really the bad guy here? Let's see what the internet has to say about this intriguing tale...

"You did the right thing, how dare she take a puppy into a situation for those reasons. NTA and dump her a**." 💔

hjhof1 | hjhof1

NTA. Dodged bullets with the dog. What about the kitty? 🐾

Renzieface | Renzieface

NTA. Ex-girlfriend gifts husky instead of agreed-upon cat 🐾

Any-Play2960 | Any-Play2960

"NTA What sort of lunatic thinks a husky of all dogs is an appropriate pet for an apartment?" - Engaging debate on huskies as apartment pets 🐾

WaytoomanyUIDs | WaytoomanyUIDs

Returning the dog was the right thing to do 👍

[deleted] | [deleted]

NTA. Real men have cats. 😅 Seriously though, huskies are a handful! 🐾

LittleMtnMama | LittleMtnMama

Ex's revenge: a $2K 'stupid tax' for not getting a cat 😂

noseandtoes | noseandtoes

NTA. You're right. Your ex is the AH. 🐾

rileygreyy | rileygreyy

NTA- You did the right thing returning the puppy 🐶

Easy_Refrigerator_2 | Easy_Refrigerator_2

NTA - Breeder shares experience and doubts girlfriend's honesty 😳

Araucaria2024 | Araucaria2024

ESH: Ex-gf gifts unwanted husky, OP rejects refund out of spite 😳

Orthogonalschlong | Orthogonalschlong

NTA: Prioritizing the puppy's needs over your ex's shallow expectations 🐾

This_Brilliant8514 | This_Brilliant8514

NTA for returning the surprise husky, but slightly TA for spite.

Snoo41638 | Snoo41638

NTA. Breaking gender norms and standing up for yourself 💪

[deleted] | [deleted]

Unwanted pet gift? 🐶 That's a betrayal! She's definitely TA!

lambchop614 | lambchop614

NTA: Promised a cat, got a husky. Betrayal and drama 🐾

flowersandpeas | flowersandpeas

NTA. Dodged a bullet with that husky drama 👏

OminousMusicBox | OminousMusicBox

NTA. Ex-girlfriend abandons husky, get the cat and forget her 🐾

callmeusername3000 | callmeusername3000

GF tries to force unsuitable dog on OP, insults his masculinity. NTA 😠

Senator_Bink | Senator_Bink

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