Mom Defends Baby's Personal Space: Overprotective or Justified? 🤔

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Picture this: you're out running errands with your mom and infant daughter, and you stop by a restaurant to grab some take-out. A group of strangers can't help but admire your adorable baby, and one of them even asks to hold her! But as a protective parent, you're not so keen on the idea. In a pre-COVID world, one mom found herself in this exact situation and decided to stand her ground. Was she being too harsh or simply looking out for her child's well-being? Let's dive into the story. 😲

A Compliment Turns Awkward

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Strangers Admire the Baby

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A Personal Connection

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The Request to Hold

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Handing Off the Baby

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A Sneaky Tickle

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Hiding Behind Mom

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Standing Up for Her Daughter

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Apologies and Boundaries

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Respecting Personal Space

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The Other Group Backs Off

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Mom's Scolding

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Not Taking Chances

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Mom's Reasoning

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Mom's Dilemma: Protecting Her Baby or Being Too Harsh? 🤷

In a pre-COVID world, one mom found herself in a tricky situation when strangers at a restaurant wanted to touch her infant daughter. She stood her ground, emphasizing that her daughter's body is her own and that grown-ups should respect her personal space. While her mom thought she was being too harsh, the protective parent wasn't willing to take any chances. So, was she overreacting or just looking out for her child's well-being? Let's see what the internet thinks of this situation... 👀

Respect personal boundaries: NTA for defending baby's personal space 👏

syphone | syphone

NTA, respecting a child's personal space is crucial. Don't let outdated norms dictate your parenting. 👏


NTA: Don't touch a stranger's baby, personal space is important 🚫

[deleted] | [deleted]

NTA. Teaching kids consent early and respecting their autonomy 👏

cate2283 | cate2283

👏 NTA. Empowering your daughter's autonomy is commendable!

nan1ta | nan1ta

Mom defends baby's personal space, asserts parental intuition. 👏

[deleted] | [deleted]

Stranger tickles baby despite warning, mom rightfully angry 😡

Bookreader_2 | Bookreader_2

NTA: Protecting your child's personal space is important! 👏

Bradford124n | Bradford124n

Mom defends baby's personal space. Touching without permission? Not okay. 🙅

LoonelyBoxx | LoonelyBoxx

Confused about an infant running? Is there more to this?

introusers1979 | introusers1979

NTA. Teach autonomy early! 👍

EnterTheBugbear | EnterTheBugbear

"NTA This reminds me of an incident with my son. About 15 years ago my son was a 2 year old pudgy, adorable ball of love that DETESTED physical contact from anyone who wasn't his mom or dad. Even his adoring older sister had to stay at arms length or face his wrath. I have no idea why, he just came out that way. One day this old lady saw him and just had to give him kisses while he was strapped into his stroller. 'Watch it,' I said, 'he hits.' 'Oh he won't do that!' she insisted, and went in for smooches. She was right. He didn't hit her. He kicked her. Hard. Bloodied her nose and blacked an eye. She spun on me to spew her outrage to which I simply said, ' He's a person, not a puppy. I warned you that he hits.' I promptly took my baby and walked away. You're daughter is a person, people need to understand that." 😂

bootntootn | bootntootn

Mom defends baby's personal space, sparks debate on boundaries 📹

idkthisisnumber3 | idkthisisnumber3

Respecting boundaries: NTA's child taken without consent 😱

riano25 | riano25

Mom defends baby's personal space: NTA, strangers touching baby? No way! 🙏

WolfGoddess77 | WolfGoddess77

NTA for protecting your kid's personal space. Respect boundaries! 🙌

Thealbinobroccoli | Thealbinobroccoli

👏 NTA - Older generations need to respect children's body autonomy!

xMimichella | xMimichella

Empowering your daughter's autonomy and personal boundaries. 💪

ashlayne | ashlayne

NTA. Teaching boundaries: a lesson for all ages. 👏

laurenking22 | laurenking22

NTA. Protecting your baby's personal space is essential! 👏

uptown_squirrel17 | uptown_squirrel17

Setting boundaries: NTA defends baby's personal space 👏

csschsy | csschsy

Woman defends her baby's personal space with unexpected consequences! 🤔

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